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Ready to stop wasting your time and money on “quick fixes”? , Which lead you straight back to square one, Its time to start winning at the game of life. Imani- business coach and online Life coach for people who want to cut waste and also dead wood from their life and are willing and able to do the hard work necessary to change..

  • My life coach services will: 
  • help you find personal fulfillment.
  • I  will Support and listen to you, not judge you,as you as you start your new journey 
  • I can help you :
  • Reach your highest potential.
  • Curb your procrastination tendencies.
  • Organise your time more effectively.
  • I can help entrepreneurs or startups, establish or manage your personal development routine,
  • Give you strategies to become more productive,
  • Gain a sense of purpose, clarity and self-love,
  • Support you with your progress in your life ocah servic
  • I can help you with my astrology knowledge plan investments and finance.
  • I can help you become a more effective leader, manage your spiritual or religious needs in line with your business or career objective.
  • I can show you how to become more assertive.
  • I can help you with interview techniques and public speaking.
  • I can help you achieve a work/life balance.
  • Support you with your relationships and dating.
  • Guide you to find you gain self-assurance and motivation.
  • I can help you increase your energy levels, find time for your hobbies and passions.
  • weight loss, reducing stress, achieve your fitness expectations.
  • I can offer strategies and direction to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • I can lend a hand and support you in overcoming and manage addiction and self-destructive habits.
  • I can help you manage your time more effectively, achieve optimum wellbeing.
  • I can aid you to improve your communication skills, using my teaching in non-violent communication.

Holistic Transformational, life coach online

All my SERVICES are in-depth, to the point and through. I leave no stone unturned. I work in my own unique way if you want me to tell you what you WANT to hear then I am not the Holistic, Transformational life coach for you. However, If you want me to tell you what you NEED to hear then, you have found the right person. I am direct and follow a daily spiritual practice me to be tuned in I am highly intuitive, yet logical. I always tell you the truth, yet I will always do it in a friendly and uplifting way.

Holistic Transformational,
life coach online

  • I specialise in helping individuals manage their emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.
  • I can offer strategies and direction to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • I can lend a hand and support you in overcoming and managing addiction and self-destructive habits.
  • I can help you manage your time more effectively, and achieve optimum wellbeing.
  • I can aid you to improve your communication skills, using my training in skills such as  in non-violent communication.

All my SERVICES are in-depth, to the point and through. I leave no stone unturned. I work in my own unique way if you want me to tell you what you WANT to hear then I am not the Holistic, Transformational life coach for you.

 However, If you want me to tell you what you NEED to hear then, you have found the right person. I am direct and follow a daily spiritual practice me to be tuned in I am highly intuitive, yet logical. I always tell you the truth, yet I will always do it in a friendly and uplifting way.


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I offer  Life Coaching , mentoring, support and also guidance. I mix my intuition and astrological insight into all the services I provide. Maybe you just feel mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually stuck. I can be your life coach London and Astrologer UK.

Ancientfuturevision speaks

In the blog, I will philosophise about my views on building sustainable communities that not only nurture and protect our young but also farm the environment around us by planting strong seeds of Love, knowledge, growth, character refinement and self-resilience building solid foundations throughout the life cycle. 

Astrologer Uk and other Services

I offer personally interpreted Astrological Natal chart readings, Life Coaching, Spiritual direction, and also Tarot based life guidance readings. I am an Astrologer UK and offer Computerised Astrological and Numerology Natal charts- click on my store tab, for full details on current services.

life coaching can help you

 Get past your toxic thought patterns, behaviors, relationships and all other obstacles to you standing firm in your own convictions and powers. I can help you refine your personal character, develop your boundaries and integrities with life coaching, helping you achieve your dream’s and true visions this will implement stability, healing, creativity, and life-affirming thought patterns, as well as the much-needed balance into your entire lifestyle.


I will regularly update my Personal blog where I will give insight into life, philosophies, and nature, I will share my personal poems in the Poetry section.

In-depth life and relationship coaching

Soul transformation and toxic pattern releasing, relationship guidance, deep spiritual healing, and cleansing, self-empowerment, help you to break the chains and bondage of codependency-disassociation issues. I can be your personal life coach London and Astrologer UK.  I can help you release outdated ways of self-expression, removing of mask-persona’s- social identities, breaking of strongholds, dysfunctional and self-destructive behaviors, persona’s and social identities, trauma and limiting belief releasing, balancing of Yin and Yang energies. 

The road to Success is 10% Knowledge and 90 % Hard work and Strategy.

You will never achieve your life goals unless you take personal responsibility and do the hard work, Hey I am Imani, and I am the voice behind AncientfutureVision.

Now do not get thrown off by the name, the reason I call this project Ancientfuturevisionas I practice what I preach.

My personal ethos is that until a person gains insight and expresses all aspects of their innate nature, then they will never feel secure and internally fulfilled, although society might shun it a Doctor may also be a brilliant Musician or Race car driver.

A life coach can also be Astrologer and a Psychic, I mean if you really want to win in life wouldn’t you want someone trained in human behaviour, who also has a psychology degree.

Aswell as Astrological and intuitive insight to assist you, rather than have to seek the guidance of three or more people?

you can get all the above services and more from me.

Welcome to the new era of life coaching and human expression.

The majority of a Human being’s problems stem from the anxiety and depression, that are produced when you trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

I can help you break the mold, I can help you realise your own dreams, and I can help you uncover your life purpose.


Please check out my services page, which lists all my areas of expertise.

I am not just a transformational holistic Life and Business Coach, nor am I only a Spiritual Director, Astrologer,  I am all these things and more.

Imani, Your Business and life coach Online


I can help entrepreneurs and small businesses:

  • Get the most from your employees
  • Ultimately as your business and life coach, I find out where you want to go and help you get there, support you to overcome any obstacles you face.
  • prioritise task to meet deadlines
  • develop skills you lack/ point you to resources
  • Help you bring the best out in yourself and your staff
  • set action plans, detailing the steps you need to take to reach your aims. As your business and life coach, I will drive you to achieve your ambitions.
  • Help you manage all areas of your life ( career, personal, health and wellbeing )
  • Use my specialist knowledge in Psychology, Astrology, Life Coaching and spirituality to help you and/OR your employees to reach your goals
  • Increase the performance and efficiency of your business
  • Help build your own and your employee commitment
  • set targets, do holistic research which can help you maintain and expand your business
  • guide you and/or your employees identify your best skills, manage your weaknesses and increase self sufficiently
  • Help you with company branding and SEO, by referring/ liaising with a specialist (cost extra)
  • Help you plan sufficient meetings and business strategies
  • Help you motivate yourself or your staff to set and reach your goals
  • Mentor your companies growth, passing on planned strategies, words of wisdom, give you solutions to problems, tips and ideas for improvement.
  • Help you define the results you need to achieve and detail the objectives you will need to take to get there.
  • I will help you succeed as your business and life coach.


I am happy to tailor my business and life coach, services to your needs, please contact me with your requirements.


Online life coach


The reason I offer my LIFE coach services online is that in today’s hectic world finding time to physical get somewhere can be hard, as your online coach I will help you realise your dreams, the process will not be easy, but I am willing to take the journey with you to overcome all of your obstacles.


I will help you

  • Define your life goals and help you gain clarity about your life purpose and objectives
  • Create a tailored life plan to help you reach your goals faster.
  • I can hold you accountable when you fail to reach the targets you stet
  • I can help you stay focus and on track
  • Improve your confidence
  • Help you achieve your highest potential
  • Overcome your inner doubts, fears, insecurities
  • I can help you get ahead of the pack, as your online coach I will give you the edge over others
  • Help identify what’s stopping you from reaching your goals, I am straight to the point, I like my clients to get value for money, I can only help you transform your life if you are committed to change- if you have the commitment I am the person for you
  • I have a holistic skill set, I have a degree in psychology and marketing, accreditation in life coaching, have overcome my own adversities in life, I have trained astrology and spiritual life coach.
  • I can help you overcome addiction, toxic relationships, low self-esteem, stage fright, performance anxiety, I can help you get in touch with your emotions at affordable rates.
  • As your online life coach, I can tailor my skillset to your individual requirements.


Contact Imani, your online life coach, now


Spirit life coach


As a spiritual director, I know that the world, with its judgments and expectations, can leave a person with a distorted perception which hinders them from making process in their lives.

As a spirit life coach, I will support you in your journey to have a deeper connection with life and your real personal beliefs.

My unique selling factor is I have been there, lost in the world, depressed and down and out,  with the power of my faith I picked my self up and changed my life around and I can help you do the same for yourself.

As your spirit life coach, I will listen to you, with an open mind, I will create a plan to aid your smooth transition into your new life, I will listen to your boundaries and stick to them, but I will not enable your underperformance and lack of real commitment.

I will help you explore your spiritual beliefs, dreams, ambitions and visions in ways you are comfortable with


The core of my spirit life coach, work.


I respect that you may have different beliefs to my own this is why I focus on

  • Identify your core beliefs and what you want from our online coach ing session together,
  • Help you find yourself, and remove all obstacles to your spiritual advancement
  • Help you bring your authentic self-expression and inner beliefs to the surface
  • Help you create spiritual and life practice schedules
  • Find out if we are the right fit for each other, as early on in our sessions together
  • Director you to the resources that can bring you closer to how you wish your life to me
  • Help you uncover psychological and emotional wounds, uncover stagnation in your life and help you understand, eal and manage it
  • Help you identify for wishes for your life
  • As your spirit coach i will help create a tailored plan which you can use to reach your objectives.
  • I will create a safe space, make you feel comfortable and build trust between us
  • As your spiritual life coach, I can help you connect to  divine wisdom
  • Help you overcome fear, doubt and stress
  • Help you create a life based on trust, faith and inner contentment
  • Help you reprogram your subconscious mind which is the source of all conflict you feel in internal
  • As your spirit life coach, I will help you shift your perception and awareness
  • I can tailor all my services to your needs, contact me for more details about, my spirit  life coach services

contact imani yoru buiness and life coach, spirit coach , holistic astrological , spirit coach UK

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 1 reviews

May 4, 2019
by Samantha on AncientFutureVision
Well Worth The Money, Leaves No Stone Unturned.

So, I was a bit apprehensive at first, as Imani does not use traditional methods, but her mix of life coaching and astrology, helps you focus and believe in yourself and push yourself forward. She is very open-minded, non-judgemental but very firm, use Imani if you want to see changes in your life if you don’t want to change, then see someone else.
But if you want to break your habits, reach your goals and heal, then Imani is the holistic life coach for you.

  • More about your online business and life coach

Natural Intuitive ( Psychic) Philosophy, Poet and Writer, I am all these things and more. I have a degree in Psychology, certification in life coaching and I have also trained in Alternative Medicine. I will help you transform your life, from the inside out if you have the time, focus and dedication, now if you just want to waste your money, then I am not the UK life coach for you, if you want results then email me no, and let’s get to work.

From my 17 years of life experience, observation and research I have found that most people have the knowledge on how to create a better life for themselves, but many individuals struggle with implementing the wisdom they know into their day to day life.

The reason for this is because most individuals have Emotional Blockage and Psychological wounds, which prevent them from using any of the tools they read in books or pick up on their 1000 pounds seminars into there day to day life.

I use to be one of those people until I took the personal responsibility to change my life around and I can help you do the same.
I can help you develop the right mindset for your success, I can help you break through your toxic thought patterns which are holding you back from applying wisdom and abundance into your life.

I will help you identify and break your toxic thought and behaviour patterns which are stunting your personal success, I do all the research and planning, all you have to do is follow the steps and do the hard work to change your life destroying thoughts and behaviours into life-affirming habits.

Book your Transformational Holistic Life Coaching Session now

How do I get results in short

• I help you set realistic goals, based on what you want to achieve and the information I get from the Astrological and intuitive analysis, which I do for each client. I will push you out your comfort zone, but I won’t push you beyond your actual capabilities. However I will open your eyes to the fact that you can achieve much more than you believe you can, and we will take steps to get there together.

• I need your willingness, commitment, focus, determination and flexibility

• I help you get results because I care, beyond your booked hours, I will help you gain clarity in your life by utilising my gift as a natural intuitive ( psychic) and my astrological knowledge to strategically plan a way forward, tailored uniquely to each client.

• I will help you gain personal confidence and social mastery
• I aim to provide each client with value for money, yes, but I will also give you excellent guidance and insight, how can I promise this? Well, I am not just a one trick pony, and after our work together with you too will have my more tricks and expertise to your bow.

• You will have 24/7 access to me and all my services, I don’t have a one cap fit all approach, as this doesn’t work, I conduct an initial in-depth consultancy, and then I go away and look at the information. I gain from our first 1 to 1 session and use my Astrology, psychological and intuitive knowledge. To create a unique, holistic transformational, life coaching plan for each client.

Me services include:



Book your holistic Online Life Coaching session, now

“When you don't follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.” ― Dane Rudhyar.

“If you want to change,  you will have to work hard for it.” Imani, Your Astrological, Life Coach UK Ancient Future Vision

The sweet embrace of loving yourself

A gentle reminder of your worth

Forgetting the lies of your past.

Committing to the metanoia -the transformation of your heart and mind.


Training yourself to let self-forgiveness, love, awareness and intuition be your guides.

As you work towards a future, you deserve

One step at a time

Getting back up after each necessary fall

Each step forward,

Brings a newfound sense of strength and clarity.


A Small Snippet From my New Book, Humanities Conflicts 2024

“Everybody thinks of changing the world, but no one

thinks of changing himself” – Leo Tolstoy 1828-1910.

Nearly 200 years since Tolstoy was born and the world is still in the same predicament,

in my observations, many individuals say that they want the world to change,

but they either don’t feel they have the power to make the differences they

want to see in the world. Or they believe that changing their


own individual behavior has nothing to do with changing the world..

Humanity has managed to develop a driverless car, but as of yet,

we have not mastered a global strategy to improve the psychological, emotional and emotional health and living conditions.

For every child, man, woman, non gender binary, and every other gender expression. In short all the people of all the nations in the world.

If you would like to donate some money to help with editing, printing, and marketing.

 I would really appreciate it, even if it’s just 1 pound.

Or 50 pence, every mickle makes a muckle after all 🙂