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Weekly horoscope for 30th January – 6th February  2020


The week starts on moon day 6, with the moon in Aries, in waxing crescent phase. The moon leaves Aries at 12.20am UTC time on the 1st of February.

When the moon is in the waxing crescent phase, it is a good time to set your intentions for change, write down your hopes and dreams, and all the steps you need to take to reach your goals.

While the moon is in Aries, it is a good time to leave all your problems behind, which is easier said than done but if you resist the urge to be impulsive, especially with your words and actions you will receive great rewards.

In the form of feeling more at ease with yourself and emotions.


30-01-2020-weekly , horoscopes continued


They will be a lot of aggressive or stressful energy, displayed in your environment on these days, try and avoid situations that bring you down and test your wits.

Patience is key on these days, so is having a clear mind, so limit the number of toxic substances and relationships you partake in while the moon is in Aries.

Overindulgence may lead you to forget important facts or details, which will negatively impact your education, business or any other dealings.

You may not be able to control others in your environment, who may come at you with harsh words or actions, but you can control how you respond to them, Aries is a  cardinal fire sign, so during this period, individuals may try to force their views on you.

Try and keep it kool, keep calm,  and instead try and deal with the conflict you feel internally, some of you will have great guts feeling during this period.

Write them down and follow your intuitive guidance as although it may not seem so at the time, your inner musings will lead you to the right solutions to your problems.

Also, be careful while driving and handling sharp objects during moon days 6-8, the 30 of January to the 1st of February.

If you try and think before you act, you will enjoy good communications with others, those of you who work in the service or scientific industries may experience breakthroughs on projects you are involved in.

Others of you may get promoted at work, especially if you respond quickly yet logically and are resourceful during this period.

If you have to pitch an idea to others, make sure you are prepared you will impress them with your presentations.


On the romantic front, those of you in relationships may experience passionate liaisons with your loved ones,

and for those who are single you may meet someone who lights your internal fires in more ways than one.

You may decide to take a break from your normal routine, and this will be good for you mind body and soul, a trip to the countryside, or listening to the sounds of nature, meditation, getting in tune with your internal rhythms will brighten up your mood.

During the 1st  till the 3rd of February at 11.29am UTC, the moon will be in Taurus, this is a good time for those involved in investments or any other financial career as you may receive dividends from your holdings.

This is also a favourable period for those thinking about investing in real estate to secure their future.

Those of you with strong Taurus energy in your natal chart will find yourself feeling more internally stable than normal, you will experience great rewards if you tune into the more sensual and artistic side of your nature during this period.

Resist the urge to be overly lazy, yes balance is needed as well as rest, but do not take your eye off the ball too much, but do take time out to treat yourself, yet don’t throw caution entirely to the wind.

Take extra precautions in the cold weather, try to be mindful of your thoughts as they will impact your reality during this period, for those of you with a nervous disposition, try and take time to still your mind.



The moon moves into waxing gibbous phase on the 2nd of February, this is a good period for a new start.

If you allow yourself to tap into your inner reserves your powers of manifestation will be revealed to you.

Giving you a spring in your step as you tap into your vital life force energy, for those of you having medical operations make sure you take the time to heal properly, trust your gut if it tells you to put off any procedure do so, as the rejuvenation process is slowed down during this period.

Be watchful in how you communicate with your colleagues at work during, Moon days 8-10, the 2nd– 4th of February, as these interactions may cause tension and stress.

Try not to overreact to anything you see as wrong, also make sure anything you initiate on these days are well thought through.

On the 3rd of February at 11.29 am the moon will move into Gemini and remain there until the 5th of February at 7.03pm, Moon days 9- 12.

You will be infused with ideas from the influences of Mercury and Gemini, remember to concentrate and remain patient as you will have the urge to act quickly, but this will only cause you problems.

Slow down.

Some of you may receive a windfall of cash that will help you out of a tight spot if you are  involve in currency exchange or securities, now is a favourable period for returns.


 …..horoscope, continued



Those of you working on a Masters, PhD or any other study will make good progress.

Try and stay focus and resist the urge to flitter from one task to another, now is the time to stay focus and make clear plans.

Rome was not built in one day, nor will all your worries be solved in a day, if you rush you may fail, slow and steady will lead you to your higher ambitions.

For all, you gardeners out there, when the moon is in Aries it is a good time, to sprout seeds and harvest your crops, also pay attention to weeds and insects in your garden and remove them.

When the moon is in Taurus, it is a good time to manipulate and transplant crops, as anything planted in this period will bring you a bountiful crop.

Now is the time to plant leafy and root  vegetables

The moon is in Gemini, the 3rd-5th of February is a great day for all living things, sowing melons, squashes, peppers,  tomatoes seeds, in fact planting any type of “seedy” vegetables and fruits will bring the greatest rewards.

The moon moves into cancer on the 5th of February but I will go into this more in next week’s horoscope,  but be mindful of your emotions and how you respond to conflict in your environment during the 5th -6th of February.

Mars remains in Sagittarius all week, some of you will be called to seeking a new adventure, for those of you who are single you may meet a new partner on your daily commute.

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Saturn, South node, Pallas, Jupiter,  and Pluto , all remain in Capricorn, providing the grounding energy you need to realise your plans.

Those of you who are spiritually inclined will be driven to seek higher meaning in life, be watchful of becoming obsessive in your thinking, especially on education, finance and romantic matters.

Start the work and seek support if need be to let go of any dogmatic beliefs or situations, now is the time to start to do the work of letting go of your past and anything from it that is holding you back from experiencing the fullness of life.

Some of you may experience resistant from an authority, get a speeding ticket or some other fine, unfortunate things happen in life, put it down to a lesson learned and move on, do not feel victimised or seek blame.

The sun remains in Aquarius for this whole period, unpredictable events may occur; you may receive flashes of intuition, especially in the realms of Law, Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality.

Original and new are the key words while the sun is in   Aquarius, you may find yourself rebelling against the status quo, devolving into unknown territories, committing to charitable pursuits, looking for freedom from all chains holding you back.

Venus and Neptune remain in Pisces, Be watchful of addictive thoughts, relationships and substances, some of you will experience transcendental experiences during lovemaking


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