Motto: how can I bring harmony, as an ideal as seen in Libra and Gemini, into concrete reality.

Superpower: ability to keep the faith, even in the hard times

Symbol:  two wavey lines, known as the water-bearer, yet the late and great Astrology Noel Tyl, who died on his 83rd birthday on 31.12.2019.

States the two lines represent the shape human ankles make when walking.  Noel tyle states that the purpose of Aquarius energy us to bring new, inventive, inspirational,  eccentric often time electric ideas into existence.

Path to the transcendence of karma:  reinventing the individual, accepting the visions of Uranus, which make you ahead of your time.

Developing into a true humanitarian by healing all wounds that you bury in your subconscious.

Then you can be a beacon of light, your family and friends; in fact, you can move the whole collective to tolerate each other’s differences.

Instead of rejecting each other,  creating wars and social unrest because of each person’s uniqueness and beliefs.

As noel Tyl says, the Aquarian vibration has the potential to have great respect for self and others.

Day if the week: Sunday, which is also the day of Saturn.

Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn  Esoteric Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Air  :Modality:  Fixed

Detriment: Sun    exalted: Mercury    At home-domicile: Uranus

Opposite sign: Leo

Rules:11th house ( influences the 10th house)

Esoteric meaning:

Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, brings expansion to the abstract ideas, that are often given to those with an Aquarius sun, or strong, Aquarian energy in their natal charts.

Jupiter gives a spiritual undertone to the Aquarians ideas, hence why many astrologers view Aquarius as the true humanitarian.

The influence of Jupiter gives higher and collective meaning to aquarian energy, to answer not only how can I better myself, but how can I better my family, community or humanity at large.

Aquarians tend to know that the creative, intellectual, spiritual, religious and all knowledge should be shared. It belongs to no one but to all.

Aquarius energy remains detached in its highest expression, free form the constraints of emotions, as they know feelings and social conformity will lead you further from the truth.

Aquarius energy is here to set truth in motion, it does this by remaining somewhat aloof and detached from humans affairs.

It doesn’t mean they are not capable of experiencing intense emotions, aquarian energy just knows it best to not get lost in emotional or any other detrimental state of mind.

Not its not wrong to experience emotions, however letting them control your life often leads you going round in circles.

Body parts: joints, knees, muscles, bones, teeth. ( as Saturn is co-ruler of Aquarius, Aquarius/ Uranus also influences the body parts, Saturn governs and vice versa.

Colours, silver, black ( as can absorb all cultures ad facets of being a human being) electric blue,  and pink.




  • Willing
  • Progressive outlook
  • Faithful
  • Loyal
  • Govern by head not heart
  • Know love is a universal force, just any other emotion or element,   such as rain, the wind, the snow etc…
  • Can reform self and help others to reform
  • Supportive of sharing resources to better the collective
  • Recognises the importance of connection
  • Supportive of friends, families etc. dreams and visions
  • Emphasis on intellectual thinking and social balance (noel tyl)
  • eccentric
  • random flashes of inspiration
  • charismatic
  • technological/ scientific
  • forward-thinking
  • visionary
  • humanitarian- charitable
  • try to live by your own principles
  • activist tendencies- fights for injustice
  • knickers as well as the fur coat
  • boundaryless-doesn’t discriminate on in terms of social   labelling
  • unprejudiced
  • Inclusive not exclusive
  • Has many friends- from all walks of life
  • good-natured
  • nonconformist – individualist
  • weird and wonderful hobbies and interest
  • up to the time- lover of social and technological advances.




  • can be overly eccentric
  • fickle- unpredictable
  • lack of tact
  • perverse in thoughts, behaviours and actions
  • can become fixed in ideals
  • divergent for the sake of it – to piss offers off etc., can get lost in just being an individual for the sake of it, without any direction
  • can fear intimacy- hence the distance you keep from others
  • rebel without a course
  • can be more comfortable with abstract ideas, philosophical and intellectual knowledge, than human emotions.
  • Superficially detached- hides feelings

Thir are no substantial myths as with some of the other zodiac signs, Aquarius was called GU.LA by the Babylonians connecting the “water bearer” with the goddess of childbirth and healing.

So what is it like to have your natal Sun in Aquarius

You are friendly, but you are private, Solar Aquarians see, time as energy and do not like to waste it, they are choosy about who they wish to be around,.

The general character of Aquarius is friendly, kind, aloof, and unpredictable, sympathetic, although yes, Aquarians will help anyone, especially those close to them.

They will do it in a detached way, without emotions,  often out of an underlying fear of emotions, which I will go into later.

Do get me wrong, the evolved aquarian who has learned to manage and is aware of all their personality traits are capable of genuine empathy, showing their emotional warmth but still remaining detached from events.

They know that getting lost in emotional states do very little to solve situations.

Aquarians will make great sacrifices to remain independent, even severing connections with friends, family, or anything else that gets in the way of their originality.

Although some with their natal Sun in Aquarius will choose to just limit the time they spend with anyone that gets in their way. Still, this tendency, to remain standoffish, is why certain people decide not to see friends or lovers with Aquarians.

Yes, solar Aquarians will and can help others in times of need, but typically the reasoning behind their sympathy is wanting to stop others from being irrational.

More time they don’t care about what others think of them, sun in Aquarius, in general, are not interested in the depths of the woes of the individual.

The focus is on the collective, they can lack empathy, but feign sympathy, and because of this, others can see them as impersonal and avoid them.

Yes, its good to be detached but not at the cost of genuine connection with others.

The fact that Aquarians love to be involved in a protest, activism, or charitable pursuits will seem odd to others, however, Aquarius sun does not let other’s opinions of them phase or deter them of their interest, in general.

On the surface, others are drawn to you as your ideals appear off beet, and this gives you a magnetic pull, yet those who are seeking genuine human connection can be put off by your lack of warmth and sweet nothings.

As yes, you have the talk, but at times you can not back it up with actions due to your erratic and eccentric nature.

Aspects to your Aquarius sun will alter this tendency to not care what others feel, such as aspects to your natal north node, sun, mars, venus involving cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra or Virgo.

One big negative of having a Natal, Aquarius Sun, or intense Aquarian energy in your natal chart is that you can fall into being an individual just for the sake of it.

Being different for the sake of it. Let me an example you may create a piece of art, poem or theory of being. Just to be viewed by others as different, but no real reason why you do things the way you do

Your search of originality can lead to moodiness or pseudoneess, i.e., pseudo art, astrology, academic pursuits, to try to meet your need to be seen by others as an individual.

On the one hand, yes, Aquarius suns can be focused on bettering the world for all of humanity, seeking reform, transformation, and justice for all.

But unless the personality is tempered, we must not forget Aquarius is a fixed sign, and yes, being firm in your convictions is good.

Although if you are not willing to change your mind, especially if the evidence is presented to you, which indicates your thoughts and behaviours are flawed or outdated.

As I said, those with their natal Sun in Aquarius or who have intense Aquarian energy in their birth chart are very forward-thinking in their thinking on the surface.

But internally, they can be very stubborn with their beliefs and opinions.

When you have your sun in Aquarius, you become at risk at remaining abstractly connected to your adverse and self-destructive traits, remaining aloof of their inability to change themselves.

Yet going around trying to change others and reform institutions.

The old adage of physician heal yourself first applies here; you must be willing to reform your own character, including beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours if you want to become an evolved and therefore stabilised Aquarius Sun.

Yes, its good to be an individual, yes you must cut off life force draining pursuits to become an authentic individual, yet they are ways of going around things….without alienating others and yourself.

As the song goes, check yourself before you wreck yourself, sometimes the advice others try to give you needs to be heeded so you can become a better and more productive individual.

Your humanitarian streak is admirable, but if you really want to transform society and others, start with your self first.

And yes, I know emotions freak you out, particularly your own, often they come out of nowhere, but more about that in a short while.

The Aquarius Intellect and Career

In general, Aquarius does not care what others think, above I have noted the pluses and minuses of this perspective, the biggest plus is that to be a visionary.

You do need to be able to make your own decisions, even when others who are used to the status quo give you millions of reasons why your new and innovative ideas will never come into fruition.

Yet, when an Aquarius sun falls into being a rebel, without a cause or even worse falling into the habit of going against tradition.

Just for the fun of it or to make a point, disaster will always come about.

Aquarius thinking is often logical, rational, scientific or intellectual, clear cut- clinical in execution, there are a vast imagination and intuition.

Yet the Aquarius puts his guts feelings down to a matter of fact occurrence, rather than fall for the airy-fairy spirituality many are fond of nowadays.

Some Aquarius are often ahead of their time because most people are ruled by their   emotions and Natal Sun in Aquarius’s, tend not to be.

As most people are caught up in their addictive or emotional minds, those with Aquarius sun can seem robotic and none human to them.

Often times Aquarians see emotions and situations as things to be handled, when they offer support, especially when emotions are high. It can be because of a deep subconscious drive to avoid, wild displays of affection.

Natal Sun in Aquarius respond to situations analytically, not empathetically, because of this they can be great politicians, psychiatrist, scientist, researchers, sociologists, charity workers, astrologers, astronomer, NASA employee, biologist, chemistry, quantum physics,  archaeologist, industrially worker, tv personality, inventor, historian, actor, radiographer, pilot, a high government operative, spy or cult leader.

The stability of mind of the natal Sun in Aquarius person, Depends on whereMercury is placed in the natal chart.

If Mercury is in Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo,   The state of mind would be more stable and fair, and actions less unpredictable.

Although they may be a lot of indecision and random behaviour if Mercury is in Libra, as well as Gemini, Sagittarius.

Impulsiveness in thoughts and actions,  if Mercury is in aries, Leo. If Mercury is in Pisces, cancer or Scorpio, there be a more emotional edge to the solar sun in Aquarius native.

For a solar aquarium nor those with intense natal aquarian energy in their birth chart, work has to be spontaneous at times, with room for them to use their originality and inventiveness.

Or they will get bored and be very unhappy, dullness doesn’t do the temperament well, Aquarians, shine at work where they have to keep the peace, between large groups of people.

Helping people transform their life, as well as uncovering or covering up injustice.

Adverse aspects to the natal Sun in Aquarius, involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars, can produce a deceptive character who will use their humanitarian tendencies to mislead and hoodwink people.

Aquarians are born researchers and scientific thinkers, they may not work in these fields but have a hobby which involves these subjects.

You love to look back into mankind’s history to see patterns and avenues for new ways of doing things.

Aquarians will fight for any cause they believe in or think its right to speak up for, you have a great need to demand reform and change in society.

The Aquarius in love

You like to remain independent unless any other planetary placement and aspect in your chart change this.

You, other partners, tend to be the more paternal or maternal, so you must ensure compatibility between you and any partner you choose not to have kids or settle down with.

Understanding is need on both sides if your relationship is to stand the test of time, you don’t like feeling trapped.

So your partner will need to love you and let you go, this is how you return home each night;

otherwise, you will slowly drift from the relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, its good to be fixed in who you are,   but only if you allow yourself to be flexible to take on board good advice.

You are not always right, listen to what your partners, even what your family, friends and work colleagues are saying.

As sometimes because of your aversion to genuine emotional connection and intimacy.

You can miss the underlying emotions in words used, during communications and disagreements with your loved ones.

Research what someone has told you if need be, but please learn to listen, or you can lose what you wish to keep…


When you have the sun in Aquarius, you will benefit from a  practice of introspection and self-awareness.

As this will allow you to involve into the beautiful water bearer you incarnated to be, you have the gift of being able to help others,  “carry the weight of the collective unconscious.

Helping others through their emotional fortresses, emphatically instead off sympathetically, but first, you need to learn to do this for yourself.

This is why you can be detached, you have some deep karmatic wounds you need to heal, but the question is, are you going to train yourself to be comfortable with you emotions to the extent.

You can uncover your ancient wounds, understand, accept, heal and move on from them.

Truth be told some natal Aquarians prefer to live alone so can have some very unconventional partners, you are the person who could have been in a romantic relationship with someone for 20 years, be married and never live with them.

You can be very touchy and at anxious about your emotions, using your logic to mask this, often your emotional distance causes a lot of debates and conflict in your relationships.

If you are honest about who you are, your partner will understand, try and compromise, and again pick someone who can really accept you for who you are on the inside.

Yet make sure you are honest to yourself, also, why do you not like emotions? Did someone hurt you? Where your parents distant or cruel? Why is it you wish to ignore feelings and view things analytically?

Ar you really cold, or what is it your really scared of?

In general, you are faithful and loyal, aspects to Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus in the signs of aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius can change your ability to be committed.


The aquarian parent

When you are a parent, this fact can make you feel trapped,  let your children know you love and care for them.

Kids need that, also explain and be truthful to them about why you re the way you are, kids love that too, they will endear to you more.

Giving you your space, knowing you will provide them with your time when you can.

You prefer your children to be independent, yet you will impart on them your intellectual philosophical or intellectual knowledge. Or at least point them in the right direction to the tools they need to advance their rationality.

Let your children are kids, yes it’s good to be wise and in some respects, become older in your thinking at a ripe age. But you can still and should still have fun, entertainment should be limited but never excluded.

All things in life, even parts of our shadow need to be equally expressed in living a balanced life, sometimes you like to quiz your children about their thinking.

Asking them to adjust their habits, but when they return the favour, you can be fixed in your response, never taking their wishes on broad.

Deep down, you want to be close with your kids, especially when you notice the closeness and affection they have with other family members.

You just don’t know how to be, get support to get over this any other of your repressions and be honest with your family members, and they will try and help you, as they wish to have a better connection with you too.

No matter how it may seem on the surface, as you know, we all hide under masks of pretence.

Aquarian children are quick learners, have charm, often bossy,   love knowledge, like to be alone at times rather than with friends, encourage your aquarian child to be questioning, and follow their intuition.

Make them aware of why its good to look after your emotional health and wellbeing, teach them self awareness techniques, meditation, yoga, tai chi and other flowing exercises will help them be in tune with their body.

And therefore their emotions, as solar Aquarians are more in tune with their mind, than anything else.

Some aquarian children born actors, music geniuses liking too play instruments or sing, the aquarian child needs to be taught discipline and focus.

As they can sometimes be overly spontaneous, sometimes working to perfection, excellent school reports, the next minute they are mediocre, the aquarian child needs to be taught the benefits of consistent and practical effort over time.

Never makes them give up their spontaneity completely, as this is where their originality and inspirational idea some from you need to teach them to balance and express all aspects of their personality.

Yet you must train them to follow their ideas and interest through rather than moving to the next one when the electric energy of Uranus strikes, or they will end being a drifter, conforming to societies standards.

Due to their need to move, after all, Aquarius is an air sign, a fix one, but still airy.

Now don’t get me it is good to dream and try interest out to know what you want, but it best to have 1 and two, or maybe 5 skills you train yourself in from a child.

That you can always fall back on later on in your life or in times of inventive drought which happens from time to time


The shadow of the natal Sun in Aquarius

The dark side, as mentioned, a severely adverse Natal Sun in Aquarius, can create an individual that wants to take gifts from the world rather than give tips to the world as noel tyle states.

The dark aquarian can not be only self-destructive but seek to destroy the goodness in others as a result of their own fall from grace, and because of their lack of forgiveness for themselves.

Can create cults or use religious practices in debase ways, the sense of having to help the collective can be hard to bear.

So the aquarian can turn to substance abuse, and this is when the aquarian shadow ego is enlarged to create ulterior motives in all actions.

This can also be the position of the corrupt politician or business leader, sometimes the potent energy which is present in aquarian vibrations.

Can bring up great guilt, going back to what I said earlier about ancient wounds, if you deal with your emotions, then this is how you get over your burdens.

Running into conformity and addiction won’t help you control the solar aquarian vibration healing and managing your emotional and psychological wounds will.

Become aware of your own stubbornness this is how you stay progressive, as if you do not grow, you will become outdated and conservative.


Astrologers such as Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas in their book astrology the divine science, state Aquarians are much more dynamic than they may seem on first sight.

If your sun is in Aquarius and if you choose to live up to your highest potential by learning to empathically connect with others, after you fist, heal your own emotional turbulences.

Then you will have this wizard or messiah-like quality which allows you to get over obstacles, others cannot surmount if you learn to work with the laws of nature. Saturn, Aquarius’s co-ruler brings the law, and Uranus brings the inventive and visionary, advancements.

Nature regenerates, in the spring, stagnates in the winter, where it is undergoing the great transformational process, even though winter generates lost of leaves, warmth, crops etc.

However, winter is recycling the old, so it can produce the new, now you must do the same.

Your purpose is to think on a global scale, giving up the egotistical, for the universal, selflessness, for collectively,   you can work on your own with praise, you see the end product you hard work and efforts, as your reward.

Avoid the depressive and apathetic influences of Saturn, instead, take heed of the lessons Saturn and Capricorn are trying to give you, also avoid getting lost in intellectual debate, instead of the practical action Saturn calls you too.

The sun is in detriment, when placed in Aquarius, if we look at the opposite sign Leo, which is all about thinking of one’s self, Aquarius is learning to put their own needs, secondary, making the collective needs priority.

In the highest expression, solar Aquarians are broad-minded, know that there are many planets and stars in the universe and that Earth and those stars that orbit Earth are just fishes in a vast pond.

You are not power-hungry when you reach the higher echelon of human express, because of this others trust in you and you can be an excellent leader, many people choose to elect you into influential positions in society.

You don’t let the ego run you, as you did in your lowest expression, you transcend the need to control your emotions, this opens you up to an abundant flow revitalising life force energy. You become an individual and wish to give others the chance to be reborn into their authentic natures, as you fiercely express yours.

You know that real change in society comes from proving fair access to all of society’s amenities for all people regardless of gender, race, creed or beliefs.




Noel Tyl, the planets, their signs and aspects, volume 3, of the 12 volume series, for home study and college curriculum, 1975, ISBN 0-87542-802-9