Natal Aquarius in the first house


Natal Aquarius in the first house





No in-between either all in- or all out

conscious of the world, but not necessary self-aware


futuristic- forward-thinking


way shower- visionary

intellectual, Philosophical, spiritual or scientific thinker.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus

Shuns from exercise, prone to health issues because of this.



Can either,  hinder interactions with others, by being awkward for the sake of it or puts on the charm offensive.

You are typically happy in your own skin unless of aspects of your natal chart, changes this.

You are unmistakably yourself and wish for everyone to be the same, some may view you as a revolutionary or free thinker.

You stand out,   you don’t fit in, and you like it that way.

You tend to smell a rat in the status quo and can be quite an anti-establishment.

You are into unique design concepts, can be very advance grade in your appearance and other possessions,


You are very forward-thinking, you prefer the new and modern, you are into technological, scientific and social advances.

You tend to leave tradition behind and dance to the tune of your own internal drum.

You are suspectable to visionary ideas, and you like to be creative or inventive.

You will problem be involved in creating a physical product.

Or helping to set up organisational or community initiatives with the objectives to transform the lives of others.

You think independently and effectively and because of this often come up with solutions to complex problems.

Some of you with natal Aquarius in the first house can be a bit wacky, verging on the edge of genius or insanity no in-between.

You like the people around you to be futuristic and if they not you try and convert them into your way of thinking.

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Sometimes by subtle gesture and at other times by forcing your ideas on others.

Like I said in the introduction, someones you wish to disturb the peace or play devils, advocate, for the sake of.

In your highest expression, you are a true philanthropist,   you may work abroad giving aid to those who need it or fight for equality in some other way.

Be careful to not build your identity on what you do or what others think of you.

Sometimes those with Aquarius in the first house can rely on external things for a sense of wellbeing.

The problem with this is that when things go wrong, or people leave your life, you can feel low and empty.

You must have quality time you spend with yourself building an authentic sense of self, have hobbies, practice self-care and introspection.

To move into the future you must first deal with your past, sometimes you can hide in your thought process, tricking yourself you don’t care about them now and what has been.

Having on the subconscious level and karmically, you must deal with the emotional baggage, your soul has built over its lifetime and deal with all aspect of yourself and life.

Yes, its good to be visionary but do not throw the baby out with the bathwater, know what’s in the box, before you you try and forge ahead thinking outside of it.

Remember there are many gifts in the present moment when you stay in the now, you can consciously create your future.

Rather than being driven by your psychological wounds.

Which can lead to, you coming across as being irrational, unstable and undependable?

If you really want to help humanity and reform society, try and work within the system, transforming it from the inside out.

Causing unnecessary conflict with authority will not further your ideals if you really want to help humanity, curve your egotism and selfish desires.

To be an actual individual, you must be free, you cannot enjoy freedom while imprisoning yourself in self-destructive thought snd behaviour patterns.

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