What does the moon entering Aquarius mean?

When the moon is transiting Aquarius, it’s a good time to detach from any stressful situations you are going through; taking time out, even if it’s for a few hours or days, will bring new perspectives. During the transiting Aquarius moon, you may get a lightning flash of innovative ideas or psychic visions that give you clear insight into your next move forward in your personal development, career, relationship or spiritual development.

Things that can happen during the transit Aquarius moon phase


  • Spontaneous mood and events
  • Visionary insight
  • Seeking connections
  • Solitude – solace in your own inner world
  • Information seeking
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Interactions with state institutions or those in authority not favourable; if they cannot be avoided, go ahead with caution
  • Excellent time to detach
  • Arrange meetings and networking for after this Aquarius moon transit phase
  • Innovative or offbeat conversations
  • Good time for creativity, entertainment, healing, hobbies, rest and relaxation, rather than direct intellectual ponderings
  • Good time for scientific, humanitarian or technological pursuits
  • Good time to socialise with family or likeminded people, you may meet new people who have eccentric ideas or who are non-conformist
  • Good time for romance with your close one(s)
  • Good time to treat yourself with a gift or self-care, look after your health and physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Unexpected events

Taking time out will move you are forward more than persevering with action during the transit Aquarius moon phase; this is a time of gathering information, searching resources, making connections between different knowledge or data sets.

Aquarius moon transit continued
What does the moon entering Aquarius mean?

Combining resources will work better than trying to divide them; Aquarius is ruled by Uranus in modern western astrology, Saturn in ancient astrology and Jupiter in esoteric astrology.

When the moon transit Aquarius, you may experience an increase in self-discipline, receive inspiration to overcome your obstacles, seek higher education or learning or improve yourself in some other way. Saturn wants us to understand the planning needed to reach our goals, paying attention to time and restrictions and societal expectations that hold us back.

Jupiter wants to expand your horizons, whether this is mentally or physically.

Uranus wants you to become a solid individual who rebels against any restrictions stopping you from becoming your own person.

This transit gives the opportunity for you to expand any projects you have been working on; you may have been stuck, seeking a solution, and practical action or logical thinking have not given you an answer yet, detach from it, doing something else, and inspiration will come.

If the Aquarius moon transit happens during a new moon, you may be able to start a new project, which will bear fruit in the long run if you take steps to work conscientiously – attentively towards your goals.

Transiting Moon in Aquarius

You will only be able to feel the positive effects of this transit if you remain open to change and detach a little from your problems; this is how the perfect solution will materialise.

During the moon transit Aquarius phase, some of you may use any information or lightning flash ideas to benefit your local community or humanity as a whole.

The mental picture/visualisation or thought may come as a symbol or some other flashing code or image, which may not make sense at first.

Still, if you take time to decode/interpret any knowledge or impressions received, you will soon uncover the true message of your inspiration.

More about moon transit Aquarius

The Mood of Aquarius Moon Transit

People, in general, maybe detached from their emotions and actions at this time, so try not to overreact and walk away from a heated discussion.


When the moon is transiting Aquarius, you may come into contact with inconsiderate, close-minded, egotistic or critical people; also, watch out for these tendencies within yourself.

You may prefer to work in solitude, which can be good for you, but if friends, family or even a stranger offers help, be cautious, yes, but accept it if it really would help you move forward more efficiently.

During the moon transit, Aquarius, the ways you are stuck in a negative thought or behaviour patterns may be brought to your attention by your own inner reasoning or people in your environment.

Do all your best not to take others negative behaviour personally and try and forgive past wrongs, as it may be a person you have some upset with who may deliver a perfect solution for any problems in your life

This phase is not intended for frivolous action or behaviour, yes have fun, be entertained, give into romance if it comes your way, but don’t act recklessly.

You can if you want; it’s up to you, but it’s best used for purposeful thinking / or non-thinking or putting effort towards long term plans.

You may receive out of the blue information which can shock and catch you off guard, especially if you have been avoiding your inner guidance.

Someone in the external world may flippantly or intentionally bring something to your attention you have been avoiding; also, make sure you don’t jump to conclusions during this time.

Health and gardening

Aquarius rules veins, calves, shins, ankles and glands; this is a good time to look after your legs in general via exercise or massage, eat foods that promote the health of the veins and glands, and strengthen bones. Do all you can to promote good circulation; drink enough water to aid healing and cleansing your body; this is an good time to take long showers, baths, or go swimming.

Swimming promotes good heart health, full movement of all the joints in the body, helping to relieve the pressure of arthritis and all other bone complaints, balances internal energy, promoting balance.

When the moon is in Aquarius, it is a good time to plant bulb cultures, store roots and fruits, weed out your gardening, and do your best to rid it of all parasites; the Aquarius moon is good to set onions other plants and fruits that are like them.

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