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Are Aries and Aries a good match? An in-depth guide – How can this relationship work

An Aries and Aries intimate or friendship relationship can work very well and be long-lasting because Aries and Aries can understand each other. Still, problems can happen for this reason, too.

Nevertheless, they can connect on the mind, body and soul- higher consciousness level. This guide will take an in-depth look at Aries and Aries relationship compatibility.

Songs for this placement joy Davison love will tear us apart, and Taio Cruz Dynamite

The short version of answering the question of are Aries and Aries are a good match

So what happens when cardinal fire- meets cardinal fire? You are both strongly influenced by Mars and Pluto energy, two of the fieriest and most intense planets in the zodiac
Can Aries and Aries be a good match? Well…this relationship will be compelling, and there will be lots of passion and energy.
It can be said that the happiest couples are willing to put in the work with plenty of dynamism, energy and enthusiasm.
However, you must decide if there will be one boss in the relationship or if you will share the leadership role.
It’s no secret that power struggles are unavoidable when you bring together two natural pioneers, entrepreneurs with big personalities and ideas.

Try to be less competitive with one another and instead project your energy outward toward the world and the things you both want to achieve in it.

The Mars influence can make both partners physically active. Aries and Aries can share anything from hiking to sex to sports.

It’s easy to find activities to do together in this relationship because of the similarity in energy type and potential between the two people.

Aries people can be, at their best, very affectionate.
The only downside is that if you both feel passion is lacking, you could start something with someone else.
All in all, the Aries and Aries love match can be intense.

Do Aries and Aries make a good match?
Let’s get this party started
Aries and Aries in any relationship are a powerful duo.

Aries-Aries is one of the most intense and combustible signs in the zodiac.
They’re both very fast-paced and always on the move.
They are very competitive and motivated, and together they are unstoppable.
They are naturally persuasive and can sell salt to a slug at their best.
All though, in general, Aries like to come across as confident and self-contained in a sense, they can be very Anxious.
Aries people can be ashamed of their more emotional side.
Still, hey, that’s the 8th house and Pluto’s influence, after all, as the co-ruler of Aries!!!
They can hate their sensitivity.
But being with another Aries who suffers from this same issue can be really good because they help each other work through their worries.
They can see through each other’s defence mechanisms and walls more quickly, helping them feel more confident in their wild ideas.
Aries tend to become self-protective and get distressed when they’re not telling the truth. This behaviour is usually always indicative of dishonesty.

Can an Aries and Aries relationship work?

If two Aries weren’t truthful in their relationship, what kind of a couple would they make?

They wouldn’t make it; two aries together can see through each other’s lies. 

At worse, aries and aries can fight like cat and dog. The relationship will be a mess, a war of words and destructive actions if they cannot learn to be honest with each other.

Aries and aries have a profound love for each other.

They may avoid making each other aware of this due to fearing losing the connection and having a public fallout.

Aries and Aries in a relationship must avoid one of the common pitfuls of this union.

Which is displaying artificial intimacy to the world to make it appear things are fine, and to the untrained eye looking in can seem they are happy when they are not.

But if two Aries are in a committed relationship, they need to share a common goal: building trust. Having faith in the other person’s words is crucial, but it’s even more vital to have faith in yourself. 

You do this by being honest with yourself and your partner about your feelings.

Being able to speak your views without worrying about how your partner will react. 

Lack of honesty, self-control and a tendency to act impulsively, sometimes.

Aries’s partners, at their worse, can be very unsupportive and unloving to one another. 

Focusing on their own interests rather than working together and appreciating each other as individuals is often the primary reason why a relationship between two Aries isn’t always successful.

How I do compatibility articles

My astrology compatibility post focuses on the dominant energy in a birth chart, for instance.

Although this post can be used for two sun signs Aries. 

It can also apply to those with strong Aries or Mars energy in their chart.

So if Aries or mars dominate your birth chart, or Mars is your birth chart ruler, or you have many planets in the first house.

Then you may resonate with much of what is written in this article.

Note astrology is complex, so it is always better to have professional astrology, look at how you and your partners, charts, talk to each other.

Doing a detailed analysis to see if you are compatible or not, a post like this is a good starting point in determining if aries and aries are compatible.

Are 2 Aries a good match?

With just a little guidance and direction from each of you, you can create incredible results; together, you can be excellent at spotting problems and creating solutions.

But you can both be equally good at creating them. Aries and Aries compatibility is as complex as any other love combination and depends on other influences, such as environment, numerology and free will.

In short, direct your energy wisely, talk as calmly as possible and try to consider both or all of your needs.

Because hey, you could be an Aries throuple or any other partnership combination.

There are no projects too big, no dreams or ambition unobtainable or flamboyant for Aries and mars dominant vibration couples.

If mutual respect is there, you will never let each other down and have each other’s back.

You’ll be able to achieve a lot together if you remain true to yourselves and each other. Together, you can be the truest definition of bonnie and Clyde or mick and Linda before the split.

No matter what size project you have, there’s no such thing as too big or too outrageous for you to take on together, lighting each other’s world and those who come into contact with you up like dynamite.

What happens when 2 Aries get together?
Team playersTeam players

So are Aries and Aries a good match them, as they say at Wimbledon, game, set and match, hiiiiiilllllll yeeeeeeeeee, they can be if they avoid the pitfalls below.

There will be a lot of excitement, but you may butt heads.

 You both can like to get your own way and do your own things in your own time, so communication is key, as is cooperation, in an aries and aries relationship.

As well as allowing each other to grow as individuals and have your own opinions, avoid power battles and separation, and work together, not against each other; lovemaking can be passionate, but more about that later.

If you take the time to build your world, there will be nothing or no one that can tear you apart.

Apart from yourselves oh and your inability to take advice from friends, family and other people in general.

An aries and Aries relationship is perfect for joint business ventures, as you are good at spotting new markets to explore in existing professions and industries.

However, do not discredit or ignore what other people outside your relationship say simply because you believe you are the best Aries and arise.

 Listen up, you two listen………up and seek expert advice when you need to avoid explosive repercussions from ill-thought-out – poorly planned business decisions.

As you can see, there are a lot of dimensions to the question of are Aries and Aries a good match.

Are Aries and Aries a good match? Continued

There are many ways this combination can work if one of you has earth or air energy in your birth chart.

You can be more grounded and open to thinking before acting, which is good. If you have a lot of water energy in your chart, you can act on impulse more.

Still, Aries and Aries together don’t mind getting back up,  again and again after each fall.

Building the resilience and the ability to create a life beyond your own and most couples’ wildest dreams.

More about aries and aries compatibility in love relationships

You can be hotter than the Arizona desert and buffalo wings or courgette for vegans out there. 

Aries and Aries together are not only a match but can set the room on fire if provoked or the wind turns west.

If either of you feels betrayed, watch out. You can seek revenge kill bill style, or if one of you aint having enough passion in the bedroom, you can both love your afternoon delights and set each other’s world on fire.

Love making can be off the hook, and you can both get depressed if this need is not fulfilled

But hey, You two can slow down once in a while, take some time to make sure communication is good, to avoid trouble in the bedroom.

Still, you two rams love the make-up passion, so one or both of you may start arguments just for the sake of the reconciliatory lovemaking. 

You, too, can choose to be lifelong soul mates, helping each other through the evitable storms of life and creating them for each other too!!!


Merging independence 

You both can be very independent, don’t like to be told what to do, are passionate about your beliefs and ideals, and are not afraid to speak your mind.

So for these reasons, as you both have the same life love and life language.

You can be very good for each other, Rams and Rams, Fire and fire pairing is sure combustible, Aries and Aries can be the best of partners or the most natural of enemies.

When you’re dating someone who’s a lot like you, it’s much simpler to stay with them

Generally, it’s easier to maintain a stable relationship when both parties have the same dreams and objectives.

Aries and Aries have high compatibility. Those born under the sign of Aries are always looking for others who are more like themselves.

They are very similar, but they get along well since they have many of the same traits, both self-assured 

It’s very rare to have compatibility difficulties in an Aries-Aries relationship after the first few years.

Because at your best, you both value your independence. They appreciate the significance of respecting their partner’s space. 

People born under the sign of Aries tend to act on their emotions rather than thinking. 

Because the sign of Aries is passionate and energetic, when two people get angry with each other, you both accept that anger is a natural part of your relationship.


Natural lovers 


Both partners deal with this problem in their relationship in their own way never the less they are quick to forgive each other. 

Still, both of you love to have what you both call healthy disagreements and value getting things off your chest, 

On every level of your relationship, the Aries and Aries couple’s ideas, flow, expectations and passion match up.


What happens when 2 Aries get together?

Sex and intimacy continued

With strong characters and great self-esteem and assurance, as I said, you too can quickly end up in bed together. Their worst flaw may be a tendency toward selfishness.

This could lead to a lot of fighting between you if you fail to meet each other needs, causing caustic hard to take back and forgive words.

Think of two wild bears fighting each other, with neither giving up or two rams locking horns and failing to retract. 


This can be the relationship of two Aries at their worst; the typical Aries mind is driven by a constant need to demonstrate one’s superiority to others. 

Finding it hard to stay grounded, calm, or engage in rational thought, but at times even when their ideas are logical or well thought out.


They find it hard to stay level-headed and often rush ahead with their opinion or have their opposing argument ready rather than listen to the other person’s point of view.

Are Aries and Aries a good match?
Loving the challenge and helping others together

They are both very ambitious and can take charge at times. Both are very enthusiastic about their ideas and how they can help others.

They are straightforward and don’t hold back in expressing what they think.

You can quickly adapt to your partner’s feelings by understanding them, as often you feel the same. 

You are also good at concentrating on the same things, and this is why you can be excellent business as well as life partners.

 It’s much easier for an Aries partner to understand and focus on the feelings of someone with a similar personality.

This is an important concept for people with strong Aries, Mars, Pluto 1st and 8th house energy. 

They cannot only support and understand each other, but they can also encourage others to pursue their dreams.

Egging people on to keep working on their goals, even if their challenges are overwhelming, aries and aries together in a relationship are very dynamic and can make good life coaches or do will any other motivational profession

Both partners in an Aries-Aries relationship can access their own weaknesses and strengths to provide a better connection.

Even though they’re not always very nice to each other, they are still capable of loving each other more than many other couples. 

Often Aries and Aries in a relationship stay with each other out of love, not circumstances. They decide t they want to stay together forever.

Aries and Aries share many similarities, including their outlook on life.

General ability to stay focused on goals regardless of arguments

Although they can be many challenges, what’s really great with the Aries and Aries match?

Is that they can get on with their work even if they are vexed and moody with each other, which is good for any joint venture.

You can be relatively consistent and clear in their communication and feelings for one another.

And general, both understand that it is always best for them to make up and do special things for each other.

To keep the spark and balance in the relationship; otherwise, their relationship will suffer.

Negatively you can neglect each other’s needs focusing on your individual gratification, which will bring disaster and possible permeant separation in the Aries and Aries union.

 You need to pay attention to your sex life and romance. If you are both into that, whatever it is you both need, it’s essential to meet those needs.

Still, in general, both people in an Aries-Aries relationship are always willing to go the extra mile to keep the romance alive.

Do Aries and Aries make a good match?
Are 2 Aries a good match?
Dramatic revolutions in the aries and aries connection

Aries-Aries relationships are filled with drama and fireworks. They’re fun and exciting, but the commitment that comes with a long-term relationship is intense.
In you are prepared to put the work in, you’ll find yourselves working better and surviving longer together than most other signs and relationships do
All in all, Aries and Aries have similar strengths and weaknesses.
Together, they are very competitive and driven, making them unstoppable.
Their natural flair for leadership and persuasion can make them great leaders, even though they may not always realize it.

As long as, as a couple, you can choose

Working through your weak spots, such as your resistance to accepting advice and lack of responsibility, together at times if you don’t direct your energy into purposeful yet creative and pioneering pursuits.
Aries and Aries together, like most relationships, bring a constant level of tension that must be worked through as you both grow as individuals and together.
Aries and Aries in a relationship can share most of the same beliefs.
Still, when you come across a difference in opinion or have an argument, you must address it immediately and communicate effectively.
Seeing both sides of the discussion or disagreement, coming to a compromise that satisfies both of you.
Impatience can lead one to believe that Aries people lack emotional depth. A fellow Aries is the only one who can truly appreciate this presumption’s erroneous.

As a fire sign, Aries is passionate and warm, but their “masculine” and “war- warrior-like” demeanour can make it difficult to comprehend their tender side.

As though they were still speaking different languages, as I mentioned earlier, because deep down, you share the same wounds.

You can develop a deep emotional understanding of one another’s needs.

Because the Sun is exalted in Aries, it can be difficult for those with strong Aries or mars energy in their natal chart to sustain a healthy body temperature.

So, things can be scorching in bed, regardless of what they are doing in it.

Each person in the relationship must look after their own individual needs; it can be difficult for both individuals to maintain their sense of self-worth while in this emotional connection.

Whether or not they can agree on specifics of any topic is debatable. They each can regard themselves as justice warriors because of their primitive nature.

With this perspective, it is possible to claim that they also cherish the truth and honour. Although arise are the only zodiac sign with these traits, all the 12 signs are comparable in doing this.

Can an Aries and Aries relationship work?
Summary of aries and aries compatibility

You need to maintain your composure while you’re dealing with each other if you can do this and resist passive aggression, your relationship will be truly gratifying.


You can have an eclectic range of exciting and roller-coaster experiences together because at your best, you can both be whole-hearted and passionate people.


Nevertheless, if neither of you possesses a mature intellectual skill, your relationship can literally be made in hell think Dexter Morgan and Hannah McKay’s relationship can only be sustained through superficial activities and sex. 


For this partnership to continue in the long term, both will have to learn patience, determination, and accountability and take responsibility for the future of their relationship.

Aries and Aries’s friendship compatibility 


The Aries and Aries friendship can be highly ruthless and cut-throat at worst; Aries and Aries together, as friends, can fight to be number one…. I am the best said one, Aries, Nah, I am better said the next.

This is an, all-or-nothing combination. They can choose to work as partners for the best of their own individual and friendship goals.

Some of the more Nobel Aries friendships may decide to work together to make the world a better place.

Still, at worst, the worst aries and aries friendship can be frienemies that other friends can dislike being around because of their constant sly – two-faced behaviour.

Which would make unevolved Geminis blush as they try to get one over each other at every turn.

Because you can be both strong, independent, and self-motivated, you can build a strong bond because of these and other shared traits.


A friendship between two people will have its trials and tribulations, swings and roundabouts, sudden endings, and making up.

They can enjoy all forms of competitive sports together with gaming, football, rugby, weight lifting and other sports.

 You, too, can share your pioneering ideas, slapstick jokes and new adventures with each other; things rarely get emotional.

You guys love to take risks and can take many together.

But you, too, can help each other when you’re feeling down, as you understand each other’s habit of hiding your anxiety.

Aries and aries friendship can last because bond at its best, the aries and aries connection is unbreakable 

Still, it can be unobtainable due to you guys being too similar and stubborn.

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