What is an Astrologer, why should you consult an Astrologer.?

Below I will go into detail on what astrology is and what an astrology reading can do for you. I am very in-depth with all my Work and will always delivery readings in a timely and efficient manner. I always follow up on my reading, offering a superior service, that gets to the core of all your questions.If you don’t find any reading option available in my store, please feel free to contact me, and I  will do my best to serve you.


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  • Natal chart Interpretation: I will give an in-depth interpretation of your natal chart using the western or Vedic system, your choice. I will analyse your life lessons, character traits, life obstacles, innate talents, highest life potential and much more.
  • Transit readings: I will look at your current transits, and give you in-depth guidance on how to ride any storms coming your way. I will also show you the planetary energies you can use to aid you in your personal growth.
  • Forecasting: for individuals and businesses, I will look at the progressions, solar returns and transits that are affecting you or your business. I must add that the future is always a flexible event; nothing in life is fixed; however.

I will highlight the best days for you things such as investments, launching a new product, seeking a new relationship, moving home or changing career.

Etc I can also indicate what jobs and career path are most viable for you, by analysing all aspects of your astrology your natal chart. I can also do this for businesses and entrepreneurs; I will interpret past, present and future trends for your life or business.

Relationship readings: I will look at either you and your partner (s) intimacy compatibility/ synastry indicating any relationship challenges and pointing out its strengths, by focusing on the aspects each person, involved in the relationship,  planets make with each other. I will look at each person’s involved natal chart, and then the compatibility/ synastry chart and give detail information . that will help you heal, stabilise And understand your relationship.

Child natal chart readings: now I never make predication for children, in my experience, it’s better to let little soul flourish via their free will. In my child readings, I will highlight your child’s talents, the areas they may face obstacles. So that you can provide your children with activities and an environment that will help them reach their highest potential, I will look at their educational learning style, the past times they will enjoy and much more. I will leave no stone unturned.

Esoteric/ spiritual astrology: I will provide in-depth, Sabian life journey and soul lineage readings, for you individuals who wish to understand your karma, and rebalance it. I will delve into your subconscious, emotional and psychological blockage that stop you form to connect with your higher self, soul and your life experiences.This ready is highly informative and can help you gain clarity, raise your self-awareness, showing you the path to reach your highest potential and find your life purpose. Helping you develop your mind, body and soul, raising your consciousness and much more.

Vedic astrology: I will conduct an in-depth Vedic astrology natal chart reading, looking at your divisional charts, revealing the many parts of your personality and life lessons.

Horary astrology: I will conduct a horary astrology reading, for a question of your choice, by producing a chart based on the time your question is asked. A horary astrology reading  is good for day to day decision making and life planning

As an astrologer uk, I know that the planets’ movements mirror events happening on Earth and therefore, it is possible to learn so much about yourself and about the world by just tracking and studying heavenly events. Astrology has several branches. These include natal astrology that seeks to understand the life path and personality of an individual. There is also relationship astrology or Synastry, locational astrology, predictive astrology, or Horary astrology, or the art of the use of astrology for answering questions. Astrology has many other different types like Classical, Medieval, Hellenistic, Election, Renaissance, Esoteric, Mundane, Sideral, Vedic, Uranian, Cosmobiology, Mayan, Chinese, Humanistic, Jungian, Evolutionary, and Psychological astrology. Astrology is the study of human behaviour and events-  and was seen in ancient times as early form psychology, after all, astrology s the study of the psyche,  whether that be the psyche of a country, event, relationship or any other human happening.

The astrological chart remains as the fundamental tool used that serves as the map of the heavens’ at a given place and a given time. There are tons of factors that should be considered in the art of astrological interpretation and analysis, they are many forms of Astro- interpretation,  as an astrologer in the UK, I use an intricate, intuitive and sophisticated approach in all of my astrology work. Astrology is the skill of synthesising and interpreting, the data mass into a single cohesive whole that will be used to provide the seeker with the much-needed guidance. I offer a transparent, in-depth approach to astrological analysis, prediction and interpretation; this offers my client value for more and accurate guidance. I’m my work as an astrologer UK,

I have a through an understanding of the planetary energies and their fundamental nature and how these energies are being expressed in various signs and in numerous areas or houses of life. In my natal and harmonic chart analysis, I can determine weaknesses and strengths and foresee the possible reaction of a person to a specific situation. It is a wise to remember that astrology is unlike fortune telling since you will retain your free will, I use the energies of your natal planets and the current transiting planets, to determine when it is best for you to start a business, move home, partake in self-healing work. In essence, I use astrology as a tool to tell you when it is the best time for you to do stuff, depending on the vibrational energies,  so that I can advise you on any potential problems and future opportunities. As an astrologer UK, I  guide my clients on how they can use and reach their full potential of the good energies and limit, the impact of any adverse natal placements or transiting planetary energies.

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How can Imani Your online astrologer in the UK,help you?

So, you finally know what an astrologer is and how they can help you,  many people think astrology is all about sun signs and horoscopes.

However, astrology has so much more to offer than horoscopes and signs. In case you don’t know it yet, astrology can also help you gain a better understanding of yourself and can even help you heal and build a relationship. In fact, astrology might even help you plan your wedding, find out if a potential partner is the one for you, or find some lost items.

Discover the different ways on how you can benefit when you talk to astrologer.

  • Discover  and Know Yourself Better
  • Plan for your future by learning how to use your natal planets energies effectively
  • Astrology can help you through adverse conditions in your life
  • Astrology can help you heal, manage and understand your life experiences.

Birth or natal chart astrology is one field of astrology that many of you probably know about or think you know about, rather.

As an astrologer UK I create or compute,  birth charts which take into account all plotting all of the astrological bodies and planets’ positions, not only the Sun, but we also take into account the place, time, and date of your birth.

I also look at your aspects, as these are the crux of personal astrology and let me know, exactly what your life challenges and strengths are.

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Your personality will be revealed through an analysis of the house position and sign of each planet and the interactions and angles the planets make with one another. An astrological reading will be able to help you in understanding and knowing the accurate location of your talents and where the challenges are also located.

Even the aspects f your personality that you don’t like are revealed and illuminated as well, and it means you will have a better understanding of yourself so you can live your life to the fullest.

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  • Improve Relationships through Astrology

Synastry is an astrology branch specialising in relationships, not just love but even all forms of interpersonal relationships, whether it is with friends, colleagues, or family. Synastry is an artform of comparing a couple or several birth charts to check how they bounce off and interact with one another, and this is very revealing in understanding why certain relationships work while some don’t.

Once again, there is so much more to astrology than Sun signs alone. There is no truth to the belief that some zodiac signs are getting on while others don’t because humans are more complex than this.

This is why I use a holistic approach,  in all my services.

astrologer uk-talk to an astrologer-uk astrologer-best astrologer uk-During a synastry analysis, each aspect of every chart is being compared against each part of the second chart. If key planets have been found near each other or in specific houses or at certain angles, it will reveal how two persons see one another, what they need and want from each other, the things they don’t like about each other as well as how they will be able to interact best.

  • Get Answers to Your Questions with Astrology

Horary astrology is one specialised astrology branch that dates back to classical times,  It is an art that uses astrologer for answering specific questions. A chart is cast in horary astrology,  once the question is born in the mind of the questioner.

The chart that results will be analysed with the use of traditional and complex rules to lead to a very clear and definite answer for the original question. It is a fascinating astrology area, but it is usually overlooked in this modern age.

  • Plan a Big Day with Astrology

Whether it is a new house, a business launch, or a wedding, significant events also have birth charts, and you can talk to an astrologer to help you to look ahead and choose the ideal place, time, and date for the important event.

This allows you to take control and make a decision based on all the facts available to you, there is a  type of astrology called electoral astrology, blends classical and traditional rules with the modern psychological astrology for narrowing down the choice of dates, to plan certain public and life events and so forth.

For instance, when deciding on the wedding date, the astrologer will search for a day that has its own favourable aspects, not only romantic and loving ones but also stable and reliable foundations with a realistic approach to marriage and the hard work it involves.

The astrologer will also make sure that the date chosen has the best potential interaction with the two persons’ individual birth charts.

What kind of help do you need for your life today?

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