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Astrology Signs Dates

Astrology is based on the concept of as above so below, meaning that the movement of the celestial bodies such as stars, asteroids, planets, the sun and moon, all influence human behaviour, on earth. ...


30-01-2020-weekly, horoscopes-Moon-Tracks

Venus and Neptune remain in Pisces, Be watchful of addictive thoughts, relationships and substances, some of you will experience transcendental experiences during lovemaking

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Weekly horoscope for 22nd- 29th January 2020

The week starts with the moon in Capricorn, then the moon moves into  Aquarius on the 24th of January, the hallmark of Aquarius energy is, unconventional, inventive ideas, sometimes eccentric behaviou...

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New years resolution ideas 2020-new year resolutions-in-2020,how-to-achieve-new-years-resolution-2020

New year’s resolution ideas 2020

The new year is hear-After all the Xmas cheer-Now your mind is flooded with ideas.......

2020/01/ Weekly Horoscopes

2020/01/ Weekly Horoscopes January 15th- 22nd 2020

The sun will start this period in Capricorn, and move into Aquarius, on the 21st of January. On the 15th January, The Moon will start the day in Virgo, and then move in Libra at around 3.40 pm and say...


Weekly Astrology Horoscope -10-01-2020- Forecast

In the Winds and the Airs As well as the universe and skies Pluto,  Jupiter, and Saturn Conjunct Wanting us to reflect Introspect and plan Its time to let go

Minor Aspects In Astrology

The 45° semi-square, is similar to the 90-degree square but with lesser intensity. The aspect indicates friction. It can generate minor internal frustration or conflict that could become annoyin...