Jeremy corbyn natal astrology interpretation

In this article, I will interpret the natal chart of the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The birth time for Jeremy Corbyn is unknown, because of this; I do not want to speculate with rectification.

Instead, I will focus on the Sabian symbols of vital planets as these stay the same.

Throughout the 26th of May 1949 which is Jeremy Corbyn’s Birthday,

On this day the sun stays in the (4.22)  5th degree of Gemini the tagline for this Sabian degree is a radical magazine displays a sensational front page.

During the general election debates and in fact ever since the labour frontman came into public attention, he has swayed public opinion.

In essence, having a marmite appeal, people either like him or not, his policies are very radical and against the status quo…

As I mention in my article on the general election, The UK’s National psyche is very much built on keeping the tradition, holding in emotions and resisting change.

Jeremy Corbyn is here to cause a change in any personal or professional  SITUATION he is part of.

Mr Corbyn is here to break tradition and move mountains, knocking down repressing boundaries that imprison the majority of people.

Socialist at heart, for the traditional loving people of the UK some of the plans in Jeremy Corbyn manifesto can seem too radical.

But if we look beyond the surface, we can see that he is a man moulded by his life experience who has discovered that in creating a more inclusive society.

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You develop a more productive society, Jeremy Corbyn election manifesto is quite radical, proposing renationalisation of the public services, including the national grid, the 6 energy companies Royal Mail, Water, BT(broadband).


As well as , cutting down the privatisation of the NHS, a new national care service, free bus travel for the under 25, lowering of the pension age, and a national minimum wage raised.

Labour is promising spending of over 83 billion to bring in real change, and this is at the core of Mr Corbyns personality.

AT THE CORE OF  labour policies is a deep care for the most vulnerable and underprivileged in society, In my Book a new age Prometheus:  Humanities conflicts 2020.

In which I discuss, The global mental health epidemic: the unhealed subconscious mind and its role in individual, community and global, intergenerational conflict and dysfunction.

I go into great length discussing the major social issues today, I place emphasis on the fact that most people struggle to pay everyday bills.

Constant stress,  over your survival, cause aniexty and other mental illness and psychological disorders.

When we have poor mental health, as individuals, we struggle to be productive.

We struggle to cope, in recent years utility bills raise have created a crippling effect in many of the nation’s household.

I know that if utility bills alone were cheaper, many peoples overall health and well being would increase by this one change.

If we stop paying bosses big bonuses and instead funnel those profits into savings for consumers, many households will have more to spend on other household essentials.

Visits to food banks will go down, workers morale will increase, and when moral increases so will efficiency.

If we want a productive nation, we must first take care of the physical, mental, financial health of citizens.

If we do not do this, we will have no economy to protect.


Natal Astrology Interpretation – continued

From observing Jeremy Corbyn’ s natal chart, I can see that he has undergone some real life-changing experiences.

He has met the spiritual side of life through his life lessons.

And this has transformed his thinking, creating the man he presents himself to be today.


Corbyn was born to tear down the status quo and spearhead the new and revolutionary

Mr Corbyn is a thinking man, a man that is trying to get a meticulous job done, rather than skirt over the issues.

Jeremy Corbyn has been very truthful about the level of economic stress the UK is in.

The reasons for the current circumstance and the way we can get out of it, as a Nation, his focus is not on a selected few.

Although he has not been popularly received with his polices and has been criticised for being too unrealistic, he has not swayed.

He wants to bring about real social change, not just win the popular vote, he wants to give the people a voice.

Stating he wants a new Brexit referendum or for the UK to vote to remain within the next 6 months.

Jeremy Corbyn, birth time unknown.

Jeremy Corbyn has many planets in Gemini, including his sun as I mentioned at 5 degrees Gemini, Venus at 17 degrees, that Conjuncts his Mercury at 15 degrees.

Uranus at 30 degrees of Gemini, which conjuncts the planet Juno which is on the 28th degree of Gemini.


Jeremy’s solar power comes from his transcendent need to grow beyond traditional forms, we all know that non-conformity brings ridicule from our peers.

To be a true pioneer, a person has to withstand popular opinion and stick to what they feel is right.

The tagline for the planet Venus which is at the Sabian degree 17 in Jeremy corbyn’s natal chart, Gemini is the head of youth turns into a mature thinker.

Signifying the trials and tribulations, Corbyn has gone through is his private life to become who he is today.

He may have had more feckless ideas in his youth, but over the years, he has allowed his insights into the world and the people.

He has met in the course of his work as an Mp, influence his opinions and make a profound impression on his thinking.

Allowing him to think outside the box, to go against the minority in favour of the majority.

Mercury at the 15 degrees of Gemini, Conjucting venus, the tagline for this Sabian degree is two dutch children, speaking Dutch.

Confirms the unison Mr Corbyn has learned throughout his life by the opposing traits of his personality.

As we know, Gemini is a dual sign, often call the twins, on the esoteric level, the highest expression of Gemini energy.

Is allowing authentic communications to be spread to the masses to help them.

On the lowest expression of Gemini energy,  Gemini’s are known to throw discontent into their environments with their moods and ill speech.

Boris Johnson is also a natal Gemini, and I will go into detail of what this means for both Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson in my summary.

Gemini is childlike youth energy, Mr Corbyn’s soul in this lifetime is opening up to the notion of allowing the objective mind to control the subjective mind in all his communications.

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You do this by using objectivity to manage the subconscious not repress it.

An open mind and empathy of the position of people less privilege than you is needed to be the frontman of a manifesto,  such as the one labour is suggesting.


Uranus is at the 30 degrees of Gemini, the keynote for this Sabian degree is making firm, decisive action, delving beyond shallow opinions  and peer pressure.

To deliver the truth of one’s real opinions.

Juno is at 28 degrees Gemini, conjuncting Uranus, the planet of rapid change, individuality,  innovation and eccentricity.

Indicates that you have a free spirit, your viewpoints can often cause heated words.

Especially in your domestic life and this is true, still nurturing is at the core of your nature.

Although you are no one’s fool, even though some may claim it is so on the surface; still, waters run deep.

Mr Corbyn has received hostile treatment from the British press and citizens alike.

But going back what I said earlier, in this lifetime firm action is needed to achieve the aims of your solar sun in Gemini.

So yes, they will be discontent around your political and personal beliefs.

But you must follow through with information and intuitions you have gained and will gain from your remaining life experiences.

The tagline for Juno backs up what I said in my article on the general election.

The fact that even if Mr Corbyn policies appear radical, the British public may still vote him in.

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Through bankruptcy and overburden individual is given a chance to start again.

Are the words Dane Rudhyar uses to explain the 28th degree of Gemini, where Juno is situated in Jeremy Corbyn natal chart.


So yes Mr Corbyn manifesto has taken a lot of criticism for being farfetched and economically inviable, but maybe a blank slate- tabula Rosa is needed for the nation to regrow.

And with calls from, John Major the ex Torie Prime Minister for the British public to vote Labour may bring about the last-minute labour victory I predicted.

Yes we can keep pointing fingers looking to attribute blame on the current economic mess Britain is in, or we can cut our losses and spend the money that is necessary to make Britain stable again.

Liberating Britain from its impoverished past of mistreating the vulnerable in society and looking after the interest of the status quo only.

Mutable and fixed energy is the whole mark of your nature and astrological nature chart, you are open to change, but only if it meets your own inner ideals.

You’re not afraid to adjust your beliefs, but you have to weigh up the facts first.

Venus conjunct your mercury asserts the fact you are a good listener and love to hear the stories of other people’s lives.

After all stability is at the core of Jeremy Corbyn’s inner nature, as he has a Taurus moon.

Although the need for stability at all cost is at the root of your nature.

You need for practically means that you can manage your weaknesses and let them affect your duties; you value routine and tangible facts.

You make your decision based on what you see as the morally right thing to do, you may believe in spirituality and have had your own mystical experiences.

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Astraea at the 14 degrees Gemini, in your natal chart, confirms that you often receive intuited guidance.

Dane Rudhyar explains that this degree gives the ability to transcend bodily existence.

“Bridging physical space and social distinction, two men communicate telepathically.”

Pallas at the 22nd degree of cancer also backs up the fact you are very in tune with current affairs, you think outside the box and allow your emotions.

Which are rooted in the practical and fixed energies of Taurus to guide your opinions and beliefs.

You can overcome notions of race, status and gender to come up with ideas that benefit all people and not just those of your select group.

Still, you keep your feet firmly on the ground, it’s not that you’re a non-believer.

Its that you have an immense affinity with the earth and know that charity first begins at home.

Although many have criticised your manifesto as being not rooted in reality.

Your very nature means you would have given all aspects of your plans great forethought, often decades.

Before bringing them to the public foreground, your career has been slow but steady and you have persevered against the many obstacles you have faced.

This is the hall mark of your career your ability to stick to your convictions.

You find solace in sensual activities such as cooking, relaxing therapies and anything involving music and the arts.

Mars Conjuncts your moon at the 18th degree of Taurus, the tagline for this Sabian degree is a woman airs an old bag through a window in her room.

You are here differently to disrupt the status quo, you are here to overhaul the system in your own unique way.

Even if you don’t win the election.

Which I believe you will, you will make significant changes in the Political system, you firmness has sparked a new perspective in some people.

And as we know, only a few seeds need to sprout, to carry the torches of change.

Your Pluto and Leo are at the 15 and 30 degrees of Leo retrospectively, Pluto, as we know, is the planet of transformation.

The keynote of the 15th degree of Leo is the power to move, the masses by a public demonstration of will power.

Many people think that you are unmeasured, that you are outrageous, but to uncover the truth is your plan.

As your Taurus moon indicates, you have trained yourself,  but have also had strong influences in your life, which has made you the man you are today.

You have learned to carry out any vision you have and to stick firmly to your aspirations.

Swaying neither to the right nor left, you must form tunnel vision when it comes s to your agenda.

But you must be mutable enough to change the finer details of your strategy.

Your Saturn at the 30 degrees of Leo, tagline “an unsealed letter” confirms you are here, as are all Gemini’s to deliver a message.

The message is for everyone and not a selected few, you have learned above all sharing.

not hoarding resources brings the most satisfaction for not only yourself but for humanity as a collective.

A brief interpretation of Boris Johnson natal Chart

I mentioned earlier that both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, have their natal Sun in Gemini.

Both candidates have the element of air and mutability strong in their natal charts.

And are formidable characters in their own right.

Boris Johnson chart also indicates that a political career was fated and is a natural-born leader, not a follower as is Jeremy Corbyn.

Boris Johnson was born with a Scorpio moon; this explains his well document but still elusive emotional life.

At the core of both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn  are the tendencies to give and receive nurturing and affection.

Behind their public personas, after all, Taurus and Scorpio are polar opposites and fix signs.

Boris energy is more erratic and with the moon Qunicunx mars, he may suffer from nervous tension and may use a meditation practise or another method to ease his wandering thoughts.

With Pluto in the 11th house and sun in the 9th house,  Boris Johnson involvement with politics and searching for higher truths was assured from birth, Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are under the rulership of Mercury, the purpose of being born with your Sun in Gemini is an initiation into the dualities of life.

The ability to see good and evil in yourself, the ability to discern your lower consciousness form your highest consciousness.

If Gemini’s learn to still their restless mind, which often leads them to write or say the first thing that comes into their mind.

Due to often being lost in their rapid, ever-changing thoughts.

In this stillness, they will find the power to understand and reconcile the opposing aspects of themselves, when they learn this lesson, they can learn to tolerate the differences in others.

Bringing unison into their environments, as they have learned that in our differences, they are also many similarities.

Seeing each person has the potential to succeed if, given the right circumstance, labours manifesto seeks to bring justice to the most vulnerable of society.

And ensure the long-term safe grading of resources for all, this is the highest expression of the Gemini sun.

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