The subtle and the subconscious, in stillness all will be found- ancientfuturevision

The desire to reach higher consciousness or to escape

Song for this placement

What does my Neptune mean?

Neptune’s movement and effect can be subtle, slow but sure and at its worst sinister. Neptune is one of the 3 transcendental planets, along with Pluto and Uranus. Overall, where Neptune is in your birth chart and the aspects, it makes to other planets. Shows where you mislead/trick and lie to yourself and others and the area(s) you are idealistic in and may be manipulated by others.

Neptune in your birth chart also shows the experiences that may lead you to transcendental higher consciousness experiences or addictive thoughts or behaviours.

The highest expression of Neptune energy is believing in a higher power than yourself to help you forgive your past and create a better future for yourself. Unleashing your inner creativity.

Neptune’s lowest expression is indolence(laziness), escapist and compulsive behaviours, crippling addiction to substances( i.e drugs and alcohol) and  allowing others to manipulate you.

Loving pandemonium(chaos) and turmoil neglecting your responsibilities and becoming passive and apathetic.

Main themes: sixth sense- gut feelings- intuition

Neptune rules: Pisces and the 12th house

Neptune Esoterically rules:  Cancer and the 5th house

Exalted in:  Cancer (Leo)

Fall: Capricorn (although some writers say Neptune is at home here as Capricorn can give structure to Neptune’s visions)

Detrimental: Virgo

Polarity:  feminine- yin- passive energy, but some writers say Neptune is neutral- bisexual. Androgynous energy, due to Jupiter its co-ruler being a masculine sign

Associated with: 4th house due to esoterically ruling cancer, 6th house due to the moon which rules cancer, esoteric rulership, 11th house due to Jupiter’s esoteric rulership.

Day of the week:  said to influence Friday, but Venus is Friday’s main ruler, but Uranus is the higher octave of Venus

Takes 14 years to move through each sign, 165 years for each cycle.

Neptune Keywords


  • Surrender
  • Unconditional love
  • Spiritual and mystical experience
  • Compassion
  • Visualisation
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Believing
  • Self-understanding
  • Understanding others
  • Healing
  • Unity with the inner divine
  • Union with all aspects of yourself
  • Total self-acceptance
  • Inspiration- muse
  • Imagination
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Absorption through presence
  • Transcending the mundane
  • Higher consciousness
  • Devotion
  • Potent concentration
  • Detachment from ego and worldliness
  • Ethereal
  • Allure
  • Purity
  • Flowing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • visionary
  • Emotional stability
  • Concern for the collective
  • Love of nature, the cosmos and self
  • Empathy
  • Open-mindedness
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Idealism
  • Romantic
  • Poetic
  • Thinking out the box


  • Addiction
  • Loving chaos
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • Giving up and life
  • Playing the Martyr- Victim
  • Disturbance
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Emotional instability
  • Daydreaming
  • Forgetfulness
  • Over idealistic
  • Self Deception
  • Absent-mindedness- pensive
  • Dissemination
  • Chaos
  • Fantasying
  • Escapism
  • Illusion
  • Addiction
  • Nightmares
  • Obsession
  • Fear
  • Loving too much excitement
  • Easily distracted
  • Distorted perception
  • Psychological misery
  • Infatuation
  •  Delusion
  • Deceiving others
  • Insanity
  • Ego
  • Escapism
  • Avoidance

More Neptune associations
What are Neptune medical associations

Neptune Influences:  hearing, relaxing, circulation- daydreams, refining- the healing period after physical or psychological illnesses, comatic – sleep – the state induced by drugs, such as heroin or alcohol, medical comas.


Thalamus is located at the base of the brain and controls emotions; at one time in history, doctors carried out lobotomies- leucotomy. Which is outlawed now severed the fibres connecting the front lobe and thalamus to reduce anxiety.

Medical disease associated with Neptune:  nervous system induce psychological or emotional illnesses. Soul-spiritual sickness- which is medically called psychosomatic illnesses.

Thyroid disorders, chemical imbalances and all other unexplained physical health conditions, which cause mental problems.

 Spinal cord issues and all effects of alcoholism and drug abuse, brain disorders, fainting, dysentery, anaemia. Claustrophobia, eye troubles, nyctalopia- night blindness, phobias, fluid disorders and necrosis – body tissue death.

Colours:   azure blue, all violets, gold, burnt sienna, iridescence- rainbow type colours, pale greens, misty shades, deep-sea colours-greens and blues, coral, bright turquoise

Animals:  ram, dolphin, horse, bull, wild boar faun, mythical creatures that are half-human and animal, kurma, Nandi, Garuda, werecat, half Scorpio people, sirens, mermaids, centaur and all other therianthropes- shapeshifters.

What careers are associated with Neptune?

Careers:  social welfare, spiritual worker, working in hospitals or charity work, mystic, alternative healer, astrologer, psychologist or mental health worker, entertainer, writer, professional swimmer- diver- marine biologist etc.,

dancer, magician, illusionist, medium, tarot reader, working in the tobacco or drug industry or underworld, con person-swindler, distiller- making alcohol and all alcohol-related jobs, oil industry, working with chemicals, scientist, science teacher

Metals/ Minerals: plastics, neptunium and cobalt. Dark and mysterious minerals which the components are hard to understand.

Precious stones:  ivory, beryl,  creedite, cavansite, super seven, Rwanda amethyst,  blue halite, mango quartz, moldavite,  hackmanite,  lepidolite and celestite

Plants, trees and bushes:  tobacco, herbs that induce intoxicating effects like cannabis, salvia, betel nut, peyote, opium poppy, ayahuasca, jimson weed, cocaine, heroin, morphine, coca plant, mushrooms, the late and great manly p hall, said plants, bushes and herbs associated with the sun and Mercury are also associated with Neptune energy.

Astrologer Sepharial says Neptune is associated with curved lines, rhythmic curves and nebulous and chaotic structures. Like changeable images like psychedelic art.

The tastes associated with Neptune are captivating-tantalising, elusive- Moorish and sugary

Rules the 12th year of any cycle, so Neptune rules you at age 12,24,36,48, 60, 72…etc

Neptune governs, Christ consciousness teaching meekness (humbleness) overcomes aggressiveness (hostility), glass, mirrors- reflection.

Emotions, crying-teardrops, psychological-emotional breakdowns, drugs, delusion, everything you cannot touch but feel- emotions- subconscious etc., psychosis, intuition.

Sorrow, deep feelings, fog, ideals, spirituality, an air of mystery, unspoken words- telepathic – subliminal communications. Meditative states, relaxation, auras, hypnosis, forgetfulness, inspiration and divine love.

Flatteries, vanity, sleepwalking, trances, precognition, fragrances, addiction, alcoholism, the ethereal, the subtle and slow.

Influences all sea and water-related professions from deep-sea diver to psychologist due to water being associated with water,

How does Neptune affect us?

Neptune co-rules Pisces with Jupiter, and as we know, Pisces is all about emotions.

If you do not manage your emotions and psychological states.

Then emotionally instability, confusion and delusion will set it and cause havoc and chaos in life.

Neptune can affect your ability to think clearly; it also governs intuition and mystic experiences.

Neptune in your Natal chart highlights self-deception.

Yes, all the white and charcoal lies we can tell to ourselves are attributed to Neptune and the aspects it makes to other planets in astrology.

Because, yes, we may lie to other people, yet each person deceives themselves the most. Neptune shows how an individual perceives reality.

 Neptune influences how you relate, understand and react to your environment, the people you meet, and the words you hear.

Neptune has a significant effect on your subconscious mind. which controls all of your automatic behaviours because, most of us are influenced by automated responses.

Driven by doubtful or self-destructive thoughts, we are prone to choose life-limiting thoughts and behaviours rather than life-enhancing ones.

What does your Neptune sign tell you?

How you unleash or repress your creativity, your hidden talents, addictions and aspirations, the ways you connect to your higher consciousness and higher power.


How you can forgive yourself? Indicates your capacity for empathy, how you seek divinity, the secrets you keep.

When Neptune was first discovered, some astrologers associated Neptune with the moon because of the changes in moods it can cause, like the moon.

Neptune is reported to be the day ruler of our emotions and the moon the night rule.

The daydreams as you have on the commute to work the fantasying you do at work, are all influenced by Neptune.

In the past, astrologers also thought Neptune was at home in Taurus. Due to its association with the moon and because the moon is exalted in Taurus.

Cancer, which is ruled by the moon is exalted in Neptune, confirming this association. Although some astrologers say, Leo is where Neptune is exalted. You say potato, and I say pahtahta, right!!!

 It is said that Neptune in Scorpio and  Capricorn are good placement due to its tendency to bring the needed grounding to floaty Neptune energy.

Yet most astrologers think Neptune is in determent when in Capricorn, but I actually think it balances this energy out.

Neptune in Virgo helps for the intellectual understanding of the higher consciousness;  allow you to innately understand the need for good spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological health.

Neptune in Leo or Aries makes you overly romantic. Instead of channelling Neptune’s energy into personal or higher consciousness development. 

Neptune in Leo can cause lies by overstretching the truth, although it gives excellent acting abilities. Neptune in Sagittarius allows for easy connection to visionary, religious, philosophical or spiritual ideals.

Neptune in Libra, Gemini or Aquarius gives penetrating intuition; in Gemini, there is inward clairvoyance; in Libra, you may be able to see spirit and auras.

Neptune in Aquarius, you are best placed to understand occult matters such as the logic behind karma and reincarnation and the evolution of the cosmos.


Brief description of Neptune meaning in the astrological houses

If Neptune is your 1st, 4th, 7th, 0th (angular) houses, you will show Neptune in your actions, so you’re more likely to express it in your day to day life and/or work. If your Neptune is in the 2nd, 5th 8th, 11th (succedent) houses, you will express the energies of Neptune in your feelings.

The things you own, the friends you keep, your love interest, and how you use other people’s resources.

If Neptune is in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th (cadent) houses, your Neptune expression will be mainly in your mind, conscious or subconscious. You may keep your Neptune experience private but may keep written, voice, or video journals.

On the esoteric- spiritual level, Wherever Neptune is placed in an individual’s Natal Chart and the aspects Neptune makes to the other planets,  Indicates the area of life. Where you have built up their mental confusion and has consequently formed karmic debt in that area.

 Neptune is in your natal chart also highlights your addictions co-dependent habits. Destructive tendencies and the ways you are imprisoned by your addictive habits.

Self-limiting thoughts, past life karma that is now part of your subconscious mind, the internal and ethereal psyche.

The way I interpret Astrological placements is not doom and gloom; I call it as I see it. If you wish, you can work through your Individual karma and free yourself from your cycle of suffering; if you refuse to do the work, you will stay stuck.

Dwelling on your past mistakes and dreading any future ones ensures your karma continues; you don’t and never will be perfect.

 But you can work daily to forgive yourself, let go of past mistakes and heal your emotional and psychological wounds.

If you have a lot of aspects to Neptune in your natal chart or if Neptune is in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th or 12th house, then you should avoid or at least limit intoxicating substances.

Be careful with intoxicating substances

Sedatives- even sleeping pills (take only when needed.

But it’s best not to. Because Neptune in these houses amplifies addictive tendencies), and anything else that affects your ability to think clearly.

 An afflicted Neptune can make you think you heard and seen things you have not- distorting perception.

Making you gullible, self-deceiving, or a barefaced liar to others.

A trait you may not consciously be aware of, your openness can easily influence the physical and psychic realms.

Your susceptibility to the subtle realms can be suitable for all psychic and creative work, not so good when you focus on the practicalities of life.

You can be disordered, over-emotional, enjoying too much drama and excitement, anxious, obsessive, fearful and falling into illusion; this is why it is crucial FOR EACH PERSON TO know THEIR Individual, Natal chart.

 Numerological cycles as well as forming a personal relationship with a “higher power.” It is when we ignore or do not create this connection life becomes unenjoyable and unmanageable.

Because knowing what you are susceptible to becoming addicted to certain people or substances can help you with the guilt formed when you partake in self-destructive behaviours, helping you understand yourself on a deeper level so you can take steps to manage yourself

What is Neptune associated with?

Evolving the consciousness to manage your day to day life effectively, dreams, nightmares, mystical, the subconscious, past life psychological influences.


Unresolved karma, religious or spiritual experiences, psychic knowledge, intuition, the supernatural, illusion, light and dark magic, spells.

Addiction-the anyways we intoxicate ourselves, self-deception, inspiration, creativity, singing, mythical creatures- mermaids-sirens, elf’s, pixies etc., the sea physical and emotional ones.

It is essential; to be aware of HOW Neptune influences your day to day life, for Neptune fogs the mind and sometimes the soul. And If you’re not careful, you will get trapped in its lower expressions.

The lowest expressions of Neptune energy are an addiction, excessive daydreaming, over fantasising, unclear- wishful thinking without practical action.

 Co-dependent relationships, self-isolation, escapism, self-deception and unhealthy ways of relating to yourself, the world and the other people in it.

Neptune energy can help individuals get closer to their intuition in its highest expression. Helping you experience and feel the spirit world and ultimately allowing you to feel their connection to a higher power.

Neptune helps you get in touch with your inner emotions, and I know feeling can be overwhelming when dealing with your problems.

 But if you can find the courage to get to know yourself on deeper levels, you will find solutions to your problems and unleash your inner creativity.

What does Neptune mean spiritually?

The house Neptune is placed, and the houses its aspects indicate the areas and entanglement of your karmic debt and incarnating purpose.


Neptune inspires gives you the urge to create, whether that be playing an instrument, writing songs, creating content, making films, singing, writing a book, finding creative solutions to practical problems.

Neptune’s true path is surrender, but you typically escape into addiction or other forms of escapism before this happens. Such as toxic relationships, distracting yourself with porn, binge-watching tv shows.

Netflix and chill-hook ups, these things are not wrong within themselves. Still, too much of anything can cause pain and disassociation and psychological or emotional problems.

Through its addictive experiences, Neptune teaches us to surrender to its higher meaning, which is letting go of seeing life through the ego only.

 Letting go and allowing yourself to evolve your consciousness and correct a relationship of self-love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, nurturing and managing with yourself.

 Allowing yourself to find something higher than you, to believe in, for some people it’s their own highest potential, others a god such as others Buddha, Shiva, Guru Nanak, Allah, Melzedeick –Christ.

For some, it is nature; whoever you believe in, Neptune wants you to trust in something higher than yourself.

 After all, let us face it and keep it real; yeah, life can be shit at times, but Neptune wants you to trust in the process of life and yourself.

 By facing rather than running from your shadow problems, by using your inner creativity and intuition to find solutions to your problems, find healthy ways to fill your inner void and free yourself from restriction.

Learning to embrace the process of life, the ups and downs and not escape them.



Neptune calls for you to seek out something higher than your desires. Uncontrolled desires eventually lead to suffering; yes, the highs are good, but the lows are painful, to say the least. Neptune seeks to dissolve the ego and the thoughts that keep you trapped in your past and cycles of self-destruction, asking you to see past the rational into the super consciousness.


 It is hard, for we are programmed, especially in western countries, to trust only the rational, the things we see with our eyes, touch with our hands and hear with our ears.

Nevertheless, Neptune terrain is the super consciousness –psychic realms, and the lower astral realms, which are often contacted through drug and alcohol use.

 Not to say everything you get from the lower astral realms is harmful, to quote Rumpelstiltskin in once at a time magic-always comes at a price.  

This is why drug and alcohol highs come with such depressive lows; even the “safe drugs” anything at an excess is damaging, even mediation.

Neptune inspires poets, artists, graphic designers, writers, singers, filmmakers, dancers, alternative healers, psychics, hypnotists, mystics, and radical thinkers in the science and medical fields to tap into their inner creativity.

Even if you think this inspiration is coming from your consciousness or own genius, you are being inspired, by a force more significant than you.

 Often we are pulled in one direction or the next by creative impulses, which are connected to Neptune energy.

Neptune creates disorder in thought which can lead to disordered behaviour.
 But can also help develop masterpieces – abstract thinking film and art, coded words; such is the thin line between sanity and neuroticism.


The many myths associated to Neptune

In Greek mythology, Poseidon is linked to Neptune.

The myth of Neptune- Poseidon

Neptune/ Poseidon was seen as the God of the sea and waters, Neptune-Neptunus was worshipped by the Italians as a water god, and there are a lot of similarities between the myths of Neptune and Poseidon.

Poseidon means lord or husband of the Earth; earthquakes were also linked to Neptune-Poseidon- Enosogaios, which means shaker of the Earth.


Horses and bulls are animals linked to Neptune; Neptune was seen as one of the greatest gods of all time.

 Neptune’s trident is the symbol of Neptune in astrology, which is similar to a spear used by fishermen.

Unlike other sea gods such as proteus, who were seen as peaceful, Neptune- Poseidon was said to be bad-tempered violent extremely at times. He could also be malicious spiteful due to his association with sea storms.

Neptune was the son of Chronos and Rhea and was swallowed by his father like his other siblings. Except for Zeus, who was spared this fate, Chronos feared his children would overrule him, so he ate them, nice right!

 In other myths, Neptune’s mom Rhea substituted a bird for Neptune, so Chronos swallowed the bird and not Neptune.

In other legends, Rhea took Neptune to Rhodes to be raised by the Oceanid capoeira- hence his association to water and the sea.

 Neptune and his brothers got rid of their father. They divided the universe between them, and Neptune-Poseidon got to rule the sea.

 In other folklore, Poseidon was thrown into the sea right after his birth by Cronos, and that’s how he got to rule it.

Neptune Poseidon is seen as angry in many myths, and he passed this trait on to his children, who were both divine and human.

 Neptune would, at times, change form to get what he wanted. He made a metamorphosis – transformed into a horse to trick Demeter into being with him. Together they had a son, a divine horse called Arion; Neptune fathered many children in many myths.

The mythology of Neptune / Poseidon shows the changeable behaviour all humans are capable of. And the duality of all life forms and substances; the sea-water can give and take life.

The energy of Neptune in your chart can take you to incredible spiritual, psychological and mystical heights at its best.

Giving you the vision to write beautiful songs or books create or sing delectable music.

Give great performances create art, but at its worse, Neptune vibrations can evoke fantasy- illusionary behaviour in those with strong Pisces or Neptune energy in the chart.

 Also, Neptune governs passively aggressive, violent, psychopathic, criminal or other outrageous behaviours.

People are capable of when they are under the influence of a  toxic relationship, alcohol, drugs or going through psychosis or other soul level, psychological or emotional disturbances

The symbology of Neptune

Neptune symbol is the trident as used by Poseidon, the sea god, is made up of the half-circle.

 Which represents the mind and soul-higher consciousness and the cross that symbolises the act of managing your physical desires with spiritual- higher ideals.


Fun must be had in life, but too much fun makes you neglect practical matters, so there comes a time when the spirit must be evolved, so your passions do not overrun you.

Allowing yourself to develop a higher consciousness by dealing with your crippling doubts, painful past life and current life psychological and emotional wounds that hold you back.

Neptune shows that as life progresses, you should evolve from your past experiences, learning from them, constantly refining-transforming your self-expression.

Finding a balance between satisfying your desires and expanding your higher consciousness, so you can bring your dreams, ideals and ambitions into reality.

With practical effort and focus, seeing through the fog and hazy clouds of distortion and irrational thought patterns that cause addictive and self-destructive behaviours.

Geeky Neptune facts

Neptune was first discovered in 1846 by Urbain Leverrier, who was a French mathematician, but John Couch Adams, who was a Cambridge student, had discovered Neptune in 1845.

When he was observing Uranus, he discovered an anomaly in Uranus’s orbit. Whilst doing calculations, he brought it to the attention of his professor, who ignored it.


Neptune was discovered by intellectual analysis, showing that astrology is and should always be an objective and subjective science.

Jeff mayo explains in his book the planets and human behaviour, that Neptune was going to be called “Leverrier”. After the “learned mathematician who” is noted as discovering it “at the end of his pen”.

But Jeff mayo explains, and I agree that the name we have given” Neptune” embodies the collective consciousness at the time of its discovery.

During Neptune’s discovery, anaesthetics were introduced in medical surgery, mesmerism – hypnotism regained attention again.

When we look in history, just like clothes, what we believe in collectively comes in and out of fashion.

Most of the planets are named after old gods of ancient myths such as Greek and Roman ones. The sun and moon are technically luminaries and not planets, and Pluto is now a dwarf planet.

 The myths associated with Neptune indicate its psychological meaning and its environmental influences on your birth chart.

For example, Consus, who is also associated with Neptune, was seen as a God of secret discussions. Neptune co-rules the 12th house, which is also seen as the house of secrets, seclusion and psychic ability.

Often these conversations we have with our own thoughts, psyche and those in the astral realm are done in secret.

You are often unaware of the subtle influences your dreams and intoxicated states of mind, unhealed psychological and emotional wounds have on your daily words and actions.

But until you heal your emotional wounds, they will control your compulsions and automatic responses, and as we become more and more automated every day.

I mean, there’s an app for everything; we become more and more controlled by our habitual behaviour.

Consus was the underworld’s God, Neptune’s dark nights of the souls, feelings of loneliness and isolation, nightmares and doubtful thoughts. Often take us to the lower realms of our consciousness.

Revealing the shadow self, we hide from, The ADDICTION, LOSS, reoccurring DESTRUCTIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS.


For they scare us, but these fears we must face if we want to evolve into the higher expression of Neptune.

We all have to battle with our nerves and fears whilst taking care of the responsibilities of day to day living.



Neptune is seen as the higher octave expression of Venus energy and is related to the changing moods influenced by the moon.

Neptune rules our collective consciousness of over emotionality, repression of emotion, all-out addictions, phobias and compulsions.


Suppose Neptune is not expressed by your personal addictions. In that case, you will be forced to deal with this issue one way or another by external events.

 Such as a drug epidemic in your neighbourhood or the crime caused by drug use, Neptune’s highest calling is for you to overcome your addictions.

Whether that be a drug, shopping, sleeping, sex, fighting, overthinking, too much Netflix and chill, whatever it is you do in excess.

Neptune sneaks up on you when your least expect it; even if you’re the most logical moment, you might have still experienced a feeling of oneness.

Many experiences this via drug use, sex and its orgasm, yet it is fleeting- the sensation doesn’t last…so you keep tipping the velvet- chasing the next high.

To have the long term effects of these pinnacle ecstasies that Neptune brings and to limit or avoid the destructive lows.

This comes from the misuse of this vibration; you have to learn to manage your personality and conquer yourself.

Neptune provides the mystical, philosophical, spiritual or religious doorway to life’s occult- hidden meanings.

Still, you will need to use the discipline of Saturn to overcome your compulsions and to follow through on your ideas and ambitions.

Finding your way through your unsettling emotions by learning to understand, heal and manage them.

You may use self-help, or you may have to seek therapy or the support of family or friends to get you through your inner turmoil and to fill your internal void.

As the higher octave of Venus, Neptune imparts the ability to love unconditionally and acknowledge, understand, and work through, the hidden meanings of your dreams, nightmares and waking visions- daydreams.

Eventually, learning your life lessons, building faith in something higher and your ability to reach your highest potential.

 Neptune brings out intuition, imagination, and creative solutions to life adversities. When used correctly, these tools help you get through the harsh realities of living on Earth.

Life will always bring you cycles of depression, stress, heartbreak, loss, grief, rejection, disappointment, and death.

Still, there are cycles of happiness, love, connection, awareness, peace, acceptance, and self-assurance if you allow them to take root.

If you take time to heal your psychological and emotional wounds and develop Self-love, forgiveness, compassion, nurturing, abundance, romance and rebirth, can be yours.

Neptune wants to develop empathy by calling you to self-love, nurturing, care, forgiveness and understanding.

So you can understand the inhumanness of humanity the rough tides of life, so you no longer fight or complain endlessly about all the wrongs in the world.

But you take action to change yourself, so the world will transform gradually, over time, as each person takes responsibility for healing all the destruction within them.

It is the unhealed emotional and psychological wounds within each individual.

Which is the microcosm (smaller) of the world of the macrocosm (bigger) of the collective consciousness that causes all of the world’s problems, from wars to family arguments.

Neptune wants you to work with all aspects of your inner nature instead of fighting against them.

 Finding a safe way to express your emotions through creative or artistic means.

So that you can feel at one with yourself, humanity and the cosmos. This is the highest expression of Neptune energy; creating art, music, abstract ideas, drawings, writings are all Neptune expressions, such as the romanticism movement of the poets in the 1800s.

Neptune teaches surrender by bringing more stillness into your life.

 For some of you, it is walking, others it is doing weights, listening to loud music, slow instrumental music etc.….

how can you find a slower pace, your stillness, your zen?

 Where you no longer feel the need to excessively harm your psyche-soul, body or mind?

 Through gaining a meditative state, you open doors to higher awareness, sensing and envisioning the deeper meanings of your existence.

Day by day, working through your past setbacks and current resentments, jealousies, doubts and hatreds.

Allowing divine- higher consciousnesses love to work in you and through you.

Like David and goliath, the paper that covers the rock, in rock, paper and scissors, so the paper wins.

The small axe that claims victory over the big tree, which Bob Marley sings about.

Although we have been programmed to accept the world as it is, with the ever-increasing inequality that takes place in our world daily.

Poverty in any form in the 21st century should be unheard of. Neptune is asking us all to question this reality.

 Why does poverty have to exist?

The only way to stop global poverty is the heal the poverty-lack mentality within, which contributes to all the inequalities we see in the world.

Deep down, we know it’s wrong; it is wanting to live in excess which creates all disparities, which is a significant factor in all of the world’s miseries.

Neptune’s wisdom and evolution come from understanding the reasons behind your escapist tendencies facing your feelings of alienation and loneliness present in each of us.

The highest lesson of loneliness is learning to be happy alone via self-care, understanding, love and compassion.

If you are silent long enough, the wisdom of all the ages (earth histories) is found in Neptune’s subtle vibrations and keeping an open mind.

Allowing your creativity to flow, even if your writing, art or anything else you create is not a masterpiece.

It is produced from your inner creativity and intuitions,  so it is timeless and priceless.

Neptune in astrology meaning, a poem

Neptune seeks to dissolve

In its fluids, in its flow

It rules the Pisces season

As the season change from winter to spring


New hope  it shall bring

As its dissolves the past 11 months

Opening you up to new cycles

Let the healing begin

As you learn to let love back in

Dreaming away the pain

Taking conscious steps

To let the past fade

Letting your imagination run

But not too far

As it takes practical action

For a vision

To become reality

Intuitively feel your way to a new day

Allow past misunderstandings to give way

It won’t happen all at one

Nor will it be easy

Still, if you open up your mind

It can be light and breezy

As the abstracts take over

The promises of a four-leafed clover

Expanding like a supernova

No longer neglecting self

Opening yourself up to inner wealth

No longer afraid of the shadow, you see in the mirror

Each day, it all becomes clearer

As the tears flow, the feelings glow

It’s ok to emote, have no fear

There is no need for voice

In silence, you will hear

The past was painful

Life may be this way still in your now

But if you learn to let go

Freeing yourself for all that shackles

You can grow if you allow

Floating in the Neptunian seas

Of unconditional love

The only seas worth drowning in

The more we give to ourselves and others

The more we have to bestow (give back)

In return, the infinite bequeaths

You will priceless blessing

An inner peace

No external person  or thing

Can ever give

Yeah, it is not a constant feeling

It fades

For we are in the land of night and day

But it is still more profound than the feeling found

In a snort, a swing or a suck 😉

So let go of material payback

Let the ethereal provide

Out of inner aloneness

Which you and all humans feel

Is the chance to blend

With the collective

Mending the suffering within

Tuning into the mind of nature is,

Neptune’s highest expression

No need for confessions

Just willingness to let go

Continuous transformation

Through endless rebirths

You will make mistakes

It’s the name of the

Character refinement game

Still Submerged in the sublime

Yet grounded in practicality

Day by day, working towards your goals

You will emerge from your self-healing process

Stronger than ever

Revealing your divine essence

Feeling at one

With everlasting self-love

United with your soul, hands to glove

Creative inspirations, never-ending

Rising above the illusions and confusion

Unconscious connection with the higher realms

Let go, for the only time is now

Inspired by the book celestial harmony, martin Schulman’s, writings on Neptune 

Keywords for Neptune zodiac sign in Astrology, According to Noel Tyl, are


























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