The Different Types of Psychic Senses used in Online Psychic Reading UK

You are undoubtedly very much familiar with your 5 physical senses, namely Seeing, Touching, Hearing, Smelling, and Tasting. But, did you know that humans also can develop or experience 8 spiritual psychic feelings or what you call “Clair” sensations?

The best psychics in the UK and the most trusted psychics UK have practised these Clair senses that allow them to provide reliable psychic readings UK with the use of tarot cards UK. To give you a good idea of what these Clair senses are all about, here is a quick overview of each.


Clear seeing or “Clairvoyance”  is when a person receives extrasensory symbols and impressions in the form of mental images, which originate from their third eye or mind’s eye. You might be a clairvoyant yourself.

If you often experience vivid visions, dreams, mini-movies, and mental images that flash to your inner awareness. You might have the ability to see the colours of auras or energy fields around people, animals, and plants, or maybe you can see ghosts, angels, or other forms of beings.


You might have the tendency to be clairvoyant if you happen to be a visual person with a great sense of direction, and possess the ability to visualise solutions for problems with ease. Some clairvoyants are very good and locating missing items, and many others are excellent at solving visual-spatial problems.

In plain terms, some people with clairvoyant skills can make great graphics decisions, articles, builders and any other hobbies or career which involves planning and precision.

Clairvoyants may also be able to see the future, which is called precognition- seeing one of many potential outcomes of a situation, some gifted individuals can use their gift to locate missing persons.

However it takes years of hard work and training of your abilities to get to this, a few individuals across the World are born with the ability.


A person with clear hearing/clairaudiences can perceive sounds, noise, and words from the ethereal or spiritual world. A person is clairaudient if he primarily receives his intuitive information through their outer or inner hearing. Yes, this pertains to hearing voices, either inside your head or outside yourself.

A good example of this is when you suddenly hear someone telling you to take the nearest exit while driving your car even if there is no one else with you. But still, the message was very clear, and it seemed like it came from outside yourself.


You decide to take the nearest exit , rather than continue driving your regular route. Upon arriving in the office, you learned about a traffic accident in your usual way to any particular destination.

You might have the tendency to be clairaudient if you are often attuned to tones, music, rhythm, and sounds. When you play music, sing, have an easier time in remembering voices, or if you can hear it in another person’s voice that they are telling you a lie, you can also be clairaudient.

Clairaudience is a gift every single human being can bring out of them in my experience if you learn to trust yourself, and your gut feelings more, then you would have taught yourself clairaudience, more correctly put you would have trained yourself  TO LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INNER GUIDANCE.

To achieve this, you will have to start meditating, work through your emotional blockages and psychological wounds, with the help of a medical professional if need be, but always remember that medicine can aid us in managing our Mental Health or any other issue.

But each person must take the personal responsibility to find out how to control and understand their health conditions, learning to limit any self-destructive thoughts, habits and relationships which may cause them mental or any other imbalance and instability.

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some  of  the most trusted psychics in their online psychic reading uk, use the gift of Claircognizance or Clear knowing is experienced when you know right away that something is real despite not being able to see, feel, or hear it. You simply know it. It is like an instant insight has struck you down like lightening, or you downloaded information that doesn’t need any interpretation or processing.

Claircognizance can also be experienced as an unrelenting thought or nagging idea, similar to the persistent awareness of a person’s lie in spite of lack of physical evidence.

A lot of people tend to confuse clear knowing or claircognizance with clear emotion or clairempathy or clear physical feeling or clairsentience since the knowing is followed right away either by a physical reaction or personal emotion to the insight. In time, paying close attention as to how ideas /psychic guidance, are coming to your awareness can help you identify the difference.


A clear physical feeling or clairsentient gets intuitive insight through a physical bodily experience. Something doesn’t feel right to you, or you have that gut feeling, and this is experienced viscerally in your body as a physical sensation. A clairsentient can feel and not only sense the experience of someone’s injuries, ailments, or emotions.

They also feel the emotional and physical pain of a place or land where tragic incidents happened like fear, pain, hatred, insecurity, and jealousy. What makes clairsentience and clairempathy different is that an empath senses the emotion while a sentient experiences the emotion. An empath senses the energy, but a sentient feels the energy.

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You have clear emotion or clairempathy when you sense the emotions, symptoms, and thoughts of other people. This refers to the perception or awareness of emotional energy. It is not necessary that you experience the feeling in your body yet you have an awareness of that feeling via your intuitive senses.

An empath needs psychic protection and self-care techniques for successful management of their empathic nature to prevent themselves from energetic and vibrational overload. Skilled empaths know how to replenish energy, retain spiritual boundaries, and get rid of unwanted negative energy in their auric field.

Clairtangency / Psychometry

You are clear touching or clairtangent if you can perceive facts about a person or event through proximity to or contact with the person or object. It is often referred to as psychometry.

You could be Clairtangent if you can quickly perceive sights that used to be unknown to you when you touch a person’s hand, hold someone else’s watch, touch an old house, or when you hold an old piece of antique at the flea market. …. In nutshell, you can pick up extrasensory information from objects or people.



A person with clear tasting or clairgustance acquires psychic information through the sense of taste with no need to have a physical source of the taste in their own mouth.

There are some reports from people claiming to taste a favourite drink or food of a dead loved one. Others also report that every time they solve a problem, they get the information through the extrasensory taste in the mouth.

For example, police detectives in charge of a crime investigation sometimes perceive an unexplained taste in the mouth like blood or a specific chemical related to a certain kind of drug. This provides them with some guidance for them to know what really took place.

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 For people with clear smelling or clairsalience, insights are coming through smell perception or smelling an odour or fragrance of a person, substance, animal, or place that is not present around you. Such odours are being perceived without using the physical nose. This ability is also called clairscentency and clairscent.

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