SUN IN  TAURUS  MANIFESTATION THROUGH Practically Realising the Creative powers and innate recognition to the eternal cycle of life.


  • Element: earth – substance, productivity, material achievements.

  • Symbol: the bull

  • Modality: Fixed – Yin – Feminine

  • Sign ruler: VENUS    Esoteric ruler: Vulcan

  • Detriment: MARS AND PLUTO

  • Fall: URANUS

  • Exaltation: MOON

  • At Home – Domicile : Venus


  • Envision- A mountain, a bull or a human being, raging weathers. Yet the bull/person still carries on climbing the mountain, regardless of external circumstances, for the show must go on!

Taurus Star Sign Keywords

Materialism, Stubbornness, rigidity, blind sighted, loyalty, goal orientated, keeping the wheels turning, independent, very love to those they care about, patient, sensuality, determined, bull-headed, laziness, penny-pinching –being a scrouge, overindulgence, security-focused, overly self-abusive-

always diving themselves to obtain what they see as important, inflexibility and very appreciative   of the earth’s bounty and all nature has to offer.


 Esoteric insight,  the occult ruler Vulcan, gives taurians an iron will. They are very focused on their objectives. Yes when you’re on the receiving end of the taurian bullheadedness as taurians will cut their nose off to spite their face it is not pretty. However if you take the lesson that the taurian energy is trying to teach which is detachment, fixed purpose, faith in one’s plans- despite all else oh and learning to stand on your own two feet, will and wits!

Sun in Taurus

This section on Sun in Taurus will expand as the year’s progress. First, we will start with some Greek mythology of Taurus star sign, Zeus, the father of all the Greek Gods disguised himself as a white bull after he fell in love with a beautiful young lass, he did, her name was Europa.


It was love at first sight for Zeus, Europa was out picking flowers and Zeus who was in sea seen her and was so stricken by her, he came out of his dwelling place- the sea. Zeus and Europe spent time on the beach, Zeus was in the form of a white bull, Europa adorns Zeus’s  Bull Horns with flowers, and in return, Zeus whisked her off to Crete. In Crete, Zeus revealed his true form to Europa, Zeus then sent the white bull to the heavens, and the constellation Taurus Star sign formed.

In ancient times the bull was a symbol of creative power and the eternal cycle of life the bull was also saw as the male counterpart to the unicorn goddess, High priestess would perform rituals to engage the power of the bull as they believed it gave them vigor and poise.

Sun in Taurus  people are here to use the innate gifts that they have been given but may be covered by the trails of living life on earth, Taurus job is to stay grounded and overcome obstacles.

To enjoy the manifestations that having the sun in Taurus star sign can bring to you. First, you have to uncover your hidden talents and refine your character so that it works for you, rather than against you. Always follow your dreams and expectations, be honest with others about plans they are so they can have a choice whether they join you on your adventures or not. Going for walks in nature, visiting the seaside and music / sensual meditation can help you unlock your hidden talents, gifts AND DESIRES.

sun in taurus Star Sign


IMAGERY:  a lord or lady is counting their chickens after they have hatched.


Sun in Taurus individuals is generally content with the simple pleasures of life, good, warmth, good sex, nice wine, practical clothes and a few close relationships that they hold very dear.

Word of advice, Taureans find it hard to forgive, yet they will if they care for you. However, they might find it hard to forgive and forget any wrongs upon them truly. On the surface, it would appear that they have forgiven you yet. Still, waters run very deep, do not surprise to confront months or years later for something you thought they had forgiven you for.

Yes they saying goes that there is nothing worse than a woman scorned, I say there is nothing worse than a bull scorned!   Buyer beware!

Taureans are lovers of the earth, they can understand children more than their other zodiac counterparts, they like recycling, looking after the earth, have green fingers, and they are very good at making things grow, whether that thing is a business or a relationship.

Sun in Taurus individuals can be very secretive focused which is a good thing, but this can also drive them too underhand measures such as dating someone for security reasons.  The unevolved Sun in Taurus individual can also stay in unproductive relationships because of their need for constant comfort and security.

Taurus star signs individuals can be very thrifty, sometimes preferring to shop in charity shops over luxury department stores; they like the items they own to have practical and sentimental value.

Solar Taurians prefer to take a slow, focused and steady approach to life and they are very reliable in any work they do, they pride themselves on a job well done. One thing sun in Taurus star sign individuals will not compromise on is food, they love to use the finest ingredients in cooking, this extends to anything they create or take part in they like to finish all task to high standards.

Taureans tend to work in the areas education, activism, farming, building, estate agent, finance and art. If you do not work in these areas and are struggling to make ends meet, how about a change of career to one of the above. For you have good karma in these areas and you will succeed in any of the careers from the previous list that floats your boat.  Taurian women are also very good to work from home moms, especially in the areas of baking, hair, and beauty.


At heart all Solar Taurians are country dwellers, and if you work in a city its important that you connect with nature often, as when you don’t do this results in you contracting variously unexplainable mental and physical ailments. Even if you just take your shoes off and walk in your back garden or local park, once in a while, you will see an increase in your well being and vitality. You must recharge your batteries by connecting and communing with the forces of nature often!

If you do not notice that your need for sensuality goes past the bedroom, you can turn into someone who is overly conservative, become stodgy, you can also become stuck like a bull in the mud in your ideas, beliefs and pursuits.

which leads you down the path of materialism, for a low-level taurian sun can be the most materialistic of all the zodiac signs and it is not uncommon for them to better even their soul for money, sex, security and material comfort.

The Tauran that operates from their higher self will learn to value their body and their soul, using neither to gain material or any other advantage . in doing this they will uncover their power to heal others, curbing the desire to overindulging will endow you with a robust constitution and a magnetic attractiveness.  Evolved taurans who allow themselves to refine their character and learn their many lessons will eventually learn t to accumulate material wealth so that they can share it with others. As they would have come into the realisation that wealth and material possession mean nothing without true connection, honesty and equality for all.

Have to involve: as a fixed earth sign, governed my feminine energy, you will gain power firstly by taking the daily steps to reprogram your subconscious mind. This will help you build patience and the power to sustain the effort to achieve our goals. Yes, they are places, emotionally you don’t want to visit, but if you do allow yourself to clear away your past karma and blockages, you gain inner stability. So that you will no longer seek security for external things or people, instead of allowing your senses to run away with you, learn to control your sense-reactions and desire perceptions. Ground yourself by healing yourself, then giving to others as this is what you truly want, but your thoughts, words and actions may lead you and others to believe otherwise.

Ground yourself by finding and expressing your innate talents, finding and expressing your innate values and by earning and sharing your finances.

Keynote: love and heal thyself

Curb: over sensuality, seeking security from people and material things.

The road to wisdom: self-forgiveness for your stubbornness and mistakes, be willing to admit you, yes you bull can make mistakes, believing in yourself, doing so will mean you can provide all you need, without taking advantage of others.

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