March 10, 2023

What happens during a Saturn Return and how to survive it?

What happens during a Saturn Return and how to survive it What happens during a Saturn Return, and how do I survive it? Existential and […]
January 29, 2023

Grand Trine Aspect Pattern Astrology Rare Blessings

Grand trine aspect pattern astrology rare blessings What is a Grand trine astrology- are they rare? An in-depth explanation of the ethereal blessing It is […]
January 6, 2023

What Happens When Uranus Goes Direct

what happens when Uranus goes direct What happens when Uranus goes direct?: let your individuality lead the way Short version: Life has a way of […]
January 1, 2023

planet and luminaries rise and set times

2023 Planet and luminaries out of bounds, rising and setting and equator crossing times read more about the astrology of this year here   Planet […]
December 5, 2021

current weeks moon transits

CURRENT MOON TRANISTS in depth Moon movements 2023   Planet Positions on 1st Jan 2023   Sun is in Sagittarius Moon is in Aries Mercury […]
December 18, 2020

Jupiter conjunct Saturn the great conjunction

Jupiter conjunct Saturn Transit You may choose to start a new relationship, a new business, you may decide to take a new course, invest in […]
January 31, 2020

Astrology Signs Dates

Astrology is based on the concept of as above so below, meaning that the movement of the celestial bodies such as stars, asteroids, planets, the sun and moon, all influence human behaviour, on earth. The most common form of astrology used in the western world, western astrology, based on fix dates for solar positions, “tropical astrology”, created by the Babylonians
January 10, 2020

Weekly Astrology Horoscope -10-01-2020- Forecast

In the Winds and the Airs As well as the universe and skies Pluto,  Jupiter, and Saturn Conjunct Wanting us to reflect Introspect and plan Its time to let go
June 23, 2019

Neptune Retrograde June 2019 -Transcendence Vs Illusions

Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house, Neptune is the 2nd planet of Transcendence and was revealed to mankind to help us transcend and transmute( release/ let go) the illusions of our individual soul’s and the world around them. Key themes and things to look out for during  Neptune Retrograde June 2019- No
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