Sun Opposite Neptune

Sun Opposite Neptune Natal & Transit :Shapeshifting

Sun opposite Neptune Read about sun opposite transit here Themes of:   Distorted self-perception and communication Inferiority VS superiority complex Sensitivity vs Harshness Repression of real emotio...

Sun Quincunx Neptune

Sun Quincunx Neptune Natal

Sun Quincunx Neptune natal and transit Read about Sun Quincunx/inconjunct Transit Neptune- here Themes of Self-sacrifice, pomp and fancy, intrigue and martyrdom can be present You can literally be a d...

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Transit and Natal

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal chart Read about Neptune opposite midheaven transit here Confusing times abound in personal or family life Inner struggles barriers to professional advancement Lucid i...

jupiter-sextile-neptune-2020, Jupiter Sextile Neptune February 20, 2020