Gemini and Leo in love : Do Geminis and Leos make a good couple?

Do Geminis and Leos make a good couple?

Leo and Gemini Compatibility in life, sex and ego- lol

Gemini and Leo compatibility

Do Geminis and Leos make a good couple? What happens when the forever royal child and court jester come together.

so do, Do Geminiand Leos make a good couple?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Leo is governed by the Sun, when you put these two together, you get a match made in entertainment and fun, you are both very playful and flirtatious.

In the start of the relationship guard against being too bossy Leo, and Gemini try and not be too airy! If you take this advice, then you will create a playful, optimistic and high spirited relationship together.

Gemini loves to communicate and loves intellectual stimulation, on the other hand, Leo’s are dramatic, creative, warm-hearted and generous.

The two biggest stumbling blocks that Leo and Gemini will need to overcome to form a deep bond is first, Geminis flirtatious nature which can rub Leo’s up to the wrong way, as Leo’s like to keep their prey to themselves, in short. Secondly, Gemini will find Leo’s lack of thought at times annoying, Gemini’s love to analyse things, while Leo’s love to jump right in.

Do Geminis and Leos make a good couple?, continued 

Gemini loves to analyse their Leo’s lover behaviour, and Leo’s love to show off, they are also a good match when it comes to lovemaking, Leo brings creativity, energy and love. And Gemini reciprocates with ideas and excitement, we all know Gemini like’s to talk during sex and Leo’s love hearing about how good and excellent they are.

So, Leo’s world will be rocked by Geminis very vocal real-time feedback if you guys work on building the foundations of honesty, trust, mutual understanding and respect into the foundations of your relationship, then this can be a long term, even life long commitment.

Leo brings out Geminis depth of emotion, emotions can be hard for Geminis to process, cause, yano after all, emotions can often be unexplainable even after, decades of deep thought about them. Some things are just meant to be felt, Gemini and Leo will give you many things to feel good about. In fact, Leo will open you up to deep intimacy and connection.

 In return, Gemini will provide deep stability and loyalty to Leo. However, you both must take the time out to communicate honestly and listen to each other. Listening is not Leo’s or Gemini’s strong suit, so they both must commit to working on Listening skills.

Gemini and Leo at a time can be highly self-centred and lacking in self-awareness, so they often see themselves how they think they are, instead of as seeing themselves how they actually are.

This can lead to many arguments and heated debates, you both have to work on being present with each other and to focus on each other’s needs, instead of just focusing on your own individual needs, Leo, and being distracted by everything- Gemini.

The relationship between you both needs constant nurturing, you are both individuals, but you need to work with each other outside of the bedroom to make this union work overall.

Yes you have an enormous sexual connection, yes you intellectual stimulate each other, but you have to learn to respect each other for who you are.

Gemini and Leo compatibility, continued. Do Geminis and Leos make a good couple?

And Leo you must not try and mould Gemini it who you want them to be, you have to give them direction and focus, and this is who you will naturally bring the best out of them.

Yes as a Gemini myself, I know we can have too many ideas, yet they tend to be good ones, what we need is someone to drive us to just work on 1 -2 of those ideas at a time and bring them to completion.

We do not need someone to totally try out our flame’s and thoughts!

Also Gemini, learnt to listen to your Leo lover, yes its good to have ideas and vision but you must bring them into reality by partial efforts, this is hard I know as you love variety but still… are you ever going to make anyone believe in what you see, if you cannot manifest it practically.

so do Geminis and Leos make a good couple?


Leo’ s can help Geminis make their ideas, reality, and Gemini in return can help Leo to think before they act!

Also, both of you at times can run form the kitchen when it gets too hot, however running into someone else arms, will never solve the relationship problems.

Even if you have to write things down to each other, communicate truthfully about your thoughts and feelings as if you do not you may end up cheating on each other and this will be bad for the relationship.

Leo and Gemini, always remember the commit you made to each other, learn to share and listen to each other, and this union will be beautiful, if not then it is detrimental to your overall health and well being.

Gemini do not overthink your feelings, sometimes you just need to say what is on your mind, as the Leo will think you’re fake with your emotions if you over analyse them.

Now back to the good points, Leo you love your Gemini’s mind, you are willing to give your Gemini partner love and commitment, and in return, you receive deep love and affection, Leo just be patience with Gemini there is a well of hidden emotion, underneath all that intellect.

Be prepared to get more than you bargained for when Gemini lets down their emotional walls, Geminis can go from emotional mutes to gushing professors of sonnets for the right person.

You will provide each other with the support and closeness you both secretly desire, both signs value clarity and common sense in their partners.

You have the power to meet each other needs if you are willing to be open to each other, Gemini loves their own independence, and that of their partner and Leo loves to be free.

When you learn to balance and understand each other’s perspective, you allow each other’s inner child to show and become really protective of each other.

Geminis, want to be everywhere and do everything, Leo loves to adore and be generous with those they love as long as they do not feel used.

Sometimes Leo can is lazy in relationship and Geminis love to be on the move, always either physically or mentally, the compromise here is allowing each other to be the individual’s you both are

However, you both must make time and effort with each other, neither of you is needy, so you will allow each other space and time to pursue your own interest.

Learn not to take each other and your respective egos,  too seriously and you will stand the test of time.

You can form a union which can make other people envious, depending on each of your overall compatibility which takes into account the aspects and placements of your individual natal charts.

You will spend most of your time having fun, and in laughter, if you both allow yourself to grow together and are open to the change both Leo and Gemini will have to make small adjustments in their behaviour to make this union work in the long run.

Mutually respect, commitment and understanding will ensure you overcome the evitable obstacles all relationships face, keep it light and airy, but also make sure you plan for all your Winter’s together and you will have an excellent life together.

Allow your inner children, to show, grow and take root.

Let your adult selves, provide stability, achievement, commitment and adventure you both need to feel alive.

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