The Astrology Of Coronavirus, Current world News, how you can cope in these transformative times

astrology of Coronavirus epidemic 2020 and the major life events, currently affecting humanity

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Since the beginning of the year, they have been much crisis in the world, and this will continue.

But when we look into the esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical reason for these events.

They are deeper meanings for every event that is happening to humanity, collectively at this time.

It is easy to fall in fearful thoughts about your health and future, but they are ways you can ensure, that you keep your head and thoughts above water, during this time.

Historically, viruses and plagues have always affected human life; also wars and other social conflict have claimed the lives of many human beings.

1910-1911 show a cholera pandemic, in India, which was the sixth outbreak in recorded history which killed 800,000 to 1 million people.

In 1918,20-50 million people were killed by influenza endemic, then there was the Asian flu crisis from 1956-1958 which took the lives of 2 million people

In 1968, there was a flu pandemic in hong kong that resulted in 1 million deaths worldwide; the flu also spread to Australia, Europe and the USA.

Then there was the black death ( 1346- 1353), that claimed the lives of between 75-200 million people in Europe, Africa and  Asia( Eurasia).

The Bubonic plague/ Plague of Justine 541- 542, claimed the lives of up to 25 million people, in the Byzantine and Mediterranean port cities, killing up to 5000 people per day.

Going back further into history, we had the Antonine plague of 165 AD, which claim up to 5 million lives across Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece and Italy. The Antonine was said to be similar to smallpox or measles.


Astrology of Coronavirus epidemic 2020, continued

Now I am not detailing all these past events to scare you; I am setting the whole tone of this article/  video where I call for individuals to see the light in the apparent darkness.

For those who can, it is important to stay mentally and physically healthy and robust

So that they can help others who will be weakened by the current coronavirus epidemic.

Going into hysterics is not going to help the situation, finding solutions to the current world crisis will.

I or any other astrologer, a spiritual or religious leader cannot ultimately tell you the reason why these events happen.

Yet what we can do is offer you guidance and support to help you through these tough time in history.

Now if we look at what was going on astrologically for the previous pandemic health events.

Before I go into the astrology of the astrological influences, Behind the current Coronavirus epidemic 2020, and the other world events which are causing you concern.[/vc_column_text]

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Astrology of coronavirus , Humanity must change or we will forever be in crisis

Below is the chart for the officially recorded start date of the,  1910-1911 show a cholera pandemic,

coronavirus 2020, astrology of the coronavirus 2020, virus corona 2020, videos on the astrology of coronavirus

In 1918,20-50 million people were killed by influenza / Spanish flu endemic, there is no consensus where this endemic started, but it was discovered in the springtime in the USA by military personnel.

coronavirus 2020, astrology of the coronavirus 2020, virus corona 2020, videos on the astrology of coronavirus

The following  is the chart for the 1968, hong kong flu:

coronavirus 2020, astrology of the coronavirus 2020, virus corona 2020, videos on the astrology of coronavirus

The chart for the black death ( 1346- 1353), which I used the date of March the 20th 1345, as this was the date king Philip VI , order astrology to be made. I found this information courtesy of the classic astrologer.

We see Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are all in Aquarius and the sun, Pluto, Uranus, mercury, and Chiron are all in Aries.

Now at this point, I want to state that the black death or any other epidemic has never entirely left humanity, I am not saying this to infuse panic.

Just stating facts, they are people that die every day in poverty-stricken countries, that we in the West have vaccines or preventative measures for.

For instance, people still die of the bubonic plague/ black death to this date many in countries such as  Africa, claiming up to 600 lives, affecting  20000+.

I mention these events to show historically; humanity goes through a period of endemic that seems to affect and wipe out a significant percentage of our population.

Yes, they are astrological reasons for these events, but we don’t even have to go that deep, but I will later on in this article.

My main point in detailing these events, and bear in mind  I could have mentioned many other events that cause, untimely deaths, including wars, but we would be here all day.

My main message is until humanity sees that we have to work together, ensuring proper living conditions and preventions for all human beings.

Then they will always be times in history when a  virus pandemic will claim many lives, periodically.

This is because instead of curing illness for the many, we do so for the few.

Until we change our attitude providing a base living standard for all of the citizens of the world, then, events like the current coronavirus will always claim human lives.

Because us westerns love to travel to these impoverished countries who are affected by illness, which more affluent countries have cures or vaccines for.

When the impact of viruses such as corona, hits closer to home, the whole world seems to become aware of the many diseases in existence that we have not cured yet, but we  just simply brushed under the carpet.

It is evitable until we raise the living standards of these countries, virus’s like corona-  COVID-19, will affect us all, for the foreseeable future.

I say this not to strike fear or panic; I say this to raise your awareness and in the hope that we simply won’t forget about this virus once we found the cure for it.

Our mass, memory loss, has happened historically, we simply forget the issues in the Western World and get on with our lives,  do you remember the swine flu outbreak in 2009?

On the surface yes, the coronavirus is claiming many lives, but if we dig beneath the surface.

We will uncover that the current outbreak is just one of the many symptoms, which highlight the separation and disregard of human life, that has plagued humanity since recorded history.

It is common for individuals to spend 700 pounds on a mobile phone or a bottle of alcohol at a whim, yet they are children dying every day of hunger.

I am not saying that a person cannot choose to spend their money the way they wish, what I am saying it is a crying shame that many profess to be wealthy when the majority of the world live in abject poverty.

astrology of coronavirus, 2020

We throw away up to 160 billion dollars of food in the states and around 2.5 billion pounds worth in the UK.

So we can argue that poverty is a mindset, and it is the poverty mindset that needs to be eradicated,  from the world, and this is how we will prevent events like the current coronavirus outbreak, in the future.

Right now, scientists are working to advance AI, creating a new world, were androids, and other robots will effectively control our world and replace the need for many human jobs.

But I say, before we make that jump, we need to solve the problems that have always been present in the lives of human beings.

Before we throw even more complications into our daily lives, technology and ai can help us solve our physical and mental health epidemics.

However, in many poverty-stricken countries, lives are claimed daily, by simple diseases such as diarrhoea and lack of clean water, and it’s only when Viruses start to claim western lives, we go into mass hysteria.

But they are many people dying from not only curable diseases but other viruses that we simply don’t get in the Western World because of our living standards.

Up 600,000 people still die yearly from malaria, but there is a cure for it.

The chart for the Antonine plague of 165AD, took place when a lot of planets were in  Capricorn when we come to look at the chart for the current, coronavirus breakout, we will see, that many Planets are in Capricorn also.coronavirus 2020, astrology of the coronavirus 2020, virus corona 2020, videos on the astrology of coronavirus

There is a bit of a dispute on the official date Corona Virus started, the virus itself has been in existence from about 2002.

The current strain of Coronavirus ( COVID-19), started on either the 1st  December 2019 or December the 10th 2019.

So   I have added both charts below:coronavirus 2020, astrology of the coronavirus 2020, virus corona 2020, videos on the astrology of coronavirus

Now, this chart has a lot in common with the 165AD; the similar main factor is many planets in Capricorn; however, the only planetary influence both charts have the same. Is that Saturn, Venus and Ceres are in Capricorn in both charts.

Saturn is the great restrictor and grim reaper in astrology, Venus, the planet of love, we all know that love has two sides to its tale. The rise in love and the fall in love, Venus may bestow love, but it also gives illusion, lust and separation.

Ceres in astrology is an asteroid, discovered in 1801; she represents growth and education, ceres is a goddess of the earth in mythology.

A caretaker of the earth,  with strong mothering nurturing energy, she works on practical ways to protect the earth.

Now we are all aware of the global warming crisis, with the trees burning in Australia and the amazon forest thinning and rising sea levels.

The world is aware we cannot go on in the ways we have; we must become more social and environmentally conscious, not as a selfie badge of honour.

But as an actual occurrence that not only happens online, but we need real-world change offline in all communities, significant changes need to made to place on Planet Earth before we run out of resources.

We have to stop pillaging the Earth and its  Nations of their resources; instead, we have to start to replenish the earth.  

Ceres is an asteroid that governs agriculture and environment.

On the individual level, Ceres aim is to raise consciousness and health and well being; this may involving tearing down existing structures to make way for the new.

And this is the central theme for this period in time; we have Uranus in Taurus, Taurus providing grounding and stabilizing force to the electrifying, innovative and future-orientated changes Uranus seeks.

Uranus wants to break down old and stale traditions, making room for a new order of the world.

Yes, the current outbreaks that we see may seem devasting, but if collectively we take a stance to say no more, working together to heal our collective generational dysfunction.

Developing a decent level of living for all citizens of all the worlds nations, Ceres energy wants the world to be more abundant, economically viable and harmonizing, not for a few, but every single human being.

When Saturn is in Capricorn, its vibrations seem to have a significant impact on world events.

However, if we look at the other charts mention before Capricorn,  does not play a significant role.

Now I could go and find evidence to assert the astrological point that when planets are in Capricorn, then they are always a virus.

But it goes a lot deeper than that, for yes I am an astrologer, but I use it as a tool to help individuals, understand themselves, their life challenges and the environment around them.

Yes, astrology can predict events; however, it is never fixed, and they are other forces at work in the world and universe, other than planetary energies.

The ultimate goal of any tool or discipline, such as astrology, psychology, science, yoga, religion, philosophy, Law or any other belief system.

Should be to set people free, giving them knowledge, providing them with justice and circumstances that allow them to make informed decisions about their own life.

After all, each person has free will, and while we on the matter of free will, it may be easy to fall into panic, pointing fingers on who is to blame for the current coronavirus outbreak.

But as I mentioned earlier, most of the worlds pandemics have yet to be genuinely solved; most epidemics affect those who live in impoverished conditions, while we in the West have vaccines and sanitation to protect us in general.

Yes, they are cures, but these cures are not administered to all of the citizens of the world.

And until all humanity ( or at least those in charge of the world policy and government) can see that all lives matter, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religion or any other dividing factor.

Then, unfortunately, we will always face health crisis such as these, we must address all the conflicts, epidemic and wars in the world head-on instead of skirting around them.

Every single human being should have a baseline living standard; until this happens, we will always be moving from one world crisis to another.

Whether that be in the form of a virus, war or any other conflict, now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee, and astrological, this is why these events are occurring.

Astrology of coronavirus, continued:

On January the 12th, we had the exact conjunction between Saturn and Pluto that took place, which is an uncommon occurrence; this conjunction was an indicator of an ending of a current way of life.

Pluto is the planet of transformation in astrology, being the king of the underworld, Pluto will use unorthodox, even destructive methods to bring about change.

The vibration of Capricorn, represents tradition, government, authority and the status quo in astrology, so this conjunction signifies in astrology, a change of the old world order, and a   start of a new.

Now, these changes will be slow to play out entirely, Uranus stays in Taurus until 2026, and many of the things that start to happen now, won’t come into real fruition for some 100 years if not more.

Still, the world will need to change its ways, or to frank, there will be no world left to transform.

The coronavirus and the events of 2020 will leave its mark on history forever.

The Pluto and Saturn conjunction cemented the end of the old world order.

A world where people stood by and blindly followed authority, now people are started not to question the status quo but their individual lifestyle choices.

Vowing to change their ways.

Death- transformation,lost-regeneration are the main themes of the current period that we live in.

It is easy to panic, face mask sales have more than double, yet most of the mask on sale are inadequent, people have also started to avoid eating and making contact with, people of Asian descent.

Fuelling hate and separation, as I will keep on saying we need to come together now to solve the coronavirus and all the other epidemics in the world.

Blame will not get us anyway, it will just keep us divided, yes they may be many religions, spiritual disciplines, belief system, creeds and cultures, but there is only one race, the human race.

astrology of coronavirus, in summary

Becoming fearful is not going to help,  getting the facts and acting accordingly, self-help and preparation are the best ways forward. Helping those in a worse position than you to get through this testing time.

Look after yourself first

Eat plenty of foods rich in iron, vitamin c, d, e, take fish oils, spirulina powder or eat it in its raw form. Take moringa powder, eat spinach, kale, food rich in multivitamins and omega oils—black cohosh powder, ginseng, john wort powder, ginger, lemon, honey, and all other natural remedies.

Get advice, or a do good or internet search will help you pick the right powders and vitamins for you, but remember as long as you eat a balanced diet with fruit and veg you will get most of the above nutrients and vitamins form your food.

My favourite natural remedy is garlic in honey, as a natural health boost and antibiotic, make up a mixture, so you always have a jar in the cupboard and take a spoonful, or half, a day.


More about the astrology of coronavirus

It’s not a lovely taste, but it does the trick. I suffer from a long term throat condition, and it was an NHS nurse what recommended this remedy to me.

Simply buy honey of your choice, crush up one whole bulb of garlic, if you are using an entire jar of honey, add to the garlic and place in the cupboard, it will last the life of the honey.

Take time out to relax, enjoy your love ones, get your affairs in order, focus on your personal development, get serious about your life, get support to let go of any self-destructive habits and addictions.

Know all of us gets lost sometimes, but if you want to change, now is the time to do it, the planetary energies are all lined up to help you reach your highest potential.

Wash your hands, tidy up your house to limit bugs, get enough sleep as this is the best booster of your immune system.

astrology of coronavirus, 2020, remeber to let go of fear and find faith, increase your inner stablity

Right back to the astrology on December the 10th, Jupiter was in the 2nd degree of Capricorn, the tag line for this  Sabian degree is three stain glass windows, one damaged by bombardment.

The late and wonderful astrologer Dane Rudhyar stated that the keynote for this Sabian degree is “The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration”.

Yes, these events are not sweet nor pleasant, but until we collectively deal with our problems, rather than swipe them aside, we will keep experiencing epidemics like the current coronavirus breakout.

The status quo will be destroyed, but the result will be integration as humanity as a whole, so keep the faith and hope and take the daily steps need to heal your life.

So you can ensure good health and vitality for yourself, your family, and for those of you with the extra vision and strength, you can extend your efforts to help your communities and nations.

As I said, nothing is fixed, but if we do wake up as a collective and read the writing on the wall, we can reconstruct our world, instead of continuing to destroy it.

Jupiter remains in Capricorn, Jupiter energy is concerned with a higher vision, learning, religion, travel, faith, Law and adventure.

In 2020 Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on April the 05th, June the 20th and November the 12th. A cure for the virus may be found on any of these dates, or another significant event may take place that affects the world.

Again this is an eventful year in astrology, what made this year rarer than most years, astrologically is was the rare conjunction of Saturn and pluto on January the 12th 2020.


Is it a bird, is it plane, no it’s a cure!

Now one striking thing that has occurred this year is travel restrictions, as I mentioned Jupiter rules travel and new adventure, so the astrological weather is having a direct effect on life on planet earth as always.

Planetary energies and other outside forces will always affect humanity. Still, it is how we collectively and individually respond to these influences what counts, now is not the time for fear and panic although things appear hopeless now.

Now is the time to let the survival instinct kick in, not in a dog eat dog way as seen in past times, the survival instinct that wants to preserve not only the self, but the collective, love your brother and sister, and every human being is your brother and sister.

Pluto’s, influence is asking us to eradicate our self-destructive habits, forcefully wanting us to make changes in all areas of our lives, financially, spiritually,   physically, emotionally and psychologically.

It may seem that your freedom is shrinking every day with the travel restrictions, uncertain economy, but on the plus side, each individual can focus on matters much closer to home.

Starting with resolving the emotional and psychological trauma they still need to heal within themselves, so yes our liberties are being restrained at present- Saturn in Capricorn, but this is to aid transformation Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

Obstacles are in your way to your success, this will be frustrating, and I too have experienced delays, but learning to dance in the storms and adversities of life,  will ensure you reach your dreams and highest potential eventually.

Travel or lack of it

Your plans may be cancelled; maybe you will have to holiday at home, if you live in the UK way not take your family on a nice camping holiday, I love camping own three tents and an electric hookup.

Try something new that goes against your past ways of being and traditions, now is a time to pledge new allegiances and try new modes of expression.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction kickstarted the lockdown season, and you may feel confined at the moment not wanting too leave home or scared because of the coronavirus.

But instead off making your restriction get you down, make it an adventure are they any hobbies you always wanted to start?

How about writing a book, starting your own business,   what is it you always wanted to do but have put off?

Why not start it now?

Find a way to overcome your physical boundaries by mentally setting yourself free.

The travel restrictions we experience are there to make us stop and think about the ways our collective need for faster travel, pollute our environment, we need to think of more sustainable ways to make our way around the globe.

Mars is in Capricorn until March the 30th, mars in astrology represent, aggressive drive, ambition and passion; the first case of the current strain off coronavirus was discovered on December the 10th 2019.

But in the last two weeks or so, the report’s of coronavirus deaths have, speed up, mars is the planet of rage and forcefulness,   and there seem to be a correlation between, planetary and earthly events once again.


More conjunctions, deepening the astrology of the coronavirus, 2020

On February the 26th there was conjunction with mars and the south   node at the 6th degree of Capricorn, Dane Rudyhar says the keynote for this degree

The need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond.” The  caption is “TEN LOGS LIE UNDER AN ARCHWAY LEADING TO DARKER WOODS.”

So yes, the coronavirus may get worse before it gets better, now I’m not blasé about I value human life and souls, unmeasurably. Still, I know there is a deeper meaning to everything in this elusive universe.

On March the 20th, mars conjuncts, Jupiter and March the 23rd mars conjuncts Pluto so a cure may be found for the coronavirus on this day, call me forever hopeful, well its better than the alternative, being faithless.

After all, I predicted a Corbyn and labour victory. However, I knew deep down it wouldn’t happen, call me an eternal optimist, but I do believe we will see a fairer legal and government system in my lifetime, well the world needs dreamers after all!

But if I was reading the writing on the wall the conjunctions on the 20 and 23rd of March,  point towards an expansion of the coronavirus, after all, Jupiter always make things grow.

I should know I have it in my first house,   and as any astrologer knows, it expands everything mentally, physically and spiritually.

Hence my constant need for all the world to be hand in hand a, singing around campfires, in unity.

Back to topic, We may see a rapid increase in the reported cases of coronavirus, maybe on the scale of the black death, now don’t run to the hills or hide under your duvet covers.

This won’t help, I need you to try and build your immune system and create local groups and online ones.

Groups who practically and effectively fight for a global, basic living standard for all of the citizens of the world as this is how we can ensure that virus and epidemics will not devastate the world in such a manner again.

After all the black death of 165 AD still claims lives in 2020, the only way to cure the world’s problems,   is well to cure them, instead of trying to escape to another planet, building a life there, when we have not figured out how to live on this planet successfully.

For the same problems will play out in space too, brushing under the carpet, only ensures, the dust will never settle, for even carpets wear out eventually.

Saturn enters Aquarius, which is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, On March the 30th, Mars joins Saturn in zero/1 degree of  Aquarius, we may experience a cure or some other breakthrough to the current coronavirus strain during this period or shortly afterwards.

The last time Saturn and Pluto conjucted was in 1518, as I said Capricorn rules governments and economy,  these two planets made close contact in December 2019, the start of the current strain of coronavirus, and stayed in contact until February 2020.

The coronavirus has affected 50 countries so far, but other crises threatening global stability include, the travel restrictions I mentioned earlier, the breakdown in the global financial markets.

Now is a time for a solution, for a transformation, we have to start caring about our planet, looking at ways to curb our excessive consumption and throw away culture mentality, which impacts the earth’s resources and ecosystem.

We must change, collectively how we go about nurturing ourselves and mother earth.

The other world crisis in brief :

  1. USA stocks took a big plunge, due to the knock-on effect of the coronavirus outbreak, as the coronavirus cases and death toll. Increased, and the planets remain in Capricorn, as well as the longterm Uranus in Taurus.

We may see another financial crisis; the dow jones has already hit its lowest point in 3 years, Pluto in Capricorn is demanding transformation in the world’s governments and economies. An out off a blue event could cause other currencies and investments to fall.

China has had to halt some of its production, the result of which has already cost billions of dollars and stunted market growth in the present fiscal quarter.

Economist, warn the fall in the dow jones could affect all markets from Europe to Brazil, primarily if the virus spreads to Japan and Italy, which at current it has done.

So collectively we will have to think of another way of trading services instead of money to create a new stable economy.

The last time Saturn and Pluto made contact was in 1982, November, which marked an end of a brief recession.

Recessions and periods of economic growth are part of human life; the only way to gain certainty in this world is by, creating inner stability.

Because stability based on external events and possessions, will always cause uncertainty, I am currently offering free introductory life coaching sessions which can help you transform your life, click here to book a free session.

When two sevens clash, or in this case, Pluto and  Saturn, there is always a significant change in the worlds economy and modus operandi.

Presently the entire ramifications of the coronavirus outbreak, is unclear,  how the current, situation will affect the worlds investments and stock markets, in the long run, is still uncertain, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Make sure you save a little, waste less food, and think of ways you and your family can unite, maybe preparing meals for each other, moving in together to use your resources more efficiently.

And yes I know you may not want to move back home or in with other family members, but it may be an excellent choice to conserve and preserve your internal and external resources during this year.


The rise of bitcoin and other cyber currencies

Uranus in Taurus is calling for a change in how we view and use possession, as you know Taurus energy loves to satisfy their sensual and material needs, I have Venus in Taurus so I should know, I have drastically changed my lifestyle, thinking more eco-friendly.

Even going against what was once my desires, and this is what each needs to do collectively, leaving behind thinking about what you desire, and addressing what the environment and the collective need.

Bitcoin could rise, simply because the present financial system is failing, coronavirus has halted manufacturing in china, USA and other countries.

This may create a fruitful breeding ground for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to take off in epic proportion. As the old system is not working, we need to think of new ways to purchase and exchange products and services.


Pluto is staying in Capricorn until 2024, so they will be many transformations not only on the financial levels but on the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological planes of existence.

  1. In Chinese astrology, we are now in the year of the rat; some people say coronavirus originated from a bat while others say it’s an act of bioterrorism, theories, theories hey we could speculate all day.

However, the rat is an agile creature, and if you want to survive this year you too will have to be more rat-like, raise your self-awareness and observation skills, read the writing on the wall but don’t give in to fear.

As this is putting your worse foot forward, instead put your best foot forward, become more open-minded, think out the box, allow yourself to transform and break away from your self-destructive habits and thought patterns. Be like the rat, willing and able to adapt to any circumstances life throws at it.

  1. People have become increasingly concerned about what they eat in recent times, with Saturn moving into Aquarius and Uranus, Aquarius’ss ruler in the sign in Taurus. We may see a change in rules and regulations in the food, pharmaceuticals, information, scientific and technological sectors.

People will demand that certain harmful chemicals are taken out of drug and food production,  as collectively we have wakened up to the fact that a lot of the diseases in the world are caused by harmful chemicals which are put in food and drugs.

On the more less optimistic hand, we may see an increase in internet surveillance and an increasing restriction in travel and freedom of speech.

However, people will rebel against this, and many citizens of the world may uprise against corporations that cause harm to human lives via their product offerings and abuse to the environment.

People are coming more aware of how networking sites use their information to target them for the marketing of products, the spell of consumerism will be lifted, and the majority will call for more protection of environmental resources.

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