Current Months transits in astrology list, Including Aspects, out of bounds times for planets, set and rising times. Station and Retrograde

Transits in Astrology shows us what the planets are doing in the sky right now, astrological transit to transit.

Following the movement of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And any aspects they are making to each other at the time, transit to transit aspects are good for seeing what influences the people in your local environment are subjected to at any given time.

Transits to your natal chart look at how the current planetary movements affect your natal chart, so these are more personal to you.

But never the less, transit to transit movements can be used by you to get the most out of your days and Month, so you can monitor which transit to transit aspects are influencing your natal to transit placements.

Regarding your natal chart, the sun returns (transits)  to your natal position once a year, the moon returns to your natal position once a month, Mars returns about once every 18 months to 2 years. Venus returns about once a year, which could be twice on the rare occasion for some.

Jupiter takes 12 years to return to your natal position, Saturn 27-30 years, Uranus returns once every 84 years, so you may never experience a Uranus return.

You are unlikely at this time to experience a Neptune or Pluto return, as they take 165 years and 248 years to return to your natal position.

Below are this week transit to transit major transits and interpretations; this page will expand over time. You may be interested in reading these pages to deepen your understanding of moon transits.

This weeks main planetary aspects 3rd- 10th of April day by day, scroll down to see a month by month list of all this month.


Current moon transits

Void, of course moon, meaning explained

Listen to the Audio version here

17 April 2022


Mars Quintile transit Uranus entering on 13.Apr.2022 at 5:39 am, strongest  ,17.Apr.2022,12:26 pm,leaving21.Apr.2022,07:19 pm


Need for freedom, subtle energy driving willpower and imagination, the subconscious urge to action, sudden events, unique ideas, power through visualisation before activity.


Original ideas, perfect for some fun and socialising, a strong need for self-expression.


Thirst for new adventures, abstract ideas, need for avant-garde music- check out some Claude Debussy or the bird and the bee, or similar unique music to your taste.


Unanticipated and sudden events, experimenting with new words and concepts increased creative expression.


This subtle transit allows for the smooth working of all teamwork and creative collaborations. Negatively, there can be conflicts if anyone tries to get their own way or comes on too strong.


Sudden and violent words or actions could happen. As long as you allow others to input their ideas and do the same, everything should be fine.

This is a good transit for ritualistic work, including psychic development, mediation or other manifestation activities.


For creatives, it’s good to use symbols, music and other artistic aids to help get your message across.


Venus SemiSextile transit Chiron ,Entering 14.Apr.2022 at 11:27 pm, strongest 17.Apr.2022,8:13pm , leaving 20.Apr.2022,4:28 pm.



Gives the power to be compassionate with yourself and others and see the good even in your dark movements, feeling more sensual, and conflict in relationships that trigger deep wounds.


Allows learning from the experiences that happen to you during this time. Some of you may watch a streaming or tv show, maybe a film.


Listen to some music that triggers your psychological or emotional wounds around your self-worth, themes of rejection, loss or personal unforgiveness.


Someone may comfort you, or you may provide an empathic ear and support to others.

This is an excellent time to let out your personal creativity, maybe through singing, write some poetry, voice record or journal. Your thoughts and feelings, draw, paint, go out in nature.


Anything that allows you to connect with nature and/or your inner world, watch out for overindulging in food and other intoxicating substances.



Venus Contra-Parallel transit Chiron at 21:07


Mercury SemiSextile transit Chiron , entering on16.Apr.2022 at 6:19am ,strongest ,17.Apr.2022,10:34 pm, leaving  19.Apr.2022 at 5:03 pm


Writing can ease your emotional pain at this time and help you get to the root cause of your feelings and problems.

Talking with someone(s) you can trust can make your burden feel lighter.


Perfect for creatives to create emotional content that explores the themes of suffering and healing, especially childhood and early adulthood heartbreak and rejection.


Wounds over your intellectual, emotional or psychological capabilities may come up now.

Issues with stress, anxiety or depression may interfere with your ability to think clearly.


You may beat yourself up for any cognitive or mental health issues you may have or seek help and support to deal with these issues.


Your boss, co-worker or someone else may give negative feedback on your work. Triggering any old wounds you may have about your skill set or other capabilities.

The best way to deal with this transit is to accept any negative thoughts about your ability to learn. Your emotional or psychological trauma, and realise all humans struggle with these issues.


Not said to invalidate your personal problems but to show you that you’re not alone in this and struggle is a part of the human journey.


Be gentle with yourself, take time and heal, try to understand your past actions and think about how you can work towards building a future you are more at ease with.


Rather than let your past rob your future progression.


18 April 2022


Mercury Sextile transit Venus entering 6 April 2022 11:36 leaving 14 May 2022 11:35 pm, strongest around 18 April 2022 2:08 am, Leaving 6 May 2022 7:00 am



Increased socialisation, feeling more romantic and in tune with yourself, others and nature, feeling more optimistic about life, even in adverse situations.


Practical use of thought and feelings, gaining clarity, chance to feel more mentally, psychological and emotionally vibrant, increase in confidence.

Working with co-workers to resolve work issues, making the work and home environment more beautiful.


Good transit for all types of sales, marketing, tackling hard writing, or other communication projects and making more progress.


Having fun in even the most adverse or time-consuming situations,


Ideal for socialising, flowing conversation, tact and diplomacy can help you influence others. There will be an increase in all forms of communication and travel (physical or psychological).


There can be an urge to express yourself more artistically, view or design art, listen to music, more interest in natural, cultural activities.


Expanding your intellect through research or physical experiences or focusing on changing your physical experience, appreciating nature’s beauty more.


Some may meet a new lover or have more harmonious communications and romantic times with any partner(s) you’re involved with.

Venus SemiSquare transit Pluto 14 April 2022 11:14 am to 21 April 2022 5:17 pm, strongest around 18 April 2022 2:42 am


Increase in illicit sexual thoughts or liaisons, sex magic, manipulation- psychological and emotional games, being attracted to others without knowing why.


Obsessive thoughts and behaviour, jealousy, overindulging in food, alcohol, drugs and meaningless sexual interactions. Egotistical behaviour, cold-bloodedly going after what you want, breaking social norms.


Harmful relationship communications in established relationships, becoming aware of or indulging in taboo-forbidden thoughts or activities, rapid transformation, spiritual –higher consciousness awakening.


Good transit for those on the spiritual path to increase their inner connection; Venus brings the grounding energy, but watch out for Pluto’s power of destruction.


Positively when Venus semi squares Pluto, you can find a new ideal or cause to believe in, meeting a new mysterious or charismatic person who can have a good or negative effect on you


It can be a good time for content creators to go viral or produce future influential content, writing or filming centred on sex.


Especially on the darker side, such as BDSM, hookups, the psychological and emotional repercussions of no strings interactions can do well.


Anything that explores the things we keep hidden and do not talk about can do well now.

Circumstances may force you to rapidly change how you think about yourself, your immediate environment and how you fit into the wider world.


You may experience a personal tragedy that forces you to transform your lifestyle in all ways.


Others of you may come up with a new idea whilst in nature, spending time with friends, watching a film or streaming show, viewings art or listening to music. 


Which gives you a light bulb moment of inspiration that you immediately work towards making a reality; powerful psychological and emotional insight can be made here.




Mercury Conjunct transit  Uranus entering 12 April 2022 8:38 pm to 24 April 2022 8:10 pm, strongest around 18 April 2022 5:51


Thinking outside the box, Increased intuitive or intellectual insights,  being open to physical or intellectual change, original and creative thinking, feeling more curious.


Meeting new, eccentric, non-conformist, future-orientated individuals or being inspired by these types.


Seeking excitement increases physical and intellectual tension, which may cause stress and sudden bouts of anxiety and self-doubt.


Although you may want to try out every new idea and person that comes your way, it’s best to prioritise your prior and new commitments at this time.


You may find yourself more intrigued about scientifically, technological, humanitarian, social activist and occult-spiritual ideas; perfect time for content creators to write, draw or produce a video about these issues.


Sudden, radical and or/ futuristic changes in relationships, lifestyles habits, your appearance, negatively you or others can jump to conclusions causing explosive backlash.


It is best to gather all the facts and all sides of an argument before reacting, falling for scams by persuasive, apparently forward-thinking individuals, being discriminated or victimising others for their beliefs.


Unexpected short trips or communication. Which may be positive or negative depending on yano life, yet whatever you see or hear today is bound to change your mood or beliefs in some way.




Venus Sextile transit Uranus on 8 April 2022 5:43 pm to 27 April 2022 5:50, strongest around 18 April 2022 8:14 am


Increase in short distance travel, coming up with ingenious money-making ideas, gaining an interest in unusual or alternative art, music, people, personal expression.


Going after your best life, sudden changes in self-destructive thoughts and behaviours for those on that path, great for scientists or those into technology to produce a new app or code.


Increase in communication via dating or other apps.


Random hookups, romances and socialising, being introduced by your friends, co-workers or family to a new and exciting person(s), excellent transit for artists and other creatives to work towards masterpieces.


Some of you may continue to create or start the creation of your most prominent painting, drawing, novel, short story, poem, song or anything else that is innovative.


If you are single and if other transits to your natal chart support this, you could meet a new creative or romantic life partner unexpectedly



Sun Square transit Pluto on 8 April 2022 from 9:22 am to 28 April 2022 at 11:11 pm, strongest around 18 April 2022 at 4:14 pm


Best use to reflect on your emotional, psychological and physical health, then make a plan to make any needed changes in your life.


So you can live a more balanced existence and achieve the things you really want to. Trouble in your career or with authorities, due to behaviour or gossip, fall from grace, reacting without thinking things through.


Ulterior motives, it’s crucial you do not let others walk over you and that you don’t manipulate others, Fanatical behaviour, Power struggles and plays.


Seeking control over others, self-destructive thoughts and behaviours, superiority complex, people doing what they want, disregarding how it affects others.


Dodgy, scamming behaviour, check facts in all contracts before you sign them, arguments can happen about joint money, possessions and other resources


If you want other people to change, it’s best to make the necessary adjustments in your life. Lead by example rather than by force.


Make sure you explore the planes of higher consciousness safely at this time.



Mercury Quintile transit Mars on 15.Apr.2022, 10:58 pm, strongest 18.Apr.2022 at 5:51 pm, leaving 22.Apr.2022 at 2:15 am


Uncovering innate information or talents you never knew you had and finding you’re a natural expert in a particular area, gut feelings which provides guidance.


Make learning fun, especially if you have to retain dull, technical, scientific or occult information. It is best to use creative thinking to overcome problems and learn rather than traditional methods.


Try and stay calm because the mars energy in this transit might subtly make you forceful, which is a paradox, as this is a subtle transit in many ways.

Nevertheless, you and others may act strange and forcefully without knowing why.


Conflicts can occur in all forms of discussion, political, legal, sports, creative or business matters. You and others will be more wilful in getting what they want right now.


This can lead to lengthy conversations and negations where neither side gives in, without any apparent motive for doing so other than feeling compelled to do so.


Try and stay calm, although the mars energy will subtly make you forceful, which is a paradox because you and others may act in strange and fierce ways without knowing why.


The best use of this transit is to research anything that catches your eye or you have a long term interest in making it fun. You may have to attend dull meetings or other social events.


 Yet, in your imagination, you can be anywhere. Bright colours and inspiring fun music may make retaining information easier during this period.




19 April 2022


Mercury Parallel transit Moon’s North Node at 12:50

Mercury Contra-Parallel transit Moon’s South Node at 12:50


20 April 2022


Sun Contra-Parallel transit Mars at 01:48


21 April 2022


22 April 2022


23 April 2022


Mercury Opposition transit Moon’s South Node at 16:28


Mercury Conjunct transit Moon’s North Node  entering, 17 April 2022 1:34 pm to 3 May 2022 2:59 am, strongest around 23 April 2022 5:27 pm


Waking up and smelling the coffee, seeing your reality for what it really is, experiences may force change, or you may choose to make adjustments after introspection.


Giving yourself a tabula rosa- blank slate, radically letting go of your past  to create your future in your now. Using positive thinking and actions, letting go of all that is toxic, no matter how painful


Positively, meeting new people or discovering fresh information stimulates you emotionally, psychologically, intellectual or spiritual.

Negatively there could be an increase in anxiousness and depressive thoughts.

Fated connections, long-distance physical or psychological travel, and transformation in lifestyle after evaluating your, self-destructive thoughts that cause damaging behaviours.


Broadening your options, learning new intellectual, scientific, psychological, spiritual or other tools, motivation to do the thing(s) you have been putting off.


Returning to your childhood home or speaking to old friends. Remembering what you wanted to do or who you wanted to be when you were younger and deciding to make your old dreams a new reality.


Being more alert and open to learning new things and changing your old belief systems. Think more about your life purpose and how to reach your highest potential.


Possibility of higher consciousness awakening. The pressing feeling that your innate clock is ticking and that now is the right time to make the changes you have been putting off.


Leaving behind old friendships and intimate relationships for new ones.

Conflicting demands on your time or attention could cause separation or feelings of not being enough. You could feel continually on edge and nervous because you ignore your gut feelings and intuitive guidance that urge you to change.

This Month’s planetary Movements, day by Day

Planet Positions on 1st May 2022

1 May 2022
Venus Sextile transit Pluto at 10:38
Venus Parallel transit Jupiter at 12:43

2 May 2022
Venus SemiSquare transit Uranus at 08:15
Moon Void of Course Starts at 10:13
Moon Void of Course Ends at 10:47

3 May 2022
Mars SemiSquare transit Pluto at 02:50
Mars SemiSextile transit Chiron at 20:33
Jupiter Sextile transit Pluto at 22:34

4 May 2022
Sun Parallel transit Uranus at 00:52
Sun SemiSquare transit Jupiter at 02:29
Mars Sextile transit Uranus at 15:47
Sun SemiSextile transit Chiron at 16:34
Moon Void of Course Starts at 20:37
Mars Contra-Parallel transit Chiron at 20:38
Crescent Moon at 21:54
Moon Void of Course Ends at 23:05

5 May 2022
Sun Conjunct transit Uranus at 07:22

6 May 2022
Mercury Sextile transit Venus at 06:01

7 May 2022
Sun Sextile transit Mars at 09:48
Moon Void of Course Starts at 10:26
Moon Void of Course Ends at 11:50

8 May 2022
Venus Contra-Parallel transit Jupiter at 13:46

9 May 2022
First Quarter Moon at 00:22
Venus SemiSquare transit Moon’s North Node at 06:08
Moon Void of Course Starts at 12:39
Moon Void of Course Ends at 22:54

10 May 2022

11 May 2022
Venus SemiSquare transit Saturn at 04:33
Moon Void of Course Starts at 14:02
Jupiter SemiSquare transit Uranus at 20:53
Venus Quintile transit Pluto at 21:25

12 May 2022
Moon Void of Course Ends at 06:35
Mercury Contra-Parallel transit Pluto at 08:51
Gibbous Moon at 19:05

13 May 2022
Venus Contra-Parallel transit Neptune at 01:36
Sun Parallel transit Moon’s North Node at 07:06
Sun Conjunct transit Moon’s North Node at 07:07

14 May 2022
Moon Void of Course Starts at 01:54
Moon Void of Course Ends at 10:34
Mercury Quintile transit Mars at 13:23
Mars Sextile transit Moon’s North Node at 23:31

15 May 2022
Venus Conjunct transit Chiron at 12:13
Sun Square transit Saturn at 18:49
Venus Contra-Parallel transit Mars at 19:05
Sun Sextile transit Neptune at 19:15

16 May 2022
Venus SemiSextile transit Uranus at 02:14
Lunar Eclipse at 04:12
Moon Void of Course Starts at 04:14
Super Moon at 04:14
Full Moon at 04:14
Moon Void of Course Ends at 11:51

17 May 2022
Saturn SemiSextile transit Neptune at 15:39

18 May 2022
Mercury SemiSquare transit Venus at 02:31
Moon Void of Course Starts at 04:00
Mars Conjunct transit Neptune at 06:33
Mars SemiSextile transit Saturn at 06:43
Moon Void of Course Ends at 12:02

19 May 2022
Disseminating Moon at 09:42
Sun Trine transit Pluto at 12:11
Sun Parallel transit Mercury at 19:18
Mars Parallel transit Neptune at 23:14

20 May 2022
Mercury Sextile transit Jupiter at 01:33
Moon Void of Course Starts at 12:00
Moon Void of Course Ends at 12:53

21 May 2022
Sun SemiSquare transit Chiron at 01:19
Sun Conjunct transit Mercury at 19:18

22 May 2022
Venus SemiSextile transit Moon’s North Node at 04:15
Moon Void of Course Starts at 07:19
Moon Void of Course Ends at 15:50
Last Quarter Moon at 18:43
Mercury SemiSquare transit Chiron at 21:55
Mars Sextile transit Pluto at 22:16

23 May 2022
Sun Sextile transit Jupiter at 11:05
Mercury Parallel transit Moon’s North Node at 13:29

24 May 2022
Venus Parallel transit Chiron at 02:40
Mercury Sextile transit Mars at 03:27
Venus SemiSextile transit Neptune at 10:30
Venus Sextile transit Saturn at 11:06
Moon Void of Course Starts at 21:34
Moon Void of Course Ends at 21:40

25 May 2022
Mercury Trine transit Pluto at 21:49

26 May 2022
Mars SemiSquare transit Uranus at 07:14
Balsamic Moon at 11:36
Mercury SemiSextile transit Venus at 21:07

27 May 2022
Moon Void of Course Starts at 03:01
Moon Void of Course Ends at 06:23
Venus Square transit Pluto at 06:29

28 May 2022
Sun Quintile transit Neptune at 12:52

29 May 2022
Mars Conjunct transit Jupiter at 10:31
Moon Void of Course Starts at 11:15
Mars Contra-Parallel transit Jupiter at 11:37
Moon Void of Course Ends at 17:23
Mercury Parallel transit Uranus at 18:51

30 May 2022
New Moon at 11:31
Moon Void of Course Starts at 11:31

31 May 2022
Venus SemiSextile transit Jupiter at 18:34
Mars Parallel transit Jupiter at 18:37
Saturn SemiSextile transit Neptune at 22:03