Full moon in Gemini on December 12th 2019 - Personality Integration

“Allow all aspects of your personality to reconcile in the upper chambers of your mind”.

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Decembers 2019, full moon Is occurring at 5.12 am in the UK  at the 19.51 degree of Gemini, in the 8th house, the north node in cancer is also in the 8th house at 9.16 degrees, where it stays all day.

Saturn, Venus, Uranus Pluto and Jupiter are all in earth signs giving us the grounding we need to withstand this intense higher vibrational energy of the full moon in Gemini.

Gemini is an abstract sign, dealing with the subtleties of our mind, personality traits and, higher and super consciousness.

Mars, Neptune, black moon Lilith and the north node are in water signs, bringing in the energies of emotion, subconscious and intuition.

Mixed with the feelings of passion, aggression,  willfulness, repressed urges, addiction, illusion, imagination, mysticism, past experiences- karma.

They may be a tendency to overreact to external events, so try as much as you can to not overreact,  to the actions of others or world events in an irrational manner.

As even events, we view as negative at first may actually turn out to be for the best in the long run.

The moon, earth, vertex, Selena and Juno are all in air signs, allow are portal to our inner psyche and hidden desires.

The sun, Mercury, Chiron and Vulcan are in fire signs, sparks may fly on this day, passions may run high, and tempers flare up, old wounds buried for years may surface on this day.

But the energies of the Gemini full moon will help you positively resolve any hindrances or emotional turbulence on this day if you remember to stay grounded.

And we have an abundance of planetary energy in Capricorn to help you remain down to earth, you may find yourself drifting off to celestial realms, but you will keep your feet firmly on the ground.

I know it’s cold in the UK at the moment, but going outdoors may help you ease the tension.

Think before you act, and you will be fine.

Gemini full moon December 12th, 2019

The moon will be going through 20-30 degrees of Gemini on the 12th of December, so if you have any planets or cusp on the 19-30 degrees of Gemini, especially The Moon, Sun or Venus.


The 19th degree of Gemini reminds us that knowledge is within us all,   and all around us in the stars, the galaxies and cosmos, all we have to do, is still our minds enough to tap into then timeless wisdom.

Many of you may start to delve into Astrology, Metaphysics, Meditation, gain access to Akashic records or find yourself researching old books on or offline.

Some of you may also learn to trust or beginning to acknowledge the powers of trusting your gut feelings (intuitions)

The 20th degree of Gemini, calls for us to start to discriminate the information we accept as truth without questioning if it is true or false,   you may find yourself questioning your personal beliefs and life situation.

On the individual level, it’s about the thoughts, relationships, emotions, obsessions, possessions, attachments and beliefs you have allowed to control your life.

At the highest level, we can learn to accept the conflicting aspects of our own personalities, training ourselves to manage our destructive tendencies, instead of repressing them with addictive substances, relationships and behaviours.

In today’s global world, we have an overabundance of choice of clothes, cars, drugs and alcohol at our disposal.

Plenty of products, services and people to form addictions to or with.

Many of us at one point or another,  in our lives, have given in to one excess or the other.

We have read many horror stories on what overindulgence in our hedonistic senses can do from people being convicted of drink driving to people killing each other because they were high on one substance or the other.

On the individual level, we are starting to question our dark side,  and seeing that it is us, each and everyone one of us that will have to change for the world to change.

Events like global warming, the increasing and ongoing political unrest worldwide, as well as the war across the world, are opening our eyes more and more to how our reckless behaviour as a species is destroying the very environments we caught on for our survival.

Gemini full moon December 12th 2019, continued

We are seeing the importance of uniting, ceasing our divisions, for our attempts at reconciliation to be successful, each person will have to commit to resolving their individual inner conflicts.

You may find yourself questioning your materialistic or avoidance tendencies, focusing on what you really need in life, as opposed to what you may want.

This full moon in Gemini is calling individuals to lift up their consciousness and change any self-destructive thought patterns, relationships and behaviours, this will occur at different rates and levels for each person.

Yet the energy is there for each person with ears to hear, to uplift theIR vibrational field and point of perception.

As life is what we think of it, after all.

The energies of Gemini, are calling for each person to accept all aspects of themselves their shadow…and their light, and every shade in between.

Gemini calls you to accept and acknowledge the dualities within yourself and the world around you, instead of making your shadow and the darkness of the world to hold you in fear.

Allow your free will, to lead you to the ways you can bring more feelings of wellbeing and abundance into your life.

Obviously, this transformation won’t come, overnight, like viola, magic, tada,  nope, it will take hard work and determination to develop yourself into the person you wish to be.

Astrology to me is all about using your natal (SABIAN) degrees, aspects and planet placements to best empower you.

Yes, some of your natal aspects and placements may on the face of it seem, highly negative, but even these placements can be used to uplift your life.

And to me the highest potential of astrology is to help individuals live their best life, giving you insight into your obstacles, also revealing the energetic tools you have within your natal placements that can help you heal your emotional blockages, provide you with guidance and life direction.


More about the Gemini full moon on December 12th, 2019

I read astrology natal charts as a sort of GPS, map of each individual soul,

We know that full moons are all about releasing the habits, situations, relationships and anything else that holds us back in life.

We just had the new moon in Sagittarius on the 26th of November, which is the polar opposite to Gemini, the energies of the new moon set the seeds for the uplifting of consciousness.

Now on this Gemini full moon on December the 12th, 2019, it’s about finding a balance between your lower consciousness and your highest self (soul –consciousness.)

Finding the inner strength or at less committing yourself to forming a plan, a step by step strategy on the ways you can help yourself reach your highest ideals for yourself.

You may choose to take the first steps towards releasing a drug, alcohol, sex or any other addiction you may have been wasting your vital energy on all these years.

Many of you will feel the calling to let go of years of resentment, bitterness, fear, hate, unforgiveness especially self unforgiveness, feelings of anger, revenge, obsessions.

Some of you may call an end to all the toxic relationships in your life.

There is esoteric significance to the full moon in Gemini in ancient times, and indeed some individuals still live by these principles in modern times.

The Gemini full moon historically was about recognising the relationship between the personality and the soul, in our modern world we often forget or deny this link, letting logic and technology rule our lives.

And yes, logic and technology do have their place, so does the mind- intellect, but we most also recognised the relationship between mind and soul, heart (intuition)  and logic.

They are 7 billion-plus people living on earth, they are many ways to enlightenment, at least 7 billion of them if not more.

The full moon in Gemini December 12th 2019

This Gemini full moon is calling you to accept all levels of yourself, mind, body and soul.

There is a need to meditate on your life, now you can meditate in a number of ways, you can do postures, try to still your mind.

Listen to music, sit in silence, drive in your car, listening too music…with your eyes open of course!!! Go for a walk in nature, stand in your back garden or sit in it, barefoot or shoes on.

Lay in your bed, practice tantra on with yourself or your partner for you couples out there, the list is endless.

If you are going to spend the full moon sharing sexual energy with anyone, I recommend you do this with someone who you are in an honest, loving and balanced relationship with only.

Of course, we all have free will yet, I must also state esoteric facts, as the full moon is about removing toxic and harmful energies from your aura field, not inviting them in.

Release the negatives energies in your life to make room for positive energies of healing and upliftment to come into your aura field.

It’s not about getting rid of everything, all at once, I recommend writing down everything you feel is holding you back, as the intention is everything.

Some of you may get highly self-reflective, questioning all the decisions you have made in your life until now, I recommend the process of introspection, where you observe your emotions, thoughts and spiritual urges.

Some questions you may ask your self.

Why do I think the way I do?

What experiences have shaped the person I am today?

Do I harbour any unforgiveness/ self unforgiveness?

Do I believe in a god?

If not, why not?

Have I thoroughly research the concept of higher consciousness, higher force/ power, if not, should I?

Do I resit knowledge?

How do I feel?

If I don’t know what I feel? Why?

Am I using substances to numb my emotions/

What scares me the most about my feelings?

Am I happy with my relationships?

What can I do to improve my life situation?

Song for new moon in Gemini…Stereophonics, pick a parts that’s new

Although some of you may decide to physically remove yourself from situations which have been holding you back.

It may be dangerous for some of you to leave domestic violence situations all at once, in these cases set the intention and when its safe find the help and support you need to rid yourself of the destructive forces in your life.

Remember your stronger than you think you are, I know some of you are going through tough times at the moment, but if you can, and I know it will be tough for you to do so.

Can you try on focus on the solutions for your situation and know there are always solutions for every single problem in your life.

Although some steps to your self-liberation will be painful and tricky to take, they will be worth it in the long run.

The solutions are different for each of us, for some of us its time to walk away from our toxic relationships,  for others it will be developing a plan to do so, although some of you may have to mentally keep this plan.

Due to circumstances, I have the sun in the 8th house, so I well aware of the things which go on behind closed doors and, seemly happy appearances and perfect lives.

Final thoughts on the Gemini full moon 12th December 2019

I recommend you have an in-depth knowledge of your natal chart because it indicates the strategies you can use to successfully overcome obstacles in your life.

The energies of the full moon in Gemini, on the 12 of December 2019 alongside the north node in the 10th degree of cancer call’s for individuals to refine their characters, not by shunning their the dark side of their natures but by embracing it.

The north node in 10th-degree cancer is calling you to understand your suffering, gaining the help and support you need to overcome your life experiences, not so they go on hindering you.

But so you can learn to understand and overcome them, we get over our negative life experiences not by running away from them but by confronting our troubles head-on.

Finding the inner strength and all the external support, we need to overcome the obstacles in our lives.

Coming to know that even our nightmares can bring us clarity and strength if we allow ourselves to heal the emotional wounds life have left you with, then you will see better days.

When you embrace your flaws, and we all have flaws, accepting your rough around the edges and this may always be the case, accepting the fact that you are a perfect, imperfection, is the way you will set yourself free.

This feeling won’t come overnight, it is a feeling you work towards by committing to your personal recovery, allow yourself to make mistakes, getting back on your bike of healing when you fall.

And each of us always falls occasionally, no matter how high and mighty we may think we are.

Falling, as well as rising is part of the process, and this full moon in Gemini is calling individuals to put away their petty grievances, and they really are petty, life truly is too short.

We waste so much precious time, hating, fearing and not enough loving and healing, especially healing and loving ourselves.

Learn to manage your positive and negative personal energies, for instance, you may have your sun in Leo ( fixed-masculine energy), Moon in Scorpio ( fixed –water feminine energy) with a libra ascendant( cardinal air masculine energy).

Each person must come to know themselves inside out, you do this by questioning yourself and seeking to heal, love, respect, understand and accept all aspects of your existence.

Mind, body and soul.

Your self-acceptance journey is not going to be easy, but each step you take will be worth it if you keep on stepping forward.

This full moon in Gemini December 12th 2019 is calling for you to open yourself up to the many dimensions of life which occur in your inner planes, learn to accept yourself, mind body and soul, as you are right now.

Taking steps to become the vision of your highest potential that will be revealed to you as you progress with your self-healing and consciousness upliftment journey.

As you do this, you will become less agitated by your external environment, you will learn to control your responses to the things you see and the actions of others.

This full moon in Gemini is asking you to understand and unify the relationship between your personality ( the mortal part of yourself) and your soul ( the immortal part of yourself).

These two parts of yourself may on the surface seem poles apart, but on reflection, they are just opposite ends of the spectrum, after all how would we know our dark, if we didn’t have a glimpse of our light?

The trick is to merge all aspects of your personality until they become one.

This won’t all achieved in one day, or one year, it may take a decade, but it will be worth it if you lay the foundations on this important full moon in Gemini, 12 December 2019.

I will go into what all this means on a collective level, especially for those of us in the UK, please check out my other video.

This full moon is a good day to write down your intentions for a better life for yourself, set in motion or take bold, affirmative –decisive- action, distance yourself from all that’s been holding you back.

Including your own toxic thoughts, addictions and behaviours.

Its time for you to let go of your toxic crutches and embrace the unknown.

Some traditions call the Gemini full moon, the festival of goodwill, so show yourself the highest goodwill and compassion by setting yourself free from all that’s been holding you back in life.

Embracing the higher aspects of your entire being the planetary energies are beckoning you to open up to your inner- self-transformation.

The stars and zodiac are aligned so that you can summon forth all-encompassing love for yourself, the question is, are you going to take up the invitation to raise your consciousness.

What will allow you to satisfy, balance and nourish

Your mind, body and soul.

Top tips

  • Practice self-care
  • Think about ways to bring more harmony and balance into your life
  • Think about ways you can teach yourself to tolerate yourself and others
  • Ways you can bring the elements of nature into your day to day life means you can help improve the environment.
  • Research radical self-acceptance, meditation, introspection or any other tool you feel may help you heal your emotional blockages and raise your consciousness.

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