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Full Moon in Astrology

spiritual meaning of,  full moon this month




  • Emotions
  • Things you keep hidden- rising to the surface
  • gratitude
  • Reflection- taking stock
  • Highlighting conflict
  • Release ceremonies
  • Moon bath
  • Journaling
  • Cleaning
  • Self-destruction
  • Inner tension
  • External pressures
  • Transcendence- letting go
  • Subconscious
  • Making plans for a brighter future




Full moon basically marks the mid-point of the 29-day lunar cycle.

During full moon, the moon sits opposite the sun, illuminated by the sun’s light completely.

Therefore, the sun and moon are the zodiac’s opposite sides during the full moon that could make for an intense or challenging aspect of energy, but also a potent potential as the solar and lunar are in natural balance.

Full moon’s energy is influenced by the zodiac transit, and it is heightened.

Mental processes, feelings, emotions, dreams, and so on are all amplified. When the moon and sun oppose one another during a full moon, this may cause uncomfortable friction and tension, but a greater application of potential possibility and vision at the same time.

It’s a powerful time of gratitude, acknowledging gratefully life’s beauty and all you need to bring to beingness.

You might feel the burning desire to express creativity, bliss out in some sensual activities, and through tender and fierce vibrations let go of aspects of your life, especially relationships and self-destructive habits and addictions, which no longer serve your soul’s grandest vision.

In addition to that, you should show gratitude for what you have in life, no matter how little you may think you have. Including the things you’ve manifested and for the things that would come into form at a later date in divine timing and for your highest good.


Take note that your manifestation desires may show up in unexpected ways, not in the ways you planned or wish for.

But trust that the ways your blessings show up in your life are always for your highest divinity,  for the sacred works in mysterious ways but always, for Earth’s and the Cosmo’s greater purpose.

Sometimes the full moonnn calls for you to   bury your desires and urges to honour and surrender to forces greater than you.

The full moon is a good time to moon bathe. All you have to do is to sit under the moon’s light and meditate.

As you start to breathe in, let the moon heal you, releasing the emotional baggage in your heart and expand the splendour and power contained in the present moment and as you breathe out, allow the moon’s light led you into the pathway of your optimum wellbeing and transcendence.

full moon this month


Ceremonies on a full moon, either coming together with some people in a sacred circle or lighting a candle on your own, is the best way to bring healing to self or group and be the wave of love for the planet Earth and humanity.

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Full moons are a good time to partake in cleansing ritual maybe burn some incense, take a long bath, set out some crystal, listen to relaxation music write down all the things you want to release in your life on paper, and burn it.

Any ritual that makes you feel any sense of release will help during the full moon phase, putting things out under the full moon like crystals, manifestation journals will help infuse them with revitalising energy.


The full moon, is a good time too, to give gratitude for all you have in life, thinking of the habits, relationships and beliefs you are ready to leave behind, starting the work to walk away from the things that are holding you back in life.

The full moon phase is when the moon and sun are opposed to each other, this creates tension, in an attempt to make way for a shedding period to occur in natures processes and each individuals life.

The full moon is the time to focus on your inner world, analysing the contents of your subconscious mind, taking the painful, yet necessary steps to look at any baggage you have not let go of.

You may experience power struggles in your relationships, and things may end suddenly, this may induce suffering, yet remember after the rain comes sunshine.

All range of human emotions is needed for the soul to grow, and the full moon serves to bring issues to the surface, which need to be dealt with as they are hindering your progression.


Astrologers such a Dane Riudhyar and Leyla Raël, state that the full moon brings the things we keep hidden to the surface, medical and law enforcement workers statistic show more drunken incidents and acts of violence occur on a full moon, after all, it is where the word, lunatic comes from.

The full moon is a time to take stock, to see yourself and others for who you really are, to realise the truth of your circumstance, this can be painful, but it is also liberating, for it is only when you know your obstacles that you can overcome them, making room for new growth in the new moon phase.


What do the different full moon phases mean?

spiritual meaning of full moon this month, continued


January ‘s Full Wolf Moon


The focus in on your families heritage as well as your souls, journey, relationships are brought into focus, what relations nourish you, how well do you meet your obligations in your relationships? Do you have the correct boundaries in your relationships, how is the relationship you have with yourself?


February full snow moon

How well do you love yourself? Do you know yourself, like really know yourself? What are your barriers to self-knowledge, nurturing, forgiveness and care? How can you bring more love into your life? Can you accept your past and walk into your future?


All human make mistakes,  now is the time to learn from them. What are your plans for the future, what seeds do you now ready to sow? What roots are you ready to discard?


Marchs Full Worm Moon

Make plans for your future, plan the steps to make your dreams, reality. The springtime begins, the seeds sowed in the prior periods beginning to root and bloom, the bird’s sign, higher, the worms norish the earth, doing their part to bring in the harvest of spring.


Now is the time for new beginnings maybe start a new course, career, relationship, move home, spring clean, all these and anything that brings rejuvenation is favourable now.


Aprils Full Pink Moon

Is urging you to let go of negativity, no do not ignore it, when it comes to remain calm and present do not resist it, do not drink or take drugs to numb your pain out, sit with it, write down your emotions, seek help if need be, but do not feel any shame or guilt for negative feelings, instead do all you can to stay positive, even if there are storms.

Stay focused, do all you can to relax your mind, soothe your spirit and rest your body. Do your best to preserve your energy and raise your vibrations, accepting are low moods, is how we allow healing to come into our lives.


Mays Full Flower Moon

Now is the time to take some time to reward yourself, anything that soothes your mind will help hug a tree, walk barefoot in nature, maintain or start an allotment or garden,   plant flowers, write down new ideas, make plans to conceive a baby or anything else you want to manifest into reality, nourish yourself mind, body and soul.

June Full Strawberry Moon

Take part in a cleansing ritual, especially if your female or are in tune with your feminine energy, get rid of any baggage, spiritual, physical, mental or emotional baggage you are ready to let go of.

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July’s Full Buck Moon

Again the focus is on the things you need to let go of in your life, what old beliefs and relationship need to go?

Are you making time to nurture yourself? What steps do you need to take to overcome your obstacles? What boundaries do you need to set?

August Full Sturgeon Moon

You need to think about what causes in balance in your life, what pulls you away from your highest potential, gain simplicity and equilibrium in your life, open your mind to the new.

Septembers Full Harvest Moon

Around the time of the autumn equinox, Take stock of the previous 8 months, what have been your low points, what were your highs, tie up any unfinished business, maybe take part in a full moon release ritual, maybe try a moon bath.

Octobers Full Hunters Moon

A good time to focus on building a relationship with your intuition, pay attention to your dreams, work with your astrological natal chart and transits, what are they calling you to let go off, what can you do to lift the burdens off your soul. The veil between the physical and spiritual is at its lowest ebb, you may connect with your guides, look into your family history or soul lineage.

Novembers Full Beaver Moon

Emotions will be the focus of this month, what can you do to ease your inner conflict, how can you bring more emotional stability into your life and your relationships, how can you make your loved ones feel special. If you are in a relationship how can you deepen your connection?

December Full Cold Moon

This moon is about shedding the old for the new, it will soon be a new year, so what can you do, to make it better than your last? What do you need to recycle and compost to make room for the new? TAKE NOTE OF YOUR FEELINGS, IF YOUR FEELING GOOD WHY?  Is your feeling low, how can you get over your stress and tension.

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