Transiting full moon astrology…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooo (my best impression of a werewolf howl, lol)

  • times of clarity and revelation
  • reaping the harvest of past actions
  • increase in strength and tenacity
  • times of high confidence or deep depressions
  • time to let go and cleanse, it’s not a time of manifestation, more a time of realisation
  • outrageous happens
  • feeling more frisker or freer than normal
  • strange or aggressive goings-on
  • Everything turned up full pelt, from sexual come-ons, relationship tensions to the volume of the music.
  • Protect your personal space
  • Beware of changing moods in self and others.
  • Completion
  • Shadow work
  • Creative or spiritual visions
Full Moon Transits

What does the full moon transit mean in astrology

The full moon transit is when the Moon is shining at its fullest; the sun and Moon are opposing each other during this period, which can result in conflicts.

After all, the earth is in the middle, and the sun and the Moon are on either side of it. There was 3 in a bed, and the little one said……..the full Moon is  180- 225 degrees from the sun, rises at sunset, transit the meridian at midnight and sets at sunrise.

During the full moon transits, The rays of the Moon are at full pelt.

You may feel intensely you be really high or really low; typically, there is no in-between during this moon phase.

If you have been awaiting a decision or some information so you can move forward, you will receive it during this phase either by inner revelation or external feedback.

You or others may party hard; this is a time of drama; ask any emergency worker, people can act and react crazily at the full Moon, and accidents, drunken- intoxicated and outrageous behaviours increase.

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Some people, I included, prefer to stay far from the maddening crowd during the times of the full moon transit,  which is the title of the great Thomas hardy novel, which you could read during this phase to avoid conflict, lol.

Petty arguments, drunken revelations of true feelings, out of control parties, feral animal-like behaviour, primal rage, earth-shattering consensual lovemaking, followed by heated breakups may occur, madness, madness I say, run to the hills.

Nah, only kidding; well iam not really as yano, werewolf’s are known to howl and transform on the full Moon, and in this vein, some humans do, so be cautious on full moon transits.


This is a time to safely work out pent out aggressions alone, to do introspection and uncover deep psychological wounds, emotional blockages and limiting thoughts that are holding you back, if you can manage it.

You may prefer to just sleep this period away and rejuvenate if you can, maybe so good old meditation or some deep rage outputting to heavy metal or happy hardcore or techno music.

Channel your inner darkness, face it and transform it into your light; after all, nothing valuable is earned in this life without falling flat in the mud, getting electrocuted by life storms; survival is the keyword for this phase.

What’s aiding you in your life…what is holding you back? Questions such as those may come to the forefront.

Your secrets may be exposed, you may reveal someone’s deep and meaningful, repercussions, repercussions may abound, what’s hidden may surface.

It can be dark, it could get messy, yet truth sets us free; it’s the lies that imprison us, the full Moon illuminates all that needs to be seen.

Full Moon Transits
Full Moon Transits

More about this placement

The Full Moon is the end result of the previous phase’s manifestations; as my mom used to say, what’s hidden in the dark, will be revealed in the light.


So hold ya tongue if you don’t have anything nice to say. Now is not the time to say what’s been on your mind or is it, errmm it is up to you it’s your life, I am just advising!


Songs of the full moon danger danger, and I predict a riot and, for good measure, back in black!!!

A little ditty for the Full Moon

In the magic of illusion

Us humans hide

Beneath a veil

Hiding our true intentions

Swimming in our pretences and charades

We take a tipple

And it all comes out with a ripple

Full pelt

Under the full Moon

What we try to conceal is revealed

What a shocking insight

As we all reel

From the raged fuel insights

Propelled at us without warning

Oh dear

Full moon transiting phase in astrology in summary

The full Moon can, on the mundane level, lol, merely mean completion of projects; it doesn’t have to all be Eastenders and corrie( my fav UK soaps, sheeez on the judgements, a woman cannot live off astrology and occult books alone, lol!!)

Anyhow, as I was saying, the full moon transit is a time of purpose and the breath of life; yes, truth, even aggressive truth, can give a breath of fresh air into lives stagnated by appearances and lies.


You can put on a motivational talk, yes I said it, an inspirational public speech or talk in the full Moon, at least you know it will be memorable.

You could receive a promotion at work or lose your job even, as you tell your boss to do one, anything goes under a full moon, just expect the unexpected, ok.

In summary, this moon phase is all about releasing the old and setting intentions for the newness of the new Moon; on the soul-spiritual level, it’s a time to grow.

 And transformation requires positive and negative aspects, look within, start to clear the old emotional and psychological debris of what you find, make a plan to heal and move on, from your inner tension and pains, till the ground for new seeds.

Clarity after the smoke has cleared.

Natal full moon


Keywords: turmoil: inner contradiction: duality

Full Moon Transits
Full Moon Transits

What does it mean when you're born on a full moon?

The Moon is opposing the sun during this phase and is 180- 225 degrees behind the sun; when you are born with a natal full moon, you can be an optimist, also wanting to see the good, for this sometimes the truth is shockingly revealed to you.

You spend a lot of time looking for deeper meaning, whether intellectually, spiritually, religiously or philosophically; you like seeing connections between ideas and people.

Relationships are essential in your life, and you will learn a lot from them, primarily how your own thoughts, words and actions affect your relations with yourself and others.

Some of you born on full Moon will learn your lessons the very hard way, as you act without care, and how others respond to your reckless words and behaviours will be your greatest teacher.

Via experience, you may decide to shy away from a relationship devoting yourself to a religion, spiritual practice or cause, dealing with your emotions will be a necessity for you, and learning to understand at times ignore the temperaments of others.

Natal full Moon in astrology continued

Life will reflect yourself back to you, so choose what you project carefully; you might have a vivid imagination and dream life, remembering your sleeping moments more than those born during other moon phases.

When you are born during the full moon period, it’s vital to control or at least temper your desire and willpower, being careful not to let others astray or force them to live up to your ideals.

You must do all you can to settle your emotions, it is good to feel, but you must also think logically; you should be around those who are grounded.

But who can think deeply, do all you can to gain stability within, and as you age, you will learn to stay away from unstable people, or at least limit the time you spend with them.

Learning your triggers will be essential, and it’s best you become aware of how intoxicating substances affect you; it’s crucial to become settled within yourself.

Uncovering all your personality traits and doing your best to become whole within, filling your inner void, as the external will never do this for you; it will tear you further apart.

 Resist becoming polarised, seeing things as black or white, variety is the spice of life, and they are always grey areas in life, just as you are your own person, allow others to be too.

Is it lucky to be born on a full moon?

In some cultures, it is seen as a good omen to be born on the full Moon, as this ensures abundance and achievements after all the Moon and Sun oppose each other during this phase.

Giving the ability to see things from all sides, once you train yourself to see the bigger picture, the vibration of this placement can help you see the facts from the fiction and allow others to do so also.

Some people say there is an increase in births 7 days before and after the full Moon, meaning there are many full mooners in the world, apparently.

Marriages that happen during the full moon phases are said to be more successful; it is also an excellent time to make love or consummate things in general.

All in all, the full moon period is a good time to let go of the old, to start the new

Source: The  Old Farmer’s Almanac

The shadow side of being born on the full Moon

Know emotions and people can control you more than you think, it’s indispensable you take part in a hobby to help channel your extra energy a sport.

Or you may play an instrument, learn to meditate, paint, run, do weights, explore astrology, the occult or any other subject which tickles your fancy.

Many of your struggles come from within when you are born with a natal full moon, and they are not really occurring without you; yes, this world is kinda crazy so are all of us people in it.

 But if you learn to manage your inner world, you can react less to the disturbances in the outer world, which is needed when you are born with a natal full Moon.

You must find a balance between the emotional- psychological and matters of your heart and the needs of your logic and conscious reasoning.

You have many passions, and you have to learn to prioritise them, knowing that sometimes in life, we have to sacrifice some of our wants for our needs.

Like you may need to practically keep a roof over your head, pay your bills and fulfil your individual career needs or you won’t feel fulfilled within.

You don’t have to work for someone else if being self-employed is your passion; you can achieve this quickly when you come into the phoenix stage of having a natal full moon.

You have to learn to make your own decisions and follow your own direction,  as other people may oppose you as you seem distracted, impulsive and always in 2 or more minds, so they can see you as a multi-face, and therefore people may find it hard to trust you.

Full Moon Transits
Full Moon Transits

More about natal full Moon in astrology

After your own battles, you can become a good psychologist, life coach or life counsellor.

Self-honesty is needed with this placement, and self-acceptance of your inner lunatic; all humans have one, yes yours may come out more, oh well, embrace it, as it gives you deep insight and the ability to understand visible and invisible things.

When you have a natal full Moon, it can sometimes seem like a curse and less like a blessing.

But as I just said, all humans are crazy; they just don’t know it, and once you give in to this fact, you will find many ways to manage your own contradictions and teach others to do so.

With a natal full Moon, you may grow better when you find a life partner or a group of people who accept you for who you are; you attract many partnerships to you, and awareness will be your biggest teacher.

 The right relationship can bring or deepen your success, so can illuminating and reconciling – bringing together all that’s hidden within yourself and others.

In your youth, they could have been a deep conflict between the masculine and feminine energies in your environment; revisiting childhood wounds will help you master this position.

Ensure you uncover who you are and not who you were told to be or made to be in some cases.

Find your purpose, love all of who you are; after all, all parts are parts of you, and you must come to love you if you want someone else to, dear natal full Moon, stabilise the duality within, to find ways to resolve it without

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