What is Holistic Life Coaching?

Spiritual or holistic coaching is a powerful type of life coaching,  which looks at all aspects of a persons life, body, mind, and soul, As a Holistic life coaching  I will look at all elements of my client’s life, Career, Family, Relationship and Friendships.


And determine how the demands on each clients life, Impacts their overall wellbeing, As a  holistic life coach, I  help you tap into inner reserves so that you can reach your highest potential, I will uncover the limiting thought patterns and toxic relationships which are holding you back in life.

Then I will come up with a realistic solution for your day to day problems, I can help you plan your Career, Relationship or Spiritual Progression.

Holistic life coaching will help you create transformational changes in all areas of your life, and unleash your spiritual and mental power.

It is quite interesting that most people today go about their day to day lives in a semi-conscious or unconscious way, acting like they are on autopilot. They merely react to events instead of forming a conscious direction. This lack of awareness of the different ways everything is related as a whole, it is all too easy for their lives to go out of their control.

Life Counselling - Role of Life Coaches

A holistic life coach understands that if you’re going to gain mastery and control over your life, then you will have to deal with your emotional blockages that are randomly programmed and stored in your unconscious / subconscious mind.


I personally have tried shortcuts, and they do not work in the long run, until you deal with your emotional blockages which include, unprocessed emotions from relationship breakdowns, losing your job, debt, events you have not to forgive yourself for from your youth.

Then you will continuously, subconsciously sabotage any conscious efforts you are making in your life, this is why many people are caught up in addiction, and addiction is anything we do too much, as life is all about balance. As a Holistic, Transformational Astrological Life coach, I can help you heal your deep wounds.

I am not a medical doctor, So if you need urgent psychological help then I must advise you to consult one or a psychologist, I can still work with you, but this should be in addition to medical input- if you need it.

Holistic, Life counseling is done by an expert who can help you take control of your life consciously so that you can empower yourself, step outside the herd, and learn to design your own life in such a way that it has more purpose and is more joyful than ever.

A   Transformational life coach helps clients to discover and bring to life, new possibilities that would have stayed in their wildest dreams otherwise.

Life coaches are basically individuals that can help you manage your day to day life,  as a transformational astrological life coach I am committed to helping you create and implement your life goals.

No matter or big or small, I can help you be your highest version.

As a Holistic Life coach, I act as a strategic life planner, I focus on every aspect of your life, including personal development, relationship goals, emotional processing, health, family, personal development, career management.



What is a Spiritual or Holistic Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach or holistic life coach is someone who walks the path of soulfully forming a balanced, fulfilling, and magical life and works with other people who wish to do exactly the same.

These coaches take joy in the uniqueness of their clients, listen closely to guide them in exploring their greatest excitements and joys and motivate them in turning their dreams to reality. It is spirituality at its finest.


A holistic or spiritual life coach improves the abilities of their clients, helping them tap into and use their primary strengths, showing them how to balance their weaknesses so that they can to intentionally create and reach their highest life potential.

Conventional life coaching approaches, mainly overlook the essence of overcoming interference and dealing with inner obstacles that can hold a person back,  I found in my own self-healing journey that it is better to build a house on solid ground or it will fall over.

holistic life coaching continued

Holistic life coaching will provide you with the solid ground you have been seeking your whole life,  as it takes into account the sum of all your parts,  your psychological- emotional health, physical health, financial health, and spiritual health.


Holistic life coaching uses a spiritual approach which connects you with the true nature of your life and your emotional wounds and blockages, in doing this we can work together to remove all obstacles in your way to your total fulfilment.

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This kind of transformational coaching requires you to be flexible, honest, willing, committed, focus, dedication and open-mindedness. You will need to step outside of the comfort zone, where you are right now and do things differently to create different results.


The Focus of Spiritual or Holistic Life Coaching vs Counselling and Therapy

Counsellors and therapists are regarded as experts focusing mainly on the cleanup and completion of old problems. Holistic life  Coaching takes on a different approach as it reaches into the magical world of manifestation.


The first step to manifesting change in your life is cleaning out toxic thought patterns, behaviour and addiction management, then we can begin to design your new life together, step by step making your dreams reality.

A holistic life coach serves as a partner that helps the client to recognise their own abilities, giving them the proper direction and addressing challenges throughout the journey.

A therapist may work with clients who have mental conditions, but coaches do not in general, although I am happy to work with those with mental health issues, providing you are also getting medical advice.

I can help those with mental illness as I have to manage my own personal psychological illness

Holistic life coachwork is always in progress as they deal with past wounds but also look into ways to prevent future life wounds, by offering strategic planning and life direction.

Transformational life coach

As a holistic life e coach, I like to demonstrate to my clients what it really means to thoroughly learn from your life lessons and experiences. Lif adversities and breakups will always happen, a holistic life coach knows this, so they plan for this in any advice and guidance they give their clients.


I aim to guide my client to be become completely capable and be right on the path to creating a more fulfilling and joyful life. Where traditional therapy and life-coaching tend to focus on one area at the time, but we do not live our lives in parts, we must manage our career, family, relationship, personal development, physical and financial health all at once.

Spiritual life coach, know that even the best life coaches are still humans who have inherent weaknesses that they will have to overcome, the breakups and griefs of life affect all humans, no matter what their profession may be.

A spiritual life coach, helps you plan for all of the life weathers on your journey to completeness.

Holistic life coaches, motivate their clients to stay on their personal development and life transformation journey so that each client can relish in the excitement and joy of realising their life purpose and bringing their dreams into reality.

What Can You Expect from Holistic Life Coaching?

Holistic life coaching provides a guiding and supportive space that helps a person understand life from another perspective. A client is encouraged to discover the power of concentrated will power and synchronicity, I will assist you in working on their personal and inner transformation on numerous levels. Since every person is unique, holistic life coaching provides a person-centred experience to promote positive changes and internal transformations into individuals. Life.


Many tools and techniques can come in handy in the process of holistic life coaching, and these might include stress management, life planning, toxic thought reprogramming, emotional processing, emotional freedom, empowerment, meditation, relaxation and other life-affirming exercises. Check out my services page to watch my video and read in depth about all of my services.

While holistic life coaching is mainly designed for the benefit of the person, this can also be used for successfully bringing positive influence and change to organisations, teams, and groups.

Who Can Benefit from Holistic Life Coaching?

Adults who have been through specific experiences in life, such as redundancy, separation or divorce, challenging personal problems, or other emotional difficulties can benefit the most from working with a holistic life coach. Having a good understanding of the importance of how the powerful combination of coaching and holistic healing can form positive changes is the primary factor to consider when you are choosing a life coach.


Holistic or spiritual life coaching focuses on tuning into your spiritual journey to help you embrace and discover the magnificence of your true identity and so that you can bring spirit ultimately into form.

The urge to seek is an integral aspect of who you are. You are on a quest, whether you realise this or not. A holistic or spiritual life coach will put your life into this quest’s context where you get to connect with your soul’s divine wisdom to serve as your guide to bring significant changes into your life in its entirety.

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