Horoscope update 25- 31 July 2021

Weekly horoscope 25th July 2021 until 31st of July 2021

The moon transit times are UK, British summertime.


The moon is in waning gibbous phase; read more about this here; the moon is in Aquarius until  3.29AM on the 25th of July; scroll to the bottom of this link to read about what that means here and here.


Key phrase: rapid changes of mood

On Monday the 26th of July at 4.40AM

the moon enters Pisces ON MOON DAYS 18- 20; you may feel more mentally drained than usual during the transit Pisces moon.

 You could spend a lot of time in imagination or get lost in fantasy, be mindful of addictive thoughts.

A trip to the spiritual realms may be on the cards for some of you, but be careful not to get lost, watch out for overindulgence and taking in toxic stimulants like drugs or alcohol.

You can have productive dreams and visions or experience nightmares; try not to let them freak them out, instead seek out the deeper meaning of your thoughts and impressions.

The lines between reality and non-reality may become blurred during this time, so it is best to do all you can to stay grounded.

Try doing some mindfulness, listening to soothing music, going for a walk, a nice swim in you can, anything that helps you feel relax but isn’t toxic to your overall wellbeing.

This is an excellent time to rejuvenate, rest and chill out a bit; healing deep spiritual and psychological wounds can be the best use of this period if your transit to your natal chart supports this.

Conflicts can arise with other people, so avoid others if you feel the need to, and if you can; if not, and you must be around people, do all you can to remain calm and centred, even if they are overly emotional.

Be empathic to their needs rather than add fuel to the fire.

On the business front, those you have to network and make deals with maybe overly emotional; there is also a possibility of finding romance with a business associate.

 Or someone you meet in career sense may be overly sensual with you, make sure you impose your boundaries if you feel you need to, also make sure you act appropriately and don’t make advances if they are not welcomed.

Wishful and addictive thinking can be high during this time; check all the facts before signing any deals and forging (creating) any new partnership; it is also an excellent time to invest in wellness business ventures.


Read more about the moon in Pisces here

On July the 28th at 10:57PM until 30th of July at 21.08PM

the moon is in Aries; read more about this here; moon days 21-23,  tempers can flare when the moon is transiting Aries, impulsiveness, excessive worry and pressure can be present in abundance.

It’s best to be as patient as possible, especially in business and important meetings; your memory may be weak, so make sure you double-check facts before jumping to conclusions.

 Count to ten if need be, but don’t lose it, or you can break meaningful relationships and networking connections. 

Do not jump the gun; try and think clearly with logic, not emotion, which will be hard to do during the Aries moon transit; you may meet a new friend, lover or business partner.

Being tactful and diplomatic is your best bet; courageous actions will bring rewards; you may struggle to calculate risk so put this off until a later date or factor an error of loss into any equation.

Problems that come up will not be resolved in one day or even two, so allow more time to think over the details of any business deal or negotiations, forcing things may bring negative results.

On July 30th at 8:08 PM the moon enters Taurus until august 2nd 2021 at 8:46AM, moon days 23-25.

When the moon transits Taurus, it is a good time to undertake activities that require your persistence, focus and hard efforts.

Taking care of domestic or business bills, taking an interest in arts or making your own masterpiece may be on the cards; your mental activity may be higher than usual, calling you to take action.

But you may resist preferring to enjoy good food, socialise and be lazy; the choice is yours but taking practical action towards your life goals is the best use of the Taurus moon phase unless you been overworking yourself,  then give yourself a break.

Be mindful of jealousy and envy in yourself and others; the moon is still in waning gibbous phase; read more about this here; confusion and disagreements can also be rampant during the transiting Taurus moon, so do your best not to plant or raise to the bait.

Read more about the transiting Taurus moon here.

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