Horoscopes Weekly 04-10-2020- all signs


a definative guide to making the best of your astrological week

Venus entered Virgo on the second on October 2020, pay attention to sign, house and degree your natal Venus is in if you are born with Venus in Virgo zodiacally or constellationally in your chart. This transit will be very potent for you. This will also be the case if you have strong aspects or a few planets in Virgo.

Also if your a on a path of self-sovereignty, then you can use the powers of Venus in Virgo, to take a critical look at your relationships and the ways you bring structure, or how the lack of order and conscious intention affects your relationships, especially the primary one. I recommend all individuals should be having with themselves throughout there lives.

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Virgo is an earth sign and now is the time to pay attention to all earthy matters, even if you wander off into the ether and ethereal at this time make sure you stay grounded, resist any temptation to beat yourself up to much, as Venus in Virgo can make you overly critical, if you made a mistake especially with love one, own up to it, I know it’s hard to talk or accept the truth.

And if your partner is getting on your nerves, try not to be too hard on them, you could be more prone t worrying about life in general, make a list of things you can control, and typically you can only control how you navigate and react to life.

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Moon in Taurus Moon days 18-20

  03.10.2020, 3.12pm - 6.10.2020, 4.02AM.

Moon day 18, the moon is still in waxing gibbous phase, this a good time to heal deep wounds and think about starting or restarting things, especially those you have been putting off in time for the new moon cycle.

This is supportive energy for the current Venus in Virgo transit, which is also an earth sign you may find yourself feeling more sensual at this time.

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06.10.2020, 4.02am – 08.10.2020, 3.45pm.

This moon provides energy to act and react quickly; however, it can cause impulsiveness, to counteract this take time to think before you act, if issues occur, ponder on them, with patience and focus and the solution will appear.

If you react quickly, problems could arise, you have been forewarned! This is a good time to concentrate on intellectual matters; indeed, you may stumble across on download information internal or external, which enhances your consciousness and sense of wellbeing.

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08.10.2020, 3.45pm - 11.10.2020, 12.24am

This a good period to work with your subconscious and emotions,you may find yourself drawn to activities which allow you to do them at a slow space, anything which nurtures you gain your attention.

Some of you may receive favourable conclusions in business sand legal affairs, at this time you may be asked to lend money, weigh up all request fairly, yet do not be duped into paying for others luxuries whilst you leave yourself short of basic essentials, be cautious that you do not overspend, especially on credit.








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Look after your immune system during this period, do all you can to get enough vitamins, in your food, also take supplements if need be, especially vitamin d and c.

Do all you can to get enough rest and sleep, look after your repository system, do all you can to breath in fresh oxygen, go for walks in the great outdoors, if you can brave it.

Do some exercise, especially soothing exercise like tai chi and yoga, you don’t need to be a master, just start small, and gentle movement is good right now, as well as physical exercise.

Try to limit the amount of alcohol, coffee and other toxins you take into your body, do all you can to protect and regain metabolic balance.

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Astrological weather in general

Pallas, Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn are in Capricorn and Uranus is in Taurus and Venus is in Virgo,  providing grounding energy, an authority may impose more control over the external world. This is why it's important you take the time to get to know yourself and take ownership for how you feel internal, as well as how you react externally.

Remember Neptune energy is very tricky, I have experienced it, and it can make you believe what your hearing and seeing are real. Then all of a sudden, the truth is revealed, it's up to you to make sure, what you believe is real, no one else,  seeing through illusions, especially you own. As for us, humans lie to ourselves the most, learn more about critical thinking here.

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