How do I find my astrological houses? Lost in Space? How to Navigate Your Astrological Houses

Just call me the Zodiac Detective helping you solve the Mystery of Your Astrological Houses

Well, the first step is buying a Galaxy map and a really big magnifying glass. 

Then grab a map of your birth chart – this is like the treasure map, but instead of leading you to gold, it’ll guide you through the labyrinth of your astrological houses. 

Next, buckle up and get ready for a ride…through your soul. Each house represents a different aspect of your life, from your ego to your career to your spirituality. So, put on your explorer hat and start exploring.

Just kidding – online tools and astrological software can help you determine your astrological houses based on your birth date, time and location. 

So yup……any who

Alright, let’s dive into the mystical world of astrology! Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Houses? Are we talking about Hogwarts here?”

Astrology houses are like the rooms in your cosmic mansion, or maybe you prefer a cozy cottage, treehouse or a castle fit for a king or queen. 

Whatever it is, just make sure it’s not a cardboard box on the side of the road. 

Unless, of course, you’re trying to save money on rent and have a thing for the rustic, minimalist lifestyle. Okkkkkay….each house represents a different area of your life, from love and romance to career and finances.

But wait, there’s more! 

Each house is also ruled by a particular zodiac sign and planet, adding another layer of depth to your astrological blueprint. 

It’s like having a personalised astrological interior decorator!

So, if you want to know what’s going on in your love life, check out your fifth house ruled by Leo. Or if you’re curious about your career, take a peek at your tenth house, ruled by Saturn.

In short, houses provide us with a cosmic blueprint of our lives, offering insight and guidance on our journey through this wacky universe. 

So, grab a glass of cosmic champagne and explore the different rooms in your mansion. Who knows, you may just find some hidden astrological treasures!

Are you intrigued by the impact of astrology on your life? 

If the answer is yes, click on each image below to read more about it.

The 12 houses in astrology and their significance! 

I mention a few positives and the most significant negative for each sign,

Remember, acknowledging your negative traits is the first step towards growth and self-improvement. 

Let’s embrace our flaws and work towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Click here to read a more in-depth long, winded explanation of what house means in astrology.

How Do I Find My Astrological Houses? Lost in Space? | Navigate Your Astrological Houses | Zodiac Detective- continued

1st House: House of Self

Negative – House 1: You’re fabulous, but sometimes you’re more concerned with your appearance than your inner self.

– Represents your personality, physical appearance, and first impressions

– Remember, first impressions are


– Governs the self-image and how others perceive you

2nd House: House of Possessions

Downside – House 2: Material possessions are important, but don’t let the love of money make you greedy or stingy.

– Deals with real-world possessions and material wealth

– Your personal possessions reveal a lot about you, so make sure they match your values!

– Rules over finances, self-worth, and values

3rd House: House of Communication

– House 3: Communication is critical, but talking too much can make you come across as shallow or gossipy.

– Handles communication, intellect, and education

– Your social skills are a valuable asset. Practice and use them to your advantage!

– Governs your relationship with your immediate environment

4th House: House of Home

Negative – House 4: You love your family, but sometimes you have a hard time letting go of the past and moving on.

– Represents your roots, family, and home life

– A happy home is the key to a happy life!

– Deals with emotions, security, and the past

5th House: House of Creativity

Advice – House 5: Creativity and passion are amazing, but don’t let your desire for attention make you come across as narcissistic.

– Rules over creativity, self-expression, and pleasure

– Embrace your creativity and find joy in life’s small pleasures!

– Deals with romance, children, and entertainment

6th House: House of Health

– House 6: Attention to detail is essential, but don’t let it cross over into obsessive behavior or nitpicking.

– Represents your physical health, daily work, and routine 

– Your health is your wealth! Take care of your body and mind, and success will follow.

– Governs your relationship with your mind and body

7th House: House of Partnership

– House 7: Relationships are valuable, but don’t let your fear of alone making you settle for toxic or abusive partners.

– Deals with partnerships, marriage, and business relationships

– The key to a successful partnership is balance and mutual respect.

– Represents the principle of balance and equality 

8th House: House of Transformation

– House 8: Change is inevitable, but don’t let your desire for control make you manipulative or obsessive.

– Represents transformation, regeneration, and change 

– Sometimes, change is necessary for growth. Embrace it!

– Deals with shared resources, other people’s possessions, and sexuality 

9th House: House of Philosophy

– House 9: Adventure is fantastic, but don’t let your overconfidence make you become ignorant or closed-minded.

– Deals with foreign travel, higher education, and philosophy

– Travel and learning are great ways to expand your horizons and enrich your life.

– Represents your spiritual beliefs and sense of life purpose

10th House: House of Career

– House 10: Ambition is great, but don’t let it make you prioritise work over your relationships and well-being.

– Governs your career, social status, and reputation

– A successful career is the result of hard work, determination, and natural talent.

– Represents authority, public image, and ambition

11th House: House of Community

– House 11: Community is fundermental, but don’t let it make you conform to the beliefs and opinions of others.

– Deals with friendships, groups, and social causes

– Working together towards a common goal is what makes a society great!

– Represents your involvement with society and the collective

12th House: House of the Unconscious

– House 12: Intuition is powerful, but don’t let it make you avoid facing reality or dealing with your problems head-on.

– Deals with the subconscious, spirituality, and complete surrender

– Embrace your spirituality, relax and surrender to the natural flow of life!

– Represents the hidden parts of your psyche and self-renewal

What do the 12 houses of astrology represent?

1houses 1 to 6

The 12 houses of astrology represent different areas of our lives and symbolise various aspects of our personality, experiences, and challenges. Each house holds unique energy and governs specific aspects of life.

The first house, also known as the Ascendant, represents our self-image, appearance, and how we project ourselves to the world. It reflects our physical body and the energy we radiate.

The second house signifies our personal finances, material possessions, and values. It relates to how we earn money, handle resources, and find security in life.

The third house governs communication, learning, and sibling relationships. It represents how we express ourselves, our intellectual pursuits, and our ability to connect with others through language and written expression.

The fourth house symbolises home, family, and roots. It reflects our deepest emotional needs, sense of security, and the foundation we build our lives.

The fifth house represents creativity, self-expression, and pleasure. It governs romance, hobbies, children, and the things that bring us joy and fulfilment.

The sixth house relates to health, daily routines, and work. It signifies our approach to productivity, self-care, and the way we manage our physical and mental well-being

2Houses 7 to 12


The seventh house symbolises partnerships, both romantic and business. It reflects our relationships, collaborations, and how we interact with others on a one-on-one level.

The eighth house represents transformation, sexuality, and shared resources. It governs deep emotional connections, intimacy, joint finances, and relationship power dynamics.

The ninth house relates to higher education, travel, philosophy, and spirituality. It reflects our beliefs, broader perspectives, and search for meaning in life.

The tenth house signifies career, reputation, and public image. It represents our ambitions, achievements, and how others perceive us in the professional sphere.

The eleventh house symbolises friendships, social groups, and our aspirations. It reflects our connection to society, our involvement in collective causes, and the kind of people we surround ourselves with.

The twelfth house represents spirituality, subconscious mind, and hidden matters. It governs dreams, intuition, solitude, and our deepest fears and secrets.

What do we learn in each house

1houses 1 to 6th

In the first house this is where our journey of self-discovery begins. The first house represents our identity, physical appearance, and how we present ourselves to the world. It is often referred to as the "house of self" because it embodies our individuality and personal expression.

In the first house, we find a reflection of our unique essence. Through this house, we learn about our strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth. Our physical appearance, style choices, and overall demeanour are all influenced by the energy of this house.

As we delve into the depths of the first house, we discover that it holds the key to unlocking our true potential. It asks us to embrace authenticity and be unapologetically ourselves, for we can truly shine in our genuine expression. The first house encourages us to embrace individuality and celebrate our uniqueness.

In this house, we are called to take ownership of our identity and confidently present ourselves to the world. It reminds us that we have the power to shape our own narratives and define who we are. Societal expectations or limitations do not confine us; instead, we have the freedom to explore and express ourselves in ways that feel true to who we are at our core.

Embracing authenticity requires courage and vulnerability. It means letting go of the need to conform or seek validation from others.

Instead, it invites us to tune into our inner guidance and trust in the wisdom of our own intuition. This journey of self-discovery in the first house is a process of shedding societal masks and embracing our true selves.

As we heal past wounds and release old patterns, the energy of the first house supports us in recognising and honouring our unique gifts and talents. It encourages us to step into our personal power and express ourselves authentically.

By embracing our individuality, we find a sense of liberation and inspire others to do the same.

Our unapologetic self-expression becomes a beacon of light, empowering those around us to embrace their own authenticity. The energy of the first house ripples outwards, creating a ripple effect of courage and self-acceptance.

In the second house of astrology, we delve into the realm of material possessions and our relationship with money. This house teaches us the value of financial stability and how it can provide a sense of security and comfort in our lives. It encourages us to explore our own worth and develop a healthy relationship with abundance.

Moving on to the third house, we enter the realm of communication and learning. Here, we discover the power of written or spoken language as a tool for expressing ourselves and connecting with others. This house teaches us the importance of effective communication, adaptability, and continuous learning throughout our lives.

In the fourth house, we journey into the depths of our emotional well-being and ancestral roots. This house teaches us about our sense of home, family and our ability to create a nurturing environment for ourselves and those we care about. It encourages us to explore our emotional foundations and find a sense of belonging.

As we venture into the fifth house, we enter the realm of creativity, self-expression, and joy. This house teaches us the importance of embracing our passions and allowing ourselves to shine. It encourages us to tap into our inner childlike spirit and find pleasure in life's simple pleasures.

Moving on to the sixth house, we shift our focus towards health, daily routines, and service to others. This house teaches us the significance of taking care of our physical and mental well-being through mindful practices and disciplined habits. It encourages us to find a balance between work and play while prioritising self-care and contribution to the greater good.

Ultimately the sixth house invites us to prioritise our well-being and establish healthy routines that support both our physical and mental health. It reminds us to strike a balance between work and self-care, as we navigate the daily demands of life

2houses 7 to 12

Moving on to the seventh house, we find ourselves in the realm of relationships and partnerships. This house highlights the importance of connection and collaboration, whether it be in love or business. It encourages us to cultivate harmonious interactions and seek mutually beneficial alliances that nurture growth and fulfilment.

The eighth house takes us into the depths of transformation and rebirth. It delves into the realm of intimacy, shared resources, and deep psychological processes. This house urges us to confront our fears, embrace change, and explore our innermost desires with courage and vulnerability.

As we shift our focus to the ninth house, we embark on a journey of exploration and expansion. This house represents higher education, philosophy, spirituality, and long-distance travel. It invites us to broaden our horizons, seek wisdom from different cultures and belief systems, and discover new perspectives that can enrich our lives.

In the tenth house, we enter the realm of ambition, career, and public image. This house reminds us to strive for success and recognition in our chosen path. It encourages us to set goals, work diligently toward them, and establish a reputation that aligns with our values and aspirations.

As we venture into the eleventh house, we find ourselves in the sphere of friendships, community, and social networks. Here, we are called to connect with like-minded individuals who share our passions and vision for positive change. This house inspires us to collaborate with others to bring about collective progress and create a better world.

Moving into the twelfth house, we enter the realm of solitude and introspection. This house delves into our subconscious mind, dreams, and spiritual connection. It encourages us to take time for self-reflection, meditation, and exploring the depths of our own psyche. Through this process, we can heal past wounds, release old patterns, and tap into our inner wisdom.