Moon Transiting Libra: How does Moon in Libra affect me?

Moon transiting Libra

  • Seeing all sides of the argument
  • Seeking stability
  • Set boundaries, respect other peoples
  • Self-care and love
  • romance
  • Increasing your self-esteem and assurance
  • Seeking entertainment, Good food, good company
  • Helping others with their life issues
  • Appreciating art and beauty
  • Keeping the peace
  • Intellectual stimulation
  • Gossip and superficiality
  • Spiritual or psychological ascension- mediation, breath work, connecting with your inner self or higher power
  • Working through relationship tensions- speaking your mind- compromise
  • Creating or strengthening business deals- negotiation
  • Introspection
  • Going shopping, brightening up your home or wardrobe
  • Avoid being too self-absorbed
  • Watch out for jealousy
  • Good time to be creative or spend time in nature
  • Last 2 and half days.
  • Influence of Taurus, Libra, Venus, Uranus and Saturn energy

When the moon is in Libra is an excellent time to think about how you can bring more balance and harmony into your life. Especially within, Seeking to integrate all aspects of your personality, wants, and needs, aiming to harmonise opposites.

Whilst the moon was in Virgo, you may have started this work; the transiting moon in Libra is asking you how you can balance your body’s needs with the needs of your mind ( intellect) and of your soul ( psychological, emotional and spiritual needs).

You may find yourself tweaking your diet and exercise regime, looking at ways to strengthen your skill set, and looking into starting a new course.

Reading books, researching a topic you have always been interested in, or looking deeper into any spiritual or religious practice that piques your interest.

Personal dimensions

When the moon transits Libra, you may begin to pay attention to your emotional and psychological needs thinking of ways to heal any trauma and understand that dimension of yourself more.

Venus rules Libra mundanely, but Uranus, which also co-rules Capricorn and Aquarius, rules Libra, esoterically.

So you may find yourself wanting to bring more self-discipline, personal responsibility, perseverance, creativity, freedom and inspiration and awareness into your life.

You may find this a challenging time, as Uranus is the great disrupter and rapid bringer of change, it is not as harsh as Pluto, but it’s electric all the same.

Libra mundanely is ruled by Venus, but as you start to become more of an individual, ceasing to conform to what society and others want of you. Know that change and following your authentic self takes time.

But if you really want to fill your inner void, it is the path one must take; at times, you may feel caught between a rock and a hard place.

During this transit, bringing balance into your life takes time and typically involves a lot of backtracking and indecisiveness, be gentle with yourself while the moon is transiting Libra.


Or look at ways to bring about changes in your personal social life, or make grand plans to make the social life of the collective better in some way.

When the moon is transiting Libra, it is an excellent time to reconnect with your inner being, spend time with those you care about, and do some work to further your career and personal development; after all, Libra is all about equilibrium, right.

You may find yourself and those around you more peacemaking and tactful than usual, focusing on the bigger picture rather than on personal quibbles and conflicts.

However, make sure your not just keeping the peace when you should speak up for yourself, also. Do not take advantage of others just because they are seeking to avoid confrontation.

Good company

You may feel like being highly sociable, spreading yourself thin, getting into gossip and being superficial, but now is not the time; now is the time to spend with good company.

So seek out your lover(s), best friend or someone you can trust like, or you may decide to spend your time in solitude, you know what they say two is company, three is a crowd.  This moon transit is an excellent time to bring romance and variety into your love life, even if it’s just with yourself.

You may find yourself in deep introspection when the moon transits Libra, reflecting on what personality traits to refine and any other general self-appraisal.

You may also evaluate your close friends and relationships, in the view to let people go, who no longer bring your joy, or looking at ways to enhance your connections.

The shadow of transiting Moon in Libra

Watch out for hidden or upfront enemies; be careful of the double agendas of yourself and others, especially co-workers, resist walking over others or being taken advantage.

Self-care is good but don’t become self-absorbed and try and listen and respect others boundaries, avoid gossiping as it may come back to bite you in the bum, yet try not to let others title tattle get to you either.

 People will always have something to say, also resist putting off the things you need to do, say what needs to be said but with tact, and try and keep calm if a loved one has harsh words with you.

Try to understand where they are coming from, state your peace, and try and figure out what they want from you and make plans to give it to them.

 Make sure you don’t leave yourself out of the bargain, remember fairness and equality is a two-way process.

Try not to throw a spanner in the works for the sake of it, and beware others may play devil’s advocate for the sake of it also, so count ten and walk away if need be.

Know you are somebody too and do not let anyone disrespect you or take you for a ride.


When the moon transit Libra, it is an excellent time to seek out relaxation, attend a spa, indulge in some other form of self-care, and give a presentation or speech of your life.

You may find yourself seeking intellectual conversation, joining a new philosophical or higher learning group; when the moon is in Libra, it’s all about finding and taking the middle way, compromise in the keyword for the transiting Libra moon.

Seek the highest, think the best, and carry out the best actions for your mind, body and soul; plant seeds that will take bloom over the coming moons.

You may find it hard to make a decision after all Libra energy can be decisive, but write down your options, what is it you want, where do you really want to be in 1, 5 and ten years, write down the steps you will need to take to get there and start working towards your highest potential.

Moon Transit Taurus

Health and gardening

Libra rules the kidneys, bladder, buttocks, hips and secretory glands, enjoy food and exercise, which promotes the health of these organs and any medication, supplements, and vitamins you need.

Stretching exercises like yoga and tai chi are good to do now, as is exfoliating your skin.

When the moon transit Libra, it is a good time to cultivate and trim your crops and plants and plant aromatic herbs, vines, flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Plant hard root plants like beets, carrots, parsnips, celery, artichokes, radishes, ginger, seeding hay, and corn fodder.

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