Neptune transiting the houses

  • Neptune transits tend to bring subtle changes unless they happening or aspecting planets in the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses, then the effects can be more full-on and obvious


How long does a transit in Neptune last for?


  • Neptune transit through the houses can last anywhere between 13-14 years, depending on the size of your house in your birth chart.

how long does Neptune stay in a sign

  • It takes 165 years for Neptune to transit the entire zodiac, and it spends roughly 14 years in each sign
  • Neptune transiting the houses can bring addictive, mystifying-strange, enigmatic-undercover experience, like secret hook-ups etc., psychic- higher consciousness awakening, or destructive experiences
  • Having to deal with your past in some way, buried emotional or psychological wounds may surface
  • How Neptune transit affects you depends on your individual temperament, where Neptune is in your birth chart, your soul age and incarnating purpose.
  • You can experience subtle changes in attitude that have the potential to change your life direction
  • External forces typically trigger the events of Neptune, for instance, a break-up
  • Making the subconscious conscious
  • Falling into addiction or intoxication relationships
  • Changes in attitudes and how you view life
  • Increase in psychic awareness, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your inner stability or lack of it
  • Finding a higher power or becoming aware of your higher consciousness
  • Illusionary romances
  • Deceptive thoughts and behaviours
  • Drastic changes such as becoming less focused on material possessions and your career to change to a more ethical profession- change in life direction and purpose
  • External events may force your change in attitudes such as wars, pandemics, economic, political or social changes
  • Often, the issues of the Houses containing planets that are in Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries in your natal chart can come under the spotlight
  • For example, if Mars is in Scorpio in 6th house in your birth chart, and transiting Neptune is in your 1st   house(self-expression),  then the areas controlled by the 6th house- daily responsibilities, health-wellness  and other routines and how you serve others, will also be affected
  • Positive aspects such as sextile, trines, semi sextiles, conjuncts to Neptune whilst transiting any house will somehow enhance your life.
  • Even if you’re going through a hard time, you will still be able to go through them with ease; listen to your intuition that will guide you on how to keep your head above water even if you’re going through a storm
  • Neptune’s negative aspects usually bring chaos and turmoil; your intuition will guide you to withstand the suffering. Still, you will be less likely to follow these subtle intuitions.
  • You may give in to the chaos or confusion, but know even the weirdest, most painful things we experience in life can bring happiness eventually.
  • Neptune’s negative aspects can make you lazy or too fatigued to even try to get out of your disorder and turmoil.
  • If that’s the case, just take small steps daily to get out of any hole you’re in, crawl if you have to; they are a lot of lessons in darkness, after all.
  • Ask yourself what is this trying to teach me about myself, other people, life itself and higher consciousness-spiritual- religious experiences?
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Neptune transits can be highly deceptive. You may be more gullible than usual, prone to escapism or addiction, and Neptune transits can cause you to believe in lies vehemently.

Even if the truth is staring you in the face, you will be unable to see it.

Even if your friends or family try to stop you from falling into illusion, you may ignore their interventions and believe the fantasy anyway.

The positives of Neptune transits are that they can allow you to become more receptive to the psychic realms.

 Opening up your mind and helping you to let go of egotistical thinking.

Neptune can open you up to the spiritual, mystical and psychological; you may become more receptive to your psyche and subconscious mind.

Neptune transits in the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 12th houses can make you start the work of healing your emotional and psychological wounds so you can live a more productive life.

This won’t be pleasant, and all fun and games, you can go to some dark places, but the end results of your self-healing will be a more balanced mind.

You may become more emphatic, selfless and sacrifice more for others by volunteering in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters or charities.

Neptune energy serves to break down your ego and false beliefs about yourself and the world, making you more open to helping others.

Yet to use Neptune energy correctly, it is essential to meet your own needs and others.

Many people with adverse aspects to Neptune in their natal chart or if Neptune makes negative aspects while transiting.

Fall into the trap of denying themselves and spending their time or lives focused on helping others.

Helping others is good, yet you must not cause your own ill health by doing so.

See-through your ego and know it is not the real you; use it instead to protect yourself from harm and encourage others to express themselves authentically.

Nevertheless, I believe that denying your ego entirely has the same result as using your ego to control other people; both habits contribute to the world’s inequality problems.

It is best to use your ego as a mechanism to express and protect yourself in healthy ways.

Psychological breakdowns can be triggered by Neptune transits. Still, you seek support to help you if you feel unstable.

Typically Neptune transits can make you feel lost, confused and fearful. They can mess with your ability to react objectively to your current reality, Interfering with your conscious reasoning skills.

Neptune serves to break down illusion; typically, this occurs by drawing you falling into delusion.

It can be hard to get out of when you are in the grip of Neptune addiction; still, it is possible.

If you use drugs or alcohol to explore the psychic realms, or if you’re suffering from a disturbed psychological or emotional state.

 You can fall father into illusion and feelings of pessimism, unworthiness, fear and hopelessness.

If you open yourself up to the ethereal too quickly.

 It is best not to take shortcuts in life; it’s best to open yourself up to the psychic realms safely in a step by step manner.

 Not suddenly via drug, alcohol or dark occult methods.

But you know us, humans, we live on hindsight, so we have to spend time repairing the damage we do by our self-destructive habits.

Again it’s not about attributing fault. We are programmed to drink alcohol and take drugs without being fully aware of the full consequences of using these substances.

Still, these substances can open us to sides of ourselves and the world that are very important to be aware of for your personal growth.

It is best to open these doorways to higher perceptions when you feel stable inside.

This inner stability is achieved by doing the , lifelong work to heal your emotional and psychological wounds. Facing your problems and not running from them with excessive drug and alcohol use.

If you are spiritually inclined and grounded, Neptune transits can help you with your spiritual or occult practices. Strengthening your connection to your higher self guides and the higher power (consciousness).

Neptune transit can help you clear out past life karma and feel at one with yourself and the cosmos; however, it’s best to keep a journal or voice or video logs.

 When Neptune makes adverse aspects to other planets such as squares, oppositions or quincunxes, Mars, Uranus or Saturn. You may be prone to excessive fear, worry, instability, aggression or eccentric behaviour.

Romances started under Neptune transits can be highly deceptive as you’re prone to idealising people and not seeing things clearly.

So it’s best to fact check and take time to consider your options rather than rushing in, feet first.

But hey yano, there are a lot of valuable lessons in the mistakes we make in life.

Awareness can be a valuable tool; our mistakes and dark nights of the soul, our low points, depression, and anxieties can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Neptune transits opens you up to your emotions and something bigger than yourself and this material world we live in.

Sometimes it is in an addictive, self-destructive way. It is often painful; other times, it is by beautiful dreams and inner urges.

To express our creativity by writing poetry, short stories or other content, Bursting into dance and laughter, Neptune’s main aim is waking you up to a higher reality.

Neptune transiting the first house

  • You may experience more self-awareness, consciously become aware of that small still voice that is quieter than the ego’s voice
  • The best use of this transit is to settle to mind and train it to visualise the things you want to manifest in your life and then take daily action to make it so
  • You can become more creative; you may record or write music, novels, short stories, poetry etc.
  • You may change how you think about yourself, others and the world in general
  • Drastic changes in self-expression
  • An intellectual, religious, spiritual, philosophical, technological or mystical awakening or change in perception
  • Becoming more empathetic for past mistakes
  • Psychic visions, lucid dreams
  • You can gain a lot of insight into your personal belief system, and you may change your opinions many times during this period
  • Increase in meditation, breathwork and other higher consciousness practices
  • Good transit for those interested in growing their psychic or other occult abilities
  • Negatively you can be too in tune with other people’s problems, causing psychosomatic other hard-to-diagnose illnesses.
  • which can make you mentally imbalanced, self-care is important
  • Self-help techniques or seeking traditional or alternative therapy ( Reiki or any other energetic healing or talking therapy) will help with any emotional or psychological instability
More about transiting Neptune in the 1st house

Neptune transiting the first house can confuse you, leaving you questioning who you really are.

 In general, this causes identity crises. You may go through many changes of appearances and personas, your friends, family, co-workers, passing acquaintances and any new people you meet.

May trigger aspects of your personality that you were previously unaware of, causing you to express your once hidden personality traits.

Negatively, other people can project their own image of who they think you are onto you, and you may try to live up to their expectations.

There is a fakeness, changing your behaviours and thoughts to get what you want, vibe about this transit.

You must do the work to know exactly who you are to express yourself authentically.

If you don’t and choose to pretend, you may fall into the trap of people-pleasing and doing what other people expect of you.

Manipulating others to get what you want may backfire in the long run, causing breakdowns in relationships and low self-esteem.

The first house shows what social mask we wear in public, whereas your moon sign, 8th house and 12th house and the planets there reveal who you are within.

 You must not confuse your persona with your inner depths because you can attract the wrong people and experiences into your life.

Drug or alcohol use can cause further confusion in this transit. Because the lower octaves of Neptune energy can cause illusion and deception, you may form new relationships based on fake perceptions at this time.

Because if you pretend to be who you are not or are unsure of yourself and what you stand for, you will attract those who are also going through these feelings.

It’s not always the case that you and others intentionally deceive each other at this time, although this can be the case.

 It is just that you and others may not be thinking straight, which can cause confusion, hurt feelings and wasted time.

 You can create and live in fantasy rather than being rooted in reality during this period.

Your emotions may take you to some deep and dark places at this time.

Especially if you get involved in toxic relationships or develop a drug, alcohol, or other addiction.

You may carry out degrading sexual acts due to feelings of unworthiness.

You could attract a lover or other people who detect your low self-esteem and disrespects you.

 Repeatedly or they may try to control or make you reliant on them, so much, so you lose your sense of self, and you may come to believe you cannot even breathe without them.

If this occurs, it’s crucial you get help at this time, your friends and family may try to intervene, but you may push them away.

No one can save anyone else; you can only save yourself; no one can save you; they can help you protect yourself.

But relationships shouldn’t take away your self-esteem, nor should you depend entirely on someone.

Nor should you allow them to depend on you because this will stunt the growth. Which Neptune transiting the 1st house requires.

Some lessons each person needs to learn for themselves. Relationships should be interdependent and not co-dependent.

During Neptune transit, the first house you may get involved in unrealistic projects or research, like conspiracy theories, some may be true.

 But is it worth losing your sense of self to prove them right? By all means, research, but if anything takes over your entire life, is it worth it?

Especially if it interferes with your ability to do day to day things like progress in your career, pay your bills, spend time with your close ones etc.

You may also choose to see what you wish to see at this time, which can cause more problems; you can be overly idealistic, choosing to ignore warning signs and red flags.

 On the other hand, you may enjoy deceiving others at this time.

 Leading you to be involved in weird relationships that you would have avoided if you were thinking straight.

This time is best spent on healing any subconscious emotions, thoughts and psychological blockages that make you feel less than; get professional help to do this; however, you should do your best to become self-reliant.

This does not mean, don’t get help; it does mean doing all you can to help yourself so you can show up in the world and be comfortable with who you really are.

Neptune transiting the 2nd house

  • You can make bad financial decisions, so it is best to get advice if you feel you cannot manage your finances
  • Question why you do or don’t spend and why?
  • How you feel about possessions, and your personal values may change during this period
  • Overspending due to impractical thinking or inner turmoil
  • Make sure you check all paperwork of anything you sign
  • You are more subjective to romance, and other scams like seen in the tinder swindler
  • Yes, support your partner, yet make sure you know what they are saying is valid first; spend your money on yourself first before anyone else
  • Yes, give but make sure its worthy causes
  • It is best to make a strategic budgeting plan for all spending and to do all you can to improve your circumstances
  • This can be by changing how you feel about money
  • if you think you do not deserve it, you will give it away more or not do all you can to obtain it
  • if your lacking money, wishful thinking and daydreams won’t bring it to you but getting all the skills you need
  • taking practical action to change your behaviours managing your psychological and emotional health will ensure your self-esteem and financial security.
More about transiting Neptune in the 2nd house

How you view possessions and your inner values will go through significant changes at this time.

 Neptune energies work to dissolve your ego and untrue beliefs often formed via negative childhood experiences.

Neptune transiting the 2nd house is a time where you should focus on releasing the beliefs your parents, friends and society programmed you with and taking time to question what it is you really value.

Some of you may choose to research a new or old religious, spiritual, philosophical or psychological belief system.

 To help you expand your consciousness and help you live life in a more detached way.

Seeking not to cling so much to belongings, people and outcomes, an external event like a drastic change in your finances may trigger this change.

 Not to say you will lose money or material security at this time. However, this can happen; you may increase your wealth and possessions at this time.

Still, either way, whatever happens, you will make you question why you feel you need material things to feel secure.

 If that’s how you feel, some of you may decide to get rid of possession.

You may downsize and give more to others; after spending a lot of your life trying to accumulate things,

You may discover that they hold no value to you anymore.

Realising it’s the memories of our experiences in life that are the most valuable things, not the things themselves.

On the other hand, some of you may get more materialistic at this time; after all, this is Neptune’s hazy and confusing thinking we talking about.

You could have lived a religious or spiritual life up until now and started to realise you have been missing out on material gains.

There really is no right or wrong path in life; all experiences in life are needed for growth.

It is best not to make drastic changes now; even if you have been living, in an unethical or non-materialistic way, you still have to live.

So yes, make changes to bring more income into your life and increase your material security.

 You can give to charity and help out those you care about or those in need but make sure you take care of your needs.

Life is about balancing your psychical-material-financial, spiritual, emotional and psychological health; owning things and having money is not wrong.

It is loving things and money, more than people and the environment, which causes imbalances in your life and our world.

It is best to be careful with how you spend and invest your money at this time.

Especially investments or purchases related to property and shares, get advice if need be.

Particularly if new or old friends, business partners etc, offer you an opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

Because of Neptune’s deceptive energy, even the honest can become con people and rip off merchants during this transit.

So check before you sign anything, do your research; if not, you could end up losing a substantial amount of money or all of it. Only bet what you can afford to lose, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

Neptune transiting the third house

  • overt or covert ( obvious or not so noticeable) changes in the way you communicate with yourself and others
  • likelihood you will research alternative scientific, technological, philosophical, religious, spiritual – higher consciousness ideas
  • This transit is best used to uplift your consciousness and deepen your perceptions
  • Neptune’s intuitive subtle influences can lead you to find resourceful solutions to any issues you are facing in your life
  • suitable for creative writing, film/ documentary production, and other imaginative content creation.
  • guard against getting too obsessed with new ideas, study them in slow and steady ways to avoid mental or emotional breakdowns
  • do all you can to be present as your thinking can drift to past mistakes, heartbreaks etc., and this can cause conflict in your current relationships
  • Find a safe way to deal with old emotional and psychological wounds.
  • You and others can tell lies, to get what they want, watch out for this tendency, manipulations backfire eventually
  • Increase in conversations with friends, family, neighbours, co-workers about human mysteries from is there a god, are Yetis rea? l, UFO invasions etc.
  • Fact check all new ideas as there is a tendency to believe in things fanatically
  • causing confusion, unreasonable or vague thinking or expression, do all your best to logical process all information you receive now.
  • Even mystical information, true higher conscious thinking mixes the rational and the irrational, ignore neither.
  • You can literally think you communicate words you have not, arguing with others that they not listening, but it’s because you are prone to having excessive conversations in your head
  • Take time out to meditate, enjoy nature, self-care, relax, try not to over-research
  • Fact check everything, especially all legally binding documents or anything else that will affect your life trajectory
More about transiting Neptune in the 3rd house

Communications of all types can improve or upset your life at this time.

 It is essential you check what others mean by what they say during this transit and not assume anything.

It is also vital that you do your best to be direct in speech, although Neptune in the 3rd house can make you hear what you want to hear or mistake what is meant by said.

This can cause disagreement or misunderstandings with your friends, passing acquaintances, co-workers, family, business or intimate sexual partner(s) at this time.

Your self or other people’s deception can lead you to question all you have come to think as accurate in the world.

The revelation of lies or half trusts may lead you down a road of self-doubt and distrust of other people and yourself.

It’s imperative that you realise that opinions and beliefs can change and that, ultimately, life is an uncertain thing.

Still, it is our human need to look for certainty, typically by refusing to grow, that causes the most pain.

Try and be open-minded and be patient with the process.

Don’t feel you need to make decisions all at once.

 Take one day at a time, allow yourself to grow, past your feelings of self-doubt and any suffering your experience during this time.

If you have been betrayed, know they are people that won’t betray you out there.

It is often our beliefs that like we can never love again and that all people are misleading, that cuts us off from finding the right friends and lovers for us.

Neptune in the 3rd house will allow you to widen your perceptions be flexible

Allow yourself to overcome the prison of your rational mind by opening you up to the many powerful insights of the subconscious.

Exploring the unknown of the subconscious can provide you with creative solutions to even the most challenging problems, which you can find hard to solve with logic alone.

Even if you are, mostly an logical thinker, now is the time to open yourself up to the unconscious and explore what’s there.

All that being said, Neptune in the 3rd house can be a confusing time; it’s best to have things written down and not rely on verbal agreements.

Especially in business, investment and other serious matters or projects.

Even the best working or creative partnerships can go wrong at this time due to misinterpretation or uncertainty of what it is meant.

Make sure you lay all your cards on the table and ask the right questions without being afraid to re-ask questions; although this can cause annoyance, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is also best to do extensive research before agreeing on any new contracts or collaborations at this time.

Because people can present themselves as something, they are not.

Even those you have known for some time, causing a waste of time, energy, money and other resources.

 The best use of this time is to engage in deep spiritual or intellectual reflection.

 Neptune represents the psychic and mystical, but not everyone alive today, is here to open these doors this lifetime.

Some of you may open your mind up to new technological, scientific, philosophical or intellectual possibilities that deepens your awareness.

You may decide to deepen or begin a new journey into the metaphysical and the occult.

You may choose to research chakras, karma, samsara, dharma, self-awareness, astrology, numerology. Reincarnation, yoga, meditation, or other occult practices or knowledge.

You may even make a decision to live by some of these new principles you have found; for those of you who are creative.

This is an excellent period to write that book, write poetry, learn to play an instrument, learn to draw, create content.

 Or if you already have music, images – paintings, written work or anything else artistic, that you have not yet shared with the world, now is the time to do so.

Transiting Neptune in the fourth house

  • Neptune is exalted when transiting the 4th house because this is the natural home of cancer
  • A lot of changing emotions
  • Having to look after your family or friends’ emotional, physical or psychological needs can make you feel stressed and straine
  • You can experience intense higher consciousness and intellectual thoughts that widen your perception
  • Some of you may literally contact the ethereal realm, starting or deepening your connection to those in the spirit realm
  • Childhood, past life memories, family heritages such as religious, social status come under the spotlight
  • You may prefer to spend more time alone at home
  • Seeking traditional or alternative therapy to deal with negative thought and behaviour patterns once and for all
  • Holding occult /healing/psychic/ astrology or other meetings at home, helping others from your home, taking in animals etc
  • Redecorating your home, so it looks like, well, a hippy commune, nothing wrong with that
  • you may burn incense, buy crystals and other decorations associated with spiritual or psychic life goals
  • Some of you may spend more time away from home due to looking after a sick parent, a personal illness
  • Be careful when buying possessions related to the home or new property
  • you may not make the best choice, spend a lot of time thinking and rethinking if this is the right choice or not?
More about transiting Neptune in the 4th house

During this transit, you will seek more harmony in your physical and inner home.

 But watch out for becoming too idealistic so that your own expectations for yourself and others fail to live up to reality.

You could become involved in therapy at this time to help you resolve unhealed emotions from your past.

Some of you may become interested in the higher meanings of life, occult practices o or psychological or intellectual introspection.

Subtle forces will be working to bring about inward changes, and the events that take place in your home can trigger painful feelings.

Members of your household can act in ways that cause these feelings, or you may be the one who is the reason for others to get upset at this time.

On the other hand, a family member may become ill, causing you and your relatives to work together to take care of them.

Which may cause you psychological or physical strain.

However it plays out, your home life can invoke disheartened emotions.

Which causes uncertainty, confusion and insecurity, leading you to think of ways to bring more happiness into your life.

This can lead to you leaving your current home or escapist behaviours like staying out late, working late, drinking or taking drugs.

That can invoke disturbing thoughts, which result in further conflict, or a family member’s addiction can cause problems in your home.

 Which leads to a breakdown in communications and walking on eggshells in your household.

Ultimately, whatever happens, may cause you to transcend the situation and get away from these problems,  but do it safely instead of using intoxicating substances, fantasy or other distractions to escape your reality.

Sure visualise better; this always helps but remember to take practical action to bring around the changes; constantly living in a fantasy or chasing a high won’t help.

Instead, seek out ways to overcome any issues in your household issue, you may have to call in a mediator.

Get yourself, or any relatives help for their compulsions.

 Whatever it takes, this transit wants you to find a way to gain inner peace and an overall feeling of emotional and psychological stability.

Transiting Neptune in the fifth house

  • Reasonable period to focus on your creativity, even if it’s just for you and not for others to see, poetry, making music, writing songs, a novel
  • painting, learning an instrument and all forms of content creation is the best use of this time
  • excellent transit for all entertainers, psychic healers etc
  • You can produce some magical art or words
  • You can reconnect with your inner child or have fun with any children whose lives you are involved in
  • Children’s creative achievement can bring joy at this time; alternatively, children may experience emotional or psychological difficulties during this transit that affect your day to day life.
  • Avoid over-speculation in investments and gambling money on horse racing, sports and bingo. This transit can cause huge drops in wealth and, therefore, stability.
  • On the plus end, you can fall in love several times, and on the negative side, you can be too idealistic in romance and experience a lot of heartaches because you pick the wrong people to connect with, deeply
  • Attracting mysterious, alternative thinking lovers or friends
  • It can be a highly deceptive time; all is not what it seems; yes, float with Neptune but also stay grounded in reality
  • Disappointments can make you feel pessimistic, so it’s crucial you engage in self-care and do activities that can make you happy without causing you pain later
  • So avoid too many drugs, alcohol, hookups etc. and anything else that can give you a sharp and often upsetting come down
  • Try to healthy uplift your mood, mediation, listening to music, spending time in nature, dancing, reading, playing some games
More about transiting Neptune in the 5th house

The fifth house is the house of children, romance, speculation and fun, so this can be a highly enjoyable time, but do not get carried away.

 Because Neptune places a fog other your analytical skills. It is essential to learn how to manage its elusive energy, channelling it into suitable areas, such as creativity and personal growth, becoming aware of the  pitfalls of this vibration

It may sound complex, but it is not; Neptune energy is perfect for finding creative solutions to problems, creating music, dance routines etc.

It is not so good for when your driving, operating machinery etc..

Do not gamble more than you can afford, especially in stock market investments. It’s essential to stay grounded and know luck can end, and part of luck is to understand when you are in unlucky periods.

They could be childcare issues due to unexpected illness or behaviour concerns with any children you take care of or who lives you’re involved in at this time.

It’s vital if children are misbehaving, you tell them so and punish them reasonably.

I know we all want to love our kids and give them the best but letting them think they are right when they are wrong creates the monster we often complain about in adulthood.

You can find creative solutions to even the most practical of matters at this time, but if you do work in content creation.

Design, writing, singing or any other artistic profession, or even if you’re a hobbyist.

 You can discover new ideas from your dream or waking visions that help you produce great work at this time.

Over idealising and pedal stalling are keywords for this transit; you may feel that you can save an existing or a new lover may come into your life.

You may want to play rescuer to you; co-dependent connections of all types can be formed during this transit.

It’s vital to know you can only change yourself. Change is hard work, and transformation takes time and continuous effort.

 Yes, you can support others or hold a space for them with boundaries, but you should never idealise so much you cannot or refuse to see they can do wrong.

Neptune transiting the fifth house makes you view others with rose-tinted glasses.

You cannot see people for who they really are at this time, or you may willingly choose to pedestal them.

Reckless behaviours caused by infatuation or addiction can happen during transit.

As you both get deeper into your addiction, you may become unable to take care of day to day matters like turning up to work or paying bills.

Friends, family or co-workers may warn you, but you’re bound to ignore their pleas at this time, even if you don’t follow your love interest path to substance abuse.

You may support them by buying their alcohol or drugs for them, or  you can be the one whose partner buys your poison of choice,

They are many ways this can all work out, but it is essential to see people for who they really are, and if your life is worse with someone than it was when you were single, then that’s a big red flag.

If you are the one with an addiction issue, get some help, know you are worthy, and I know they may be a lot of reasons for your self-medication, not to judge.

Not to limit your pain, as that’s real, but you can overcome it if you take small steps, day to day, to slowly stop your compulsions.

I believe in you.

Were you able to show up to work on time and meet your commitments before this relationship?

So what’s changed now? If your relationship doesn’t help you grow but makes you regress, it is toxic, and you need to seek help to get out of if you feel powerless to do it alone.

If you have strong Pisces, Neptune, water sign energy in your chart, then you could attract an equal partner. You can form a spiritual connection with them that’s based more on a soul connection than a physical one.

 However, you mustn’t get lost in fantasy, take care of your responsibilities, allow each other to be independent, as well as a couple.

Transiting Neptune in the sixth house

  • Neptune is detrimental in Virgo, so you may experience difficulties at work; your own or your family’s health issues can affect your ability to focus on or to actually work
  • This transit can cause unemployment or an inability to financially support yourself.
  • You may neglect yourself or care less about how you look, have poor hygiene, which can upset your family, friends and co-workers
  • On the plus side, you can use your gut feelings- intuition, creativity to solve any obstacles that happen during this time, especially career ones
  • You may receive praise or a promotion at work due to your ingenious-alternative ideas to solve workplace issues
  • At worst, your intoxicating substances abuse, daydreaming, confused and impractical thinking can affect your productivity at work, that at worse can lead to you losing your job
  • If you are going through emotional problems, get help, there is a tendency you could turn to drugs or alcohol to soothe your anxieties and ease your depression
  • but this can cause more issues than the ones you’re trying to solve.
  • Starting health plans that adversely affect your health, so make sure you check the validity- facts of any health claims of any products, food or exercise plans
  • Alterative healing strategies like fasting, homoeopathy, tai chi, meditation
  • Reiki healing, herbal medicine, yoga, rebounding, massage etc., may help you at this time.
  • You can suffer from long term, psychosomatic or other hard to diagnose illnesses, such as autoimmune disorders, arthritis, mood disorders.
  • Even if you have a high tolerance to drugs and alcohol, this can be weakened under this transit, and you can experience more delusions will under their influence
More about transiting Neptune in the 6th house

You can find yourself more giving under this transit but make sure you give to worthwhile causes.

Because you can be subjective to misjudging people’s character at this time, which can lead to financial or some other loss.

You could decide to volunteer for a charity, care home in your spare time or some other charitable organisation.

 Or choose to change your career to work with those who are most unfortunate in society.

 The sixth house is the house of work, health and service; during this transit.

 Deceptive but hidden behaviour of others can cause you to make mistakes at work, which gain the attention of your superiors.

Someone may give you wrong information about your work responsibilities that you follow but are actually false.

You may not even know that this person has a problem with you as they may smile in your face and stab you in the back.

So even when your boss calls you out on this mistake, you won’t make the connection that they intentional wanted you to mess up and receive negative feedback from your manager.

Or it could be one of your own staff members if you’re the boss who is secretly working out of jealousy to make you look bad so they can take your place.

 And even if someone pints their devious behaviour out to you, you won’t believe it as you are viewing them through the clouded lens of Neptune forgiveness and empathy.

It is also vital that you double-check all information you receive at this time, especially if you decide to start a new exercise or healthy eating regime; it is crucial you get vitamins like C, D and other minerals in your diet.

Many people who start niche diets often cause themselves broader health issues in the long run. Because they neglect the fact that the body needs various nutrients and vitamins to keep it healthy.

It’s also essential you resist overindulging in fatty foods, alcohol and drugs at this time as these can cause health problems during or after this transit.

This is an excellent time to eat healthier and detox your body safely.

Paying attention to how your body responds to the changes in diet or exercise, this transit is best used for self-care and helping those who are genuinely in need.

 Be mindful that not everyone is who they seem to be.

 Observing the facts of any matter and not getting lost in wishful thinking.

Transiting Neptune in the seventh house

  • This can bring deception and illusion in close relationships; you may feel like your growing apart from your business or intimate partner(s) at this time
  • Your own thinking can be vague, hazy and incoherent, which can add to relationship breakdowns
  • you can literally be lost in your own imagination and fantasy life at this time
  • so make sure you do all you can to stay grounded in reality.
  • This highly susceptible state to the psychic realm is good for spiritual – higher consciousness development. Still, it may not be so good for practical matters.
  • Your business(s) partner can deceive you at this time, stealing finances from your company, intellectual or creative ideas, things like that, even someone who you see as trustworthy can con you during this period
  • Give people a chance don’t become paranoid or fearful, which are the negatives of this transit
  • this also applies if you’re already in a committed relationship, you can become oversensitive right now, causing problems.
  • Your thoughts can get the best of you at this time, destroying relationships.
  • Yet trust your intuition; you may be easily led and easy to fool at this time, so do not allow others to convince you or anything; instead, observe their behaviour
  • If you suspect something like cheating, theft etc., get the facts first
  • couples therapy or getting a mediator may help, as well as taking a more profound interest in your own and other people’s behaviour
  • Although you can have trouble with your partner, you and your lover(s) can become psychically in tune after this transit due to the turmoil you have gotten through.
  • Researching spiritual, psychological, intellectual, religious or philosophical explanations of human relationships and how to improve them may help
  • Keep an open mind if you are single with all new connections; observe behaviours as words are easy to fake.
  • You may attract karmic types of relationships to you if you are single, a soul mate comes with ease, you’re on each other’s side from the get-go, and you enrich each other’s lives
  • a soul tie comes with joy and pain at the same time
  • This is how you tell the difference between the two
  • If you feel a bond with someone but also at the same time, you feel like you need to run in the other direction
  • It means you have past life issues to work out
  • So try and stay grounded, face the situation head-on, or it will repeat next lifetime, don’t get lost in it, ask what this situation trying to teach me is
  • Keep a journal at this time, especially a dream diary, as looking back on the events that happened with giving you a lot to reflect on in the future
More about transiting Neptune in the 7th house

The 7th house is the house of committed business or love relationships and open enemies; they can be a cloud of confusion over all forms of communications with these people at this time.

It is important to fact check, clearly state what you mean, and get others to clarify their words or actions during this transit.

Suppose you need to use the services of a professional such as a doctor, solicitor, accountant or therapist. In that case, it is vital if you have never dealt with them before that you check their credentials.

Even if you have worked with them in the past, their actions could still be deceptive at this time,

Especially in any business partnership or any legally binding contract, because trusting or hiring the wrong person can cause you to lose money, time, reputation, or other valuable resources.

It is vital to read the writing on the wall.

Go with your gut feelings, but don’t become overly paranoid, yet do not over romanticise others at this time and be honest about your feelings, especially in business or intimate connections.

 Neptune has the effect of making us believe, what we want to believe, instead of facing the facts.

You may not want to lose the relationship, but you must speak your truth because the problems we hide from others never get solved.

Yet the bad feelings they cause often get bigger and bigger until they consume us.

It may be you who is trying to run from your partner’s truth, refusing to hear their concerns.

But doing this will drive them further away; the truth can hurt, but the closeness it brings after the storm has passed can last a lifetime.

It is often the secrets we keep from each other which create distance and drive people apart.

Make sure you speak and listen to other people’s concerns at this time.

Some of you may have to take care of responsibilities that your partner usually takes care of; this can be in your professional or personal life.

Due to a family illness or some other reason, Neptune in the 7th house can disrupt your personal relationships. Still, thinking of rational solutions to any problems will help.

As well as not believing anything you told on blind faith, fact check, be honest, face whatever comes up directly and you will be fine.

Transiting Neptune in the eight house

  • Deception in joint finances can occur
  • Yet you can benefit from inheritances, collaborations and promotions at this time.
  • You can become a victim of very illusionary or fearful thinking at this time
  • Taking an interest in things we humans normal repress, sex, thinking about life after death, incarnation, reincarnation
  • You can become more involved with alternative groups such as secret organisations, swingers or BDSM type groups
  • Be careful when signing up for or deepening your connection to these groups, and make sure it is what you really want
  • This can be a time of some real shady business; you can get involved in out of the ordinary, gruesome or creepy relationships or experiences.
  • Get help therapy to help you through these times if need be, or engage in self-care and help
  • If you are disciplined in your higher consciousness attainment,
  • this is a time to perfect your craft without being a perfectionist about it, the paradoxes of life, hey.
  • Your consciousness can widen, you can have more empathy for others, and you can elevate many consciousness levels during this transit.
  • But remember you are no better than anyone else; stay grounded
More about transiting Neptune in the 8th house

The 8th house is the house of transformation and other peoples’ resources, inheritances and legacies; they can be misunderstood with joint financial matters at this time.

 Arguments or illusions can cloud divorce, will or any other settlements, so it’s crucial you seek professional or help of someone you can trust at this time.

But be careful as people may not be who they appear to be, and they could defraud you, even your family, lover(s), and other people you trust.

 Can steal from you or act deceptively during this transit, or you can be the one who steals from others, which causes relationship breakdowns.

Neptune energies may make you believe it’s the right thing to do at this time, but ultimately the truth will come out.

Maybe a drug, alcohol or sex addiction that clouds your judgement.

 Maybe at the root of your swindling behaviour if you lend or loan any money at his time.

 It is best to make sure all parties know the repayment terms because Neptune’s influence can cause disputes, ending the deepest of relationships.

 So it is best not to lend from friends or family at this time unless you’re all sure of terms.

 It may be best that you seek out more formal lending options. Still, these may be unavailable to you, which forces you to borrow or lend from people you know, which can potentially cause irreconcilable problems.

You may seek higher meanings in life or some kind of psychological relief.

 It is essential to watch out for false teachers or other people trying to make you dependent on them.

Neptune in the 8th house can distort how you view yourself and the world at this time.

And although this transit wants you to transform your subconscious mind and the negative thoughts which drive you to destructive behaviours that live there.

You may start an introspection practice, start depth- Jungian therapy or some other occult or psychological therapy or practice.

 Such as astrological life coaching, cognitive therapy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, energy healing

 The events that happen now are helping you change for the better.

So you can slowly release your emotional and psychological blockages, even if you don’t start therapy, introspection or any other occult practice.

You could meet someone who imparts information that you may not use during this transit. Still, later on, you may think of this transit as being the starting point of your internal transformation.

Transiting Neptune in the ninth house

  • Seeking out higher knowledge in the areas of religion, psychological, philosophical, spiritual- higher consciousness, science or technology
  • The best use of this transit is to tap into your intuition dream life and unleash your creative thinking abilities to come up with solutions for your problems
  • Expanding your perceptions and belief system
  • Sharing your optimism and positive energy with others, engaging in conversations and experiences that enrich your own and others’ lives.
  • Watch out for becoming deceptive to self-appointed holy people, guru-type figures, as they can be trying to use your spiritual and creative energy to further their own agendas
  • know there is a Buddha/ guru in every human being, yes seek out and listen to teachers
  • However, the true meaning of coming into your higher consciousness is taking personal responsibility for your life
  • Guard against becoming egotistical, holier than thou, over-enthusiastic, you are allowed your beliefs and explorations, yet so are others
  • At worse this can make people think they are Jesus reincarnated- you may have Christ consciousness, yet you are not the Christ
  • Anyway
  • Also, watch out for escaping using intoxicating substances or other distractions, try and do all you can to think and act positively and avoid following into fearful thinking
  • Or being idealistic, overly optimistic, know its one thing to think a thing and another to do it a become it, make sure you take partial actions to bring you visions into reality
More about transiting Neptune in the 9th house

When Neptune transits the 9th house, you will question what you have come to believe is accurate about the world.

 You may feel disassociated from the surface, intellectual, scientific, technological material or egotistical explanations of life.

With all 9th house transit, there is a danger of getting into verbal or physical fights with others, trying to prove your beliefs, religion, or spiritual practice is the right one

Knowing that knowledge never makes you superior to anyone else is crucial.

We are all equal, but on different phases of physical, psychological, emotional and emotional development, so it is best to snap out of this thinking as quickly as possible.

Seeking knowledge and growth is good.

But be careful as Neptune influence her can make you prone to believing in things which is not true, so you must always fact check anything you read or are told at this time.

Also, if you use drugs, psychedelics or alcohol to reach a higher consciousness. The lower astral realms are notorious for giving people misleading information.

Those from the higher realms do not try to contact people when they are intoxicated; this doesn’t mean all souls in the lower realms are misleading.

 It just means that ultimately you must take all information you receive when intoxicated, with a pinch of salt.

Look at it sceptically, with a questioning mind and discerning eye.

Teachers from the lower astral realms teach, but it’s essential to know they, too, are still learning.

 We learn in physical and ethereal levels of consciousness until we break through the many illusions in the matrix.

 This leads us to a direct connection with our higher selves and spiritual helpers t who talk to us via dreams or in more subtle ways.

 The quickest way to evolve your consciousness is to let your small inner voice guide you.

 But because typically, the other voices are louder, we tend to follow those. Still, often they are the voices of the people who have fed us misinformation or installed crippling fear, self-doubt and distrust in us.

Neptune in the 9th house calls you to think for yourself through seeking higher knowledge for some of you.

 This is philosophical research, others scientific, intellectual or spiritual study, for we all open up to the more profound meanings of life in different ways.

However, it also clouds your ability to do so by sending you on wild goose chances; think of extreme conspiracy theories.

Sure, some are true, but most are elaborated.

 So it is vital you critically think for yourself, using the trivium methodology to help you train yourself to critically, think.

Search there are plenty of videos and resources online.

The mind and our ego, you will find they are many ego personalities built up over many lifetimes, not just one.

 Which we have built up over our soul’s lifetimes.

 Consequently, you are constantly battling conflicting traits that live within yourself, and your biggest enemy is yourself.

Neptune helps dissolve these egos, but each will fight to claim one belief system, religion, spiritual practice as the right one, so it is a long battle, hence why change takes time and doesn’t come overnight.

The mind always wants to know, so if you find yourself thinking you know something for sure,  know you typically only know one side.

We can only really know that all of us alive today will leave these physical bodies.

Of course, they are other truths like a leopard may never change its spots, but that’s a lie; it’s just hard for it to do so- meaning people cannot change.

It takes time, dedication and getting back up after each fall, for our falls – regressions are also a big part of us going forward.

Transiting Neptune in the tenth house

  • Changes in your social standing and career
  • Increased allure and charm, which is good for those who work in public relations
  • social activism or political professions, entertainment and all content creation jobs.
  • Also suitable for those who work in mental or other health-related professions.
  • Intuitive insights can help you with career problems at this time
  • You may have to pay for past or current deception during this transit
  • This can cause humiliation and loss of career in the worse case
  • Avoid using underhand tactics to get ahead
  • Old enemies can resurface, and new ones can be created, wishing to stunt your progress; this can be people, addictions or any other habit that restricts your highest potential
  • If you have positive aspects to transit Neptune or Neptune in your natal chart, you could make good investments right now
  • Those in authority may help you if you keep your ego in check and respect your co-workers.
More about transiting Neptune in the 10th house

Neptune transiting this house can make you confused about your career, home life, sense of authority and your general public reputation.

The best use of this transit can be working with others or giving something back to your local community.

 You could become a listening ear or source of comfort for your co-workers, helping them in some way.

You could also search for deeper meanings in life and become more empathetic towards yourself and others.

 How you respond to this transit and use its influence determines whether it will be a positive or negative time for you over the next few years.

Conversely, you could think about leaving your job, or you may use deceptive tactics to get ahead.

 However, doing this may cause severe consequences, so it’s best to go for any promotions honestly rather than deceptively.

 On the other hand, others could manipulate you in your professional or home life to meet their own agendas.

 You could simply fall out of love with your work and home life during this transit.

You may decide that you have been working towards the wrong ambitions and decided to change your career.

 Still, it is best to take slow steps rather than quit your job immediately. Unless other transits to your natal chart, your birth chart supports this move.

You will want more meaning from your life right now, especially in your career

 You may decide to change your career into a Neptune career such as charity worker, spiritual leader, mediation teacher, astrology, prison worker, psychologist or any other related profession.

Neptune seeks to dissolve our ego(s), limiting beliefs and self-destructive habits; at times, I can do this by making us fall into compulsions

so we have to find a way out; at this time, you may want to disassociate yourself from your professional or public reputation and get more in tune with your authentic self.

Neptune clouds your vision, so you may not be thinking straight.

You can have issues with anyone who has authority over you in your life, or others may question your control over them.

Your family members or co-workers could object to your new plans for your life, causing tension.

Your opinion about the value of certain people in your life may change, as you realise they are not who you thought they were.

This can be disappointing and fear-inducing, but you should make sure you are seeing the situation clearly. Making sure that a compromise cannot be found.

Because Neptune can make us think in illusionary ways and distort your perceptions

 so it is essential to check the facts, try to find a compromise, and if you cannot, then let go and move on.

Transiting Neptune in the eleventh house

  • Use this time to find yourself and know your own mind, or others may decide who you are for you
  • spiritual, scientific, philosophical or intellectual research or practice
  • may help you become more aware of your inner workings now
  • Meeting or spending more time with mysterious, psychic, creative, musical types of people
  • Feeling a better sense of wellbeing and elevating your creativity or consciousness in groups
  • Joining scientific, spiritual, mystery, technological, alternative living and thinking groups
  • The negative of this transit is you can meet shady types of people who lead you astray, especially if you’re going through this transit in your teenager, early adulthood years
  • You can get into the wrong crowd who take or sell drugs sex, important for parents to watch out for warning signs during this transit.
  • And if you are an adult who is getting led off course, it’s crucial to seek therapy for any issues; all humans do things in excess at one time in their lives or another.
  • Do all you can to be true to yourself by finding yourself, becoming a more independent thinker, do not try and please others out of a false sense of loyalty, be faithful to yourself first, always
  • It may seem dark now, but you can come back into your light
  • Also, it’s crucial you don’t mislead or manipulate others at this time.
More about transiting Neptune in the 11th house

When Neptune is transiting this house, you will want to spend time with people or groups who share the same values as yourself.

 Your values may change during this time as you decide to or are forced to live more in line with who you really are.

 This can be a time of significant personal growth. Still, in the worst-case scenario, any truth growth can be stunted due to you joining misleading groups or forming friendships based on false impressions.

Neptune’s influence here can make you over idealistic about your old and any new friends you meet at this time.

It’s vital to see people for who they are and not who you want them to be, ask questions rather than assume others think the same as you.

Because although you may agree on one thing, you may not agree on the next, you may develop or decide to work on your visions and highest principles during this transit.

 You could join or decide to create an intellectual, philosophical, scientific, technological, social or political activist group

some of you could join a spiritual or other occult organisation.

However, make sure you’re not joining a cult or fanatical type group who are non-conforming for the sake of it or bordering on delusional or, at worse psychopathic tendencies.

Ultimately this is a time to broaden your horizons. Still, the deceptive energy of Neptune can make you fall for scams.

At the higher vibration of this transit, you can become more giving at this time.

 Especially to disadvantaged people, make sure you’re not taken in by a fabricated sob story because people may not be who they seem during this time.

Don’t be overly sceptical; just fact check, make sure any new person or an old friend who may return into your life are who they say they say they are and are really in need.

 It’s crucial you, and those you associate with don’t feed each other’s illusions at this time.

Because you can validate each other’s misconceptions, sending further down the rabbit hole of delusion.

Existing friends or family may question your new interest, and they could have valid points; however, on the other hand, people tend to not like change.

So they may raise concerns even if your new belief system or interest(s) are legitimate.

 It may be best to get an outside opinion or keep a voice or written journal at this time, so you can track your thoughts, dreams and any waking visions.

Transiting Neptune in the twelfth house

  • You may want to spend more time alone in self-reflection; this time is best spent on understanding, forgiving, and learning to manage yourself
  • Learning to listen to your intuition will lead you to your inner courage
  • Crippling self-doubt psychological and emotional wounds may surface now
  • You may find it hard to cope with everyday routine,
  • Seek therapy if you feel you need it
  • Self-care, understanding, forgiveness, empathy will help; it’s ok to feel down; feeling depressed is part of life
  • But we must make sure it doesn’t become our life
  • This is not to shame you or anything; I have been there
  • Some of you may have dreams or waking visions about your past lives or childhood
  • This can cause pain or suffering, worry, despair, isolation, obsessive and irrational thoughts
  • which are a result of your unhealed subconscious mind and the emotional and psychological wounds that live there.
  • writing your feelings down or channelling your pain into poetry, creative writing, songwriting, or other creativity may help you
  • It is best to face these problems head-on rather than distract yourself via porn, hookups, Netflix and chilling, intoxicating substances etc
  • Meditation, tai chi, yoga, breathwork or other wellness practices can help you now
More about transiting Neptune in the 12th house

When Neptune transit your 12th house, you can fall into illusionary thoughts or behaviours.

 You can develop or deepen an addiction to intoxicating substances or toxic relationships to escape from the vivid dreams and thoughts this transit can bring.

 This can be a very lonely and disconnected time. You may find the activities that used to fill you with joy no longer does.

You may have to face all you have been hiding from confronting during this transit.

If you have been hiding your addictive behaviour from yourself.

External circumstances may force you to get honest about the destruction your habits have had over your life.

Suppose you have been putting off dealing with psychological or emotional problems. In that case, you may have no other choice but to face them now, and this process can be painful.

If you’re not where you want to be in life, this may cause feelings of depression.

 If you have been living a materialistic life and only believe in rational things.

Then this transit can be very uncomfortable for you, and you may have to search for help to deal with it.

Like many people, you may not believe in religion or spirituality.

Coming to think that the life we see with our eyes and feel with our 5 -7 senses is all there is.

An out of body or some other experience may change this view, and it can be frightening at first.

The things you own, your job, your friendship and your social life can all become meaningless for you right now, and you could seek out higher meanings in life.

How this transit plays out for you depends on whether you face any problems that come up head-on or run from them, it’s crucial to not linger too much on wasted time.

 It is never too late to change.

Even if you feel an enormous void within yourself and feel pessimistic about life and your place in it.

 It can be filled if you take daily steps to fill it.

Although life may seem pointless at this time, if you look for deeper truths, you may come to see that you are an individual, yes.

 But you also are connected to the whole of humanity through the collective consciousness.

The process may be long, and how this transit works out for you.

Depends on your natal chart placements and aspects the other planets may be, making to your transiting Neptune in the 12 house.

But in general, you will want to find more solitude and take time from your work or social commitments, but you may be stopped from doing this.

However circumstances, beyond your control, like being made redundant or an illness of someone you care about, may force you to question life and your achievements so far.

If you have strong Neptune, Pisces energy in your birth chart or other placements or aspects. That shows you’re interested in the deeper meanings of life or if you have previously opened yourself up to the occult.

You could deepen your commitment to your path at this time.

This is a perfect time to engage in more mediation, self-care and safe psychic exploration as your abilities can grow immensely during this time.

Even if you have been previously cut off from your intuitive ablities, you can gain some penetrating insights right now.