Mars transits

Short version


  • The house Mars transit in, and the aspect it makes whilst doing so shows the experiences you may encounter during its passing.
  • The conflicts you may face are also indicated by the house mars transiting in.
  • Mars transits usually come with strong desires passion that makes you itch to take action.


  • It’s essential to express and not repress mars energy, as this cause problems; it’s also best to have a purpose.


  • Because if you waste or misuse mars energy, they can be violent flare-ups, accidents or disastrous consequences from mindless and reckless actions or words.


  • It’s safe to channel aggression; it’s best not to repress mars energy but to channel it constructively.


  • Burn anger off via weights, boxing or any exercise that allows you to let it all out; screaming whilst driving your car can help or in any other secluded place.




Mars transits keywords


  • Energising
  • enthusiasm
  • Strong passions
  • Impulsiveness, violence and outburst of hostility if mars energy deconstructively – negatively
  • Constructive-positive use of energy via working towards a goal of nurturing a talent
  • Can signify important turning points in personal expression or life direction
  • Mars in retrograde transit can cause great inner changes that are only noticeable by yourself and others when Mar’s moves forward again.
  • When Mars is transiting in retrograde motion, you may have to revisit past experiences and deal with things you have not yet completed.
  • This can be work or personal projects or words or actions left unsaid in a relationship.
  • The matters of your natal planets and house that Mars makes aspects to whilst transiting and the aspects it makes to the other planets and house when passing may experience delayed action and instability.
  • While mars is in retrograde. Expected the unexpected and be mindful that they may be periods of uncertainty



How long does it take for Mars to transit a house?


  • Mars transit in a house can last up to 3-6 months if Mars is in retrograde, but typically Mars transits last about 5-7 weeks (35 to 49 days).
  • Regardless of the actual house mars is transiting in, Mars transit can affect the houses in your birth chart that Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn are in or the planets these signs are in.
  • Mars takes about 2 years to pass through all the signs of the zodiac; transiting mars forms an opposition, square, conjunction, semi-square and other aspects to your birth planets about once every 3- 6 months.
Mars in transit long version

In ancient times, transiting Mars was seen as evil; some astrologists still see mars as a malefic planet.

 But the truth is no planet in astrology is good or bad, as even positive energy can be destructive when misused.

Sure, Mars transit can bring our deep destructive impulsive, cruelty, aggressiveness and the misuse of creative-sexual energy. Still, they can also bring out your highest motivations, determination and focus as you work steadily to bring your goals into your life.

Mars represents your vital life force; without mars, you couldn’t use the energies of any of the other planets or zodiac signs correctly.

Sure, you may have placements in your chart that say you can be a successful writer, doctor, lawyer or leader.

But if you don’t apply yourself (mars energy) daily to reaching your goals, these beneficial placements in your chart remain ideas and untapped energy.

Mars allows you to authentically show up as whom you are or who you wish to be; Mars transits call for you to use your individuality to reach the goals of the sign and house it is transiting in.

Mars energy is best channelled into your lifelong personal development, creating authentic relationships, looking after your well being,  following a career path that you love, one or some hobbies, and having that all-important relaxation and fun time.

People often waste their mars energy through self-destructive thoughts and behaviours rather than channelling their Mars energy into developing and nurturing their personal talents.

Lack of focused use of Mars energy cause boredom, which makes it ay to fall into the distraction trap, where you spend excessive time taking drugs,  drinking alcohol,  watching porn, Netflix and chill and all other escape routes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the karma police; nothing is bad within itself, and we all have personal preferences.

But doing anything to excess can cause self-destruction; too much chilling and self-gratification can lead to you missing opportunities to live a balanced and productive life.

 Not channelling or working off your excess Mars energy via work, exercise etc., can cause you to end up in trouble with other people via conflict or your own reckless or aggressive actions or thoughts, at worst you can get into problems with authorities such as the police, due mismanagement of yourself.

The misuse of mars energy causes the trouble associated with it being viewed as malefic; mars energy is best used, not wasted.

In ancient times, Mars was associated with a devil with sayings like these “the devil makes work, for idle hands” is and the “idol brain is the devil’s workshop”.

In translation, boredom drives you to do questionable things that can lead you to difficulties; mars transits are about asserting yourself constructively,  with not only passion but with a focused purpose.

Be self-driven, but respect the rules and needs of others; otherwise, pay the consequences of reckless use of mars energy.

 No one is saying that there won’t be times when you may need to aggressively assert your will, but there must be an authentic purpose for this instead of mindless, violent behaviour or words.

There is a lesson in all modes of expression, especially fighting, for what you believe in; still, you must not impose your opinions on others or judge them for not following your beliefs.

Mars transiting the first house

  • Mars is accidentally dignified in the first house because it rules aries
  • Increased self-assertion and physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual energy
  • More become more competitive
  • Good time to focus on hard to do work or personal projects, exercise or your personal hobbies
  • Can cause reckless behaviour if power is not channelled properly
  • Being too self-absorbed can cause resentment and anger in others
  • Suppose mars is well aspected in your natal chart or by transit. In that case, you can improve your health and overall wellbeing through mediation, exercise, breathwork or anything else that increases your vitality.
  • You could also finish important projects with daily practical action to do so.
More about Mars transit in the 1st house

This can be a time of extreme self-assertion; you are given the willpower and energy that you can use to work hard towards achieving your goals and fulfilling your day to day commitments.

It is vital to not be too egotistical in achieving your ambitions because acting like this can alienate others and cause unnecessary obstacles.

A little manners and showing others respect will gain their cooperation, and you will face fewer obstacles in completing your aims.

Yes, it is time to put your own needs first and stay focused, but do this in the nicest way possible.

Of course, if you need to fight your corner, do so, especially if someone is trying to take away your free will, then, of course, like a dog, show your teeth and so them you aint no punk.

Mars in the first house gives the power to be aggressive in chasing your own desires at this time.

It is best to channel any excess energy into a sport, exercise or hobby, but your number one priority should be your career or personal development.

Nevertheless, you should meet the requirements of your other commitments such as any children, relatives you care for, as well as spending time with any intimate partners.

Mars transiting the second house

  • Best use to take action to improve your value this can be inner- higher consciousness or financial worth
  • This is a good time for all forms of selling
  • Negative aspects via transits or birth placement can cause a loss in money, possessions or faith in your personal value system.
  • Your personal ambition to earn more or gain more material things can cause tension within yourself and your relationships at this time
  • Positive aspects of transiting mars can increase financial value, possessions, or higher consciousness gains.
  • Meeting new people through networking can increase your value over time.
More about Mars transit in the 2nd house

This transit puts how you view possessions under the spotlight, you could be more open than usual to share what you own with others, or you could put the money and things you own to good use.

By using them in the best way to reach your goals, for example, you may use any savings to further your professional or personal development.

But negatively, you can act miserly – tight-fisted to yourself, refusing to spend money on yourself or others at this, especially if your ego is built on accumulating money and things to show off, but not using them.

Yet, suppose you are non-materialistic and base your self worth and persona on your inner values, higher power, or something else more significant than yourself. In that case, this transit will strengthen this connection.

On the other hand, if you base your value on things you own, how other people view you, your finances, or anything else materialistic, changing conditions could lower your self-esteem.

If you have enough money, are popular and feel you own enough possessions, then this transit will make you value yourself more, but if you think you have not got enough of what society deems valuable, this can be a depressing time for you.

Arguments can happen regarding materialistic things, which can lead to a breakdown in your close relationships or, on the other hand, if someone criticises you in any way about your lack of money or any other material possession.

 You may react aggressively, causing conflict, causing you to get into trouble with authority.

If your sense of self is centred on owning things, you may take unlawful actions to get what you want at this time, like stealing or manipulating others to get what you want.

Some of you may get yourself into debt by trying to appear successful to others; others may overly assert their personal beliefs systems on others, causing heated arguments.

It is essential to not identify with material possessions or your personal belief system at this time.

People may question and state their negative opinions about your lack or surplus of money or personal assets or what you believe in at this time.

But it is best to remember there are many beliefs system in the world, and many people tend to believe what they think is right, passionately defending their viewpoint.

 But everyone has a right to believe in what they want, and your opinion is just that; if it works for you, that’s good.

 But don’t force your beliefs on others, stand up for what you believe, of course, but it an assertive rather than aggressive way, state your views calmly.

Mars transiting the third house

  • More interest in seeking out practical information or broader knowledge in topics that excite you- or due to work demands
  • There is an increase in communication, but some conversations could cause passionate or fierce discussions that can lead to conflict in relationships. Especially with your friends, family, siblings, co-workers, etc.
  • If your natal mars is afflicted or mars is negatively aspected when transiting, then they can be difficulties in reaching a settlement in legal or other contractual matters or important meetings
  • Some of you may get involved in secretive discussions or other undercover going on
  • There can be an increase in local travel, in cars or similar vehicles, cars could cause problems at this time, like getting parking tickets due to being too much in a hurry or defying parking or other regulations.
  • Positive aspects to transiting mars in the 3rd house or putting your mind to it.
  • You can make significant progress in all types of creative projects, and innovative ideas to solve your problems can be found at this time.


More about Mars transit in the 3rd house

This transit is good to put your physical effects into learning anything you need to; intellectual, spiritual, scientific, philosophical or any form of study is favoured at this time.

As mars in the 3rd house require mental-logical, spiritual or psychological stimulation, you’re given a chance to spend hours upon hours learning, researching and editing.

Even if you find it hard to concentrate in general during this time, you will work hard and focus longer on conscious -practical( doing your day job). Or unconscious learning tasks ( listen to positive speakers whilst sleeping to reprogram your subconscious mind).

Also, if you work in sales, marketing or need to convince someone of something, Honest self-assertion and confidence in what you’re saying will pay off, but do not try to manipulate at this time as this can backfire.

Weigh up the pros and cons of whatever you are selling, give a straightforward presentation of your idea, service or product, and you should be successful.

On the negative end of this transit, you may get into arguments with your friends, neighbours, passing acquaintances or friends at this over your personal attitudes and outlooks on current or past events.

All forms of communication text, voice notes, and emails can have a hostile tone to them at this time, as you and others try and assert their “rightness”.

You may feel tempted to spend hours debating about who is correct, but this is a waste of this energy.

Use this time to work towards any work or personal projects or hobbies, not on pointlessly trying to change others judgments, as only they can do that.

State your minds, stick to your guns, yes, but just don’t waste days or weeks defending your personal viewpoints.

Mars can be very impulsive and pushy, so you and others may enthusiastically and aggressively state their minds, which can even lead to physical conflict.

Yet again, this will be a total waste of this time, but you know what we humans can be like; we work on hindsight, acting now and thinking later.

 So if you do react harshly, apologise.

Because part of growth is knowing when to say sorry and when to move on.

 As well as allowing others to form their own opinions.

Mars transiting the fourth house

  • Feeling unsure of yourself, emotional or psychological issues may cause insecurities and unpredictable ( aggressive or argumentative) words or behaviour at this time
  • Old wounds from your past may cause problems in the here, and now, you may act out your upset aggressively;
  • you should take time to get to the root cause of anything that comes up now
  • Disagreement over household matters
  • Finding it hard to understand others, or they may find it hard to see your point of view
  • Fallouts with family members over inheritances involving property, other valuable items, past or current family events
  • Difficulties with older relatives
  • Redecorating your home
  • Trouble with career advancement, co-workers or bosses may object to every suggestion you make
More about Mars transit in the 4th house

This transit brings your home and work life to the centre stage; the energy is given to focuson domestic and personal matters.

You can finally tidy that cupboard with all the junk in it, rearrange your room or other areas of your house, redecorate, or any other home improvement plans are good at this time.

On the other hand, arguments over household matters may cause disruption in your family; you may argue with lover(s), roommates, and family members over household problems.

 What to spend money on, what colour to redecorate in, how much money should be saved, who should take the trash out.

 Also, childcare issues or anything else related to any kids you are responsible for may cause a breakdown in relationships.

External events or unhealed internal psychological, or emotional issues from your past, may trigger impulsive behaviour from you at this time; it is essential to try and get to the bottom of any problems that are causing problems in your present.

Subconscious reactions to actual or perceived criticism from co-workers or bosses can cause you to react negatively at work, which can cost you a valuable promotion, other career advancement opportunities, or your job in the worst-case scenario.

It may be best to keep your ideas to yourself at this time, especially at work, as too much opposition can make you react emotionally and cause more problems than it’s worth.

It’s essential to look after your inner world at this time because you are liable to respond in a narrow-minded or short-tempered way with your friends, family and anyone else you come into contact with.

Which can leave them upset, confused or wanting to avoid you altogether.

Because after all, it’s how we feel within ourselves that dictates how we react to external events and people, so you must work through your problems, be honest with yourself and others about your feelings and seek support to deal with any unresolved issues from your past.

Mars transiting the fifth house

  • This is an excellent time to teach children hard to learn subjects or to exercise with kids
  • Be careful when making investments, gambling or any other form of speculation
  • You may be more forcefully in pursuing romance, unlocking your creativity and working towards any artistic projects
  • Good time for physical exercise of all kinds ;0 but make sure you stretch your body and have plenty of refreshments
  • Your sex drive may get into overdrive, so can be an increase in lovemaking or hookups
  • Negative aspects to Mars in your birth chart or via transit can cause disagreements based on sexual frustration, jealousy or lack of sensitivity or attentiveness in sexual activities.
More about Mars transit in the 5th house

Mars transiting the 5th house of children, romance and fun, can see you having a hard time communicating with or managing children or those who or childlike, or you may deny your inner child the fun and excitement it is craving at this time.

If you have strong Saturn or other repressive energies in your natal chart or have learned to be this way via life experiences, you may have a hard time letting yourself go during this transit.

But it is what’s needed as you have an excess of competitive and sexual energy that must be released at this time; you may choose to exert this energy via physical sex with others or yourself.

Hey, well, if you can’t please yourself, who can, right? Or you may choose to channel this energy into a sport or any other type of exercise you are interested in.


Mars transiting the fifth house gives you the ability to go after what you want.

You may experience some obstacles to using this energy, but you can overcome them with willpower and practical action.

The safe release of this energy is best to avoid accidents to yourself and others; for instance, you may get the urge to drive your car fast, but if others are in the car with you and you are not a race track, this won’t be a good idea.

If you have been planning to play an instrument, learn to sing, create an online course or any other online content, this is the perfect time to start.

Even if outside commitments are demanding of your time and presence, it’s essential to take time out for yourself at this time and do whatever is pleasurable to you, within reason.

All work and no play makes you dull and out of balance, after all, treat yourself, and if you have a partner, you could think of ways to spice up your love life with a bit of romance, a nice meal, a good movie, take them out to a concert, spread some rose petals, yano that type of thing.

Due to the focus on fun and pleasure this transit can bring,  you may find it hard to focus on work or other responsibilities at this time.

 Especially if you don’t enjoy your job, but think of it like this, your day job helps you pay for your nighttime fun, and this will help you keep an eye on the prize at this time.

 This transit provides plenty of energy for you to infuse fun into the most tedious tasks at this time, you may physically be at work, but mentally you can be elsewhere; where will you allow your mind to take you at this time? It is up to you.

Mars transiting the sixth house

  • Focus on health, physical or psychological exercise, work or service to others
  • Negative aspects to mars via transit or in your birth chart may bring conflict with your employer, employees, co-workers or contractors at this time
  • Be careful at work during this time, especially if you are working with hazardous tools or chemicals
  • Work can cause anxiety, stress or depression
  • Good to use this transit to improve your diet, exercise regimen, sleep patterns to increase your vitality and to boost your physical and emotional health
  • Positive aspects in your birth chart or in transit to mars can give you the ability to overcome any problems at this time, recover well from any injuries
  • You can get more results at work and work for more extended periods,especially in all jobs that require physical energy, such as warehouse, car mechanic, delivering etc.
  • You may decide to help a co-worker or give back to others in some other way
More about Mars transit in the 6th house

You will be more focused on getting ahead at work during this time than you were when mars transited the 5th house; you will want to see results at this time.

This is an excellent time to focus on your health, making sure you’re eating right and doing enough experience; you should also have a check-up with your doctor or some other health professional.

 To ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and managing any health conditions effectively, get enough sleep and do all you can to distress and release tension and anxiety.

It’s best not to bottle up your emotions at this time, as this can add to psychological pressure.

Screaming while driving your car or in a secluded place can help, hitting your pillows or a boxing bag, anything that enables you to release any frustration, as long as it does no harm to yourself or others.

Mars energy can be aggressive, so at this time, you could experience problems with your co-workers or management at your job; you may not wish to follow the rules or cooperate.

This can cause difficulties that may cause you to be disciplined, or worse, you may lose your job; due to your inability to stay quiet.

 You may speak your mind, which can be received negatively, or you may decide to quit willingly.

Preferring at this time to be a solo worker rather than a team player, If you are the boss, your employees may voice their concern over your management style or them not being paid well enough, all sorts of conflicts can happen in your work life now.

The company you work for can go bankrupt, forcing you to consider your employment opportunities, you could decide to become self-employed.

Mars transiting the seventh house

  • You may spend time in the public eye, with any business or intimate partners
  • Other people may give you to take more action in achieving your goals
  • Negative aspects to transiting mars or adverse placements in your birth chart can cause conflict in business or romantic relationships due to aggressive words or actions.
  • On the extreme end, physical confrontation may occur, actons may lead to legal or other problems with authority, sometimes this transit signifies divorce or ending of relationships.
More about Mars transit in the 7th house

When mars transit the 7th house, conflicts can explode in your relationships, even ones where tension rarely arise, due to you getting the urge to assert yourself onto your environment.

Disagreements can happen with close friends, business and intimate partners, even co-workers at this time; you may be less willing to listen to other peoples points of view and can insist on your own way, instead of cooperating with others.

This can be a good or bad thing as typically in life, we people please to avoid arguments.

So a good blowout could be suitable for everyone to get grievances off their chest, making room for honest communication and a deepening of relationships.

Although at first, what comes out may not be pleasant to hear, and you may decide to end long term partnerships, friendships or a love relationship.

Make sure you are not overreacting, which is possible with this transit.
Although mars energy usually want’s you to react quickly, and with impatience, it may be best to walk away from heated situations and cool down a bit because not doing so can make you say or do something you can regret.

 In the worst-case scenarios, this could lead to legal action or some other public disapproval; pick your battles wisely and try to keep as calm as you can.

The best use of this transit is for positive self-assertion where you state your opinions but allow others to do the same, negotiating until you find a solution that makes all involved happy.

Mars transiting the eight house

  • Can indicate involvement with taxes, inheritances or legacies in some way
  • You may focus more on what it is you want to leave behind when your transition from the earth plane in this current incarnation
  • You may decide to let go of habits, especially behavioural ones, that stop you from progressing in life
  • You may use this energy to research or join or deepen your connection with the occult or higher consciousness meanings in life
  • It is essential to be mindful when doing any form of occult work at this time, you may want to rush ahead with your development, but you may not be prepared for what you find. Like in the novel Zanoni by Edward Bulwer-
  • Be involved in the underworld in some way through sex, BDSM
  • Involvement in secretive investigations
  • Favourable transit to mars in the 8th house can bring gain through joint resources, tax refunds or some other unexpected gift or funding
More about Mars transit in the 8th house

Mars transit through the 8th house happens about once every 16 -19 months; arguments can happen now over shared resources, money, sexual and other hidden urges, cars, insurance policies, inheritances, properties, or other possessions can be a source of tension now.

You may experience a strong urge to express sexual or other urges you feel ashamed of in some way, or you may desire more from your sex life.

And your partner may not want to or is unable to meet your needs, or you may be the one unable to fulfil your partner’s sexual desires, which can cause problems in your relationship.

This transit can indicate passionate affairs, this can force big or small changes in your life, or another event may bring about drastic transformation, where you have to let go of what was and face what is.

Sometimes the changes that happen may pass unnoticed after all this transit is taking place in the 8th house, and at times, changes can be subconscious, but at other times, the transformations that happen will be obvious and in your face.

Your partner, friend, family member or a new person you meet during this transit can have a powerful effect on you at this time, either by their actions or worse.

Your partner could overspend, causing you to be unable to meet your cost of living, and you may be forced to take control of finances or at worse, leave them, or you can be the one that’s left alone or causes problems due to your reckless spending.

 If they keep repeating the behaviours, you can be the one who overspends or misuse joint possessions, and your partner may leave you.

 An encounter with a new intense person can reveal personality traits you repressed or were unaware of; this can lead to powerful transformations in your internal or external life.

Mars transiting the ninth house

  • You may do long-distance travel
  • Engage with people from different backgrounds or countries from you who help you expand your scientific, technological, spiritual, religious, intellectual or philosophical knowledge.
  • You may become more involved with an organisation or belief system you believe in
  • Watch out for becoming too extremist or forceful in your personal expression or speech because this can cause heated discussion or full-on physical violence on the worse end of the spectrum
More about Mars transit in the 9th house

Mars transiting the 9th house can make you overly assert your opinions and belief system and others which can cause tension in your personal or work relationships.

Travelling physically or mentally can broaden your horizons now, and conversations with people from different countries or cultures to you can expand your mindset.

You may decide to do some intellectual, philosophical, religious,  spiritual, scientific or technological research, or you may face legal problems due to your words or actions.

 Disagreements with educational, governmental or religious institutions can also happen under these transits.

It is crucial you don’t try and force others to change their opinions on things; change comes from within, and you can tell someone something a million times, but they won’t change unless they want to, so don’t waste your time or energy on a losing battle.

Instead, this transit should be used to expand your own consciousness, is what you believe truth? Are your ideas filled with prejudices?

 If you really want to influence others to change, it is best to be a living example rather than force it on them; this does mean you shouldn’t speak your mind, but do it in a calm way which may be hard to do, as mars energy is often direct, impatient and impulsive.

Letting your ego overrun you makes you believe your belief system is the only truth and what other people believe in is wrong somehow.

If someone asks you for advice about something, by all means, share your viewpoint with them; just don’t try to convert them to your way of thinking without their prior agreement.

This will backfire and can lead to heated words or actions.

Mars transiting the tenth house

  • You will be more focus on advancing in your career, personal or education goals at this time
  • Networking can bring you new contacts that can help you with any poltical, career, social or other aspirations at this time
  • Power struggles in your work, social, personal or political life
  • Superiority complexes or talking down to people can cause arguments and breakdowns in relationships
  • Hard work will pay off
More about Mars transit in the 10th house

You could feel more ambitious and determined to meet your career, educational, exercise or other personal development goals at this time.

But watch out for arguing with others for the sake of it, especially those who you feel are trying to control you in some way or have some sort of power over you, like your boss, partner, parents.

Stand up for yourself; yes, don’t allow others to cross your boundaries, but do it in a self-assertive rather than aggressive way.

Mars energy in the 10th house gives you the willpower to work hard and for long periods to reach your personal aspirations, and you can make significant progress in fulfilling your dreams.

If there is work or a project you have been putting off, now can be the perfect time to complete it, you may find it hard to cooperate with team goals, but you shouldn’t neglect any joint responsibilities.

Helping others with their goals at this time can help you to reach your personal targets, as your determination and willingness to collaborate with others will endear you to them.

Gaining their admiration or respect working with others will attract the right resources you need to complete your objectives; however, you should also focus on your individual goals at this time.

But do not burn unnecessary bridges; pick your battles wisely. Mars influence can make you be impulsive and say harsh words without thinking.

But acting this way can isolate the people you need to support you, and acting aggressively can interfere with any advancement you have made towards realising your dreams.

Mars transiting the Eleventh house

  • Working in groups to achieve goals, especial those who have  spiritual, scientific, technological or humanitarian purposes, or organisations involved in social, legal or political activism
  • You may take a more proactive or leadership role in any organisations you belong to, or you may start your own group
  • Negatively you and your friends can get into trouble by encouraging each other to take risky, violent or illegal actions or groups.
  • Disagreements over who should be in charge or who should do what etc. can also cause conflict
  • It is best to give out roles objectively, based on each other’s personal strengths, rather than let ego needs of being the boss get in the way
More about Mars transit in the 11th house

It is best to cooperate with others during this transit; even if you have personal goals, you will achieve more while working with others, especially in your career and home life.

Rather than try and ignore group obligations, even if you have personal goals, you instead be working on, because letting friends or any teams you belong to down at this time.

 May cause arguments, and you may waste more time than you tried to save by not meeting your commitments to others; of course, speak your mind.

 Stand your ground; do not let others cross your boundaries and walk over you, which is a negative outcome of unchanneled mars energy.

For mars is all about asserting yourself by taking physical effort to bring your aspirations into reality; it is always best to find a balance between personal goals and helping others with their ambitions.

Making plans to reach your long term goals is also a valuable and worthwhile use of this energy.

Unique or inventive ideas can help you solve any personal problems or career, intellectual or spiritual advancement.

Socialising, playing sports, games or working with friends, groups, or co-workers could reveal information that helps you with your personal issues or ambitions.

  You could make contacts through group or friendship associations that can help with money or other resources to fund or support your social, political or charitable ideas or venture.

Mars transiting the twelfth house

  • You may take time out when you’re not working to spend time alone, to work on your personal, educational, spiritual or career development.
  • Taking time out from socialising to avoid arguments and other people pushing your triggers
  • Increase involvement with secrets, hospitals, charities, spiritual prisons or religious institutions
  • Negatively as this is the 12th house of addiction and escapism, you may act in reckless ways, excessively drink, take drugs or any other intoxicating substances or content (porn).
  • That can make you react in aggressive or secretive ways that can cause problems in your relationships
  • Problems with hidden enemies that can be revealed at this time can stir up an aggressive reaction from you
  • Deceitfulness and manipulative behaviour can be used by you to hide your real emotions, you can act in passive-aggressive or other subversive ways or others can use these tactics on you
  • You may get involved in secret romances or any other undercover/ covert type of relationships that can have themes of physical or psychological abuse
  • While this transit is active, your actions can cause you to be physically locked away or isolated from others.
More about Mars transit in the 12th house

If you have adverse aspects in your natal chart or if Mars is making negative aspects when transiting to other planets.

Then this can be a time of irritation of self-sacrifice, or you can be focused on self-gratification, which can cause endless problems.

You may choose to spend time alone to understand your psychological, emotional or spiritual wounds at this time.

Although painful, it can uncover valuable information that helps you overcome self-destructive thoughts and habits, or you may help others understand their suffering.

You may find yourself constantly annoyed or disappointed without knowing why; it is crucial you try to get to the bottom of these feelings rather than numbing yourself to them.

Problems can occur in your personal relationships due to your unique mannerisms; behaviours that you have been unaware of may now be brought to your attention due to other people reacting negatively to you.

 So you may have no choice but to look at how you relate to others; still, you may blame others and not take that look in the mirror that is needed.

You may not openly try to get your way now, but you may use passive-aggressive or manipulation tactics to assert yourself on others at this time.

But they will sense this, and although they may not directly take you out, they may take evasive and calculating actions to get in the way of your personal goals at this time.

They could tell your boss that you are slacking off at work, spread gossip; others may take sneaky action like spitting in your food.

I know petty, write things anonymously about you online, let the air out your tire, devious stuff like this that ruin your day in some way.

You must confront whatever it is that’s going on in your subconscious mind at this time instead of running away from it

because your emotions that you run from can be played out in others, and you will have to face them anyway.

It may be hard to accept your shadow behaviours or deal with your unhealed emotions.

But it’s best to because they will come out in impulsive thoughts and actions that cause problems in your life until you deal with them.

Mars transiting the 12th house provides the power to do the long and painful work of handling the things you wish to avoid; it’s best to spend as much time as you can alone during this transit.

Doing research, watching motivational videos or any other content that can help you deal with your problems directly, although helping others may help you help yourself at this time.

Giving something back to your local community by donating or volunteering to charity may be the best use of any excess energy rather than turning to compulsive, self-destructive habits.

Because this is mars energy we are talking about in the 12th house, you may find it easier to escape with over socialising, taking drugs etc.. Getting lost in pleasure, but this won’t be best for you in the long run.

It will be best to take time out to heal, understand, forgive, have compassion for and manage yourself.