Uranus transits
  • The house Uranus is transiting in and the aspects Uranus makes to other planets and the houses they are when transiting,
  • as well as the position of Uranus and the aspects it makes to other planets in your birth chart.
  • Give a clue to the type of unusual and unexpected experiences you can expect during Uranus transits.
  • Uranus wants you to be an authentic individual instead of a mere product of your repressed emotions, cultural background, unhealed psychological trauma and otherpeople’s expectations and demands
  • During Uranus transits:
  • You may rebel more and become unpredictable, more independent, craving more freedom than usual, or others can demand more space from you.
  • This usually happens if you ignore any internal thoughts calling for you to be, more free-thinking and autonomous.
  • you may meet new friends or groups that expand your perceptive
  • Open to unique ideas and self-expression, becoming more innovative and/or energetic than normal
  • discover or increase your interest in alternative scientific, spiritual, philosophical, technological or humanitarian solutions, practical actions, research  or other innovative ideas
  • Watch out for deceptive or extremist people or groups who have ulterior motives
  • Rebelling for its sake, crises of identity, such as mid-life crisis.
  • A call for you to break from tradition and the things, relationships, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back from being authentic.
  • When you don’t use Uranus energy willingly
  • choosing to ignore your subconscious internal thoughts and intuition- the small voice that tries to lead you to your highest potential.
  • Then the repressed Uranus energy usually comes out in disturbing experiences that may seem shocking but actually result from repressing the need for change.
  • Everything in nature changes, the sun’s and moon’s position, even the trees” leaves move in the wind.
  • In an average human life, you will experience Uranus moving through 7-11 houses
  • If you’re lucky, you will need to live to 84 for Uranus to transit all houses
  • the average human life span is 72 years at the time of writing this in 2022.
How long does Uranus transit each house?

Uranus transit can last for around 7-12+ years depending on the size of each house in your natal chart; Uranus transits bring sudden and other erratic changes.

 Uranus is seen as the great awakener, and as you know, we humans resist change.

 Because we are afraid of the unknown and try to cling to certainty in an uncertain world.

Uranus’s transits bring people, information and experience your way, which is out of your comfort zone.

 How you respond to them depends on your reaction to change; do you cling to comfort or embrace the new?

Many things can happen under Uranus transits, but whatever does occur will be unexpected; typically, people respond to Uranus transit by trying to avoid the changes it brings.

However, the people you meet when Uranus is transiting may bring valuable insight into your own personality, thought patterns and lifestyle choices.

 It may not always be pleasant, but it will be electric and awakening, like a breath of fresh air, in a fart filled room.

Many people cling to their familiar routine even if it makes them unhappy.

 Uranus transits are attempts to wake you up from accepting anything less than living an authentic individual life based on your terms and not what other people and society expect from you.

Yes, the unknown is scary; the familiar is well yano better the devil you know, right? Uranus asks you to question this non-fact that we humans are programmed to believe is true.

Clinging on to what you know because you’re afraid of the insecurity new changes bring.

Often leads to regrets and resentments in your later years, as you reflect on all the chances you refuse to take.

Fear often gets in the way of you living your best life; if we look at the earth and its cycles, winter, to spring, to summer to fall (autumn).

You will see that just like nature, we humans and our character-personality and lives are meant to change.

Yes, for sure if you’re really happy with your job, lover(s) and friendships, you should do everything you can to keep them.

 But if you’re not, maybe you should let go, so you can invite new people in your life.

Who you will be happy to be associated with but know authentic happiness comes from within, by accepting yourself, warts and all-the good and the bad.

Uranus usually stays in a house for an extended period, 7 years +, serving you constant reminds to find out who you authentically are, and be that.

 Rather than live in misery trying to live up to what others expect from you.

Uranus transiting the first house

  • Increased self-awareness, craving freedom and independence
  • Taking an interest in astrology or other areas of the occult
  • Some of you may experience a higher consciousness awakening
  • Seeking more personal freedom
  • Sudden changes in career, relationships, thought patterns or behaviours
  • Taking an interest in ancient histories and cultures or futuristic ideas, with the ambition of living them in the now
  • Joining scientific, spiritual, technological, philosophical or alternative groups
  • Leaving behind the familiar and stability for instability and the unknown
  • Positive aspects to Uranus whilst it transits your 1st house or in your natal chart could bring personal happiness, financial or spiritual gain, adventure.
  • You can create something that serves your community or humanity as a whole..
  • Negative aspects whilst Uranus transits the 1st house or in your natal chart can make you overly unconventional-weird, difficult to reason and deal with
  • unwilling to cooperate with others, which can cause irreparable damage in relationships
  • You may lose your job or other things and connections you wish to keep; you can literally work against your own wellbeing and goals. Lack of focus, short temper, or impatience can sabotage any work or personal projects.
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This can be a period of significant change; this transit usually lasts about 6 to 8 years, depending on the size of your first house.

 If you’re in a committed relationship, you could experience tension.

A separation could happen as you and the other person realise you have outgrown each other.

 On the other hand, you may decide to accept the changes in each other.

This allows the relationship to grow stronger because you learn to respect each other for the individuals you are and the relationship you created together.

Some old  Friendships may not survive this transit as you shed your old skin and reinvent yourself somehow.

Which can make those you know for a long time react negatively because they have gotten used to who you was and not who you needed to become.

 As you know, we humans are often afraid of the unknown and unfamiliar.

So you, breaking through your limitations and growing, can be unnerving to others as it reminds them of their own lack of personal growth.

You could resist the urge to change yourself as many people do, but external events could force change upon you, against your will, so it is best to follow your inner calling to bring new into your life and let go of the old.

Uranus transit the 1st house can be a very frustrating and unnerving time.

 Because friendship, group associations, family ties and personal business or love relationships may change suddenly.

But this only happens if you ignore the internal warning signs that subtly tell you to move forward in your life and clear out the old to make room for the new.

The things that you resist changing typically are the very things that need to be transformed.

So what are the things and people you cling to as if your life depend on it, and why is that?

It is also vital that you don’t just rebel for the sake of it, as this will be a waste of this energy.

Also do not make radical changes without a plan; after all, Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius and the 11th house.

 Which is the natural home of Uranus, so it’s best to make a strategic plan, try and stay focused and take disciplined actions.

 Uranus transiting the first house wants you to release yourself from anything that holds you back from your independence and freedom.

But it is best not to do this recklessly.

However, Uranus does bring change suddenly, so you could lose your job, or you may choose to change career during this transit.

Some of you can decide to go self-employed, working  towards bringing your ingenious or inventive money-making idea into reality,

This is a time to try new things, attend a new course start or continue your professional or personal education.

Focus on your personal development,   attend therapy to help you through changes if you feel you need it.

Activities like listening to binaural beats or some other type of mediation or stillness practice, learning astrology, numerology or some other occult exploration.

 Doing exercises to expand your memory, engaging in a self-awareness technique or learning a new language.

 You may do work to help you trust the small voice that always tells you the best way forward so that it becomes a big voice that you rely on to guide you throughout your life.

You may join scientific, political, social activist, humanitarian, technological, spiritual or philosophical groups, or you may decide to keep a journey to keep track of your thoughts and behaviours.

You may decide to bring more self-care, understanding, compassion, forgiveness and love into your life; you may find the changes that need to occur hard to start at first.

But keep on working towards your transformation, and it will happen.

Uranus will be in your first house for at least 6 -8years, so you have plenty of time to reach your end goal; remember,it’s a journey, not a destination.

Uranus transiting the second house

  • Sudden changes in finances
  • This transit may bring you experiences that aim to teach you the correct use of money, possessions, time and other resources
  • Coming up with creative and/or inventive solutions to increase financial or spiritual stability
  • especially if you collaborate with others and if Uranus makes positive aspects via transit or in your natal chart
  • Rapid changes in your personal value system
  • Ventures involving trading, especially day selling, new technology such as NFTS, cryptocurrency etc., can pay off
  • Negative aspects to Uranus transiting the 2nd house via transit or in your natal chart can make you lose money, particularly if you become greedy and/or use underhand tactics
  • Your own impatience, lack of planning or taking advice can be your downfall
  • This transit is best used for spiritual development and changing the ways you think about money
  • Training yourself to see it as a tool to enrich your life, not to obtain it for the sake of it or to show off, nor use it as a status symbol.
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Uranus transiting the second house can bring drastic, sudden and unpredictable changes in your personal belief systems, finances and possession for better or worst.

The best way to handle this and any astrological transit is to be open to the changes they bring and willing to do the inner work that they call for.

 But hey, we are human, and in our current evolution, we resist change.

Over the years, this transit last, Uranus stays in each house for about 7 years.

So during this period, you may decide or be forced to change the old beliefs and habits that are holding you back from growing.

Some of you could decide to live a more spiritual, religious, or philosophical life.

 If you have only focused on the material side of life, such as accumulating wealth and possession.

Suppose you have been focused on doing inner work and growing as a person. In that case, you may choose to become more material stable during this transit.

Your small inner voice will lead you to the changes that you need to make at this time.

And if you follow it, you will be fine; if you don’t, this can be a confusing time because external events and people may force the changes you have been avoiding on you.

You could change jobs, relationships, homes, friends, beliefs a few times during this transit; some of you may make a complete career change into a uranian type career.

Such as a scientist, philanthropist, social or political leader or activist, alternative healer-occultist, inventor or mad genius, to name a few.

You may choose to become a freelancer or self-employed, following a lifelong dream.

Keep an open mind, let go of what wants to leave, get help to help you through this transit, invest in your lifelong personal development.

 Question your beliefs about the world, money and possessions in general, and you will do just fine.

Uranus transiting the third house

  • Sudden changes in the way you think and communicate with others
  • Good for all forms of content creation, especially writing about alternative science, technology, philosophical, astrology, or any other occult subject
  • Letting go of old beliefs and embracing new ones is the best use of this transit
  • Wanting to evaluate and research concepts rather than blindly believing them
  • Racing thoughts, your mind can be more active at this time, penetrating intuitions, electric visions, any shifts in intellectual expression can happen during this period
  • Drastic changes in your relationships with friends, family members, especially cousins, and any siblings for better or worse.
  • Lots of short trips
  • Negatively you can become agitated or nervous, causing you anxiety; if this applies, do some breath work, mindfulness, write down your thoughts.
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Uranus transiting the third house wants you to change your thought processes and the way you communicate.

This can involve changing friends and acquaintances and meeting new, original, or eccentric people with whom you share innovative, intellectual or higher consciousness type conversations and experiences.

Negatively tensions can happen in your communications with your neighbours, co-workers, or anyone else you meet or have contact with during your day to day life.

Family members may suddenly reveal life-changing information or act in unpredictable ways that cause confusion or disruption.

Relationships you counted on may change dramatically; friends can become enemies, and rivals can become a friend.

To make the best use of this transit, you have to be open to changing what you have come to believe is true.

Remain open to all possibilities, listen to any new information, with an enquiring – curious, rather than judging mind.  

Use this energy to expand your conscious mind rather than resist change and let it go to waste.

Choose to do the research and work, following your inner thoughts and gut feelings that want you to change your attitude, way of thinking, and communication so you can grow.

The events you experience under this transit should be less disruptive if you do this.

 Short journeys can help you expand your consciousness and change your mental attitudes at this time.

 You may attend a local college, university or any other institution to do some further study.

Or you could take several online courses or teach yourself by watching online videos; if you have strong Uranus or Aquarius energy in your birth chart.

Your new studies may involve astrology, other occult areas, innovative thought, science or technology.

Keyphrase for this transit changes in mental attitudes. How you view people and events in the world will change. This can be for better or worse, depending on other transits.

Even if new information is presented to you incoherently or drastically. Yano, such as a drunken chat on a night out with a Stanger.

 Who imparts some knowledge to you, which you first put down to being insignificant or intoxicating rambles and banter.

But later on in the transit, the information that was imparted will become a cornerstone. For your new way of thinking and navigating the world.

Emails, tv shows,  a song you hear, attending a lecture, group seminar or co-worker break time ch. All types of communication become important now.

Uranus transiting the fourth house

  • Sudden changes in your family situation, moving home or changing intimate partners a few times
  • Moving away from your family or friends or them moving away
  • Hosting dinner parties or group events from your home, a lot
  • Eccentric home improvements
  • drastic changes within your self-inner home, revisiting childhood memories and healing them, deep transformations in your psychological and emotional attitude
  • this self-transformation can help you feel more secure within yourself and lead to you fulfilling your ambitions.
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Uranus in the fourth house will bring internal and external experiences to you that reminds you of your past events.

 Childhood, adolescence and early adulthood memories may surface, depending on your age at the time.

 Family inheritances, especially personality traits, religious, cultural and other beliefs systems, will all come under the spotlight; this can be upsetting at first.

But anything that happens now is asking you to change how you relate to your family, close friends, and intimate partners.

 They can be tense conversations with family members, especially your parents.

 You may make drastic changes to free yourself from your parents (primary caregivers), partners or friends” control.

Because of this, this can be an upsetting time, as close relationships or stations you have relied on may come to an end or change in a drastic way. But ultimately, this is for the best.


You could move home once or several times during this transit; a committed relationship may end, causing this change.

You may leave your parents or other family members home; all of these changes can happen suddenly.

After all, this is Uranus energy we are talking about.

The best way to handle this transit is to let go and open yourself up to new beliefs and ways of living in this world.

 Seeing any change as an adventure will be challenging, but this is the best way forward.

No transit is isolated in astrology, so they are bound to be other transits that happen at this time.

Which will alter the effect of Uranus transiting the fourth house.

It is essential to let go of old beliefs that hold you back, to say the hard words to those who need to hear them, and it’s also vital you listen to others” concerns now.

It may be painful at first, but if you and others get things off your chest, the relationships may not need to be broken down completely, but they must change.


This transit will be crucial if you have a habit of running away from facing your problems.

The energy of this transit will keep on bringing inner thoughts and external situations to bring to your attention the things you have been running from.

It can take a while for life to be the same again after this transit. Still, if you allow your subconscious thoughts to be transformed, your external behaviours are also changed.

 Then how you view yourself, others and the world, in general, will change.

And that’s what the lesson of Uranus transiting the 4th house is all about. You can build healthy connections with your friends and family and any new people that come into your life.

Uranus transiting the fifth house

    • wild adventures
    • good for alternative creative and artistic types put your heart and soul into your talent, and it will reward you, write, draw, take pictures, learn an instrument, create a movie or documentary
    • your efforts could benefit humanity in some way
    • particularly if you work in a creative partnership or group
    • socialising with others more, having fun
    • increase in intellectual or superficial self-expression, this can be by dressing eccentrically or showing more of your body
    • exciting and sudden romances with eccentric individuals
    • this romance or one of these romances/ hooks/Netflix and chills can have staying power if Uranus makes positive aspects in your bitch chart or via transit.
    • Such as Uranus trine, sextile, conjunct, Saturn, Pluto, Sun or Moon
    • These relationships can reveal ou penetrating insights about yourself
    • Negative aspects can make you spend foolishly on sensual experiences, lose money due to gambling or from being swindled, or you can con other
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This is the house of leisure, enjoyment, romance and children; issues with children or the childlike can be the main focus of this transit for you.

You may have to deal with a difficult child. Any children whose life you are involved in may experience difficulties in their personal life. And you may have to put a lot of time and resources into helping them through this time.

The themes of these difficulties could be a child going through puberty, or this can be you.

Dealing with a child being bullied or your own harassment, solving an illness or coping with disobedient or offensive behaviours, times may be rough now.

But get help if you feel depressed or anxious; things always get better with time.

 However, this transit can bring good times with children. Spending time with them helps you remember your inner child, bringing fun and newness into your life. Some people also experience a midlife crisis during this transit.

If you are a creative type, then this is a good time to channel energy into your work, exploring new techniques and ways of being creative, because you may create many masterpieces during this transit


If you are single and even if you’re not, Uranus in the fifth house can bring eccentric, weird or unique love interests into your realm of experience.

However, these passing encounters may not last, but they will teach you a lot about yourself and life.

 They can be age gap relationships, opposites attract connections, infatuations, or affairs can all happen under this transit.

Change is the cornerstone of any new connections started when Uranus transits the 5th house.

 If Saturn transits the 5th house simultaneously or makes aspects to the 5th house, then the relationships may be more stable.

Breakdowns in committed relationships can happen under this transit; you may not be the cheater, you may be cheated on.

Whatever happens now disrupts your regular routine and opens you up to the different possibilities in life, although it can be painful.

If a relationship ends, grieve it, but then move on as this transit wants you to embrace the changes and welcome the new.

The energy of Uranus in the fifth house wants you to open yourself up to your inner creativity. Even if you don’t use it to create content, write, play an instrument or anything else artistic.

This energy can be channelled into your career,  scientific, intellectual or philosophical pursuit.

Do not waste this energy; instead of releasing it into your frivolous passions such as hook up after hook up, take up a new sport, swimming, playing tennis, basketball doing weight training or any other form of exercise.

Uranus transiting the sixth house

  • Personal growth through work, health or helping others
  • Changing your career or advancing in your job related to technology, alternative technology, science, healing, social or political activism
  • Making new or deepening relationships with uranian- eccentric – non-conformist co-workers
  • You can come up with ingenious ideas to make your current working habits more productive
  • Good transit for those who do alternative healing work such as yoga teachers, reiki healers, astrologers, numerologists. And those involved in science, medicine, technology, engineering, particularly data science.
  • Negatively you can experience ill health due to carelessness, neglecting yourself to take care of others” needs or using extreme exercise or dieting methods
  • You can experience disciplinary action due to your behaviour at work on the extreme end of the spectrum
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How you think and feel about commitments, work, and your health can change during this transit; the purpose of this transit is to help you transform your outlook on the above matters.

This transit can bring changes in your work, health and your responsibilities to others; you may have to become responsible for the wellbeing of a loved one or friend during this time.

Or you can decide to stop caring for someone you have been responsible for, which can cause disappointment from them, but it may be the best thing for you to do for your physical, spiritual and psychological health

Your own health can experience sudden changes, leading to you having to unexpectedly change your lifestyle.

Your job may demand more commitment from you, or you may seek out new responsibilities in your current position.

 You may be forced or decide to train in new skills to keep or get promoted in your current profession.

Some of you may change jobs completely after being fired or deciding that your current career is not for you.

 So you may choose to take educational or other courses to find more suitable employment.

This can be an unhappy transit because you may be forced to take on responsibilities.

 Because of this, You could get bored of your daily routine and lack freedom. Uranus transiting the 6th house asks you to examine your commitments and thoughts about what you can achieve in life.

 Are you keeping yourself in prison? You must find some “”you”” time and take care of your health; you may suppress the inner urges that tell you to break free and try a new way of doing.

 But doing this can cause a strain on your emotional, psychological or physical health; I know it can be hard when you feel responsible for others.

This may be hard if you are a permanent career for some who cannot look after themselves.

Still, it is crucial you reach out for help and don’t play the martyr and do not do things for others that they can do for themselves.

 You may think you cannot change, your life thinking thoughts like this is how it is, and it can be no other way.

Yet Uranus is showing you that there is a better way to help others, do your job and take care of your health during this transit.

It is best to deal with the issues that come up at this time, or Uranus will force the needed change into your life, which can be unpleasant.

So it’s best to consciously make the necessary changes, willingly, placing your own wellbeing first.

Because this is how you can genuinely look after others and work to the best of your own ability.

Even if you just have 5 minutes a day  to yourself 

Uranus transiting the seventh house

  • Sudden changes in intimate business and romantic relationships
  • Ending relationships that no longer meet your standards or because of envy or control issues.
  • Meeting eccentric and alternative, and gifted individuals who can help you with your career or personal goals
  • Lots of networking, meeting people online, short-lived infatuations or friendships
  • Increase ghosting by you or others, especially if you spot red flags
  • Your stubbornness can cause problems in connections
  • The best use of this transit is to form stable creative or business ventures with those with the expertise, as this can increase your personal expression, perception and finances.
  • Working on yourself to improve how you communicate with yourself and others.
  • Much personal growth can be achieved by reflecting on past relationships changing your toxic thought, self-destructive habits and relationship patterns.
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The 7th house is the house or committed business, and intimate partnerships, open enemies, tensions can happen between those you generally disagree with at this time.

Unpredicted actions can bring about personal and, at worse legal difficulties, so it is best to not say or do anything you will regret, but this can be hard, as Uranus brings aggression, especially to tense situations.

It won’t be hard to meet the demands of this transit: keep calm in conflict and deal with your relationship problems directly.

 Rather than running away from them or making them worse, to be forewarned is to be forearmed (prepared).

Be careful of other people’s agendas because they may say or do things with the intention in cause trouble in your life.

Uranus energy in the 7th house brings unexpected disruption to your personal affair; how this affects each person depends, but in general, whatever happens now is because your subconscious will bring to you the situations needed for you to grow.

If you have been keeping up appearances in a relationship giving the impression of being in love and happy.

Then this transit can blow that charade and house down; words you or your partner(s) have been putting off saying may come out now explosively.

 Secrets you have been hiding from each other may also come out with devastating consequences.

 Suppose you have been staying in a relationship for money or any other commitment. In that case, that reason may not be strong enough to make that relationship last this transit.

Not all relationships may end during this transit, even if you or your partner may get involved in passionate but ultimately fleeting extramarital affairs.

Which serve as a mechanism of escape. So you don’t have to deal with your inner issues and the problems you have in your relationship.

 This may be the very event needed to bring clarity and truth into your relationship. Bringing you closer together, however, revolutions can blow you apart for good.

Uranus wants you to change old relationship patterns, so the experiences what happen now. Will force you to deal with any problems in your relationships rather than go on as if nothing is wrong.

Whatever happens in your partnerships at this time or between you and your open enemies is trying to teach you how to have better connections with others.

Authentic partnerships with others are built on the foundation of forming an honest bond with yourself.

Soit’s an excellent time to deal with the emotional and psychological blockages that stop you from being straightforward in communications and having healthy relationships.

You will become more disciplined and have more productive bonds with others if you do this.

Uranus transiting the eight house

  • Personal introspection, revealing the things you keep hidden so you can look into expressing them in safe ways
  • Sometimes this indicates sudden expenses, inheritances, rebates, career or business opportunities or losses.
  • Fascinating with life after death or other areas of the occult
  • Diving deep into your subconscious and psych and healing what is found there
  • It is best to grow a Positive attitude during this period, take time to nurture and have empathy for yourself and relax
  • Fact check all people and groups you intend to get involved in as not all people can be what they seem,
  • ulterior motives, people wanting to use your personal resources or energy for their own occult purposes.
  • Sudden connections and endings
  • Exploring alternative sexual scenes
  • Although you can go through some hard times, these experiences can teach you to be more objective and live life in a more aware yet deathbed state
  • Learning not to take things personally and enjoy your life while you can
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Sudden changes in inner values and finances, enchanting relationships and careers, the underworld, doing deep introspection to heal emotional and psychological wounds, the unknown, becoming known, suddenly. Death and rebirth, changing loyalties, fleeting connections, depraved experiences.

Uranus is in the house of transformation. The things you keep hidden can bring karmic events into your life to uncover the secrets and desires you keep from yourself and others.

 You may meet new or intense people who express the emotions and behaviours you repress.

Whatever takes place, the ultimate lesson of this transit is to make sure you always have a backup plan. Ultimately, it’s best to depend on yourself for your own happiness and internal and external stability.

Because people you relied on to provide your material certainty could let you down, or you could receive money that helps you live a more independent life.

It is vital to deal with all financial issues head-on rather than bury your head in the sand, especially if you owe money.

 If you cannot afford to pay it all at once, try and reach a reasonable repayment plan with your debtor.

You may be forced to take up a second job. Because this is the 8th house, this new job can have an underworld theme involving sex, escorting, drug dealing or some other black-market profession.

Relationships you’re already in can become more possessive or passionate or restrictive.

This transit lasts for at least 7 years; shocking events like a separation from a loved one or someone close moving on to their next life. Can bring about radical new changes in your lifestyle.

Which may upset you or act as a breath of fresh air; if you have been putting yourself in the corner or if other people have been restricting your growth in some way.

You are more willing and able to break free from these limitations.

Especially the limiting thoughts and self-destructive behaviours that you have allowed to control your life.

Some of you could receive an inheritance or something else of value which suddenly changes your life.

If you’re in a committed relationship, your partner’s actions can bring about changes in your financial stability, for better or worse.

 They could get promoted, gamble  and lose joint money or win big.

 A lawsuit could be settled that bring changes in fortune, a tax issue may arise that brings about a rebate or a massive bill that must be paid. Immediately.

These are just a few scenarios that could happen that change your circumstances, whatever happens. Chances are it will disturb what you have come to see as normal, for good or bad.

Uranus transiting the ninth house

  • Opening your mind- focusing on the deeper meanings of life
  • Learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, taking a university or other higher learning course
  • Researching religion, spirituality, science, technology, philosophy, or any other subject can lead to an awakening experience, radical change in outlook and self-expression. Experiencing a deep higher conscious awakening that changes your life for good.
  • Unexpected long-distance travel….physical or psychological
  • Becoming interested in alternative healing concepts like vipassana meditation, other breathwork, mindfulness, neuro reprogramming, fasting.
  • Wanting to uplift and heal yourself so you can help others,
  • joining or creating humanitarian, religious, spiritual, scientific, or other groups.
  • Negatively you can be impractical in your ideas; it’s essential to avoid impractical ideas, extremist beliefs and groups; also, be careful with travel plans.
  • e. your newfound opinions could tempt you to visit war zones that are unsafe or connect with a love interest that may be shady. Don’t fear; just make sure you fact check and stay safe
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Demands a change in your belief system; its best with all Uranus transit to undergo these changes willingly, or they will be forced upon you.

Your own limited thinking or prejudiced way of looking at the world may be holding you back from finding inner peace.

 It’s best to do your best to be open-minded and research new beliefs systems and visit new places; some of you may travel to other countries.

 The experiences you have abroad will help you become more flexible in your thoughts and behaviours.

It may be hard for you to come out of your comfort zone and realise that what you have come to think about the world is untrue.

 It can be a real fear-inducing time, as we humans tend to like the familiar.

However, a new course at an educational institution may spark your curiosity.

 For some of you, you could do online research into intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, religious or scientific ideas, which helps you change your personal outlook.

You could gain an interest in studying astrology, numerology or any other psychology or predictive practice at this time.

This can be a long yet, at times, sudden re-learning process. You may experience many triggering experiences at this time because you could be repeatedly challenged by other people about the things you believe. Avoid becoming fanatical or violent in your response and be open to other people’s points of view.

Stand your ground and express your thoughts, calmly, but not aggressively, don’t be submissive and be agreeable with others for the sake to keep the peace.

Because it is essential, you don’t allow others to dominate you at this time. Because your repressed anger will come out in other ways that can be detrimental to your material, physical or psychological wellbeing.

It is also vital you fact check any information to ensure you’re not just changing one distorted perception for another.

If you join any new groups or meet new people, they may be radical in nature.

You may begin to fight for political, legal or social reform, but make sure you do this in an ethical and non-violent way.

 Be careful to not align yourself with bigoted or tyrannical causes or people at this time, as your association with these types of people may cause legal or other authoritative reprimands.

Allow yourself to experience the new, question your old beliefs and explore intellectual or higher consciousness belief systems.

Uranus transiting the tenth house

  • Sudden changes in career
  • Working in groups or joining professional or educational organisations to advance career
  • Avoid being too goal-orientated as this can cause conflict in relationships, and you can experience burnout, make sure you take time to relax and look after your health
  • Eccentric or unique individuals with authority may help you reach your goals or solve problems.
  • You can create or benefit from innovative ideas to improve your inner life and, therefore, your professional and educational opportunities such as dr leafs 5 steps
  • Try and do things above board; do not manipulate or use questionable tactics to get ahead, as this may backfire in the long run and damage your reputation.
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This can cause sudden changes in your public and professional status; you could change jobs or achieve a higher position in your current job.

It’s vital you go for a promotion honestly and don’t use any underhand tactics.

Your co-workers or those in authority may cause obstacles to your progression at this time, and they may act in aggressive ways to get a rise from you.

Do not react with violence in words or actions, as this can cause a very public decline in your reputation, and you can get in trouble with those in authority.

On a subconscious level, you may actually be bored of playing the social and power games society loves so much.

 So you may bring about your own public or professional shame because you crave to be free from restrictions. However, consciously, these changes may distress you and induce panic. Uranus is all about non-conforming behaviour, after all.

Nevertheless, Uranus transiting in this house wants to clear away anything that has served its purpose.

 So if you lose a job at this time, even though it will be devastating at first, grieve the loss but see it as an opportunity to start again.

You may decide to distance yourself from any relationship, professional or person, restricting your progress, especially those with demanding family members.

But make these changes slowly because acting hurriedly can bring about cruel or authoritarian responses. From those people you want to break free from, they could place endless roadblocks with your advancement plans.

Uranus energy can be erratic, but if you work with it, rather than suppress its calls for you to let go of old ambitions and try out new experiences. Positive changes will be made in your life.

Ultimately, you may decide to become self-employed, which may disturb your family’s financial security. They may give you endless reasons to not follow your dreams of exploring a new career path.

 This can be a progressive and relatively new field in science, technology, or a metaphysical career path, Such as an alternative healer, astrologist, numerologist, or some other unconventional and inventive career.

Your family could find the changes you make disturbing because you can be a highly paid CEO. Who decides to start an eco bee farmer, start a meditation retreat or become an investor, something like that.

And yes, throwing away your salary and health benefits may seem like stupidity, but during a Uranus transit going with the new may actually be the secure option instead of clinging to the old.

Uranus transiting the eleventh house

  • Uranus is accidentally exalted in this house, being the natural co-ruler of Aquarius
  • Unexpected changes in your current group memberships and friendships
  • Meeting new people and joining new groups
  • Working towards alternative humanitarian, spiritual, philosophical, religious, scientific or technological ideals
  • Becoming more intuitive and in tune with fresh and original ideas and solutions to your problems
  • Be careful of your own and others’ motives in group projects or new relationships.
  • Using others to get what you want can backfire and may damage your reputation.
  • People you meet at this time can be all charm and smiles but have secret intentions for connecting with you.
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Uranus spends around 7 years in this house; during this time, you may experience sudden changes in your group associations or friendship circle. 

You may simply get bored with your social circle or outgrow them. And now you are seeking friends and groups that meet your new or authentic ideas and personal expression.

But be careful not everyone is who they seem; there is no need to live in fear during this transit. Ask questions and watch people’s actions; words are easy to fake actions, not so easy.

Factcheck anyone new and research before joining new groups.

You want to break free from restrictions, conforming to others’ expectations and traditions. This will mean significant changes in the people you socialise and spend time with for some of you.

You may choose to keep your old friends, but you will assert your new ideals more, whether they like it or not. Some of you will want a clean break because you no longer want to colour within the lines you want to think and live outside the box.

Sudden changes may cause upset at first, but Uranus’s unpredictable energy wants to shake you out of your comfort zone.

 So that you can become more independent and follow your dreams.

But at first, the old order and your self-destructive thoughts and habits. Must be destabilised so they can be reformed into something better. Still, the transition process can make you feel anxious.

Visionary dreams and waking thoughts can lead you to seek out new occult, philosophical, intellectual, scientific or technological groups at this time.

You may meet a new, weird, and wonderful friend(s) that make you feel alive and as if you finally met someone(s) on your wavelength.

 Just make sure you don’t break laws and get too carried away with any plans for world domination. Becoming too erratic or, at worst psychotic in your plans for change.

Jokes, but you could meet important eccentric, non-conformist collaborators at this time, and you can enjoy stimulating conversation.

 You may also start work on a social, political, spiritual, philosophical, or other innovative ideas that may begin as a hobby but develop into an exciting new business venture.

Uranus transiting the twelfth house

  • Sudden changes in personal wellbeing
  • A dark night of the soul, get help if need be
  • Research spiritual, self-help, psychological techniques, breathwork, and mindfulness, listening to music, creating art, writing down your feelings- keeping a voice or written day to day journal.
  • This can be a profoundly creative transit so you can channel your pain into your chosen art form at this time; powerful pieces of work can be created at his time.
  • Although it can be a trying and upsetting time, this is an opportunity to grow stronger
  • Avoid becoming violent with yourself and others and indulging in intoxicating substances and relationships
  • I know this can be a painful time, and you may want to escape, but its best to seek out healthy ways to deal with any psychological and emotional problems that surface now
  • Repressed feelings or habits can leak from your subconscious mind during this transit
  • Compulsions you have been hiding from yourself may erupt to the front of your awareness now, which can cause avoidance
  • Turning to a power higher than yourself can bring a sense of instability; by slowly working through your issues, your intuition can lead you to information that you can turn into wisdom
  • By putting it into practice.
  • Negatively others could abuse your state of mind at this time; you may join mysterious occult groups or meet eccentric people or groups
  • This is the house of secret enemies”, so not everyone you meet can be your friend. Even old friends and family members can be revealed as secret enemies at this time.
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Like all 12th house transits, Uranus transiting the 12th house can see you battling your repressed memories. Secrets you keep from yourself and others and escapist tendencies when Uranus transits the 12th house.

Addictions, self-destructive thoughts, behaviours, emotional disturbances, revelations of what you like to keep hidden, or someone else revealing confidential information to you.

 Which may upset you somehow, sudden events that disturb your routine.

If you have previously been able to hide your compulsive behaviour, it may be harder to do at this time. Additionally, someone else in your life that you are close to addictions may cause problems in your life right now.

Contact with those in the psychological or occult professions; at the worse, you may have to seek inpatient treatment at a psychological health hospital. Or You may willingly attend a spiritual retreat or start a personal development program.

Events that seem to come out of nowhere disturb your day-to-day life, and evasive thoughts from your subconscious will invade your consciousness at some point during this transit.

If you have any addictive habits like over-drinking alcohol, taking drugs, binge eating for or overspending, to name a few, this could increase now as you try avoiding dealing with your thoughts.

But the more you do this, the more likely it is that sudden actions of others and external situations which occur suddenly upset your escape route.

No matter how much you try to escape, you can’t seem to hide from yourself.

Of course, not everyone will feel this way; some of you will freely make your mind up. To tap into your psyche and imagination at this time and start healing any issues you find there.

 Using self-reflection techniques to resolve your emotional or psychological struggles. Some of you, will look for psychological or alternative therapy to help you if you feel you cannot do it alone.

Others of you will escape into any one of your usual distraction techniques.

This is when it will seem that life and other people are acting in unpredictable ways. Stopping you from finding the peace you’re searching for by numbing yourself with intoxicating substances, habits or relationships.

However as I already said, this won’t work, so it is best you face yourself during this many years this Uranus transit through the 12th house is happening.

If not, someone may reveal the inner secrets or emotions you trying to run from, and this can be even more painful for you,

 The 12th house is the house of how we imprison ourselves or how our society and personal, social, and career relationships jail us.

 By putting expectations on how you should behave and think, you will want to feel freer at some point during this transit.

This is a Uranus influence as it calls for us all to accept your individual uniqueness and value your emotions, perceptions, and insights.

Instead of suppressing or running away from them, by any means possible.

Uranus wants you to accept yourself warts and all, shadow and light, good and bad, and the 12th house influence wants you to tap into the universal and collective consciousness.

Allowing it to help you release the old so you can be rebirthed, into the new, for Pluto is the esoteric ruler of the 12th house after all!!!!