Weekly horoscopes July 11th 2021- July 18th 2021

Weekly horoscopes July 11th 2021- July 18th 2021

I based my weekly horoscopes on moon tracks and planetary energies, as I see this as the only valid generic way to provide weekly horoscopes.

For personalised weekly horoscopes, your entire natal chart needs to be considered, as well as how the current transits interact with your birth chart.

On July 11th at 12:20 am, the Moon enters Leo; the Moon has just gone into its new Moon and the first-quarter stage; read more about what to do during this phase here.

On moon days 2-3, the 11-12th of July, it is a good time to massage or do work to repair or enhance the health of any muscle or bone; it’s a perfect time to focus on physical exercise.

 Light or vigorous depending on your ability, when the Moon is in Leo, the planetary energies provide an abundance of extra energy for all those who tap into it and choose to use it.

If in previous moon phases you have battled with feelings of resentment, greed or aggression, this is an excellent time to start to work through and improve these personality states now.

 Be mindful of people you come into contact with as they may be more hostile and forthright during this stage, so make sure you don’t rise to any bait given.

Moon Opposite Neptune

The new moon phase and the following 3-5 days after it is a good time to start new things, work on your spiritual, relationship, career or personal development.

You may find yourself leaving your usual routine behind on moon day 2—3; you may go out for a nice meal, cook one at home, go to a dinner party, watch a movie, spend time with loved ones.

When the Moon is in Leo, you may give into romance and spontaneity. Spur–of–the–moment–impulsive vigilance is the key phases for the Moon in Leo.

Remember to avoid or diffuse any conflict, walk away if need be, disputes may arise with your close ones, again if you have pent up anger, let it out in healthy ways such as exercise.

In the sphere of business and career, optimism is high, and because of this, you or your business partners may take the risk; it’s safe to do so but try and calculate the risk.

It is possible money or value can be lost, so thought out decisions only, which can be hard to do when the Moon is in the gung ho- Leo.

 If you gamble, don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, the Moon in Leo provides courageous and bold actions in the realm of career, business and personal development.

Investment in sport, social enterprise and entertainment are favourable during this time; some of you may get a promotion out of the blue.

This is also a perfect time to ask for a raise in salary, but go about it in a good way, to be brash; the Moon in Leo favours the bold and brave, so go for it, use the energy provided by this moon ins elf constructive, not destructive ways, and you will come out on top.

The Moon enters Virgo on July 13th at 8:30Am, until July 15th at 2:31 pm; the Moon is still in the new Moon, transiting to the first quarter phase.

When the Moon transits Virgo, read more about the Moon in Virgo here,  it is an excellent time to put your attention to bring order and structure into your life.

On the mundane, Virgo is ruled by mercury. So this is an excellent time for communication, intellectual thinking and taking particle action.

Esoterically the Moon rules Virgo, so watch for changing emotions within yourself and others, and think of ways to bring more nurturing and compassion into your life and interactions with others.

Be mindful emotions may run high in others during this time, so do your best to remain calm if any harsh words are said, and do all you can to balance your inner world.

You could get a pull to spend time near water, or with the earth, so you may take a walk in the woods or work on your personal garden or farm.

This can be a perfect time to try to conceive a new idea or a human life; you may seek to connect with others on a deeper level or choose to find your inner emotional centre.


The tasks that require concentration and focus are good to undertake on moon days 5-6; financial success is probably for those who planted seeds previously for it.

Look after your inner or outer home

You may decide to focus on your spiritual and personal development or rearrange your domestic budget; concentration on these matters will bring future success.

Repressing or putting off the things that need to be done will make you feel unbalanced and may also bring future problems, so it’s best to put your best foot forward and deal with all that needs to be dealt with.

Rather than bury your head in the sand to ensure your future security and success.

You may experience self-doubt and be indecisive; if this happens, write down your options and just do what you can, it’s better than running or doing nothing.

Resist the urge to overindulge in unhealthy foods, drugs, or beverages, especially intoxicating ones; think before you react or take action to avoid negative repercussions.

On moon day 6th, July 15th, it’s a good day to listen or build your intuitive skills; using your thoughts to visualise what you wish for will help you set the foundations for it to become a reality. But know you will need to take daily positive actions to bring your visions into form.

You may also experience breakthroughs on projects involving science, medicine or technology; communications may bring good news in relationships or give you a sense of belonging.

Do all you can to reduce your stress levels, dress appropriately for the weather and nature, your emotions and sensuality on moon day 6, and focus on the long term vision.

On July 15th at 2:31 pm, the Moon enters Libra until July 17th at 6:38 pm; when the Moon is in Libra, it is the perfect time to rest if you feel you need it and tie up any loose ends in relationships, career or business.

It’s not a good time to start anything fickle, but to focus on serious new starts or continuations; previous investments may bring high returns.

Collaborations with others or your lower and highest self will bring fruitful rewards; you will enjoy mutual understandings if you pick the right partnership to join.

Be mindful of the company you keep, the words you say and the activities you put your energy into when the Moon is in Libra.

Indecisiveness may be high in yourself and others, so believe others words, but trust your gut feelings if you feel they will not follow through; circumspection is the key phase for the moon transit Libra.

If you feel like you cannot decide, write them all down, take your time to think over matters, rather than jump feet first and regret it later.

So if you cannot reach a decision, do not force one; instead, focus your energy elsewhere; personal and spiritual development is highly favourable.

Whilst the Moon is in Libra, as is spending time with loved ones, this is a time of mutual receptivity.

You may experience success at work, especially on group projects; it’s a time to be resourceful, organised, and logical and think on your feet in the realm of career and business.

When the moon transit Libra you may get an answer to a question you been waiting a while for, especially romantically.

 Moon days 8-9 are days of light, so the Moon provides illumination and creativity for all living things; during this phase, be cautious when operating dangerous machinery and going about your day to day travels.

Keynote do not act in a hurry; put off decisions if you cannot make up your mind, act realistically and with self-assurance, to avoid negative consequences.


On the 17th on July at the Moon enters Scorpio, read more about Moon in Scorpio here.

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