Neptune Retrograde June 2019 -Transcendence Vs Illusions




Neptune retrograde 2019


Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house, Neptune is the 2nd planet of Transcendence and was revealed to mankind to help us transcend and transmute( release/ let go) the illusions of our individual soul’s and the world around them.


Key themes and things to look out for during  Neptune Retrograde June 2019- November 2019


  • Pay attention to dreams and nightmares (keep a dream journal)
  • Self-destruction and addictive tendencies ( additions to social media, porn, toxic substances, relationships will come to light)
  • Self-deception and the way others deceive you
  • The way you allow yourself to be misled by external persons and organisations ( idols/ gurus/ family/ friends/lovers)
  • The way you run away from your shadow self, lack of self-control
  • Unmasking of the fantasies you play into (i.e. you may find out your lover is cheating, or your cheating may be revealed to your partner)
  • Mental health issues – find ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • External triggers to your unhealed emotional wounds, take time to think about how you can heal your psychological wounds
  • Watch out for feelings of victimisation, persecution and humiliation which may surface from past life issues/ or current life issue you have not resolved.
  • More self-reflection, sudden awakening of once hidden truths.
  • Psychic revelations, insights, shift in your current perceptions of your reality.

The remedies  for Neptune Retrograde June 21- November 27th  2019


  • Meditation
  • Self-awareness and acceptance
  • Yoga, breath work, tai chi or anything else which helps you till your mind
  • Art, music, crafts, dancing, walking barefoot in nature
  • Self-healing, personal and spiritual development,
  • Grounding
  • Patience
  • Seeking second opinions, but thinking before you act on any advice or suspicions.




Neptune will be in retrograde from June 21st 2019 and will become direct again on the 27th of November 2019. Neptune has been in Pisces since  April 2011  and will leave Pisces to enter Aries on the 26th of January 2019, Neptune spends around 14 years at a time in each sign of the zodiac.

Neptune goes into retrograde at 18.43 degree of Pisces on June 21, 2019, and will exit retrogradation at 15.55 Pisces.

As you know, astrologers use different methods in their craft, in ancient times Jupiter was seen as the night ruler of Pisces, and Neptune was seen as the day ruler of Pisces, I personally still view this to be true in modern times.

We can think of the zodiac signs and the planets as we would a  soprano/prima donna collaborating with an orchestra, interlinking, weaving, dodging, sextiling, merging, opposing, conjunction and squaring each other, ensuring that all notes are in symphony with the soul’s lessons.

Neptune is seen as a feminine planet and spends about 40% of its time in retrogradation ( astrology king), the symbol of Neptune is a trident, which also has a crescent. At its highest Neptune can deliver inspiration, spirituality, prophetic visions, exquisite poetry and dance, however at is lowest, Neptune can provide falsehoods, nightmares, illusions, deceptions and confusion.

I am from the school of thought that all life lessons, including the ones we label as bad, are all necessary for each souls advancement, I believe each soul has its own temperament.

Neptune’s Retrogrades role in the natal chart and transits is to awaken each individual to their personal illusions, highest aspirations aswell of revealing to them the constraints and restraints of their internal and external realities.

So that they can make plans to break free form the chains of toxicity, familial contempt, Situationship-Relationships and Addictions that are holding them back from progressing in life.


The importance of  transiting Neptune Retrograde 2019


Let what is hidden in the dark, be revealed in the light, is the teme for Neptune retrograde, A flashlight will shine on those who deceive you and the ways you deceive yourself, no one of nothing will escape the striking rays of transiting Neptune.

If you have an addiction or addictions you been hiding from yourself, it will now be revealed to you, if anyone has been hiding their self-destructive tendencies or any other truth from you, during Neptune retrograde 2019, the reality of all matters will be exposed to you.


Neptune in Pisces is calling us all to make peace with our wounds, darkness, addictions, shadow traits, learning to balance and control them, instead of allowing them to overwhelm them, as I said earlier, the experiences we label as bad in life are just as meaningful as the happy and pleasurable times.

For as Leanne Rimes sang we cannot escape the moonlight, but we can learn how to manage ourselves under it, and the same goes for Neptune retrograde, retrogrades in Astrology happen, to give us time to reflect and redo the things we didn’t quite grasp and learn the last time, when the planets where direct.

Note to self, we can never escape our shadow or addictive tendencies, we can only learn to manage them, we cannot control other people, we can only control how we respond and allow ourselves to be affected by other people.




Since entering Pisces in  April 2011, Neptune has been guiding humanity towards healing itself, its addictions, disgruntled and outdated social systems and patterns, as well as all forms of opposition, depression and repression, slowly yet surely we are getting there.

Everything is a process, and Neptune in Pisces which last a total of 14 years, is guiding individuals to take a more in-depth look within themselves to change so that they can contribute to the overall frequency of the transformation which s needed in the world.

The change is inevitable, but it will take time, As the saying goes, be the change you want to be in the World, accept yourself, warts and all, albeit you must learn to control your blemishes ( addictions, toxic relationships, thought patterns and shadow self).

But you must also learn to cultivate more time for spirituality and introspection into your daily routine, Neptune after all the divine feminine planet of Neptune wants each person to become more in touch with their psychic, creative –imagining and receptive( sensitive) side.

Neptune is calling you to first to become more aware of the illusions and deceptions you play into and make an action plan to take daily steps to change your self-destructive tendencies.

If you want to replace and break free from your personal toxicity, you must admit it is present then take action to transform your old habits with new life enriching ones.

Secondly, Neptune retrograde 2019 wants you to get in tune with your artistic side by taking time out to dance, listen to or write poetry/ music, Neptune wants you to watch movies, maybe you can delve into the mysterious archives of the 1920-1950’s Fansty/ Horror/Thriller films.


Neptune retrogradation 2019, continued

Use to transit to become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, training yourself to have more compassion and mercy for yourself, so that you can have the same for others, after all, Neptune is also the Planet of Spirituality, Grace and Wisdom.

Neptune and its waters are tricky to navigate, Neptune does not reveal her mysteries quickly, and sometimes her revelations can be deceptive, like us human beings Neptune energies can sometimes have the propensity to self-sabotage.

Like everything in life, The plane of Neptune also has her shadow/ hidden side, Neptune at times likes to teach it lesson via the underworld, not as intense as Pluto, Yet as an outer transcendental Planet.

Neptune has to engage her Powers in whatever way necessary that will help each soul o open up to their highest potentiality, sometimes this means dragging each soul down to their lowest depths and beyond.

We have already seen during Neptune in Pisces that a lot of lies, such as fake news and spiritual shams have been revealed to the masses, and this will continue to be the case until Neptune exits Pisces in January 2026.

Neptune shadow side has a penchant for black magic, spells against others will, hypnotic trances, drug, alcohol and all other forms of substance, services or people addiction. Neptune at her worse can lead us all to neurotic, conceited, egotistical, narcissistic and destructive behaviours.


For this reason, it is utmost importance that each individual takes the time to know themselves, their right, their wrong and their ugly so that they do not fall into the self or planetary lead deception. Astrology is and should be used as a guiding tool, but the ultimate aim of each soul should be to understand and utilise their free will and personal fortitude.

Astrology and all other tools can help lead us all to the eternal wisdom of our internal divine waters, but it is each individuals, sole (soul) responsibility to learn to manage and balance all their personal energies.

However Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all in Earth signs, during Neptune retrograde 2019 and will offer the grounded which is needed to help delve deep into your subconscious to uncover and heal your hidden addictions and darkest shadows.


in conclusion

Remember to give yourself the time and space you need to delve into your emotions, this process must not be rushed, and you must try and voice note or write down your thoughts so you can keep track of all the information Neptune retrograde will reveal to you.

Try and take up a daily meditation regime during Neptune retrograde 2019 also I recommend you research and partake in a self-care regime.

Neptune retrograde 2019, wants us to shed light on our personal darkness, facing our inner demons and addictions so that we can release them, building a better future for ourselves and humanities current and future generations.

Falling On the cusp on the Summer solstice June 21 2019, Neptune Retrograde is asking us all to transform our life, by accepting and managing our delusions, personal toxicity and self-destructive tendencies.


Neptro-retrogration , a short ditty of sorts.

“On the cusp of the wind

The newness beckons

Calling all with ears to hear

To dare to begin

Leaving behind blame

Shame, guilt, self-deception and fantasy.


Creating dreams built on the surety

Of accepting that we all have a saint

And sinner, within us

Which we must learn to tame

showing  mercy, love,

compassion and control”.


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