Weekly horoscope June 20th – June 27th 2021-06-16

Weekly horoscope June 20th – June 27th 2021-06-16

All moon change times are in GMT/UTC

We begin this week on moon day 12, with the Moon in waxing gibbous

Keywords for the waxing and waning gibbous Moon

  • Preparation
  • Integration
  • Administration – making details plans to reach your goal
  • Research- interpreting
  • Reflection
  • Gratitude for all your life
  • Commitment to your highest potential


Waxing gibbous moon 20-24th  of June

Read more about what to do during this phase here

Waning gibbous

The Moon enters the waning phase on the 25th of June 2021 onwards; read more about this phase here.


On the 20th of June at 11:58am until 22nd of June at 12:54pm the Moon is in Scorpio


The Moon enters Sagittarius on June 22nd at 12:55pm until 1.03 pm on the June 24th, moon days 13-14

 The Moon enters Capricorn on June 24th at 1:04 pm until 2:08 pm on the 26th of June, moon days 16- 18.





On moon days 12-13, 21st-22rd of June

It is good to pay attention to your inner world, reflect on your past actions, your strengths and weakness make a plan to bring about transformation in the areas it’s needed in your life.

Do not beat yourself up for your past mistakes, do give yourself praise for the good you have done in your life.

Now is a time to dedicate yourself to constructive and practical matters, as well as allow yourself to feel empathy for yourself and others.

In the realms of business, it’s important you check all contacts, resist heated debates and listen to all sides of the argument if any arise.

Some of you may find it beneficial to delay any business matters if possible, now is a time for giving, sharing and charity. 

Be mindful of rapid change of mood in yourself and others and deep feelings of uncertainty as you may need to step out of your comfort zone.

Moon days 14-15, 23rd-24th of June

These are good days to carry out your ideas and work on your projects; you may receive encouragement from the vibrational realms or from your nearest and dearest.

Some of you may get a promotion; it’s crucial to remain alert and learn new skills or make sure you’re using all the skills you know to achieve your goals.


Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of any situation, or you may experience a setback, but remember failure is all part of the success journey.


Look after all domestic duties, try and focus on the positives; you may decide to take a day off and break the routine, which will be good for you, but make sure you get back to routine within a few days max.


 Trips to the beach, countryside, or something outside your normal experience be beneficial; look after yourself and be careful of your surroundings.


Some of you may be seduced; make sure it is what you want and make sure you can handle the consequences of any temptation you give into.


 Close relationships may come under strain; exercise some understanding, put yourself in the other people(s) shoes, try not to allow others peoples moods to get to you, walk away if you have to.

Moon days 16-17, 25-26th of June

These days can bring harmony and peace; if you allow it, you can find balance within, and carry this into all your experiences, avoid being too aggressive and overly energetic, conserve some energy.

Keep warm to prevent colds; if you go outdoors, take some warm clothing with you just in case it rains, especially if you’re in Europe!!! Do all you can to reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

You may receive pleasant or unpleasant surprises on this day, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed, so put your best foot forward. And do all you can to remain stable and unflappable; concentration, patience and caution are favourable words during these days, as yano prevention is always better than the cure.

 All life-giving activities are promoted during these days, don’t make haste decisions especially when travelling.

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