Jupiter Conjunct Pluto April 4, 2020

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Pluto conjunct Jupiter, 4th of April 2020, Jupiter conjuct Pluto 2020, 2020-april-jupiter-conjunction-pluto

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Pluto conjunct Jupiter,  4th of April 2020


Death, rebirth, expansion, in-lightenment, a transformation from the inside out.


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Pluto and Jupiter meet every 13 years or so; this year will see three Jupiter and pluto conjunctions.

The dates for these conjunctions are 4th of April 20220, 30th of June 2020 and 12th of November 2020.

The conjunction is a beneficial aspect in astrology, and has an orb of 0-10 degrees,   the energy of the planets involved in the conjunction is strengthened.

So both the positive and negative vibrations of Jupiter and Pluto will be potent in the conjunction.

The effects of this conjunction will last for at least 18 months.


As you may or may not know every energy in the universe and astrology has a dual nature, Jupiter is known to expand anything it touches.

Pluto’s vibrations at their worse can induce and sustain or deepest and darkest fears, playing out the nightmares of our individual and collective psyche, over and over again.

At its highest ebb, Jupiter can give us a thirst for abstract thinking, higher learning of intellectual, religious or spiritual principles.

Jupiter deepens any planet it touches in a natal chart, someone with Jupiter in their 1st house may have a larger than life personality and waistline!

Jupiter is connected to faith, luck and good fortune, whereas Pluto is known to seek destruction at any cost.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Pluto conjunct Jupiter, 4th of April 2020, Jupiter conjuct Pluto 2020, 2020-april-jupiter-conjunction-pluto

Meaning of Pluto in astrology


Pluto is intense, seeking depth and meaning in all that we do, Pluto energy wants to uncover the hidden depths of the human psyche and subconscious, the light and the dark.

The surface is just not good enough for the Pluto vibration, nor is a quick solution; Pluto seeks to know the ins and outs, to tread all paths.

This how you know what works for you and what does not, after all, how can you know yourself, without actually confronting your shadow?

Pluto shows the blemishes and destruction in our collective shadow, highlighting our selfishness and fears.

Pluto wants to build stable structures and behaviours that last forever and will destroy any habit or structure which is not sustainable.

Pluto always likes to transform, the secret for mastering Pluto’s energy is allowing yourself to burn into your ashes, and rising out of them, at least once every 5-9 years or so.

In order to keep up with modern advances and stay in tune with who you are as a person, it is good to allow your old thoughts, words and behaviour patterns to be recycled and transformed.

No one is saying change for changing sake, but character refinement is a must if you want to succeed in life.

If any way of thinking or acting in this world is stopping you from living a fulfilled life.

You should work towards transforming your thoughts and habits, taking daily steps to adjust your self-destructive behaviours and addictions.


After all, every single one of us humans has many, flaws, regardless if we admit it or can see them or not.

Pluto’s energy wants the world to transform its self-destructive behaviours into more fruitful expressions.

After all, the mother of all creation is reinvention, and what is life, but a lifelong series of lessons, we should learn to progress.

Pluto’s energy can seem harsh as it rips the known from our reach, plunging us into unfamiliar territory. Still, it’s when we have no other option but to react to the current moment, that our real self is revealed.

And if we don’t like what we see, then the only option is to change it.

Pluto conjunct Jupiter wants us to reevaluate our values, morals and ethics, to allow our traditions to be transformed, to re-question what we think it means to be human.


To show us our true selves, despite what our words may say, this current coronavirus gives us no choice but to see our collective and individual shadows.

Showing us clearly where our philosophies and words do not match our actions.

Revealing our true intentions and allegiances, the addictions and   relationships and expectations we didn’t know controlled us.

Yes Pluto can act viciously, but it always has a purpose, Pluto wants us to grown and to change, not to rot and stagnate, which happens when we allow ourselves to get trapped in routine and self-destructive habits.

Using our will power and determination to find, heal, understand and express ourselves, using our focus to reach our highest potential, is how we teach ourselves to let go of our corroded past.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Pluto conjunct Jupiter, 4th of April 2020, Jupiter conjuct Pluto 2020, 2020-april-jupiter-conjunction-pluto

More about the meaning of Jupiter in astrology


Jupiter rules long-distance travel, intercultural relations, hidden truth and mysteries; maybe a breakthrough may happen that widens our understanding of the current COV-19 epidemic.

Jupiter wishes for unity and sticking to moral and ethical guidelines; maybe a new law may come in place to ensure a living standard and basic health care for all, regardless of cost.

We have seen our humanity deepen during these times with governments vowing to help their citizens, especially in the USA and the UK.

Jupiter’s energy wants us to try new ideas, explore different cultures and territories, think of new ways of doing things.


So what happens when Jupiter and Pluto conjunct,  which happens a few times this year.

Jupiter and Pluto, conjunction can expand our darkest fears,  or they can enlarge and transform our wildest dreams.

It’s your individual choice on what you will allow your thoughts to dwell on during this time.

I know it is hard with all that’s going on in the external world with COV-19, but if you find a way to still your mind, relax and try to remain hopeful.

Vowing to take practical steps to achieve what you want out of life, I know everything may seem bleak right now, but the only way is up.

Reading or listening to this weeks horoscope may help you gain ideas on how to heal your emotional blockages and psychological wounds.

That hinders your progression in life; a big trick is to try and make progress even in your most emotional moments, learning to give your body enough rest and stillness, as it needs.

Realising, only because you have gotten used to living a certain way, doesn’t mean it is suitable for your overall wellbeing.

Now is the time to take steps to walk away from any addictive habits and toxic relationships.

On the 4th of April Pluto conjuncts Jupiter at the 24.53 degrees of Capricorn.

Dane rudyhar states that the taglines for the Sabian symbol for the 24th and 25th degree of Capricorn are, “A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT and A STORE FILLED WITH PRECIOUS ORIENTAL RUGS”.

Dane explains that the 24th symbol of Capricorn represents the realisation that there is a higher-order to life, a divine presence that most people call on.

In their time of need, during this cov-19 outbreak, we have experienced a sense of hopelessness.

Many people have found themselves looking for a higher meaning or questioning their faith, the conjunctIon at the 24.53 degrees of Capricorn.

Is calling us to realise as a unit, humanity, that faith, prayer, mediation, mindfulness and all things to seek to look after our subconscious, psyche and psychological health.

Are just as important of any other societal pursuit such as chasing money and profits. We will, as a collective, learn to appreciate the smaller thing sin life in nature.

And realise we must preserve our resources and not take them for granted.

That yes we may be able to do a thing, we can create more alcohol, cars, drugs, power plants, plastics and other things that contribute.

To the destruction of human life and environment, or we can learn to restrict ourselves, ceasing to let our ego and urge for revenge to drive our desires and hurt one and other.

We can learn that only because we can create a 10000 new cars for sale in one week, doesn’t mean we should; humanity can experience a real metanoia- a complete change in our thinking, lifestyles and behaviours.

If we admit the old ways have not been working, not disregarding them completely but thinking of ways to bring a decent standard of living for all, providing clean water, food, education and healthcare for all of the world’s citizens.

We need a modernisation of societies rules, norms, ethics and standards, instead of exploiting the most vulnerable in our societies now is the time to start caring for them.

The conjunction of Pluto and Jupiter, on the 4th of April 2020  and on the 30th of June 2020 OCCURS BETWEEN THE 24 AND 25TH DEGREE OF CAPRICORN.

If we take the symbology of these Sabian degrees, the choice this conjunction wants us to make is to find a balance between higher ideals are our material needs and wishes.

The 25th degree of Capricorn “ A STORE FILLED WITH PRECIOUS ORIENTAL RUGS”, points out the need to keep elements of tradition alive.

Pointing out the fact that although we are spirits having a human experience, we must not get out of balance by thinking we must give up practical achievements.

To master the human experience, we must look after our emotional, spiritual, psychological, financial and physical health.

Neglecting any of the latter keeps us out of balance, temperance is what’s needed now, with the key lesson being we must think about all possible outcomes before we go ahead a carry something out.

Yes, we can knock down a forest to build houses, but what will be the repercussions of this, for our communities and future generations.

We must start looking at the potential benefits and disadvantages of things in the longer term and give up short sightedness.

We hastily dig up forestry and ecosystems to build what we want there.

Only to realise later on we are destroying the very components in our environments,  we need to survive.

We have to learn to think and strategies before we act on a whim.

As a collective, humanity has to learn to understand each other cultures, respecting our differences and not isolating each other for diversions in opinions.

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Some of the things you may experience during and after the Jupiter Pluto conjunctions, of 2020.

Especially if you have any of your natal planets making squares or quincunxes to transiting Jupiter, Pluto, Mars or Uranus at this time.

jupiter conjunct pluto, key points:

  • The revelation of your personal addictions
  • Do the right thing, and you will be rewarded
  • Resist the urge to rebel against authority
  • Secrets revealed- that needed to come out
  • Deep mystical, spiritual or religious experiences
  • Intense visions, dreams, nightmares or imaginings
  • Battles with themes of sex, power and destruction
  • Giving in to your deepest fears
  • Facing a dark night of the soul
  • Uplifting intuitive experiences
  • Hitting rock bottom so that you can move on
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Intense focus, discipline and passion
  • The urge to work hard towards your goals and the luck of Jupiter to reward your practical efforts
  • The power for sustainable and positive change in your spiritual, financial, physical, emotional and psychological health


  • You are wanting to sit and write out your long term plans and goals, experiencing powerful intuitions on how to make your dreams reality.


  • Losing a job/ getting a promotion/ changing ambitions and careers


  • Battle with feelings of despair, resentment, anger, revenge, jealousy, try to do all you can to work through these emotions, resist the urge to act from the place adverse feelings.


  • Feelings and actions of love will be rewarded during this time, no matter how hard it may be to carry out these acts, powerful and influential people may be drawn to you to help you with any projects.


  • You may feel depressed, do not feel guilty for this instead research ways to help you work towards working through your emotional blockages and psychological wounds.


  • Resist the urge to act possessive, obsessive, self-righteous and recklessly


  • Patience’s will get you everywhere


  • You may feel like a caged animal, but remember only mental freedom, will leave you feeling forever free.


Pluto on Jupiter conjunction, 4th of April, 30th of June 2020 and 12th of November 20220 in summary:


You need to build you will power and resilience during this time, the times are uncertain, and you cannot change that, all you can change is how you react internally to external events.

The only way to ensure your prosperity and inner stability is by removing all obstacles you have in your internal and external life that stops you from experiencing a sense of balance and inner power in your life.

Pallas joins in within a 1-degree orb in the April, the 4th, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction, Pallas is the master of strategy. It is a strategy that you will need to develop to prevent yourself from this outbreak and any future outbreaks.

We have now all been aware of how fragile our worlds really are, how things really can change in an instance, for the better or worse.

pluto and jupiter conjunction, april, 2020 transit

Yes, life, as we know it, has changed, but instead of replacing your addictions with another, how about you use this time to work through your self-destructive thoughts and habits.

The  Pluto and Jupiter, in conjunction,  happens three times this year is giving you the opportunity, literally to be born again into your true nature.

To see that in truth, all we have in life are the  many uncertainties, situations and circumstance can and will change at any time, the only way of getting through life adversities is preparing yourself for them.

The only way you can do that is by standing firm in your power, to do this, you need to remove all that blocks you from finding and asserting your personal will power.

This whole period of time, this year will be best spent on uncovering and understanding your shadow, integrating all aspects of your personality.

Focusing on your personal development and training yourself mind, body and soul to be resilient.

Now is the time for the courage to face your’s and the darkness of the world, regenerate your internal resources, make plans to gain the stability you need in the psychological, financial, emotional, physical and the spiritual.

Brave the storms and transform your self, be generous, open to grace, believe like you use to when you were a child.

Focus on wise actions, think big; allow your thoughts to expand.


Thanks for reading this post on the Pluto and Jupiter conjunction, 2020.


Natal Pluto conjuct Jupiter, natal Jupiter conjunct Pluto


When Pluto conjuncts Jupiter in your natal chart you have a strong will to succeed at all cost,  you want to leave your mark on your local environment. Some of you, you wish to impact the entire world, the universe and beyond.

To stabilise this whole placement, you first have to deal with your emotional blockages and psychological traumas.

Constantly checking your ego, to make sure you’re not going power-mad, or inflicting your revenge on others, for things people have done to you in your past.

You have a deep connection with the spiritual realm, which you may turn to suppressants such as drugs or alcohol to shut down; this link is your most significant gift, not curse.

jupiter conjunct pluto can seem like a curse, because you have to find ways and help to control your vast energy reserves, lifting weights, tai chi, cycling, boxing may help you let off steam.

When you have natal Jupiter conjunct Pluto, Learn to work with and not shun your intuition, many people may try shut down your dreams and vision, know not everyone sees things with such clarity as you can.

Always research any ideas, make sure you make a solid plan to bring your inspirations into reality.

Do not take short cuts, and always have a plan B, C and often times D, E, F and G, you get the picture right!

Your ambition is high and depending on other aspects of your chart, so maybe your focus and determination; you can be a bit obsessive in your speech and behaviours.

You can also want things exactly your own way; you tend to be optimistic but make sure you understand that success requires hard work as well as strong vision.

Resist the urge to dominate others, and all will bode well for you in life, if you do not then you will find yourself in constant power battles with others, yes you have the power, but so do others.

Give and take, only because you have the power doesn’t mean you have to misuse it, allow yourself and others to shine, this is how you get the love and connection you seek deep down.

You need to always be working on refining your character, filtering out undesirable modes of expression, you tend to be very adaptable which is a good trait to have , in general you see life as a obstacle course you must master.

And because of this you often trend ground others fear to go down, and this is what makes you rich of life experience, as your not afraid to keep touching the proverbial fire.

Challenges, to you, are opportunities to learn and perfect skills and knowledge.

Constant transformation is how you will eventually reach your highest potential; you have the luck of the devil or the angels, many says.

Resist the urge to use your gift of psychological analysis and charismatic appeal for your gain, sharing your gift with others, indiscriminately will bring you the peace of mind you seek.

Self-righteousness doesn’t equate to truth, allow others to have their opinions and at least hear them out before disregarding all they have to say.

Do not be overly greedy or generous; find balance as sometimes we stunt others by providing things for them; they need to learn to provide for themselves.

Natal Jupiter in Pluto has to watch out for becoming power-mad or plain crazy; sometimes you can be a know it all, which will benefit from learning the lessons of people you may see as beneath you.

You will do well in life to befriend people rather than cast them out or make enemies of them, yes you have luck, but luck can run out.

If you don’t take the practical action needed to bring your dreams into reality.

jupiter conjunct pluto
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