Jupiter conjunct Saturn the great conjunction

Jupiter conjunct saturn

Jupiter conjunct Saturn Transit

You may choose to start a new relationship, a new business, you may decide to take a new course, invest in a new venture or yourself.

  • Growth
  • Fated events
  • Risk, upheaval, fortune and luck
  • Questioning the status quo
  • Letting going of the past
  • Reaping rewards of past deeds
  • Focus on harmonising the old and the new
  • Social and individual transformation
  • Spiritual or Psychological awakenings
  • Restriction vs freedom/ freedom with Restriction
  • Blowing things out of proportion
  • Higher learning

when Jupiter conjuncts saturn


This is an excellent time to try to seek connections between the different sides of your personality, unifying the side of you which prefers to stick to tradition and status quo, With the side that wants to move forward and try new things.

Nothing is wrong with tradition, however, if the values and things you hold on to stop you from experiencing the fullness of life, then now is a ripe time to progress.

A perfect time to look back on past achievements, some of you will be celebrating moving onto the next phase of life promotion, new career, a move.

during the Jupiter conjunct Saturn period

Anything which expands your horizons is favourable for your personal, spiritual and emotional growth.

You may reap the rewards from past deeds, especially those connected with law, publishing, managing or the environment.

You may take a stark hard look at your relationships, choosing to let go of one’s which are stunting your growth, you may find yourself reevaluating boundaries.

 Or looking at obstacles to your success or personal development, now is the time to write down and research ways, coming up with strategies to overcome any limitations you may have.

Saturn’s energy wants you to focus, on your restrictions, Jupiter is providing the energy for you to overcome, them, during this transit, it’s a good time to focus on expanding our self-awareness.

Why do you do the things you do, why do you think the way you do? Is there a better way? These are just some of the questions which may come, and Jupiter will provide the answers and the visions to guide you to your highest potential.

Freedom and Restriction and how they interact with each other will be prominent themes during this time, this is a time of mass and individual change.  

Jupiter conjunct Saturn, continued


For instance, many people during the covid crisis could not attend work, so we all had more time, but we were restricted with lockdowns, on how we can use this time.

We experienced Restriction on holidays- travels, entertainment, social life, with a change in social structures- freedom- with restrictions.

 An increase in people reporting mental health and other issues, growth in divisions with racial and other divisions are on the rise.

Rapid changes in direction may occur; some of you may experience a spiritual or psychological awakening which gives you lightning bolts, upgrade of thought and behaviour patterns.

Expansion of self and social awareness, exposing all traps and illusions, which keep you bound in your specific patterns of thought and behaviour.


A spotlight may be placed on the ways you take on too much responsibility, the ways you let other people rule your life, you may find yourself, standing up to a demanding friend, boss or lover.

You may lead a restrictive job or lifestyle, these are some of the things which could happen during the Saturn conjunct Jupiter transit

The ways in which you restrict your own success or advancement may come to the forefront of your mind. Your repressions and fears may become instantaneously apparent, clearing the way for better days, eventually.

Change may be forced upon your during this transit, exposing the cracks in the things you hold close to your heart, which can bring aggravation and disturbance.

Be mindful of jumping the gun; remember change takes time and strategy.

The transit of Saturn conjunct Jupiter can bring you clarity and security, providing valuable insights which can propel you to a new and fruitful future.

You may experience restlessness, but this is to help you get out of any ruts you’re in.

go within

Some of you may get the internal feeling to develop yourself or spend some time alone, but crises or other demands on your time may get in your way of fully benefiting from this energy.

The influence of Saturn, in the Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit, gives you the determination, steadfastness, as well as patience to overcome obstacles, if you tap into it, the power to focus and discipline self is given in abundance.

Knockbacks, happen to test your resolve, how much do you want the expansion, Jupiter is offering, how can you use the lesson of Saturn and tradition, to give you the starting foundations to create newness, into your life?

Jupiter Sagittarius energy can be reckless, impulsiveness, bold, adventurous, spendthrift, and if your prone to any of these behaviours, due to your natal chart placements or any other influence.

Do your best to rein in acting or reacting before thinking, now is a time for steady advancement towards your visions and dreams. If you take patience as your virtue, as well as letting go of, if you can, or understanding your restrictions.

Time will lead you to where you want to go, if you take practical action to bring this Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit visions into reality, you will gain expansion of your soul, mentality and resources.


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