Jupiter in Astrology: attain, develop, and progress

What does the planet Jupiter mean in astrology?

Jupiter, or Jupi, which is my nickname for the planet, represents: Expansiveness, opportunities, education, new territories and wealth

What sign does Jupiter rule?

Jupiter rules:   Sagittarius and the 9th house, influences the 12th house and Pisces

Exalted in: Cancer

Fall: Capricorn

Detrimental:  Gemini and Virgo

Jupiter feels at home (dignified) in Sagittarius, the 9th house in the day, and Pisces and the 12th house at night. Jupiter is closest to the earth when it is in Aries and furthest away when it is in Libra.

Jupiter Esoterically rules:  Aquarius and the 11th house.

Associated with:  Neptune due to Neptune co-ruling the 12th house, the 4th house due to Neptune esoterically ruling the 4th house. The moon, 6th house doe to the moon esoterically ruling the 6th house/ Virgo.

The 8th house and the first house due to Pluto esoterically ruling the 12th house, the 1st house, due to Mercury ruling the 1st house esoterically and the 3rd house.

Polarity: Masculine- Positive- Yang

Day of the week:  Thursday

Jupiter is associated with the number 3 and psychometry, which is the ability to pick of energies of things through touching them, getting psychic- extra sensory information from them. Rules sense of smell, religion and religious places, and law.

Keyword- “I Expand- Unveiling”

Retrogrades for 4 months, EVERY 9 MONTHS TO 1 YEAR.

JUPITER TAKES take 12 years to move around; the sun spends about 1 year in each zodiac sign.

The key objective of Jupiter energy is to protect, bring luck, optimism and preservation.

Jupiter in your birth chart indicates your open-mindedness and big-heartedness. The ways you have faith in your belief system yourself and the other people in your life.

Jupiter also shows how you seek knowledge, intelligence, higher learning and understanding.

Urging you to expand your awareness past the material and dense, past the things your family and nations what you to believe as truth, to seek higher or universal understanding and facts.

Jupiter finds its joy in Sagittarius Pisces and Neptune.

Jupiter is Exalted in Cancer, Jupiter is in determent – exile in Gemini and Virgo, falls, in  Capricorn. Still, with all obstacles in life and astrology, where there is a will, there is always a way.

The natal placement of Jupiter shows where you will gain your luck and how you like to spend your leisure time.

What are the characteristics of Jupiter in astrology?

Main words associated with Jupiter’s energy

  • Achievements
  • Abstract thought
  • Judgement
  • humbleness
  • humility
  • excessiveness
  • ability to remain calm, poise and react with wisdom
  • Travelling- all forms, mental, physical, spiritual.
  • legacies
  • advance education- universities
  • optimism- over-optimism
  • Sports and passionate pursuits
  • Publication and legalisation
  • Morality
  • Mystical, spiritual, religious, unknown territories, subconscious.
  • Languages
  • Higher Communications- on and offline
  • can be good for business, diplomats, spiritual, philosophical or intellectual leaders.

Calculate your natal chart  and current transit your birth chart here.

Jupiter under the spotlight

What is the energy of the planet Jupiter?


Expansive, all embracing, courageous, truth-seeking and hopeful.

Seen as the great Benefic – giver in astrology- light-bringer- giver of joy. The greater fortune- COUNTERACTING THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF HARD ASPECTS, SQUARES, OPPOSITIONS AND QUINCUNXES, ALL OTHER “DETRIMENTAL PLACEMENTS” and all the ADVERSITIES you face in life


Positives traits:


  • good at sports
  • loyal
  • abundance
  • generous
  • Optimism
  • Ability to visualise
  • Unlimited faith
  • charitable
  • open-minded
  • jovial
  • Good Natured
  • sense of justice
  • organisation
  • Compassion
  • Giving
  • Benevolent
  • Philosophical
  • Lifelong personal development
  • Cheerful
  • Rewards
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • depth of vision
  • well guided
  • gratitude,
  • Sound logic’ good judgement or  higher spiritual abilities
  • good at understanding or speaking languages
  • love of family, self and humanity,
  • expectation
  • Laid back, keep calm and carry on attitudes.


Negatives traits



  • Excess
  • Extremist- prejudice
  • Wasteful
  • Greedy
  • Opulent
  • Gambler
  • Lawlessness
  • Spreading yaself thin- taking on 2 much
  • Superficial
  • erratic beliefs
  • no grounding,
  • blindly optimistic
  • domineering and forcing beliefs and lifestyle choices on others
  • Selfish- self-advertising
  • Vanity
  • Patronising
  • Ungratefulness
  • withholding, indifference
  • Heartlessness
  • lack of understanding-intolerance
  • hoarding
  • Not planning or seeing the bigger picture
  • idleness
  • two-faced
  • profligate
  • egotism

What does the planet Jupiter represent in astrology? Truth trough wisdom

The ability to grow reduces the bad times, enlarges the good, a planet of protection, and gives a cheery, benevolent but at times selfish disposition.

In the 1st house, Jupiter shows up in how you present yourself to the world 2nd inner values or 3rd in the way you think and speak if In the 12th house, the way your subconscious works.

Jupiter governs wealth, big business, the higher mind, pleasure time, long-distance travel, optimism, height- weight- especially if it’s the 1st house!!!

Enlargement, ethics, goodness, purpose, extravagance, miracles, success, indulgence.

Higher education- spiritual-philosophical-intellectual-religious-scientific- technological.

Higher reasoning skills, visions, impracticality, animals, luck, utopianism, hunting and humility.

In ancient times Jupiter was known as the great benefic- by the name “Jove”, the king of all gods,  giver of great knowledge and fortune.

 Jupiter’s main wish is for you to grow and have health and vitality on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and psychologically.

Jupiter’s placement and the aspects in your birth chart indicate the blessings –luck you have been given by the divine-higher consciousness. The area(s) you need to grow in and the obstacles you face in getting there.

 Jupiter also shows your need for adventure and how you like to spend your free time.

If Jupiter is well aspected in the chart by sextile,  conjunct, semi-sextile, trine, then you will be focused, have good ethics, stick by the rules, and be modest.

If Jupiter is afflicted by square, semi-square, opposition or quincunx, then you can be conceited, drag your feet- procrastinate. Wasteful (overspend) and lay it on thick- make something bigger or smaller than it actually is.

Those with a lot of aspects involving Jupiter in their chart may be comparatively tall, physically powerful, can have shoulders that bend forward

An oval–egg-shaped face, high forehead which can give way to premature boldness, can sweat a lot even just by walking to the bathroom. Excess body fat at an early age; some old writers say Jupiter is a friend of the moon and the enemy of mars. 

What are the benefits of Jupiter?

Jupiter’s key message is expansion and growth by getting out of your comfort zone exploring different cultures and ways of thinking. So you can raise your consciousness, seeing past the material gain, possessions, wealth, status, ego and sensuality.

You do not need to completely give up your material aspirations, desires, sex, and other drives.

 But you need to learn to see the higher reasoning behind wanting and acquiring material things, learning to pursue your ambitions in ethical ways.

Seeing beyond the tangible opening yourself up to the intangible, turning curiosity into stability. Developing your perception, deepening your conscious awareness through physical or mental travel.

The myth and Traits of Jupiter

In Greek Mythology, Jupiter is known as Zeus, who is the father of the attendant gods.


The most powerful and highest god, who was a prophet-sage, protect of the law, righteousness- doing good and justice.

Jupiter was the principal roman god who originally lived in the sky; his name means sky father. Jupiter was said to control all weather but was mainly linked to rain and lightning.


What are the characteristics of Jupiter in astrology?

As I mentioned earlier, Jupiter is also known as Zeus from Greek mythology- astrologer Alan Leo called Jupiter the “uplifter” in a nutshell.

Jupiter represents expansion, your capacity for enthusiasm, knowledge, opportunity, principle, fortune, inheritance ( early or ethereal), the higher mind, travel- physical but can be mental and spiritual awareness.

To positively use the power of Jupiter, you must take the opportunities it gives, first by preparing yourself for them, taking care of the basic needs of living.

Being determined to follow through and be well-organised- resourceful in how you use the vibration of Jupiter’s influence.

Squares, oppositions and quincunxes to Jupiter can represent overindulgence – overkill, which interferes with the discipline Saturn stands for.

And what is needed to achieve a balanced life is to temper/ find equilibrium in the expression of Jupiter’s energy; yes, higher aspirations are good.

 But you must take of the mundane reality of life also, like paying bills, securing shelter, paying attention to the care of your mind, body and soul (higher consciousness).

Gusto – mucho, jupi in astrology continued


The Key points for Jupiter are Expansiveness, gusto, chances, frivolousness, authenticity, religion, knowledge, wealth, magnetic inheritance.

The natural ruler of Sagittarius, in ancient times astrologers said Jupiter co, rules Pisces.

After all, Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, spiritual wisdom, mystical encounters, and long-distance travels to foreign and unknown pastures.

Encounters that are also associated with Pisces and the 12 house.

I believe all planets and zodiac signs are polar opposites of each other, I see astrology as a sort of symphony.

Each planetary energy works in accord and discord to produce the right tone and notes for each individual soul evolution.

What part of the body does Jupiter rule?

Jupiter Influences:  Thighs, pituitary gland- which regulates hormone creation-healing and balance in the body. 

 Blood circulation and the Liver (the largest gland in the human body) that’s associated with regulating fat, purifying the blood, creating glycogen, and destroying toxic bodily waste and bacterium- viruses.  

 The Posterior lobe of the pituitary gland that is responsible for balancing water in the body and regulates growth, metabolism, and reproduction through the vasopressin and oxytocin hormones it produces.

Jupiter helps to heal, conserve, protect, re-establish, regenerate, grow, and enlarge. Jeff Mayo says that one of Jupiter’s primary functions in the body is Phagocytosis.

Which is the cellular process for ingesting and eliminating harmful particles and germs and repairing damaged tissue in the body.

Medical disease associated with Jupiter: Diabetes, Liver Posterior lobe, Pituitary and immune system malfunctions, illnesses which are the result of overeating and drinking alcohol and other intoxicating substances. Apoplexy- strokes and cerebral haemorrhages, foot problems due to a lot of sport or travel.

Colours:  soft lavender, indigo, blue, purple, red, greeny red, cobalt, yellowish-orange and pale lilac

Animals:  eagle, horse, deer, ox, stag, pheasant, whale, elephant, and all domesticated animals.

Careers:  educational professions like a lecturer, professor, all types of legal work, doctor, chiropodist, banker, all kinds of finance work, insurance, linguist, philosopher, spiritual or religious leader, civil service, politics, all work involving stocks and shares, theologian, charity work, local government, all types of business,  philanthropist, jockey, courier, charity work, golfer, professional chess player, diplomat, all types work –player-agent-coach etc.

Metals/ Minerals:  tin, bronze, common minerals

Precious stones: cornelian, carbuncle, emerald, topaz, moonstone and carbuncle

Plants, trees and bushes: cloves, Acer, agrimonia, almond tree, birch tree, dog grass, daises, currants, leek, lungwort, mallow, linden tree, balm, ash tree, cinnamon, scurvy grass, olive tree, myrrh, periwinkle, thistle,  thorn apple, sage, sugar cane, turnips and tomatoes

Astrologer Sepharial says Jupiter is associated with full and generous curves

The tastes associated with Jupiter are perfumed and sweet-smelling

Does Jupiter affect personality?


Jupiter represents how and in what ways someone will access higher learning, going beyond the superficial of the material and sometimes the spiritual-religious world.

Jupiter influences how a person learns and interacts with lofty awareness and knowledge.

The zodiac sign and house Jupiter is your birth chart, as well as the aspects it’s involved in shows how you will express your spiritual, educational, philosophical or religious ideas.

Jupiter in the chart shows the area in which you can easily shine, or if adversely placed the area in life, you will have to overcome obstacles to reach your highest potential.

Jupiter in any house shows how you share your material or mystical wealth; Jupiter in any house and aspect shows the areas in life you will think optimistically in and reap the rewards of your past deeds.

In a positive aspect such as   a conjunction, trine or sextile, Jupiter brings rewards, travels, advantages and plenty of opportunities for new experiences and advancement in life


In adverse aspects, oppositions, quincunx or square, individuals may struggle with reckless behaviour, overdoing it, forcing personal ideals on others.

Overindulgence, wasting opportunities or using higher knowledge to take advantage of others.

All about the energy

To counteract the adverse effects of Jupiter’s energies, you must discipline yourself, training yourself to be more moderate in your behaviours and thoughts.

Be less excessive and domineering with others, regardless of the aspect Jupiter governs Potentiality and opportunity in astrology.

The key to mastering your Jupiter energy and aspects, as well as any other astrological natal placement, is to prepare and commit to lifelong self-development.

 And becoming well-organised, teaching yourself step by step to heal, love, forgive, motivate, and understand yourself and all of your personality’s traits, so you can manage them.

Jupiter in aspect with Mars can bring rewards from your own personal willpower, enterprise and hard work.

You can become known for your passionate ambitions and flamboyant expression.

In aspect with Saturn, Jupiter can bring problems managing the finances you inherit, other people finances due to your wastefulness.

Or on the other hand, you can be proficient in handling your own and other peoples assets.

Jupiter in aspect with the other planets, continued

If Jupiter aspects, your sun or moon, you can have an excellent or poor fortune, dependent on the self-control of your destructive energies.

Mercury, natal aspects involving Jupiter, can give you sound or misguided judgment, insights, and perception.

Venus and Jupiter’s aspects give you grand rewards in your business and intimate relationship.


Or in the negative aspect, you may have a world owes me everything attitude.

Becoming dependent on others and external forces for your own happiness, good luck and lovers, to fall out the sky, literally with no effort on your part.

Sometimes you get what you wish for, but as they say, be careful what you wish for.

Jupiter, in aspect with Neptune, can give you the capacity for great imagination but be careful not to become disillusioned; stay away from toxic substances.

You may be prone to mystical, spiritual or religious experiences, again make sure you stay grounded in reality.


Practice moderation doing all you can to remain in balance when you have Jupiter and Pluto aspects.

You will go through many changes to your behaviour, viewpoints and personal self-expression in your lifetime.

 You may come into public awareness for your philosophical and higher wisdom pursuits, natural pull towards the occult and delving into the human psyche and consciousness.

Uranus and Jupiter aspect brings electricity and innovation to the personalities; you must control your efforts to be an individual.

Yes, do not conform, but do not fall into the trap of imitation or being rebellious just for the sake of it, without any clear direction or guidance.

You must focus and eventually reach your goals; you may become involved in charitable work.

Be sure to keep our intentions pure and not fall into the trap of abusing your position or becoming deceitful.

what energy does Jupiter bring?

Development through the growth of the self and higher consciousness (soul) and understanding, going beyond physical experience, using external experiences as guiding points for evolution.  

In each sign

All interpretations in this article note that how the placement of this planet in any sign or house works out for you depends on your whole natal chart. Any information given is just a generalisation.

Jupiter is well placed in Leo and Aries; both of these fire signs can be self-assured, goal orientated, and go-getters.

These traits are when expanded either signs are in Jupiter.

But there is a need to watch out for becoming too impulsive, being assumptive. Lacking gratitude for the things others do for you and dominating others, especially when Jupiter is in Leo.


The main things to watch out for in wither sign is Aries insensitive and short-tempered, Leo possessive and self-centred – too wilful- pushy-judgmental.

In Libra, Jupiter enables you to be highly sociable cooperative in intimate and business relationships, accepting others’ opinions and sharing activities with others.

Aquarius widens your friendliness and humanitarian tendencies, broadening your ability to think of the needs of others in an independent, detached, yet caring way.

 The negatives of Jupiter in Libra – too superficial- lacking balance- indecisive, and in Aquarius.

 You can be too objective and self-focused when helping others. Not considering the needs or opinions, being too erratic and rebelling for the sake of it only.

Jupiter in Taurus can make you open, yes. However, you will still express yourself according to your cultural, family or nation beliefs or religious understanding.

Disadvantages of your need for tradition can make you redefine them according to your existing beliefs.

So instead of expanding your mindset through new Ideas, you restrict them by changing them until they fit into what you already know.

So by the time you processed the fresh ideas, they are no longer innovative, Overindulgence, being conceited- over sensual.

Jupiter in Gemini, your natural curiosity makes you a lover of knowledge. You can be highly self-educated. You are very open-minded and can be unique in how you think, organised, and cheerful.

Jupiter in Virgo can make you have big ideas that you plan to make a reality. Very academic with high standards, and you can work with others.

Negatives of Jupiter in Virgo-overly critical-avoidant, overly analytical, lacking affection, making small things big, narrow-minded and lazy.

Adverse points of Jupiter in Gemini, unpredictably moody, you can be intellectually snooty, flirty, critical and forever collecting information and people.  

Jupiter in Cancer can make you empathetic, good with working with the public and enjoy meeting people from various backgrounds.

Adversely Jupiter in Cancer can make you lazy, gullible, very emotional, not wanting to leave behind the familiar. Blocking the expansiveness of Jupiter, and you may overindulge in well-cooked food.

Jupiter in Scorpio gives protection, luck, extreme faith and healing powers, especially sexual and love of things that you view as luxuries, extra courage in the pursuit of your own ideas and education, fascination with the occult, fixed and uncompromising about your beliefs.

The unfavourable side of Jupiter in Scorpio’s extreme emotions intensifies passion. Egotistical gets a kick out of provoking excessively cunning others.

Increase tendency to seek revenge, very prejudiced, pessimistic, destructive and obsessive in gathering new information and experiencing.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can make you rebellious and willing to break from tradition, seeing past your limitations and being optimistic about your ability to overcome any obstacles.

Makes you less worried about missing out on opportunities or fitting in to be more popular or earn more money.

Adversely Jupiter in Sagittarius- recklessness- too much adventure, unreasonableness – too optimistic, yes, that’s a thing, like yes, be hopeful and think big ideas.  But, only practical action will help them manifest.

Knowledge is power; the only way to overcome the restrictions in your natal chart is to learn to heal, understand and manage them.

Jupiter in Capricorn makes you exceptionally ambitious patient and works well as you don’t tend to full into the over-optimism and overindulgence tendencies of Jupiter

The disadvantages of Jupiter in Capricorn Prejudiced, very traditional in thought, playing the victim, resisting karma- learning new things stuck in your ways.

 Very materialistic, although you may be thrifty and economical on day to day spending you may way money on the big things.

Jupiter in Pisces can make you help others, welcoming and fight on behalf of those often overlooked in society, a true champion of the underdog.

Negatively you can help others but do so grudging and not with an open heart, overly emotional or too willing to sacrifice your time and other resources.

Causing you to not take full responsibility for yourself can be very compulsive, lazy, passive-aggressive, and lost in the astral realms.

How can we make Jupiter happy?

Jupiter is a regulator planet in astrology; life can be hard yano, that’s how the cookie crumbles, but Jupiter influences people to go beyond their cultural norms.

Calling you to explore other cultures, philosophies, and beliefs systems to expand your perception – what you think you know about the world.

 Is there only material existence, if so? How do you know what because humans say so, well are you not a human too?

Do you not have the ability to explore what is in our world and cosmos by your own research and make your own mind up about what this world and the universe is about?

After all, Einstein teachers thought he was mentally retarded; people will always question your ability, but only you have the power to you that can unlock your innate skills.

We all learn in different ways, and Jupiter shows you how to raise your consciousness.

 Saturn’s influence in your chart and by transit will give you the perseverance, self-discipline, personal responsibility, resilience and boundaries needed to expand your world.

Jupiter shows you where to develop your personal skillset to make up for any inadequacies- gaps in learning shown in your natal chart or from your life experience.

Ultimately Jupiter wants us to look past the negatives of human experiences and use adversity to our advantage by choosing to do good, make the best of our circumstances.

Higher learning, seeking justice, higher principles via a spiritual practice, philosophy or religion, can help you find your happiness, giving you a feeling of personal fulfilment and for some worldly gains.

Depending on your karma and life cycle, every end has a start, and every dog has its day after all; for everything, there is a season, and happiness comes by choosing all you can to overcome life obstacles to gain it.

What is Jupiter symbolic of?

Good organisation, miracles- unexpected luck, people and events,  development, abundance, healing, gives a love of family or who you see as family, inspires self-esteem and respect.

Yet be aware, the negative overuse of Jupiter energy can bring vanity, too much pleasure and leisure, be condescending- arrogant- self-promotion.


Jupiter in your chart shows the places you will look for opportunity, how you will take advantage of or not use the chances given to you, and your natural ability to use the options Jupiter gives you.

Which planet is responsible for luck?

Jupiter is called the planet of luck in astrology, but it is not always; although it can be given to you on a plate, the fate Jupiter brings in the ability to make the best of your life experiences.

So Jupiter’s luck depends on what you do with the chances for expansion that comes your way.

Use it or lose it, baby; as they say, your whole personality-natal chart needs to be considered.

When deciding how lucky your Jupiter placement is, but to me, there is nothing as a bad natal chart; life throws you lemons; it’s what you do with them; after all, do you make lemonade or suck on them?

 All adverse placements in a chart determent falls, squares, oppositions, being born on the void of course moon or via combusta—the way of fire, can be managed with determination, focus and fortitude, life is what you make, full of clichés, aint I.

Jupiter is said to be at its luckiest in the 1st, 5th, and 9th house, Jupiter in the first gives you the chance to be optimistic and always look on the bright side of life. Jupiter Saturn in the fifth house can make your luck with children, love- romance- flings and taking a risk.

Jupiter in the 4th house can bring fortunate family relationships, help with home security, physical and inner home, and inheritance. The 8th house can help you build a legacy via your earth or spiritual lineage.

Jupiter  in the 9th house can assist with good outcomes in legal and official matters, lots of trips abroad, a natural flair, and luck in philosophical, religious and spiritual research, jobs, or

Jupiter in the 2nd house can help you dig deep to find your inner values and support the acquisition of money and possessions; Jupiter in 7th close partnerships, business or love helps.

 The 11th house can bring beneficial friendships, Jupiter in the 3rd helps relationships with neighbours, passing acquaintances and siblings.

The 6th and the 12th houses are not the best for Jupiter, but in the 6th, you can get help from your coworkers at work, or other people will come into your life to help you with your career or charitable (service) ambitions.

When in the 12th house, you can be protected from physical and astral enemies and receive good treatment in legal or hospital matters.

Karma drama of Jupiter 

The sign Jupiter is in your natal chart shows how you will receive, be deprived of – or face obstacles to obtaining, the spiritual and material gifts you have been given karmically or through current life actions.

 Jupiter shows the ways you are spiritually protected, because of the 12th house co rulership of Neptune and Pisces, your natal Jupiter position shows how you receive karmic rewards of your lifetime negative or positive deeds, Jupiter also indicates your lack of or natural empathy or bigheartedness.

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