Jupiter Retrograde transit 2023: Embracing your need for inner change
What happens when Jupiter goes retrograde?

Jupiter is retrograde in 2023 from September 4th to December 30th, 2023, in the sign of Aries.

Jupiter enters the Retrograde Zone (pre-retrograde shadow) on the 11th of June, 2023, in the Sabian degree 11”23 ARIES

Jupiter stations and turns Retrograde on the 4.Sep.2023,03:10 pm, in the Sabian degree 21”23 ARIES

Jupiter stations and turns Direct on 31.Dec.2023,02:40 am, in the Sabian degree 11”23 ARIES

Jupiter leaves the Retrograde Zone (post-retrograde shadow) on 23RD of March 2023, 2023, in the Sabian degree 21”23 ARIES

Jupiter retrograde in astrology gives you a chance to broaden your perspectives and horizons.

The retrograde Jupiter transit for personal development, including spiritual, psychological or emotional growth, Jupiter retrograde transit 2022 is a time to find your own personal beliefs, walking away from what society expects you to believe?

You may find yourself seeking truth and looking at ways your family, friends, career, cultural or social groups’ expectations limit your authentic self-expression.  

The Jupiter retrograde transit can help you find inner contentment, and therefore stability, victory over your material conditions as you allow yourself to grow beyond who you currently think you are.

Allowing you to unearth any hidden talents and creative insight retrograde Jupiter transits are all about personal development; I will talk about natal Jupiter retrograde later in this article.


Keywords of Jupiter retrograde transits


  • creative visualisation
  • introspection
  • looking at and making plans to change self-destructive habits, relationships, thoughts and anything else that is holding you back in life
  • seeing past material conditions making reconciliation/peace with the higher meanings in life
  • seeking freedom
  • self-improvement
  • spiritual or psychological growth
  • academic advancement
  • detachment
  • internal stability
  • expansion of perspectives and attitude
  • evaluate, ponder and reevaluate

What does it mean when Jupiter is in retrograde?

Jupiter retrograde transits last about 120 days, every 13 months, depending on your personal natal transit; this Jupiter retrograde transit can be a time of deep introspection. A time where you rely on your own psychological, emotional or reflective process to bring lasting changes into your life.

Retrogrades in astrology are when the planet involves; in this case, Jupiter appear to be moving backwards; however, this is just an illusion, as the plants are not moving backwards but are moving in a loop like fashion.

To make the most of the transit of Jupiter retrograde, you should avoid seeking outside help; yes, get advice and support if need be.

 But it is you who needs to develop solutions to your own problems in the long run. For change requires effort, perseverance and time; greater self-understanding can be found at this time.

And if you have natal Jupiter retrograde, you may get the double urge to come to terms with your inner spirituality, beliefs and ideals; you will find yourself wanting to accept the contradictions within yourself.

Why does retrograde affect us?

Because Jupiter appears to go backwards, which is itself an illusion, the magnetic field of the earth and planetary vibrations bring out the ways. We may delude ourselves in our lives; in essence, Jupiter’s movements are slowed down in this period. 

And it is reflecting what it is calling you on the individual level to do, to slow down, read between the lines, stop going with the flow and to find and then stand up for what you really believe in when Jupiter goes direct.

Jupiter retrograde transit gives you to extra opportunity to go within yourself, yourself to find solace with your personal beliefs, building your psychological and emotional foundations, so that when Jupiter goes direct. You are prepared for any societal opportunities to expand your horizons.

such as apply for a new job, moving house, country or starting up your own business.

For any change to be made and sustained you, must first prepare yourself for it, we all know of the lottery winners that are often broke again within 5 years.


This is because they didn’t change their mindset to accept their new responsibilities; the Jupiter retrograde transits whites you to research, meditate, heal, accept, move forward, plan ahead, so you can become a more rounded person.

Our world is changing, and we humans fear the unknown, but if you prepare yourself for the certainties in life, and no, we only have two certainties in this lifetime.

 Not to be morbid; still, death and taxes are the only sure things; everything else happens out of uncertainty; for example, you may want a lover, but you may never get one.

Yes, you may date people you may have sex even but finding someone who is an actual lover of you is not guaranteed.

So in the Jupiter retrograde transit, if you spend time building your inner security, you will be more prepared for whatever life throws at you when Jupiter goes direct and beyond.

Some questions to ask yourself. What do you really want out of life? What do you value the most? Are you doing all you can to make full use of your opportunities?

What are your inner resources and talents? Are you using them wisely? What are your distractions? What are your personal obligations, such as bills, looking after children, your relationships?

What are your inner beliefs? Are your actions in line with what you really believe in?

 Can you become more authentic in your life? Are you willing to sacrifice the things you need to to reach your highest potential?

Is Retrograde Jupiter good?

No transit in astrology is good or bad; just like life, it is what it is; transits and natal placements are all about you recognising planetary transits and aspects.

So that you can see what energies are in play at any one time, so you can be aware and navigate your day and life effectively to make use of natal placements and planetary transits.

As the old saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed- prepared.

You may feel the urge to move forward, but it’s like you cannot, it is like when the brakes on your bike or car get jammed, and you have no choice but to come to a standstill. The Jupiter retrograde transit wants you to develop new solutions for your problems.

let go of stagnation, bitterness and inertia and get creative about how you can enjoy the rest of your life on planet earth.

 As reincarnation aside, you are only going to live this life once, so yoltlo! ( Your Only Live This Lifetime Once, pronounced yo-t-lo), let’s face it.

This retrograde transit Jupiter may bring you deeper revelations than you imagined, so yano, we gotta have some fun and lighten it up a bit.

This is not the time to rush ahead; this is time to take it nice a slow like a tortoise.

Keep your newfound perspectives to yourself at first.

Not rushing ahead and spreading them; get used to your newborn realisations internally. Make a plan about incorporating them into your daily life, and then slowly take action to live your brand new truth.

Transit Jupiter retrograde is a time to take back control of your life; the planetary energy is there to make rapid progress in your mindset, philosophical, academic, technological, spiritual or mystical pursuits.

You can help change self-destructive habits, reprogram your subconscious mind, start recovering from any personal addictions, limiting behaviours or thought patterns that stunt your personal growth.

Start removing the things holding you back, go within and research ways to overcome the obstacles in your life.

Your external advancement may be halted and restricted somehow, but in the Jupiter retrograde transit, personal growth can come on leap and bounds.

Whatever area of growth you decide to work on during Jupiter retrograde, you will receive several inner or outer tests during this period to see how far you come on changing whatever needs to be changed.

What do you do when Jupiter is in retrograde? Continued

External situations or people may try and tempt you; it’s for you to use your inner willpower to overcome any enticements; reevaluation is key to this phase; if something doesn’t work, change your approach.

 Failure is part of the success process; you have to keep on going if you wish to reach your highest potential.

These tests serve to make sure your ready to receive the opportunities and blessings which can be presented when Jupiter goes direct.

Are you ready for a new romance, new career,  increase in wealth or status, to create your own business- do you have what it takes for the extra responsibility you seek?

If you need help to overcome self-destructive behaviours get it, but know it is you. Who will have to stick to the needs of your new lifestyle by your personal efforts and willpower.

When Jupiter goes direct, this is a time for decisive actions, bold moves forward,  go for that promotion, change your career, pitch your business idea to investors. Write that book, create your artwork, start your new business, whatever tickles your fancy, go for it when Jupiter goes direct.

Make build moves to increase your external stability and wealth; when Jupiter goes direct, it is an excellent time to seek new romance.

Note you don’t have to get it all right the first time, nor need you have to be perfect after the Jupiter retrograde transit; doing the best you can be good enough but make sure you are making a genuine effort to change and overcome your limitations.

Natal Jupiter retrograde in your natal chart


  • practice self-love and assertion
  • integration of the needs of the material and the needs of the spiritual
  • building of your inner world
  • history repeating itself until you learn life lessons
  • collective consciousness, see the bigger picture and connections between yourself and others
  • find and keep the faith
  • learning to worry less
  • do all you can to relieve inner nervousness
  • time alone to assimilate experience important
  • be open to receiving your blessings
  • forgive yourself for your past wrongs
  • remain optimistic
  • accept your and others differences
  • enjoy learning from your own experiences and thoughts, but also learn to learn from the mistakes humans have made throughout history, so you can speed up your progress

When you have natal Jupiter retrograde, you may have trouble coming to terms with your life; you may have experienced as a child.

Where your sense of optimism, expansion and beliefs were knocked or made fun of in some way.

You may have been a show-off, greedy, selfish- overly narcissistic reckless, judgmental, wasteful, addictive, seductive, narrow-minded, in your youth or early adulthood, you may battle with these things all your life.

 Do all you can to forgive yourself for and manage these traits, so you become more sharing, liberal, big-hearted and sociable to all people despite their ethnic background, creed – beliefs or gender.

Your experiences will force you to mix your beliefs with those of broader society so that you can make your mark in the world and bring about change holistically, rather than becoming narrow-minded and lost in your own world.

You tend to have different beliefs from your family, friends and society on the whole and because you often, especially in youth, like to rely on your own experience rather than others experiences.

 You may learn your life lessons, especially those relating to luck, entitlement, higher learning, the very long and hard way.

Being a parent to someone born with their Jupiter in retrograde can be challenging, as they need the freedom to think outside of the family norms and culture.

At times your child may feel misunderstood and refuse to talk due to a feeling of non-acceptance; they can become bored, disgruntled and restless if their early environment is too strict and ignore their needs for expansion.

As a parent, if you listen and nurture your Jupiter child, giving them boundaries, yes but listen to their viewpoints, you may just learn something new yourself.

That can help you live a brighter and more expansive life; they will like to gather and explore information, countries, and variety is the spice of your child’s life from birth. 

More about natal Jupiter retrograde

Worry is a keynote of Jupiter natal retrograde, and maybe you did have a lot to worry about in your early life; this energy of being fretful may have been carried on from your past life or several reincarnations.

 As this pattern of inner nervousness can be hard to break free of, learning to have faith in life and your abilities is key to handling this placement.

Attempting to do the things you think you cannot do, keep on trying even if you fail at your first attempts, will give you the inner assurance and faith you need to overcome the limitations of natal Jupiter retrograde.

Embrace your differences, research your beliefs, check the facts, explore other cultures and lands foreign to your native land; you may have to walk alone in life due to your unique ways. But this will build your inner confidence and willpower. Know you deserve what everyone else has access to; try not to worry about your thoughts or actions too much.

yes, it is terrific you are conscientious, but don’t let this drive you to inertia and lack of pratical effort.

“The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do. Doubt and fear are the great enemies of knowledge, and he who encourages them, who does not slay them, thwarts himself at every step. He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.” James Allen.

When you have Jupiter retrograde in your natal chart at one time or another, this lifetime or in past reincarnations, you may have done wrong.

You innately sense this and often spend most of your life beating yourself up about this; in fact, you may sabotage your success due to innate guilt and unforgiveness of your personal wrongs.

You deserve forgiveness


Know all humans make mistakes, and yes, you may have done some deep wrongs, but self-pity and sabotage are not the answers; you must learn to forgive your past.

And if you’re really sorry, then heal yourself so that you can contribute to something bigger than yourself to make amends you feel you need to make.

Life will bring you experiences to deepen your personal integrities and refine your character traits when natal Jupiter is retrograde.

For you, your cheerfulness and gratification will come from within; when you believe you have indeed changed your negative traits and grown psychologically and spiritually. Self-actualisation is essential for you to develop this lifetime.

The sign and house your natal Jupiter retrograde is in will indicate the areas in life you need to change, develop an open mind.

Do not be afraid of your light and learn to embrace your dark, channelling it into positive activities, not self-sabotaging behaviours.

Commit to your personal development throughout your life, expanding your intellect, unique philosophies and spiritual awareness and practice.

The evolved natal Jupiter retrograde person

Know that you will never completely fit into the status quo, but learn to respect it, and for those who follow traditions, you prefer the deep rather than the mundane, and that’s good. You allow lifelong inner growth to take place, temper your passion and desires, and view things from a higher spiritual, intellectual, or philosophical potential.

Permitting others to have their own beliefs and respect your own opinions.

Giving up worrying and procrastination, consistency is the only way you will fight your inner resistance; sometimes, you just have to start.

It’s good to plan, but at times you will never know the outcome; you just have to keep moving forward anyway.

Jupiter retrograde energy allows you to live a highly philosophical or spiritual orientated lifetime on the esoteric level. 

But know a lot of people do not think this way and are happy conforming, so you may have to walk alone, but this will build you self assurance and resilience.

Seeking your own truth is critical; you’re an independent soul, a free thinker and a bit of a maverick, accept who you are; you need to follow your own path and walk to the beat of your inner drum.

As you mature spiritually, you will gain deep insights, visions, and some prophecy that will help you accept and love yourself more and increase your faith in the process of life.

Because of your freeness, there are many places you can make your home, you will experience having been somewhere or meeting someone in another lifetime.

In summary, when you have natal Jupiter retrograde, it is essential to focus on removing the distractions and obstacles which stunt your spiritual and personal growth.


I would like to thank Joanne Wickenburg for her excellent book, your hidden powers, intercepted signs and retrograde planets for helping me write this article. I recommend the book.

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