Jupiter Sextile Neptune 2020

jupiter-sextile-neptune-2020, Jupiter Sextile Neptune February 20, 2020

Jupiter Sextile Neptune February 20, 2020

Jupiter sextile Neptune – 20th of February 2020


When Jupiter sextiles Neptune, you may find yourself inspired to help others, the keywords for this transit are harmony, reality, awakening, education, creativity, self-improvement, imagination, unity, visions, higher ideals, mystical experiences, waking up and smelling the coffee.

You may find yourself coming to profound realisations about the real state of affairs in your life if you have been trying to run away from your responsibilities.

By being involved in addictive relationships and dabbling in toxic substances, you may take action to change your life around by self-healing or getting help from outside sources to eradicate your self-destructive behaviour.

Others of you may decide to become involved with religious, spiritual, educational projects, whose central focus is helping the vulnerable in society.

You may decide to take a new course or change career, experiencing aa great awakening which may lead to you imparting knowledge to others, or you may purely undergo a personal transformation.

Deciding to take care of your real needs, walking away from situations and lifestyle habits which are holding you back.

Someone you meet may relight your inner passion, giving you the courage to have faith and hope in life again, this is a time of profound visions, which show you the ways you can grow and improve yourself.

The energies of Jupiter sextile Neptune will urge you to have more confidence in yourself, by showing you a direct path of how you can improve your skillset to evolve.

You may join new groups or organisations who are intent on finding truth and deeper meaning in life,  you may leave a religious organisation to join a philosophical or spiritual movement.

Follow your visions during the transiting Jupiter sextile Neptune but do not blindly follow what others are saying or doing, do your research, make sure your not signing up to a cult.

Do not sacrifice your sense of well being for others, this transit is about showing you the best way to uplift  your life and vibrations.

Jupiter sextile Neptune is a time when you may experience good fortune, those of you involved in business or contract work may experience great success.

You will better your life via education, changing your career or a resolution of a legal matter,  self-awareness, taking a risk that will pay off, but make sure you do your research first.

Anything you do to better your circumstances will pay off then fold during this transit, Jupiter will infuse you with many dreams, waking or sleeping, showing you the way forward.

Make sure you take time out to meditate, introspect and plan, slow and steady change is best, do not make in rash decisions, life is about balancing the material and the spiritual.

Any excess in either direction will never lead to good, some of you may discover or get in more profound connection with your intuitions and psychicness.

To get the most out of the transit of Jupiter sextile Neptune, remain as positive as you can, even if you to deal with negative emotions or circumstances. Do all you can to bring humour and lightheartedness into your life.

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Jupiter Sextile Neptune February 20, 2020

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