Jupiter transit through the houses what happens, how long are Jupiter transits?

Transiting Jupiter key points

Keywords higher knowledge, luck,  good times, being charitable, and how you like to spend your free time.

Optimism and generosity, concern for the welfare of others, positive aspects to the house Jupiter is transiting gives you the chance to receive or share knowledge and goodwill from others, which increases personal blessings and cooperation of others.

Negative aspects to Jupiter can make you take things for granted, be too excessive, deceitful in the matters of the house Jupiter is transiting, which can set you up for a fall later on.

How long are Jupiter transits?

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  • Jupiter takes around 12 years to complete each zodiac sign, spending about 1 year in each sign.
  • Transiting Jupiter reminds you to have faith in life, yourself, and the universe
  • Jupiter opportunities must be actively taken; they are rarely passive….. but the option to grow via learning is given
  • Jupiter transits are seen as beneficial in astrology even if the events that happen are not pleasant;
  • Jupiter’s influences allow you to look on the Brightside and learn the often harsh lessons of Saturn and Pluto so that you can live your best life
  • Changes in attitudes towards higher learning, idealism – a doorway to more profound realisations.
  • Life can flow better, and if you set your mind to it, you can achieve what you want through the storms and adversity
  • Jupiter transits are all about expanding your mind via safe mental, astral or physical travel to broaden your prospects and consciousness
  • Growth and expansion are the keywords of Jupiter transits
  • On the negative, you can overindulge- leading to weight gain or illness, being excessively pretentious and flamboyant, restless, adventuring for the sake of it, too much pleasure and leisure, overdoing it, being too fanatical and overly optimistic- cockiness- arrogance.
  • The highest octave of Jupiter transit calls you to service, self-care- healing- management.
  • Asking you to surrender to a higher power, laying your devotions on something bigger than you. But not in a co-dependent way.
  • Seeking mystical and visionary revelation that helps you expand your awareness.
What happens when Jupiter transit?


Jupiter transits are about individual and social expansion on the world stage; the spotlight will be on the issues represented by the zodiac sign Jupiter is transiting in.

Social, political, legal, government issues come into focus; these systems and organisations can be beneficial to you and the world at large during these transits or cause you and others trouble. 


The house and sign Jupiter is transiting in show the areas of life you are given the opportunity to expand and grow.

Taking the chance to grow and become more successful in life, shown by the house and sign Jupiter is transiting in, although many of Jupiter’s benefits come by chance occurrences.

Suppose Jupiter is afflicted by (squares, opposition and quincunx) in your natal chart or by transit aspects.

 In that case, you must actively take practical effort to use the vibrations of Jupiter to broaden your horizons and make changes to improve your lifestyle and overall perspective.

 The placement and aspect Jupiter makes in your birth chart will also influence the potentiality and advantage of the house and sign Jupiter is transiting

To claim victory, make sure you don’t overdo it, don’t become too lazy and laissez-faire but also don’t take on more than you can handle.

Be careful what you wish for and work towards because you may just get it.

Saturn transits, as well as your natal Saturn placement, should help you not go overbroad with Jupiter energies.

Still, you must be mindful that you do not restrict the opportunities for opening your mind and world view Jupiter is giving to you via transit due to your own fears, thought, and behaviour limitations.

Overview of Jupiter energy in astrology natally and via transit

Jupiter in astrology represents an individual’s personal ethics, principles, intellectual, philosophical, religious, or spiritual beliefs.

 Jupiter’s house, sign, and aspects indicate how you express your beliefs and standards and obtain higher consciousness through education and philosophical reasoning.

 How optimistic you are, the ways you may indulge, and how and if long-distance travel will feature in your life.

Jupiter’s sign and house position in your natal chart and transits show how you go large or go home, how you share with others, and the types of experience you may go through.

As well as where you may experience luck and spend your free time.

The key to really tapping into Jupiter energy during its transit is cooperating with others to enrich your own and their lives, which is better than hoarding what you have and working alone.

 Yes, focus on getting you where you want to be first, but when you get to a stable place, help those who want to be helped, or share your ideas via content creation so those who may need it will be able to access it.

 The sign Jupiter is in via transit or natally shows how you will receive, be deprived of – or face obstacles to obtaining, the spiritual and material gifts you have been given by current life actions or karmically.

Jupiter shows how you are spiritually protected.

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Jupiter transit in summary


    • Looking at the best outcome and doing all you can to reach your highest potential even if Jupiter is forming a square, opposition, or any other adverse aspect, all circumstances can be beneficial, if we think them so and keep on going- the main lesson of Jupiter optimism
    • Jupiter transits are a call for to actively dream, retrain, learn higher knowledge, explore new terrains of the physical, mental and spiritual world
    • Feeling good and receiving the best of life starts with a positive mindset and is followed through with practical action and perseverance over life’s obstacles to reach your highest potential.
    • Free your mind and believe in yourself; keep on trying; you can do it, rebuilding or realising confidence and self-worth
    • Prepare for the obstacles, making strategic plans to reach your goals
    • Do not waste the energy; channel it into your higher learning, whatever that means for you; there is a whole world out there and within you, explore happy and safe travels
    • Above all, have fun, be jovial, do not sell yourself short; you can do it if you put your willpower and action into it!

Jupiter transiting the 1st house

  • Increase self-assurance- thinking more positive about yourself
  • Positive aspects to Jupiter in your birth chart can bring about Ethical character refinement
  • Time to project a more balanced and positive image of yourself onto the world
  • Spiritual, psychological, or religious rejuvenation
  • Increase luck and opportunities
  • Can put on weight
  • Some of you may get an intense calling to lead a more spiritual-higher consciousness, philosophical or intellectual life
  • Especially if Jupiter is making positive aspects (sextile, semi-sextile, conjunction, or trine) in your natal chart or by transit. You may completely renovation your lifestyle, deciding to live a more meaningful life
  • Negative aspects via birth chart or transit can make vain, self-important, wasteful, greedy, and fake self-confidence.
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This is a start of a significant growth cycle; when this transit is happening, you will be more focused on your self-expansion and how you really are as a person; this is a time where you should spend time getting to know yourself on an intimate level.

If you do this, you will uncover the opportunity to expand your personal ambitions and gain a broader perspective on what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

After gaining inner confidence, you are more willing to show them off due to your internal security; you may increase your sociability and be more inclined to express your ideas and innate talents at this time.

Watch out for being too egotistical and arrogant, jumping the gun by thinking you’re an expert in a subject when you’re not, your fine the way you are, there is no need to inflate your credentials or skills.

Don’t think you got all the answers, nor do you have to; if you seek them out, you will find them, in time, you may gain an inner sense of peace and self-assurance.

Do not steamroll others into your beliefs, and don’t be afraid to accept help.

If you’re missing a gap in your learning, seek out tools to help you, life is one growth curve; after all, your views on the world and people in it might also change.

This is a perfect time to let go of any self-defeating habits, attitudes, and judgments of yourself and others, especially those instilled in you via childhood or adverse life experiences.

You may meet new people that broaden your outlook and help you with your goals, and you can draw to you the right resources to help you with your personal development.

Some of you may seek to enhance your spiritual or philosophical understanding somehow because physical experiences may not have all the answers you’re looking for in your life right now.

Overall you will be more optimistic open to change; this can be a good year for you.

 Unless you are experiencing adverse aspects during this transit or have challenging aspects to Jupiter or your first house in your birth chart.

Jupiter transiting the 2nd house

  • Pleasure from material possessions or intellectual, spiritual, or religious activities
  • Good time to invest in your education, spiritual advancement, or in the stock market – but be cautious
  • hopeful attitude towards your inner values, possessions, and finances
  • increase in financial or spiritual wealth
  • Positive aspects to Jupiter in your birth chart or transit can make you more giving to others and/or being more honest in business and personal matters; sharing can help you gain unexpected rewards.
  • Spending money on or getting involved in companies whose businesses are related to travel, higher education, teaching, religious, law, intellectual or spiritual retreats, or training.
  • Negative aspects can make you waste money, take on too many financial responsibilities, be reckless with your possessions.
  • Don’t always think you be lucky; save for rainy days.
  • Only speculate what you can afford to lose, as over-committing can cause debt later.
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You will focus more on your inner values, seeking more material stability, and possessions can be part of that; whatever you value becomes essential right now.

This can be financial or spiritual gain for some, creative, intellectual, or religious advancement for others, whatever it is you place value on, that is where your practical efforts will be focused on at this time.

It is vital to guard against being obsessively concentrated on the goal at this time, as you may keep on working towards your aim after you reach it.

This can cause a mental or emotional breakdown within yourself as you may neglect to look after your overall well-being or ignore your responsibilities in your relationship with others. Which causes tension.

Control your ambitions; don’t allow them to dominate you; Jupiter’s influence can make you excessive at this time; it is best to write down your needs and make a step-by-step plan to achieve your objective.

At this time, you may become fixated on purchasing an item, so you may work overtime to get it, and that’s ok.

It’s good to treat yourself, but make sure you want the possession to treat yourself and not act as a status symbol.

Jupiter transit the 2nd house highlights your values, especially how you view your material or intangible possessions (such as spiritual or religious skills gained from study or practice).

If Jupiter is in a negative aspect in your birth chart or transit, you could waste money, time, or other resources at his time; watch out for over investing as this can cause debt, don’t push your luck.

Jupiter transiting the 3rd house

  • Increase in acceptance of other peoples differences
  • Willingness to experience new things,
  • Researching and taking in knowledge
  • Letting go of mental –psychological limitations
  • Giving yourself permission to grow
  • Improved communications
  • Increase local travel
  • Negative aspects to Jupiter in your natal chart or via transit can make you egotistical and superior regarding issues involving intellect and communication.
  • Jupiter is accidentally in detriment in the third house, so you may jump from one interest to the next without learning anything, wasting time
  • become over-optimistic, or you could  let your own prejudices  make you disregard factual information or pick and choose what information you want to believe in or give to others
  • Which can cause problems in close relationships and distort your thought process.
  • Nonetheless, at best, this transit can make you fair in exchanging information, be realistic  and practical in expanding your consciousness without falling into illusionary ideas
More about transiting Jupiter in the 3rd house

This can be a period of making new contacts that can help you with any advanced training in your professional and personal life.

Which may involve science, technology, religion, law, or philosophy; you may be interested in gathering facts about spiritual or moral issues.

The people you will meet will be from your immediate surroundings, via work, neighbourhood, or other places you visit or socialise in; these interactions will increase your perception and raise your conscious awareness.

People you already know, like friends, family, or neighbours, may help you achieve a goal or help you out financially; some of you may do the conscious work of letting go of all thought patterns that hold you back.

Awakening to the ways you have held yourself back through your own limited ways of thinking may come to your attention, and you may make plans to enrich your life in some way.

But for others of you, letting go of your old judgments and narrow-mindedness may happen subconsciously due to the influence of new or old contacts that help you see things differently.

Jupiter transit the third house may see you speaking your mind more, starting a blog, or doing some other form of writing, communication, or content creation.

You can be more willing to talk openly about things you usually avoid.

But it is crucial you take things slowly and do not take on more projects or training than you can manage.

Geminis influence here as the natural home of the third house can make you jump from one new idea to the next without sticking to any long enough to learn anything.

You may also allow your preconceptions and prejudices to interfere with the truth at this time, picking out the information that suits you ignoring the broader issues.

It’s important to see reality for what it is and not give in to overly optimistic thinking, especially when the facts of the matter state otherwise.

Jupiter transiting your 4th house

  • Increase need for a sense of belonging
  • Putting down roots- laying the foundations for your continued personal and professional growth
  • Gaining inner security by increasing connection with yourself or others
  • Taking refuge in higher consciousness- spirituality, philosophical, scientific, technological, or intellectual research or practices
  • Your physical home can become a sanctuary at this time, or you can have a lot of dinner or house parties; whatever it is, your inner or physical home can become more important to you during this transit.
  • When Jupiter is in the fourth house, it is accidentally exalted due to Jupiter being exalted at the 5th degree of cancer; this makes a good transit for businesses related property, home products, and services; it’s also an excellent time to buy home-related items.
  • Negative aspects to Jupiter by transit or in your natal chart can make you pretentious, judgmental especially towards close ones, waste money, and too concerned with outer appearances- keeping up with the Jones.
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Brings a need for more inner peace and feelings of safety within your home, family, and close friendships; on the personal level, you will seek out interactions with yourself or others that make you feel more confident.

Even if you have to face some harsh home truths about yourself that you realise yourself or that are brought to your attention by others, you are able, due to Jupiter’s influence to handle any “home truths” you normal shun and hide from better at this time.

Many personal problems can happen between yourself, your intimate partner, children, friends, or relatives at this time, but if you all hear each other’s concerns and compromise, all will be fine; if not, then tensions and separations can occur.

This can be a good time to do things together as a family unit, your close ones can offer you support in dealing with problems, or you can be the one they turn to.

At this time, it’s important to remember it’s the things we hide or run away from which typically control us, but if we face our problems, we can manage them, and therefore handle them and their effect on us better.

Some of you may move or buy a new home under this transit to feel more secure; others may make some home improvements or purchase new decorations or appliances for your home.

Investing in real estate, especially buy to let ventures, are favoured under this transit.

Expanding your career or personal prospect is also favoured at this time, and your family will support you or prevent you from doing this in some way.

It’s important to compromise, but do not miss the opportunity to make your mark in the world; during this time, your intuition or external opportunities will show you what the right thing for you to do is.

Nevertheless, under this transit, it is best to focus on making yourself feel at home within yourself and concentrate on your personal, not professional, life as much.

Because doing this will provide a secure springboard to go after your career aims when Jupiter transits your 6th and 10th house.

Jupiter transiting your 5th house

  • Opportunity to increase your understanding, sense of free will – lack of restrictions and self-assertion
  • Good transit for teachers, teaching, creating content, and all forms of creative expression- good for writing romantic stories/poetry, etc
  • Connecting with children or those who are childlike
  • Putting yourself forward- not holding back
  • Resist spreading yourself too thin and being bossy
  • Expanding your worldview
  • Negatives of this transit are being overly idealistic, wasting time and energy, speculating too much on the horses or stock market, indulgence in too much pleasure, i.e., hookups and Netflix, and chilling
  • Which can lead to you missing work and other commitments, causing instability in your career or home life
  • Meeting a person with who you have a deep intellectual or spiritual connection with
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It can be a time of increased creativity, improved relationships with your own children, your inner child, or other young people you know.

If you have children, this can be a time when they bring you contentment and joy; due to their accomplishments or personal growth.

 You can also this time to any children you are close to, or you can become more connected with your own inner child, Especially via creative means such as painting, writing, singing, or some other artistic expression.

This can be a time of increased productivity and for some of your financial gain, as you spend more time working on refining your ability at this time.

If you’re not artistic, you will generally find yourself more efficient and full of energy to achieve any targets you have at this time.

All types of relationships can improve at this time; you could meet someone(s) new and develop an authentic connection with them that gives all involved a new lease of life; for some of you, this may be a sexual or romantic involvement.

People from different countries, cultures, or mindsets to your own may bring you experiences that expand and rock your world somehow.

Jupiter transiting your 6th house

  • Finding fulfillment through work
  • Good transit to look for work if you are unemployed or want to switch jobs
  • In general gives a boost in physical, psychological, and spiritual health
  • Good for those on a higher consciousness/ spiritual path to deepen their knowledge, work on their own or clients personal healing
  • Ability to put abstract thoughts into practical and straightforward language, making it easier for yourself and others to understand
  • Taking on more responsibilities in your professional life
  • Increase social life or recognition with co-workers or those in authority
  • Gaining more expertise at to work- learning new things about your job
  • get–up–and–go–liveliness and health, especially in recovering from injury or surgery
  • But avoid overindulging, especially in sugary or fatty foods or energy enhancing substances, alcohol, or other intoxicating drinks or food.
  • Because they will make you more absent-minded, undependable, and at worse lazy, which can cause problems in your career.
More about transiting Jupiter in the 6th house

The sixth house in astrology governs your health, obligations, responsibilities, work, and service; at this time, your other commitments may get in the way of your personal development.

But you may not mind because events and the people at work may bring you a sense of purpose, happiness, routine, accomplishment, or just knowing you are doing your best at work during this time.

Some of you may experience a promotion at work, or you may make your mind up to apply for a new job entirely, which increases your finances or sense of self-worth; this can be a time of increased understanding of overall well-being and strength.


Jupiter transiting your 7th house

  • Good time to connect deeper with others, work through conflicts, and repair even what seemed like irreparable relationships
  • Like long term feuds with neighbours, family members, or legal matters that have dragged on, can be settled with harmony during this transit
  • Sometimes this indicates meeting a potential loyal intimate partner or making a commitment to a current partner
  • You may feel more optimistic about life, and this radiates and brings this out in others
  • If you are involved in alternative healing, teaching, counseling, entertainment, content creation, you may experience improved relationships with your clients/students
  • If you are a naturally good-spirited person on a spiritual, philosophical, humanistic, or religious path.
  • Then you may find yourself more giving during this time- treating others how you wish to be treated
  • Negatively, you and others can be too stubborn to get your own way, take advantage of each other, and manipulate to get your own way.
  • Not being thankful for what you have and the people in your life can cause tension and, at worse, separation.
More about transiting Jupiter in the 7th house

You will learn a lot about yourself due to your interactions with those you have intimate business and personal relationships with at this time.

Someone close to you or new in your life could give you sound advice on how to rejuvenate and safeguard your committed relationships. 

Imparting wisdom on how authentic and long-lasting relationship dynamics work.

 The best connections are equal, based on give and take; great success and inner fulfillment can come from working with others at this time.

If you are experiencing personal or other problems, you may be stubborn and wish to solve them on your own, shutting others out.

Still, it is best not to lean on your own counsel at this time, especially in legal, health, or any other serious matter; you should seek professional advice.

 Because even if you search the internet for facts, you may miss important information unless you have expertise in the problem you’re trying to solve.

But even then, it’s best at this time to get a second opinion of a close friend or expert, to make sure you have all bases –outcomes covered; it is also not best to push your luck during this time, as you could lose all you were set to gain, in all matters.

Do not go to extremes; moderation is essential; you could start or offer a serious commitment to a relationship with someone who you think highly of and who has different beliefs or is from a diverse background to you.

This person can be older or have more experience than you have; this collaboration will have you diversify and enhance your beliefs, knowledge, and values.

Jupiter transiting the 8th house

  • Sometimes this transit indicates money through inheritance, tax rebates, insurances, etc
  • most times, it means an opportunity to improve your finances
  • if you’re in a partnership, this increase in money, possessions, or other resources will come through joint efforts or associations
  • if you and others open themselves to the notion and process of conflict resolution, then all disagreements can be settled equally or peacefully
  • suitable for exploring intense occult matters such as psychic awareness, astral vampires, black and white magic, karma, incarnation, reincarnation, soul ties, etc
  • especially if you have a lot of aspects to Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn in your natal chart
  • increase in sexual exploration, which can be good or bad, BDSM, tantric sex, couple meditation, astral sex, etc. can all feature at this time
  • negatively you and others can be more deceitful at this time, drain energy, money, and other resources, through lack of focus, due diligence, or extravagance
More about transiting Jupiter in the 8th house

During this transit, you could benefit from other people’s resources, expertise, or help; Jupiter’s transit to the 8th house can also indicate inheritance.

But this won’t happen every time Jupiter transits this house, which happens a few times during the average lifespan.

You could successfully in applying for a loan, from a bank or close relative, or friend, depending on your natal placements and other transit to your birth chart at this time.

You may combine assets with someone helping you and them both.

You may start a business relationship, that is like, a match made under the gods- well, it is a Jupiter transit.

Uniting talent and expertise can make you gain more success than you would alone, or other people can support you solo hustle or any other objective you have at this time.

Any change that takes place now, even if you first view it as unfavourable, will benefit your life progression in the long run, even if your turn down for finance or others do not help you when you need it at this time.

This could happen because Jupiter’s lessons are not always about generosity; sometimes, Jupiter teaches generosity by actually giving money or things.

By withholding what you think you need at the time, calling you to reflect on what you really need to survive and think of other ways to get what you need.

 Psychological or spiritual loss can happen at this time, but this is the house of death- transformation and rebirth after all.

Any loss, physical or internal, you experience at this can be soothed and cosmically kissed better by Jupiter’s influence that offers you healing.

If you are so inclined or aspects in your natal chart indicate you may experience a spiritual or some sort of psychological-philosophical awakening at this time.

This can be by direct experiences, such as a psychic vision, or from your own research into occult, mystical, occult, psychological, or philosophical subjects and practices.

Jupiter transiting the ninth house

  • this is a time to learn and expand your knowledge or heart bank, good for all types of learning, teaching, writing, and trying to get a publishing deal
  • Maturing your way of thinking that can happen via force or choice
  • Avoid thinking you know it all, as there is always something to learn
  • Contact with foreign information, people, or doing business or study overseas.
  • Letting go of old beliefs and intolerance and getting a sense of knowing what truth is to you.
  • Joining a group that aligns with your current or you feel will enhance your personal belief system
  • rethinking your beliefs about your personal and worldly ethics
  • Suitable for those who are into their personal, spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual development to apply themselves to learning hidden or advanced information to raise your awareness.
  • Adversely this can make you too stubborn, obsessive, stuck in your ways, and violently trying to force others to think in similar ways. Others may avoid you due to this behaviour.
• More about transiting Jupiter in the 9th house

During this transit, you could travel physically or intellectually, which broadens your mind and outlook on life.

You may decide to go to university or some other place of higher learning, or you could choose to teach yourself or attend via online courses.

Jupiter transit 9th house could see you creating your own course or some other content, such as a podcast writing a book, or you may try and get a publisher for a book you have already written.

A thirst for knowledge can be intense during this transit, and all forms of travel and research can help you quench this thirst for intellectual, religious, or metaphysical expansion.

Some of you may simply search online, read books, or seek advice to solve personal or career issues you have; you could join a political, social activist, humanitarian or alternative community at this time.

Those who focus on repairing societal issues via practical effort or working behind the scenes using some sort of occult methodology.

Reaching your highest potential may come to the forefront of your mind to better the greater collective.

If you think you have nothing to learn, you will waste the opportunity of this transit; life events may force you to open your mind against your wishes like a rejection, worldly event, or an objection to something you say you believe in.

Jupiter transiting the 10th house

  • Good for all public service workers, from those in high positions in government to bus drivers, you may experience good relationships with those you serve.
  • Perfect transit to focus on professional, education or higher consciousness-personal development
  • You could receive some type of public recognition for your hard work at this time
  • Sometimes indicates travel because of work
  • Thinking more about how you can improve or how your behavior affects your community or the world on large
  • Implementing or discussing how you can make your workplace, business, or profession more ethical, such as becoming carbon neutral paying an above living wage. Becoming more concerned with how your production affects local communities etc.
  • Negatively you can become self-absorbed with your own career or personal advancement, forgetting the needs of others; this can cause resentment, and others may try and sabotage your success in some way
  • Abusing power to get what you want or obtaining power for ego needs may cause repercussions during this transit or at a later date
More about transiting Jupiter in the 10th house

During this transit, you will be focused on getting ahead in your professional life more than anything else; if you’re not working, you will be focused on learning more about your primary interest.

You may have to travel for work or do business overseas, changing your career to one involving Jupiter like activities like healthcare, diplomat, Procurement, director, religious or spiritual leader, trustee,  alternative –metaphysical healing, law, higher education, or logistics.

If you are working, you could experience trouble with your superiors at this time; those with more expertise, think, or actually do know more than you or who has some sort of control over you could interfere in your personal life right now.

It could also be you who receives negative feedback from others due to your know-it or domineering attitude at this time.

 You must have substance to your arguments at this time; otherwise, you are just blowing hot air, and others will see through your air of supremacy.

Even if you have got vast skills and have achieved a lot in your life, it is best not to lord it over people; that is not how you win friends or influence people!

And you can cause others to dislike you and, in worse case scenarios, lose all you have worked up to build over your lifetime if you’re not careful.

Especially if you have adverse aspects to Saturn or Jupiter in the tenth house in your natal chart or transiting your birth chart.

I am not saying sell yourself short or lessen your success; some of you could indeed gain public recognition at this time and deserve praise, but just don’t let ego or arrogance get in the way of what you worked or are working hard towards.

Act with grace and humbleness.


Jupiter transiting the 11th house

  • Spending more time with friends or groups and experiencing a sense of belonging increase happiness through togetherness
  • Becoming more involved in humanitarian, political or social matters or organisations
  • wanting to help others more and concerned about their welfare
  • Sharing and learning, ideas and experiences with others
  • Achieving goals in groups, working together for the greater good
  • Group holidays, night outs, spending time in each other’s homes, pleasurable times, experiencing new cultures, food, sports, games with friends
  • Adverse placements via transit or natal chart to the 11th house or Jupiter can lead to you being manipulated by friends or groups, or you can be the deceitful one leading others astray
  • Having too much pleasure in group settings leads to foolish decisions
More about transiting Jupiter in the 11th house

Working in groups can bring great reward and knowledge at this time, group work can help you achieve your highest hope, working alone is not beneficial at this time.

Group work or therapy will bring deeper awareness at this time, your friends, old and new, could help you reach your goals at his time, or you can be the one who helps others achieve their objectives.

Some of you may have Humanitarian ideals at this time, but you will want to take practical action to make your wishes for world improvement reality; you may decide to start a social or political activist organisation.

On the negative side of this transit, you may decide to work alone to improve your life, and yes.

 If your cup is empty, you must fill it first before you can help others, but make sure you are not being selfish with withholding resources from others.

 Because a shared problem can be solved at this time, stubbornly working alone can waste your time and energy.

After all, sharing is caring, and any effort you put towards group solutions will be rewarded in the long term.

Jupiter transiting the 12th house

  • Joining religious, spiritual, philosophical, or deepening your connection to these groups
  • Seeing a therapist
  • Gaining deeper meaning in life
  • Emotional or psychological turmoil
  • Escapism – through porn, astral travel, drugs, alcohol, hookups, etc
  • preferring solitude, appreciating the simple things in life like nature
  • at best, you can gain insight that helps you with your personal, career, spiritual or religious development; you may watch, listen to or create meaningful music, writing, movies
  • feeling my empathy for yourself or others, helping others with problems, or being helped
  • at this worse, this transit can make you delusional, overly idealistic, not seeing the whole picture or choosing to not see it, feeling sorry for yourself to the extent you don’t see the problems of others
  • you can get drawn in by nefarious, swindler-user type people who will use your good nature
More about transiting Jupiter in the 12th house

Gives you the chance to know yourself on a deeper, emotional, spiritual, religious, or psychological level, self-examination which brings healing to your psychological and emotional wounds.

May occur during this transit, you may resist this, but this will not help in the long wrong.

There is a danger you will escape into drugs, entertainment, and alcohol or over fantasising instead of dealing with the issues floating around in your consciousness.

Jupiter’s influence is helping to reduce the fear, giving you the empathy needed to deal with your subconscious baggage, but you still may resist the introspection required at this time.

Some of you may feel more charitable or giving to others, supporting them through their problems at this time, sharing spiritual, intellectual, or philosophical knowledge that you have learned in your life.

 You may feel or learn more about the interconnectedness of the collective consciousness at this time.

A wise person may come into your life to offer insight, and this is good, but do not become dependent on this person, and be wary if they try to encourage this dependence.

 You can attract cult-like spiritual or religious teachers at this time, or it can be a friend or family member who offers support to you, uplifts you, and gives you clarity.