Last Quarter moon transit in astrology

What does a last quarter moon mean in astrology?


  • Time to start getting rid of the old to make room for the new
  • decluttering
  • Release burdens, whether that be in personal hobbies, projects, relationships or habits.
  • Increase sensuality/need for touch unblocking you repress emotions and energy
  • Responsive to hands-on healing therapies like acupuncture and massage
  • Investigation your obstacles
  • Increased intuition
  • Good time to partake in self-care or mediation
  • Questioning your grudges, bitterness and regrets, to work through them
  • Forgiveness of self and others

What is the last quarter moon phase in astrology
Where is the last quarter of the Moon?

The last quarter moon happens one week after the full moon first quarter moon is also known as the Half Moon; in this phase, the Moon is half illumined by the sun, the Moon has journeyed 3 quarters of the way of its orbit.

When viewed from the earth, the Moon is 90 degrees away from the earth during the last quarter phase.

The last quarter moon rises at midnight, transits the middle at sunrise and sets at noon.

In the last quarter moon transit phase, the Moon is 270 – 315 degrees ahead of the sun.

What do you do in the last quarter moon
What does the last quarter moon symbolise?

Throughout the last quarter of the moon phase, it’s an excellent time to question whether you are remaining true to yourself.

It is also a time to purge anything you need to let go of before the new Moon.

This is a time of readjustment, not a good time to start new things unless your natal transit says it is; avoid being overly critical and be aware others may be excessively negative during this phase.

 And do your best to stay grounded; you may become disenchanted with your life and wish to eradicate things from your life rather than start anything new.

Now is the time to set boundaries and open space to receive new visions, ideas, life-changing thoughts, insight and new opportunities; listening to or creating your own positive affirmations can help.

Now is the time to start to get rid of anything holding you back, including your own eating habits, lack or over-exercising,  write a plan down in a journal or app, make time to do something you like but have not done for a while.


Last quarter moon natal meaning in astrology

What does a last quarter moon mean in astrology? , continued


·       Radical midlife change

·       Naturally empathetic – in tune with your and others emotions.

·       Keep a dream journal and a record of your thoughts as they will be interesting to read later in life, and who knows, you may end up with a book or many from your notes.

·       Can be grudgeful and do things to prove a point

·       Accept personal criticism

·       Do not force other people’s hand

·       Transformation out of catastrophe

·       Good building foundations of new project skills

·       Open to personal sacrifice for the bigger picture

·       Blind loyalty

·       Missing the present moment because of rumination

·       Lost in own word- absent-minded- can appear standoffish because of this

·       You can actually get lost in thoughts and chuckle or laugh to yourself, leaving other bemused.

·       Overthinking can heighten or cause and psychological or emotional issues

·       Yes, your past may bring solace, yet new experiences can bring new joys and previously unthought-of new sensations

The Moon is 270 – 315 degrees ahead of the sun during this phase.

As a child or young adult, because you were born during the natal last quarter moon, you may cling to the past out of fear of rejection or criticism.

You can be nostalgic and stay in toxic situations out of a feeling of duty or love and not wanting to hurt.

You can get attached to clothes, relationships, possessions or a job that no longer serves you long term advancement.

When you are born in the last quarter moon phase, you are sentimental and can find value and meaning in the small things; however, this trait can stop you from letting go.

But as you age, being a late bloomer, you can be the person who changes dramatically after they turn 35; you may leave a lifelong career or partner.

Radically change your appearance to become more in alignment with who you authentically are within; after all, you may have been hiding the real you all your life out of fear of non-acceptance.


Last quarter moon natal continued

What does a last quarter moon mean in astrology?


Or maybe you had to build up your material resources so that you can take the time to do what your heart desires, leaving behind conservative ways in order to embrace more alternative or liberal ideas and living.

An illness, relationship breakdown, or some other sudden or traumatic event can bring on your mid-life change, people who have known you a long time may struggle with this new you, and you may lose some old friends due to your rapid instant transformation.

You may have been a worrier all your life, a party animal, or a stay at home; whatever it is, the new you will be the opposite of what you once was.

 Of course, some of you may not go the whole hog; you may keep some of your old ways, but however, whatever you do is bound to raise eyebrows.

This is the classic natal moon indicator of a question of faith which is also a good song for this period; you may have been the one who throughout your life.

 Who has always internally question things but secretly didn’t believe in what you outwardly followed out of fear of rocking the boat.

When you are born when the Moon in the last quarter phase, you are born to eventually let go of what you have come to know, letting go of any traditions or mindsets which have imprisoned you.

Drastic change

You like to have alone time and figure things out privately on your own this could be because you have previously had your personal viewpoints criticised.

Time in nature or some deep introspective process will help you become centred within yourself.

Sleep and time to think are essential to you; you can play the social game well and good at hiding your true intentions to play the material game.  

This lifetime is about shifting and reforming what you have become to think as of truth, re-examining your personal beliefs and finding new meanings.

You can literally destroy all you were to become like the phoenix who rises from its own ashes.

You have good organisational abilities and can make excellent mentors or managers; you can navigate the status quo to bring about some kind of change.

 As you know the system well, regardless of personal consequences, transformation out of a crisis is your strong suit; however, at times, you can be a bit of a dictator.

So make sure you do all your best to deal with your own internal control issues and make sure you are practising what you preach rather than projecting on to others. 


In summary, letting go of family culture and traditions are hallmarks of the quarter moon phases; you can walk away from successful careers to start a new venture at the shock of all who know you.

You can combine logic, intuition and creativity, embracing your empathic ability and allow yourself to be the genuine individual this last quarter moon phase has given you the vibration energy to be.