I view myself as a holistic wellbeing practitioner. I have a degree in psychology, for a respected UK university, I also have other professional skills. However, it’s my life experiences, which I learned from and from that process gained many skills, Which I use in my Astrological life coaching and spiritual direction work. I have done a lot of research and attend many therapy sessions myself, and one thing I have learned in life is that many of our human problems come from breaking things down into too many parts, and then wondering why we never feel whole.

I have been on both sides of the coin, I have been in therapy, and now I am helping others to heal their psychological and emotional wounds. I am an action-orientated in all my life coaching and spiritual counselling world, meaning yes I am very empathetic, and I will listen, but I do expect you to want to transform your life, for two reasons. I like to work for my money, and I do not foster dependency or co-dependency in any way, I am a recovering co-dependent, amongst other things, this is how I know I can help people with severe emotional or psychological trauma problems.

I open, as I know people are more likely to listen to someone who is non-judgemental and who can empathise with what they saying, no matter what that may be. Trust me, you will not shock me, and I will not judge you. Especially the way we look a mental health healing and management, using different modes of therapy, indeed different modes of thinking, the scientific and the logical, the spiritual and creative. I believe that when we take a holistic look at life problems, we gain more pieces of the puzzle, no matter what your issues are. If you have the willpower, time and patience, I got the way.|

However, I recommended if you have biological reasons for any mental illness, that you also consult with a medical doctor. The myth we all been sold is that there is some type of normal, the truth is at our best, all a person can do is in train themselves to handle the anxieties and depressions, life will bring, as we cannot escape those. We can prolong and numb our pain, but that causes its own problems, I can show you a holistic way to manage all areas of your life physical, emotional, psychological, financial and Spiritual.|

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