Love on the horizon

What is love

What is love, we go on sometimes endlessly searching for love, a love on the horizon which seems elusive as we keep meeting people or encountering situations that profess to be love, creating partnerships and sexual unions that we believe have firm foundations in love.

Yet, alas, no love is found………as the years go on we get further away from the innocence and rejuvenation of keeping a youthful spirit.

On our travels, all we seem to see in the actions of this so-called “love” is the opposite “hate,” it can seem that there is no love, that this love tale we sell is all a dream. On the one hand, it is true, that we have been sold a dream of what love “IS.”
The human being has become so fragmented from their sense of self, That now the common consensus is that to be an individual is to be the same as everyone else

Do not get me wrong, I love, love, love is true, love is freedom, love is self-acceptance, love is trust in one’s convictions. I just found on my journey the love idea we have been sold, is not what love is at all.

In my opinion and from my experience the only way to fix the “love” problem is to give love to yourself first. We go out sometimes in the world like beggars with a bowl asking for things that we cannot receive because we do not own these things within ourselves.

Love on the Horizon

The path to wholeness is to recognize that you have become a sum of your parts, and while the sum of our parts is important, they are not the whole.
The only way to rectify this matter is to take the time out to know yourself. Time…. I know I can hear you say, you do not have enough time, to know yourself.

I want to ask you to reevaluate your life situation, to see if you can make time to allocate 5 minutes a day to sit with yourself and be in the present moment.
Taking this small step each day over time will build up into a new habit of self-reflection, self-reflection is vital to finding and knowing yourself.
Love pn the horizon is all around us, yet many of us do not see because we have become blinded to the reality of love and instead see only the constructed rules, games, stereotypes and prototypes that we all feel we need to live up too to find love.

Love on the horizon is within you; it is your choice if you choose to unlock the door of love or not.

Many don’t, because well we scare and scare, I mean so many of us have traumatized into thinking that they do not even deserve love, especially not their self-love. The main reason why so many people keep repeating, the pattern of abusive relationship and self-destruction.
Is lack of a key reference of what love is, or what love is truly meant to be like instead we have replaced love with likes, we have replaced words with action.

More about…Love on the Horizon

I do not care about words, from my experience how someone truly feels about you is in their actions, or at least who the person truly is, is in their actions.

Because essentially at the root of it all is a lack of self-worth and a key misunderstanding in what is acceptable and what is not in relationships.
The key word in a relationship is related, if you can’t relate with someone, there is no relationship, the key person each needs to start relating to is their self.
To do this, each person must brave the storms of their emotions, slowly working themselves through their problems, issues, wounds, scars and buried memories, although this is not all fun, you can make it fun.

It is so important not to get caught up in words or anyone’s public image, especially nowadays where you can photoshop yourself a new life and persona. Titles or any other label’s that may offer someone prestige. We are all only human after all, and we are all open to ego, error, and mistakes regardless of staus or labels.

The thing us humans have become so caught up in thrill-seeking that we want entertainment 24/7, the thing is this constant need for entertainment is a signal that we have issues and emotions that we are not addressing. Instead, we block out true feelings with our toxic relationships, addictions and self-destructive habits. Having been a self-escape artist in the past, I have come to realize the only way through is through 

Take time out to find what it is that makes you uniquely you, find your beat and walk it.

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