Wholistic Astrological and Mental Health Podcasts

The wholistic individual podcast series, one weekly astrology Podcast , and 1-two weekly (bi weekly) mental health podcast, exploring what it means to be human.

The weekly Podcast will use astrology, psychology, and observation to advise you of the obstacles and the support provided by the planetary movements and aspects each week. That can help or hinder your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

For all you logical thinkers out there, I take a practical look at Astrology.

After all, astrology is one of many self-help and psychological tools that can help you live a more balanced and fulfilled life.


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The second Podcast is a wholistic mental health podcast that will take a realistic, objective, and subjective look at mental health and the shadow traits human beings find hard to see in themselves or to cope with.

To me, there is a spectrum of psychological health and all of us humans are on it somewhere.

All people suffer from psychological and emotional turmoil at some point in their life, and with the current COVID pandemic, we have all been forced to take a deep look into ourselves or at least at our lives.

Because we have been deprived of many things we took for granted. Such as socialising and leaving our homes any time we wished, especially in Western countries.

Currently, around 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a psychological health issue and 1 in for in the United States, over 1 billion people live with a long term mental health issue.

And up to 75% of people in low-income countries do not receive treatment for their mental health problems.

Regrettably, over 3 million people die each year because of substance abuse and every 40 seconds, someone takes their life because of poor mental health.

If you are struggling with these issues and need help now, click any of the following links, suicide prevention lifeline USA, suicide prevention line UK; click here for a complete list of UK services for all age rage and psychological issues.

I know it feels like it, and I know when you are low, words don’t help, I’ve been there and still struggle, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Read more about the wholistic individual mental health Podcast below

An in-depth look at what it means to be living and struggling with psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues in the 21st century.

Raw, at times, direct, philosophical, and poetic look and the challenges we all face in our forever changing modern world.

What does being an individual mean for the larger collective, humanity as a whole? How can you reach your highest potential or even find the will to try and live?

When there is so much anger, division, war, poverty, brutality, depression and anxiety in our ever-expanding global world, With the pressures of making rent.

 Managing your friend and family commitments, advancing in your career and love life, to name a few common, everyday battles we all face.

We human beings face many roadblocks in life. Still, the biggest obstacle to us living life to the full, feeling alive and happy, is the psychological and emotional wounds.

Plus, the suffering, self-destructive thoughts and habits that we all accumulate as we live through life experiences, this Podcast will look at the darkest areas of human emotions.

Such as shame, guilt, fear, pessimism, depression, anxiety, apathy, rejection, abandonment, self-destruction, addiction, lack of energy, and willpower stops you from living the life you want.

These buried or rejected characteristics often stop most humans from achieving self-awareness and authentic happiness.

This Podcast will dive deep and explore the darkness of the beautifulness of human existence.

I will also explore positive emotions such as curiosity, self-expression, esteem, compassion, forgiveness, love, self-awareness, acceptance, motivation and faith.

I will Look into how we can manage our psychological and emotional issues. So that we can open ourselves up to positive emotions while embracing our traumatic and often dark ones.

 I don’t believe we need to or will eradicate all of the negative emotions.

In fact, this mental health podcast will explore the positives of these so-called negative emotions as well as the harmful side of positive emotions. 

Such as the toxic positivity, which implies we should repress our real emotions to focus on the positive only, and that negative emotions are bad and dark energy etc., negative emotions

This Podcast will take a pragmatic yet, at times, poetic and floaty airy-fairy look into the murkiness and amazingness of life.

I invite you to tune in and please email me, as each week in the “Your space section”, I will hold space for you on this Podcast.

So please contact me, and I will read out any problems anonymously and provide objective advice on your issue.

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The Wholistic Individual Podcast


The Wholistic Astrological Podcast

The Wholistic Astrological Podcast + Weekly Horoscopes

I will provide daily and weekly updates on the current planetary movements to make you aware of obstacles and help you plan your routine

Taking an Informative, holistic, and at times fun look at the planet’s moments and aspects, my Podcast’s main aim is to help you live your best life daily.

Weekly Horoscope Podcast Released weekly Sundays 12- 5 PM GMT

Planet discussion, released once a week on Wednesdays, starting with the Sun’s meaning in astrology on the 27th of April.


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