Mercury Conjunct Neptune Friendly Pressure

Mercury Conjunct Neptune Friendly Pressure


    • Honesty, especially self-honesty, is the best policy
    • Acute sensitivity
    • The influx of psychic and material information, Depending on the whole natal chart, strong inclination to psychicness and working with the ethereal.
    • Excessive daydream- need to control mind
    • Good perception capabilities
    • Creative and artistic, good writing, poetic, photography, film, podcast making skills.
    • The communication and airy- rampant thoughts of mercury meet the esoteric and delusion often addictive thoughts of Neptune- temperance of the energies is vital, and reaching for the higher octaves of expression for each planet.
    • Fuse critical thinking with your subconscious impressions, accept you think circular, more than logical but learn to make this a gift and not a curse
    • Self-esteem building necessary
    • Work to use and manage your creative visualisation ability
    • Excellent storytelling abilities
    • Routine may not be your friend, naturally, but you need to befriend it to reach your highest potential, a need to get off the fence and make a solid stance.
    • Can be larger than life, but it’s best to have two feet on the ground with it; this will give you the killer edge.
    • Good sensing moods of others and predicting behaviours and trends, good business/ marketing skills
    • Avoid vague thinking and tap into the strategic energy of mercury and use it to temper Neptune’s psychicness
    • Be mindful of all intoxicating substances you intake; best to limit or avoid them
    • Inclined to be very interested in mysticism, psychology, things that are hidden, on material level could have an interest in digging.
    • Celebrities with this placement, Stanley Tucci, Silvia Pinal, Nestor Carbonell, Nicki Minaj, Ryan Kwanten, peter O’Toole, Gwendolyn b. Bennett, Bipasha Basu, Tyrese Gibson, Thandie Newton, Anne Bancroft, Demi Moore, crystal waters, and Jake Gyllenhaal

Mercury conjunct Neptune in the natal chart can make you more sensitive to your surroundings, but this depends on all aspects of your natal chart. Strong earth or fire energy may shift this placement, whereas air and water strong in your chart will heighten Mercury conjunct Neptune.

When you have natal Mercury conjunct Neptune, you can be influenced by the opinions and words of other people.

As a result of ambiguity, misreading can occur, and many assumptions may lead to false ideas. You have to be sure that no matter what you choose to start at in your life, you take the time needed to finish it.

Also, make so you learn to state your intentions clearly, and be aware that other people may try and deceive you also.

When you have natal Mercury conjunct Neptune, you can keep your mind open if you step away from life’s stresses or limit them to put the bigger possibilities you are infused with into practical use.

You have to learn to discern which is meant to be kept private and what to share with others; if you are unsure, it’s best to avoid upset in friendships and to check you can share certain details with others before you do.

Take time to make sure you check all impressions, visions, and information you receive from your inner and outer environment. Yes, you may have spiritual guides, but it’s your life, and its best to take otherworldly advice with discernment and not follow it blindly.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune continued

Only because a soul is living in the psychic realms doesn’t mean they are entirely wise or pure, after all. All humans die, but you don’t immediately become a saint or goddess-like when you die; these gifts are earned over numerous lifetimes.

After a person/soul, serious inner work, giving up your base desires and working to improve your character, you don’t just die- leave a spiritual body and become all-knowing; this is not the way it works.


So take all advice from the psychic and material realms with caution; as you age, it’s essential to learn to decipher your own wisdom and trust your own judgements, based on a process of introspection and critical thinking.

When you have natal Mercury conjunct Neptune, it is highly probable when you were younger, you were in tune with imaginary friends and seen things others did not.

You may still have this trait as you get older; note that just as you have sovereignty ( full ownership) over your material world, you also have it over the psychic realms.

Believe in yourself

Do not let a person or spirit take advantage of you; you may shy away from using your extra senses because when you were younger, you were ridiculed by parents, friends, teachers or bullies as a child because of it.

But know your extra senses are your gifts to use and control, find the right people to share your gifts/ talents with.

As you know, in this world, people who are different are often ridiculed, so people shut down their emotional sides, typically by age 30, so they can fit in with the rational, scientific and technological worldview.


Seeking kindred but grounded and aware people is essential when you have Mercury conjunct Neptune; you often have to walk alone for a while to live your truth.


You have to carefully pick your friends, activities, and life goals because being around negativity or adverse conditions for a prolonged period can affect your life progression.

This is why it’s essential to heal and not bury your psychological and emotional wounds.




Self-acceptance is needed to manage this placement, and self-trust, compassion, healing, understanding, control, and love; give yourself the reassurance you need to build your self-esteem.

You must not readily believe anything you hear; fact check, always research and fact check.  

Learning critical thinking will help you handle this placement, especially if you have a few squares, oppositions or water and fire aspects in your natal chart.

When you have Neptune conjunct natal mercury, you can infuse the world with uplifting wisdom, especially in the areas of spiritual communion, communication, addiction, psychological and emotional problems once you learn to heal and manage your own emotional and psychological blockages.

You are apt at picking up verbal and non-verbal cues in your environment; you can also have a natural presence of being highly intuned with the unseen and higher truths of life.

Drawing others who seek deeper meanings in life to you,  making you highly creative, can make you prone to self-destructive and addictive tendencies due to information overload.

Seek healthy ways to manage your sensitivity like spending time in nature, listening to or creating music or art, dance, act or become an alternative healer.

The shadow of mercury conjunct Neptune

Watch out for manipulating others and being a bit of a slippery character, dream bug but take time and practical actions to bring them into reality.

 It’s essential to separate high imagination from logic, and vice versa, do all you can to steady the mind and train it, so there is only ever one clear thought in your mind at any one time.

This takes years, if not a decade or more of training; it can be done; take it slow, don’t beat yourself up when you fall short or get caught in thought loops; after all, to err is to be human.

And as you get a lot of speedy information, it will take time to learn to settle your mind and only receive helpful impressions at least 75-85% of the time.

Learn to hold your tongue as not all things can be received by all people, discern who or who not you can be authentic with, don’t be fake, but as I said, learn to hold your tongue.

I know it’s hard, as you can usually see the best solutions for more people’s problems, but keep quiet if someone shows you they are not ready for them.

Do all you can to still and hold your nerves, eat good food, take regularly but not excessive exercise, do mind focusing activities, do all you can to build concentration.

Learn to control any clairvoyance ability and be honest in all your dealings, especially relationship and business partnerships.

Learn to value but control your imagination and get your subconscious and conscious mind to work together; this is tricky at first but is needed when you have natal Mercury conjunct, Neptune.

Beware of your trait to misjudge and get the wrong idea about situations, information, and people. Avoid jumping to conclusions and check your understanding of something before stating it as truth.

Subconscious realisations

Work and enhance your ability to decipher symbols and suggestions but don’t become obsessive about this work; I know you can get frustrated when others do not understand you.

But if you slow down and think about what you are trying to communicate before saying it, you will create better connections based on harmony and genuine understanding.

Avoid becoming overly delirious and lost in the psychic realms, keep an idea journal, work through them, and finish things before starting something new.

Try not to have more than 3-4 things on the go at once to avoid getting stressed out or giving up because you feel overwhelmed.

Being in tune with the mystical, unseen and higher meanings is good, but you must learn to manage yourself and use logic to make your visions and inspirations known and understood by others.


Avoid becoming an escape artist due to your lack of self-discipline and getting lost in the information; learn to control the background noise and partake in life, don’t avoid it.

Learn to not take others’ criticisms to heart, hear it out, think about it, see if there are any truths in what they said, but don’t beat yourself up if they are, especially if it shows you in a bad light.

All humans have a weakness they need to work on; working on your weak or blind spots becomes strength.

You have promising latent communication talents, and you can use your mind to manifest your highest potential and manage your reality.

Do not become selective about the information you share to avoid the repercussions, stating half-truths always bring, as what’s hidden in the dark, comes to light eventually.

When you have natal Mercury conjunct Neptune, it is crucial to trust your perceptions; by discerning what is real and what is not.  You can use your psychic ability to heal yourself and others; you know how to touch your own and others deep inner core positively. Use it.

An afflicted Mercury conjunct Neptune can make you a bit of a cad and low down dirty trickster, know we reap what we sow in life, so yano its up to you have you play your cards in this lifetime.

At times you can just ignore advice, openly or underhandedly, leading you into more hot water. You can become highly secretive, leaving others unable to trust you; this may cause isolation from the very people you want to keep close.

No, it’s never too late to put wrongs right; a leopard can change its cards, but it takes hard work and endurance, avoid living in your own fantasy world.

Becoming neurotic, completely losing all sense of reality and yourself, on the very bad end of the scale you can be prone to psychosis.

So it is vital for you not to meddle in mind-altering substances, especially those with irreversible effects, especially alcohol and weed high in thc, are not your friends.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune in Transit

  • Increase creativity, poetic leanings and artistic expression
  • Research mystical and occult subjects like astrology, spirituality and numerology
  • Increase risk of psychic communication, stay grounded, write down what you receive but don’t act on it straight away, wait for this transit to pass, then fact check the information. Sometimes the only way to fact check is to remain, as still as you can, tune into your intuition, and use conscious reasoning.
  • Increased empathy and deception
  • Emotional connections
  • Distorted and elusive communications
  • High imaginations and gossip
  • Increase in obsessions and fears
  • Uncovering of secrets
  • Increased sensitivity to toxic environments and people
  • Take time to relax
  • Fact check, especially the small print of legal and business deals
  • Spend time in solitude if you can and feel like it

Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune is not the perfect time to partake in any mental work that involves logical thinking, precision, or detail.

But, this is a great day to engage in projects that involve creativity or imagination.

You have a powerful urge to escape reality and daydream, and it might be hard to focus on more trivial concerns of your daily life.

Misunderstandings are also common since you find it hard to say the things you are thinking. You are extremely sensitive to other people’s reactions that will impact your way of communicating.

You might need to compete with dishonest or confusing people, or you might be tempted to cover the truth to prevent a confrontation; the chance of obsession, mistrust, gossip, and humiliation are strong during this mercury conjunct Neptune transit.

Avoid having loose morals and starting illicit liaisons; even small white lies will still be exposed. You might also feel misunderstood or paranoid, although these states of mind will soon pass, and you can return to your old self soon.

Take care not to deceive others, as this can come back to bite you where it hurts in the long run. Your dreams and waking visions may be intense, but be mindful of nightmares and misunderstanding psychic impressions, avoid taking too many intoxicating substances.


This transit can also focus your communications and thinking on divine subjects, the unknown, the spiritual or mystical; hidden realities and secrets may pique your interest during the mercury conjunct Neptune transit.

So you may decipher extra information from symbols such as those found in the tarot, astrology and numerology; remember to have compassion for yourself and others during this time, and be aware and mindful in all your dealings.

Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune can be the perfect time to engage in studies on artistic topics due to your enhanced creativity and imagination.

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