Mercury in Aries Transit: Saying it as it is

Transiting Mercury in Aries- saying it as it is

  • Spontaneous- competitive- Impulsive- fiery – nervous- sarcastic communication
  • Thinking on your feet – being more assertive with speech, voice notes or DM’s etc
  • Watch out for defensiveness or aggression in communication
  • More concern with your work, personal projects, wellness routine, personal hygiene and appearance
  • Sudden changes in opinions- arguing for the sake of it
  • Saying and doing things without thinking of how it affects others
  • Best to use this energy to come up with inventive ideas suitable for writing or creating provocative and passionate content
  • Intellectual / higher consciousness superiority
  • Excellent transit for teachers, writers, and content creators because mercury transiting in Aries motivates you to follow through on your ideas and speak your mind without filters.

When mercury is transiting in Aries, there can be an increase in all forms of communication. This can be a very self-assured time.

Where you and others can be very confident in taking action to achieve your goals and promote yourselves.

Egotistical communications can be a high occurrence when mercury is in Aries, causing sudden breaks or, at worst, endings in essential relationships.

Be assertive in stating your views but allow others to do the same to reduce tension and avoid conflicts.

 If you have negative aspects to the first house, mercury or Aries in your birth chart.

The tendency for arguments or adverse repercussions from communications is more potent, so think before acting or reacting.

Although there can be a lot of new intellectual and intuitive ideas generated under this transit.

It is best to do your research and look at the smaller details of any goal, not just the bigger picture, before rushing ahead in any communication project or conversation.

Check your facts before making any accusations or repeating any information.

Ability to think on your feet and pretend you know the correct response when you do not.

This can get you or others out of tricky or difficult situations, or you can win the respect of those in authority for your alertness; watch out for thinking you know it all.

When mercury is transiting in Aries, impatiences can increase, especially if you experience delays in communications you are waiting for.

At worst, you can try and rush a response, but this can backfire, leading to you getting a reply you do not want. It is best to wait it out rather than force the matter. No news is good news, right?

All in all, transiting mercury in Aries is best used to think of new solutions to old problems, plant seeds, and think of strategic ways to reach goals. Although you may want to rush ahead, it is best to think first.

Trust your gut- intuitive feelings, write down or voice note any ideas you have because of easy come, easy go.

After all, mercury transiting in Aries is a highly fertile time; dream big, plan hard to reach your goals.

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