Mercury in Taurus transit : Pragmatic Communications

Transiting Mercury in Taurus- pragmatic communications

  • Delays and stubbornness in communication
  • good transit to take care of practical and routine matters
  • resistance to new ideas, idealistic thought and action, preferring traditional and proven methods
  • wanting to have all the facts before making decisions or giving a reply
  • experiencing intellectual tiredness, creative blocks
  • Only wanting to speak or absorb practical information that you can use in real life.
  • Watch out for possessive or greediness in communication
  • Beneficial transit for those working in professions connected to the fashion, beauty, gardening/farming, writing, advertising, wellness- medical industries to sell or prefect their products or services.
  • In general good for all business, domestic and financial communications.
  • Negatively you can become anxious or overly worried about money matters and unemployment issues. There can also be problems with accounts and investments.

When Mercury is transiting in Taurus, there can be a decrease in frivolous/ gossip type communication and an increase in practical communications.

Conversations and research may focus more on finances, nature, beauty, music, possessions- ownership, status, romance ( Taurus influence), and hookups(Mercury’s influence).

Mercury transiting in Taurus can make you highly focused on whatever needs or has your attention at this time. You can ignore distractions and concentrate on your goals.

Be mindful that your account for the finer details, such as if you’re in a relationship, make your partner aware of your intentions to focus on your personal goals.

To avoid unnecessary conflict and the waste of physical, spiritual- higher consciousness and intellectual energy on situations that could have been prevented.

Negatively when Mercury transits in Taurus, disagreements can happen if you or others feel your personal finances, security, beliefs, or space is being threatened.

All in all, this is a good time for financial planning and all other strategic thinking,  starting professional, educational, and personal development type courses.

Going for a promotion at work or applying for new jobs is favoured when Mercury is transiting in Taurus, so is editing your Curriculum Vitae- CV.

This is a perfect time to get to the bottom and eliminate confusion and inefficiency in your communication, day to day routine, and relationships.

But make sure you heat the other person out and avoid trying to control the outcome. Instead, use the energy to find a mutual conclusion.

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