Mercury in Taurus transit : Pragmatic Communications

Transiting Mercury in Taurus- pragmatic communications

Mercury is travelling through the constellation of Taurus. From the 3rd of June 2022 until the 2nd of July 2022

  • Delays and stubbornness in communication
  • good transit to take care of practical and routine matters
  • resistance to new ideas, idealistic thought and action, preferring traditional and proven methods
  • wanting to have all the facts before making decisions or giving a reply
  • experiencing intellectual tiredness, creative blocks
  • Only wanting to speak or absorb practical information that you can use in real life.
  • Watch out for possessive or greediness in communication
  • Beneficial transit for those working in professions connected to the fashion, beauty, gardening/farming, writing, advertising, wellness- medical industries to sell or prefect their products or services.
  • In general good for all business, domestic and financial communications.
  • Negatively you can become anxious or overly worried about money matters and unemployment issues. There can also be problems with accounts and investments.

short version

When Mercury is transiting in Taurus, there can be a decrease in frivolous/ gossip type communication and an increase in practical communications.

Conversations and research may focus more on finances, nature, beauty, music, possessions- ownership, status, romance ( Taurus influence), and hookups(Mercury’s influence).

Mercury transiting in Taurus can make you highly focused on whatever needs or has your attention at this time. You can ignore distractions and concentrate on your goals.

Be mindful that your account for the finer details, such as if you’re in a relationship, make your partner aware of your intentions to focus on your personal goals.

To avoid unnecessary conflict and the waste of physical, spiritual- higher consciousness and intellectual energy on situations that could have been prevented.

Negatively when Mercury transits in Taurus, disagreements can happen if you or others feel your personal finances, security, beliefs, or space is being threatened.

All in all, this is a good time for financial planning and all other strategic thinking,  starting professional, educational, and personal development type courses.

Going for a promotion at work or applying for new jobs is favoured when Mercury is transiting in Taurus, so is editing your Curriculum Vitae- CV.

This is a perfect time to get to the bottom and eliminate confusion and inefficiency in your communication, day to day routine, and relationships.

But make sure you heat the other person out and avoid trying to control the outcome. Instead, use the energy to find a mutual conclusion.

Mercury the planet of human reasoning, intellect, communication and business; Mercury is a crucial planet for human cognition, communication, and commerce.

It is vital for thinking through problems, coming up with new ideas, and networking.

Mercury finds a good fit in Taurus. It loves being a part of this sign and will find a stable home here.

Mercury rules your thoughts; whether you realise it or not, your mind influences how you think and communicate.

Your values are more concrete, practical, and driven by your needs and routine rather than desire and wants.

When Mercury moves through Taurus, imagination and wishful thinking have no place. You are likely to rely only on what’s real.

Instead of wandering conversations and bizarre, unfounded thoughts and ideas, you are given the gift of stability of courting security.

What happens when Mercury transits in Taurus, the longer version


You are given the opportunity to strategically plan your life path and create strong foundations that can benefit your future.

When Mercury is transiting in Taurus, You will generally be more determined to reach your personal, professional, relationship, creative or social goals.

This planet also helps us to be organised and efficient in your work.

You want to say and do practical things of value when Mercury is transiting n Taurus.

You are more focused on facts, figures and the things you can see with your eyes unless you have unlocked and believe in your higher consciousness- intuition.

You are prone to keep in real, be grounded, avoid the idealistic and prefer common sense.

You will be more cautious, critical and intellectual in thought and less open-minded, your memory can be improved,

You are in danger of being too conservative or narrow-minded; if you only focus on one thing and ignore your other commitments, especially social, intimate or your overall well-being, you may experience burnout.

The long game

When Mercury transits Mercury, you can prefer order, structure, disciplined thought and action. The Mercury in Taurus transit is good for dull, repetitive, technical tasks and research.

You will not want to rush things or decisions; generally, you will be more slow and deliberate in your behaviours and communication, being more guarded about how and who you spend your time and energy.

Mercury transiting in Taurus will see you loving practical things, disliking, and shying away from superficial and impractical things.

Positively Mercury in Taurus helps you to be practical and realistic. It also allows you to be vigilant and avoid making mistakes.

Giving you the mental and physical stamina to not give up and work long and hard on your goals.

Negatively you can be too dry, lack humour, jump to conclusions, and be disinterested in the things and people that used to excite you, leaving you confused and out of balance.

It is best not to force yourself to do too much or deny yourself fun and relaxation because doing this won’t work in your favour in the long run and will leave you drained.


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