Mercury Sextile Neptune Natal and Transit – Seeing through it

Mercury Sextile Neptune: seeing through it Communications via relationships

  • Creative perception- strategic – can be the underdog top achiever
  • Innate ability to fuse conscious- logical thinking with the subconscious- creative – feeling thinking
  • High mental perception or telepathically gifted, ability to sense others motivations
  • Can plot strategies to overcome problems, may prefer to work behind the scenes to avoid obstructions and to bring dreams into reality
  • Productive/ regenerative/ Strong imagination- telepathic – gut feelings
  • The trickster who sees through others tricks, after all, you cannot see kid and kidder
  • Good public speaking and mental reasoning skills
  • Innate intuition- can use to make decisions and solve problems
  • Good at deciphering verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Pleasant and eccentric / Panache
  • Natural curiosity – this may be stunted in childhood; it’s crucial to find it again if this is the case and use it
  • In tune with the unknown in some way- innate wisdom of higher-order or salt of the earth
  • Open-mindedness
  • You can be good singers, or have a distinctive voice that can soothe others, or want them to want to listen to you in some way
  • Avoid overly toxic and negative people
  • Learnt to protect and ground your energy
  • Schedule relaxation and stillness time weekly to recharge and balance
  • Your words and personal expression have the power to heal or destroy; choose wisely
  • The ability to shift through data and information effectively and quickly.
  • Natural aptitude for academic/ further study, innate intelligence, depending on the whole natal chart, could be psychological, spiritual, scientific, mathematic, technological, or street smarts.
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • A sort of realistic optimist- social/ collective orientation
  • Good relationships with family and friends, if the whole natal chart supports this

Celebrities with this placement:  Ralph Fiennes, Hilary Duff, Amber Stevens, Manu Bennet, Madonna, Danai Gurira, Jennifer Tilly, Michael B Jordan, the beautiful Jennifer beals( bias much, oh), Danny DeVito, Justin Chatwin, Coty Sensabaugh and Harold Perrineau.

Mercury Sextile Neptune: seeing through it all, continued

Neptune in astrology governs the collective consciousness, addictions, dreams, illusions, isolation, psychological illness and the things we keep hidden.

 Mercury influences our communication skills, mental processes, everyday communications, thought and logic.

When you have natal Mercury sextile Neptune, you can be innately perspective; for some of you, this works as highly psychic; you may be aware of this or not, but you seem just to know things, and this ability helps you in your life.

It is as though you have a permanent Wifi connection to the akashic records and the vaults of living life.

Mercury sextile Neptune can make you highly empathic, and you care about people and things that other people typically are not concerned about.

Mercury sextile Neptune can make you highly creative and interested in photography, literature- poetry; your innate communication and forecasting skills can make you achieve success in business ventures, especially those involving sales, marketing, or advertising.

 You are very good at seeing patterns, so you may find success working in any field requiring this trait: psychology, scientific or medical research, alternative healing, Politics, charity, finance, government, and military.

You could also be a good actor, teacher of children, spiritual healer or good at photo taking or film making.

More about natal Mercury sextile Neptune, Gut feelings

You can use your innate intuition or gut feelings to get to the bottom of any matter and make serious life decisions; you can be a good judge of character.

Due to your ability to read between the lines and listen to what is said and because you often take a keen interest in the words and communication tools used in any given situation, you can be good at reading body language.

When you have natal Mercury sextile Neptune, Picking up subtle cues in the environment, you could have learned this ability from your childhood environment, where you was in tune with the moods of those in your household.

Mercury sextile Neptune, in general, makes you non-judgmental, and as there is a slight chance for you to pass judgment, people often come to you for a sympathetic ear and share their woes, upsets and hopes with you. 

You tend not to be biased and open-minded; this gives you the edge in communications; you use active listening or intuitive skills to provide yourself and others with the right advice and say the right words at the right time.

Natal Mercury sextile Neptune can make you more receptive than the average person; symbols and words can also help you connect with your highest self.

As well as the subtle yet insightful language of the universe, and you might find yourself interested in the mystical, scientific, technical or philosophical.

The thought vibrations of your subconscious mind may also inspire you, and the more you open up to this ability, the more able you are to use it for the good of yourself and others.

Choose environments wisely

When you have natal Mercury sextile Neptune, it is best to steer clear of manipulating your environment. recognising you are not right all the time.

Accepting there is no need for you always to be correct and other people can also have reasonable solutions to problems.

This aspect provides an acute sixth sense or thought perception that can make you very sensitive to every form of vibration, physical, mental or psychic.

Mercury sextile Neptune can give you advanced psychic ability or make you use conscious reasoning skills to provide accurate insights about most situations.

The more you train this gift, the more precise it will be. You can use your intuitive abilities as an asset in all the relationships, but guard against being overly idealistic, know all people are on their paths, and not everyone can live up to your expectations.

Vet people before you let them in your life, to avoid repeated disappoints and being taken advantage of, learn not to take things personally, as some people are hardwired to try to use others, as this is their path this lifetime.

People tend to like your vibe and energy, but because of this, you can attract to you people who will drain you, try and help people, but also learn boundaries to stop yourself from falling into the shadow of this placement, which I will talk about later.

Psychic sponge

Mercury sextile Neptune makes you a good judge of character, so yes, give people a chance, but always trust your evaluations of their persona.

Always watch actions, and if they match up to what you feel and intuit, act accordingly, protect your energy.

Since you serve as a magnet to every vibration (physical, psychic and mental), it is important to know you tend to pick up on emotions; you must learn to distinguish between your feelings and the feelings you pick up from the environment the people in it.


When you have natal Mercury sextile Neptune, too much Negative energy will have a harmful/ depressive effect on your overall wellbeing. So learn to have a self-care routine regularly, find what makes you chill out and do it.

Walks in nature, swimming, listening or playing music, taking photos, reading, whatever it is, find a healthy way, do not turn to drugs or any other self-destructive substances to manage your intuitive impressions.

Depending on other placements in your chart, you could be good at deciphering codes and solving complex math’s, medical, spiritual, technological or scientific problems.

Practical action

If you have this placement in a water sign, you will be inclined to learn more about the mystical, emotional, subconscious and creative,  aspects of life.

You may prefer to research and work using alternative or occult healing methods, such as energy or astrological healing.

You can be adept in any career you consciously and practically work towards, bringing your imaginations into reality, choose what you work towards wisely, as well as the thoughts you think, the company you keep and the environments you visit often.

As all of these directly affect your ability to achieve your goals.

When you have Mercury sextile Neptune, you can be easily distracted by your daydreams and high imagination, so it’s vital as you age to balance your visions with self-discipline.

Because we can all have lofty ideals, but we need hard work and some structure to make them a reality, write down your goals, take daily steps to get there, learn from your past mistakes and cease to repeat them.

Your biggest gift is the ability to make connections between things that seem unconnected, you have keen observation skills, and you have the knack for distinguishing fact from fiction.

Mercury sextile Neptune gives you the ability to tell Stories, uncover hiding meanings; you can feel things more deeply than others.

The shadow of Natal Mercury sextile Neptune

You can hold grudges and find it hard to forgive; as I mentioned earlier, it’s best to train yourself not to take things personally, especially when others misuse your good nature; everyone is on their own path, it’s your job to protect your energy and to use your resources wisely.

 And learn to discern who you let into your life, and unforgiveness will hurt you and your goals in the long run; you can find solutions to problems and find new roads.

This is where your energy and time are best focused, not on pettiness; I know when people or life lets you down, it hurts, but there are people in the world who can help and understand you and find them.

You need to watch out for escapism in any form, Netflix and chill, work, drugs, the psychic realms; this sextile gives you the ability to use your mind(Mercury)  to balance your addiction, feeling, and feeling illusions (Neptune).

It is vital to keep a clear head and body; your body is your temple, after all.

Some of you with natal Mercury sextile Neptune can succeed in writing and making documentaries; your tolerance of people and different ways of life is also a gift that can help you bring people together and heal conflicts.

Resist getting stuck in pessimistic thoughts and relationships when you have natal Neptune sextile Mercury. You are at your best when you use your creativity to bring solutions to the problems in your life, get your logic-conscious reasoning skills to work with your subconscious-intuitive skills.

Mercury Sextile Neptune in Transit

  • Increase sensitivity, compassion, intuition, appreciation and creative
  • New solutions to old problems
  • If you have strong psychic placements in your natal chart, you could receive, Psychological, spiritual or logical downloads or upgrades
  • Strategic thinking, research, working behind the scenes
  • Time to enjoy music, poetry, film, meditation, yoga or anything that makes you feel more chill
  • Increase in all forms of communication
  • Peace and affection in relationships
  • Being in tune with the unseen, feeling at one
  • Roleplay and fantasy
  • Good news about health or career promotions
  • Dreaming or having visions about past life, which can bring present life solutions
  • Excellent time to start or continue reprogramming your subconscious mind

Transiting Mercury sextile Neptune gives you access to your innate creativity, and you may be able to interpret subtle information you gather from your surroundings in precise and clear ways.

You may be able to communicate the complex and mystical in simple ways; during this transit, you may take time out to enjoy music, writing, meditation or photography; you may take time out to contemplate your psychological to emotional wounds.

New friends, new ideas, new intellectual or philosophical ideas, newness is the central theme of this transit, plus the opportunity to develop your inner or outer world.

During the Mercury sextile Neptune transit, you may practice more empathy and understanding in your communications and are more willing to lend a sympathetic ear to people in trouble.

Since you can be sensitive to the things you hear and think throughout this transit, you can achieve success and insights in the fields of healing, politics, charity, advertising, or sales.

You might need a short break from the hectic pace and pressures of business, and you might find it more challenging to keep up with the details during this Neptune sextile Mercury transit.

This transit is ideal for health improvements, being creative, enhancing your communication skills, occult or mystical pursuits, your words and touch can have a healing effect during this time.

Your senses may be more heightened, especially your intuition and your thought process; some of you may feel the need to be more sensual and feeling at this time.

Others of you may be inclined to be more strategic, driven by your inner voice and find logical solutions to any problems which come your way at this time.

The Mercury sextile Neptune transit can make you more interested in the themes of karma, reincarnation and creative writing; you may get information to help heal and long term physical, spiritual or psychological health issues.

Insightful and regenerative psychic impressions may come in the form of visions; dreams may bring you hidden meanings, solutions and new areas of exploration

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