Mercury Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Mercury Square Neptune in Transit
What does it mean when Mercury square Neptune?

  • Absent-mindedness or paranoid thinking
  • Good time to get focus on creating art, music or spiritual development in a grounded way
  • Mental distortion – lack of transparency
  • Relationship issues, especially those with siblings and passing acquaintances
  • Misunderstandings
  • Get a second opinion before making life-changing decisions
  • Make sure you are not misled by dubious intention, resist any urge to cheat anyone yourself
  • Avoid gossip and telling half-truths
  • Risk of deception and coming into contact with swindlers 
  • Avoid getting lost in radical ideas and cults, fact check before taking on beliefs
  • Protect your energy field

When the moon square Neptune transit is taking place, they may be a distortion in mental processing, causing mental confusion.

You should also guard against falling for deception, especially romantic and spiritual frauds, check the facts, or wait until this phase has passed, before fully committing.

Make sure you are careful before you sign any contract or complete any business deals; you may be tempted to only focus on what you want to hear and see.

Whilst the moon square Neptune is transiting; however, this may have harsh repercussions. I mean, you wouldn’t want to sign your house or life away, would you?

Subconscious, subjective thinking is high, and this time so the Neptune square Mercury transit is perfect for creative music, art, furthering your spiritual or mystical development.

 But not so suitable for projects that require logic, yet work that calls for thinking out the box is highly favourable.

You may become more dreamy or unfocused at work, so pretend to be busy if all else fails because you wouldn’t want to get disciplinary action or fired.

 Although you could choose to change your career at this time, but make sure your choice is grounded in some sense of reality.

Your reputation could be affected negatively during the mercury square Neptune transit; avoid gossiping and acting on a whim; some of you may choose to spend time alone in solitude at this time.

Avoid energy drainers during this time, as energy can be low, meaning those who steal energy will be on the prowl for their supply.

Be careful when handling machinery, driving, and things like that, as your absent-mindedness and lack of attention could cause accidents.

 Because of the nervous energy in the air during this transit, you should partake in activities such as mediation, going for a walk, chilling, taking time out to protect your nervous system.

Avoid overthinking, write down any issues and put them away to work through at a later date, be careful when using intoxicating substances at this time, especially those which induce altered states.

Mercury Square Neptune in your natal chart - insight and understanding

  • Problems with concentration- absent-mindedness
  • Easily distracted
  • Mercury gives you understanding, and Neptune gives you insight so that you will experience tension and resistance between your imagination and intellect, your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Can divulge personal information that can be sued against you at a later date- including other people’s secrets, causing disharmony with others.
  • Unreliability
  • original, Intuitive and imaginative thinking
  • can exaggerate
  • dislike of the mundane and conformity can make it hard to fit it
  • the spiritualisation of the ordinary, seeking higher meaning in everything
  • Ca be ahead of your time, and given to the mystical or higher meanings of life, so other people may not understand you, and avoid or ridicule you, best to grow tougher skin, and practice a regime of self-love and protect, not in a rigid way, but in a compassionate, happy go lucky laid back way.
  • Unclear communication and thought patterns
  • Lover of a variety of thoughts- you can change mind too often, which can have a negative effect on relationships
  • Broadminded
  • Can have weak logical skills, especially if your chart has an abundance of planets and aspects to fire and water signs, but highly creative in thinking.
  • Could at creating visualisations and psychic impressions
  • Can lack follow-through, due to poor concept of self
  • Although you may be averse to planning, concentration, focus, and self-discipline are skills you should learn if they do not come naturally to help bring you often ingenious ideas into reality. The world needs your ideas.
  • Oversensitivity
  • Mercury square Neptune celebrities: Heath Ledger, Amy Adams, Ludacris, Jamie Alexander, Claire Danes, Jensen Ackles, Kevin Smith, Charles Darwin, rebel Wilson, Melissa George, Joan Crawford, Martine freeman, chase rice, Terrance Howard, Kelly hu, Jenna Marbles, Chris tucker, Joel David Moore, Rowan Atkinson

When you have natal Mercury square moon, you may find it hard to make a decision; I mean they are so many paths you can take in this life, an overabundance of ideas but so little time.  

Mercury square Neptune makes you think differently, depending on what elements this placement takes place in,  as well as the dominating elements in your natal chart.

 If you have more of the water element in your birth chart, in that case, you will think in an unorthodox emotional way. ( read more about elements here)

If you have a lot of air, it will be intellectual; if fire is impulsive or if you have a lot of earth placements, it will be more in an offbeat yet practical way.

Or any of the above combinations, if you have a mixture of elements in your chart, natal Mercury square Neptune can have a weird yet wonderful effect on your mind and relationships.

Sometimes you find it hard to relate to others, and they, in turn, can find it hard to understand you; you often get lost in thought; this sometimes happens when you’re speaking with others, which is not always well received.

Natal mercury square Neptune meaning continued

Especially if you’re doing a business or educational talk, do not despair, as there is often wisdom hidden in your nonsense.

The best way to deal with this as an adult is to think before you speak and make sure you try and stay aware of what you’re saying when saying it.

 Because as a child, you may have been misunderstood, leading to rejection from family members of peers.

Grounding exercises may be beneficial for you, such as meditation, practising stillness, especially the stilling of the thoughts in your mind; keeping a thought journal may help also.

Again the whole of your birth chart needs to be taken into account, but if you have Neptune or Pisces in a detrimental house or zodiac sign, this can cause mental confusion.

However, because this position can cause social isolation but intellectual or creative genius, you may escape into the world of higher learning.

You may choose to explore alternative science, metaphysics, the occult,  technology, philosophy or any other discipline which requires learning complex yet creative information.

Clear thinking

When you have natal moon square Neptune, paying attention when engaging with others is essential, as many misunderstandings can arise.

Because you get lost in your thoughts when you are meant to be listening to others, I know it can be boring.

But so can you when you talk; if you want others to listen to you, listen to them; if you want others to be interested in you, take an interest in them.

Try and be honest when communicating, as you can exaggerate when you have this placement; you may not intend to.

 This is why I suggest you become aware of what you’re saying when speaking and interacting with others so that you can avoid internal stress and unnecessarily causing tension in your relationships.


You can have a real fear of commitment and taking personal responsibility, which again causes issues in your everyday relationships until you learn to stand up and be counted.

I also know you don’t like to see the world for what it is; the realness or reality can be somewhat daunting and frightening.

Natal mercury square Neptune can make you escape into fantasy, often arguing the toss with others insisting the world is all la de dah and rosy as you cannot cope with the harsh reality realities.

I know it’s hard, but admitting problems existence doesn’t mean you can always look on the bright side, but your focus on ignoring the inequalities and injustice in the world can isolate people from you.

Take responsibility

Events in your childhood may have given you a tendency towards escapism, which needs to be resolved.

 Maybe your parents indulged in drugs and were escapist themselves or made you pretend things were really good or bad when that wasn’t the reality; whatever it was, healing your past will help you create a healthier life.

You need to build self-resilience; you have it in you to overcome obstacles; even if you do not believe it to be so, it’s good to be compassionate, but you must toughen up a little bit also to withstand the storms of life.

Self-control and self-assurance are crucial to your personal development, as well as self-honesty.

You may need to limit intoxicating substances, try and eat a balanced diet, deal with any conflict within, and not repress emotions; this is highly important.

 Because your subconscious mind can often be preoccupied with whatever you are thinking about at the time.

 You can consciously say random things, be overly forgetful or make errors, especially while doing work or activites that require focus.

At it worse, this habit can lead you to get fired from work, cause relationship breakdowns, and forget to do essential things.

Like yano, picking any children up or paying bills on time, these events can make you feel even more emotionally and psychologically unwell.

So it’s vital that you practice good emotional and psychological health management, as you will be happier and content you feel within, the more smoothly your life will run.

Learnt to keep shtum

What is it they say? Loose lips sink ships at the time you can be overly chatty, and as your mind wanders, you may cause self-undoing by revealing personal information that others use against you.

So be careful what you say and be aware of whom listening, as some people get information from others to at a later time use them in some way. Also, you may reveal other people personal information, causing you to lose relationships you may wish to keep.

The thing is, when you have mercury square Neptune, this makes you a rational thinker of the irrational, if that makes sense? You pick up others true intentions and have an innate understanding of the ways of the seen- material and unseen- psychic worlds.

But as most people think in a what I see I believe manner, they often reject what you say, causing you to think your wrong; you are not; you are just tuned into a frequency others are not readily tuned into.

Do not get big-headed about this; as I said, grounding is essential when you have natal Mercury square, Neptune. Because of this, you can become a master of illusion, a chimaera, finding unique ways to bring the complex into layman language and impression.

Love, love, love

Also, on the love front, make sure you get the facts before jumping head first as you can misinterpret what someone means by their words, so double-check someone can give you the love or affection or whatever it is you’re after, do not assume anything.

 As you may misread a causal interest in you, as a love of a lifetime to avoid disappointment, step steadier, make sure you check out the other person character before committing to them.

And know, words are easier to say than following through actions. Make others prove their genuine interest in you; it’s crucial to connect with yourself and any hobby you are interested in so when you are alone, you do not feel lonely.

Because loneliness can cause you to be victimised by people who see your need for affection as a chance to take you for a ride, a creative outlet is needed, to channel your passion and focus.

You can choose to listen to or make music, play an instrument, write, play video games, but not too much as yano bills have to be paid lol, unless you make your hobby into a job, then go for it.

Its story time

You can be a great storyteller, magician, actor, creative writer, especially of themes of fantasy and dystopia- think black mirror on acid, lol, but stay away from the acid, but you get my drift, yeah.

But resist becoming a swindler and con artist, as often they will catch you out if they can.

It’s best to play it straight, but hey, it’s your life; I am not the karma police. But know every action has a reaction; you have a bit of Fagin about you- check out Oliver twist to see what I mean.


Also, a bit of a dolos like energy, you can be a great artistic or musical performer at your best when you research, focusing on your personal development and having fun.

Giving it your all and then some, you can be good at writing spiritual, astrological or numerological books or poetry as well; your imagination is off the hook, but learn to balance it with practical action.

It’s up to you if you choose to use your gifts of insight and understanding in a positive and productive or sneaky and cruel way; squares have a Saturn energy about them.

So you can evoke self-discipline and concentration if you wish; the planetary energy will support this, or you can choose to escape into the realms of Neptune, and all the addictive tendencies can be found with escapist Neptune energy.

You also need to learn to do one thing at a time; I know you have many interests but, you need to learn to focus on the practicalities, as if you take on too much, you won’t finish anything.

Continuing your cycle of escapism and self-disappointment, clarity is essential to break the cycle, and you must try and think more objectively, taking pratical action, to ensure you make your dreams and goals reality.

The end

At your best, you can help make society a better place by creating agendas to benefit the masses.

Working through your problems will help you help others, and helping others will help you work through your issues.

The choice is yours; give into the higher octaves of mercury or Neptune mystical insight and higher learning, or get lost in the lower octaves, gossip and self-destruction; the choice is yours.



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