Mercury Transit in Sagittarius – What does Mercury in Sagittarius mean?

What does Mercury in Sagittarius mean?

On the 24th of November, Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • Pick one course of action and stick to it, as you could go back on your promises or someone else might during this time
  • Seeking intellectual, philosophical or spiritual-religious expansion
  • Physical or mental travel
  • Grand debates- division caused my fiery, tactless – hypocritical communications
  • Pay attention to the smaller details as well as, the greater ones- concentration will be needed as well as perseverance and disciple to reach goals
  • Avoid the superficial – nitpicking and being frivolous and insincere
  • Increased social awareness or prophetic- visionary insight
  • Avoided the tendency to ignore the facts of the matter, like if you want success in life, you will have to work hard. Avoid excessive daydreaming and talking; action is where it’s at
  • Avoid conformity, tap into your authentic self-expression
  • Know that your truth is not the only truth; you will do your best in listening to others words of wisdom
  • Increased faith and optimism works best with strategy and practical action
  • Use any powers of influence for the greater good as any corrupt intentions will have repercussions during this time or at a later date.

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius

When mercury enters Sagittarius, caution must be taken when communicating information and receiving it, as the facts may change many times.

Intellectual division may be high during this time, you may find yourself being tactless in your words that can cause fiery reactions in others, or you can be the one driven to react this way.

They may be an increased interest in foreign cultures and languages, and you may speak about taking trips to distant spaces or going there in your dreams; keeping a journal of your thoughts could be beneficial now.

Don’t let time restraints of missing a trend stop you from pursuing a career or education in writing, publishing, life coaching or anything to do with law, philosophy, metaphysics and the higher –philosophical concepts of life.

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As all these will be beneficial at this time, especially if you have transit and aspect to your natal chart which highlight this energy so trines, conjuncts and sextiles to Neptune, Jupiter, the 9th house, 12th house or any planets in Sagittarius, especially Saturn, sun, mars and mercury.

Apply for a course, or creating your own on or offline course is favourable during this time as if communications centred on revealing truth and higher consciousness.

However be course as adverse aspects in your natal chart or with the transiting planets can cause conflict in the areas of education, religion, law and culture.

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