What does Mercury transit mean astrologically?

Mercury transits through the house in astrology
  • Can bring an increase in communications and socialisation
  • Brings the way you and those you interact with communication skills  under the spotlight
  • Following Mercuries, transits is essential for writers, students, researchers and those who work in communication-related fields. Especially sales, marketing, content creation.
  • Can show the areas you need to improve your communication and conscious reasoning skills
  • Change in thought process due to intellectual research or conversation
  • Disruption in personal and work and all other business communications
  • Clear or distorted perception
  • Suitable for coming up with new ideas, making resolute decisions, and creating strategic plans for your personal and career development. 
  • Due to Mercury moving fast, the effects of each of its transits through the houses last about 1-4 days max, with each transit leaning into the next.
  • Unless Mercury is in retrograde or stationary, then the effects can last for 1-3 months from the date Mercury transited into the house in question.
  • There can be delays, uncertainty or changes in all matters concerning the house and the houses mercury aspects via transit and in your birth chart, while Mercury is in retrograde.
  • Even though mercury transits are brief, they are helpful for the prediction of events related to mercury activity. Such as timing personal “me time”- solitude, planning stock market investments or any other speculation, the development of your intellectual abilities.
  • Nothing in life can be achieved with it originating in thought first, and then you need to take practical action to bring your ambitions into reality.

How events play out depends on the zodiac sign Mercury is in whilst transiting the houses, mercury transits indicate changes in all types of communication.

Mercury energy is neutral, but how you respond to each mercury transit is affected by the “strongest” aspects mercury makes in your birth chart, the house your natal Mercury is in, as well as the aspects other planets, make to Mercury while it is transiting.

How you are others may think and react to each other during Mercury transits, the short of local journeys you may make and any issues you may have while taking short and at times longer trips.

Mercury is an indicator of everyday events, the people you interact with daily friends, family, lovers, neighbours, delivery workers, co-workers, suppliers and passing acquaintances.

Mercury energy shows up in your day to day life as the situations you regularly encounter and the words and other forms of communication you engage in routinely and often automatically without giving them conscious thought.

Mercury transits can be used to become aware of how your habitual ways of communication help or get in the way of you having successful and enjoyable relationships with others.

Mercury transits also bring to your attention the ways your regular contacts help or impede – get in the way of your personal growth and affect your overall wellbeing.

During these transit is best to commit to improving your thought process internal dialogue such as your negative and repetitive thoughts that cause habitual actions that may cause conflict in your relationships with others.

 As well as the inner conflict that stops you from experiencing the fullness of life, you will have to actively engage with mercury transits to get the full benefits.

Negative aspects to Mercury can cause problems in your ability to work, think straight, be around other people; you and others may spend time in petty arguments and gossip.

 The positive aspects to Mercury, in general, can create good communication with others which may provide intellectual or some other type of stimulation, clarity of mind and increase productivity in work or personal projects.

What does Mercury transit mean astrologically? Continued

Mercury transiting the first house

  • Focus on your personal expression, goals, appearance, personal development, health and cleanliness.
  • You will want to be your best and be in the optimum surroundings.
  • You can become more communicative
  • You will want to have more intellectual conversations than mere gossip
  • Competing intellectually with others, proving your intellect
  • You can become argumentative
More about Mercury transiting your 1st house

When Mercury is transiting your first, you may find it easier to authentically express yourself to others and yourself; this transit allows for detached reflection of your conscious thoughts at this time.

You may question the way you speak and think the way you do? And if you find you’re not expressing your honest opinions or that your thoughts are made up of invalid or flawed views or information, you will work towards changing the way you think.

Travelling or online searching for information may help you come up with a money-making idea or uncover information that is otherwise helpful to you.

 All forms of discussions of all kinds can be beneficial if you gather all the facts and make a clear plan of what you would like the outcome of any conversation to be.

Mercury transiting the first house allows you to spend long periods researching and studying, taking in new information into your mind that broadens your perception.

However, because your mind can be pretty active, if you don’t apply focus to this energy, you may leap from one thought to the next confusing yourself and others.

If Saturn is aspecting Mercury during this time or if you have strong Saturn, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn aspects in your natal chart, you will be able to concrete more, which is highly needed at this time.

So you don’t waste the vibrations of this transit, the dayside of this transit is you can spend your time taking in gossip or useless information, so as too much Netflix and chilling.

Rather than apply yourself to serious study that will help you progress in your career, educational or personal development, if Mercury is afflicted by transit or in your natal chart.

 By house placement such as Mercury in Pisces or squares, oppositions or quincunxes to Mercury, you may feel restless and anxious during this transit.

So it’s essential to not overdo it on the new information intake, and you should find time to relax and have fun.

Mercury Transiting the second house

  • You may be more mentally preoccupied with money, possessions
  • If you lack in either, you are more motivated to think of new ways to increase your worth and ownership
  • Money or problems with your career or business could cause stress right now; there is no point crying too long of spilt milk (what has happened); take time out to distress.
  • The best way forward is to create a plan to improve your finances, career options, business or higher consciousness development
  • This is a good time for writers and other creative’s to pitch ideas, send off manuscripts
  • Beneficial for all types of sales marketing, especially for those who work in wellbeing, fashion and the media
  • Who you associate with at this time can have an effect on your earning capacity or self-esteem; choose your company well
  • Good time to take courses, read, listen to motivational speakers etc., to boost your productivity, self-esteem and personal worth
More about Mercury transiting your 2nd house

You are more likely to talk a lot about whatever is your value or is on your mind at this time.

Whether it be about spiritual, material-financial, technological, atheist, social or political or any type of superficial, intellectual or philosophical beliefs you may wish to express at this time.

This is also an excellent time to buy or sell a house or enter any other property or investment negotiations or speculation, or you may spend a lot of your time shopping for new household items, clothes, jewellery, art or any other possessions.

Unless you have adverse aspects to Mercury in your birth charts, Such as Mercury square Neptune, or negative aspects are aspecting your transiting Mercury such as Mercury oppose Saturn, Uranus or Neptune.

 Then your judgment may not be good during this time; people you are involved with financially may deceive you somehow.

If you feel unable to make a good decision, seek out a financial or some other professional who can help you at this time

You will also be more able to stand up for yourself and your beliefs system at this time, but be careful you allow others to speak their mind too, and know your opinions and values are just that, yours and all people have a right to choose their belief systems.

Mercury Transiting the third house

  • Mercury is at home in the 3rd house due to being the natural ruler of Gemini
  • They can be more intellectual activity at this time, and you can come up with new solutions to your problems and unique ideas that may become profitable or help you or others at a later date.
  • Another excellent transit for writers, teachers and creative’s
  • You may get the urge to gossip or entertain frivolous intellectual ideas, which can waste your time and cause problems with others.
  • Getting lost – misunderstand what is meant in conversations
  • This transit is best used to learn information that will be useful for your overall career or personal development
More about Mercury transiting your 3rd house

Mercury is in the third house, which is the natural home of Gemini, which it co-rules, so all types of communications can increase right now as well as all work involving your hands and mind.

 It’s best to keep an open mind during this transit, which may bring a deep thirst for knowledge. 

 You may take more short journeys or socialise with those in your immediate environment; the conversations you have can challenge or enlarge your current mental attitude.

This can be a time of overstimulation, and it’s crucial that you don’t waste your energy in too much fact gathering or gossip.

It’s vital to know that although you may have your firm beliefs, other people also have their own strong opinions that they value.

If disagreements come up, state your views calmly, do not allow others to walk all over you, Stand your ground but do it with the flexibility associated with Gemini energy.

 Do not let Virgo over-analysis or criticism overtake you at this time. As mercury ruler of Gemini also rules Virgo, especially in meaningful professional or legal discussions.

Get your point across, but allow others to be heard too; it may be impossible to find a solution that all are agreeable with at this time.

If you have serious work to do at this time, such as research for work, educational or personal project, it’s essential that you spend time away from your distractions.

Make time to study and play, but it’s best to take care of your work and other responsibilities before socialising.

 Don’t get too stressed if you can make a firm decision on your personal or other problems at this time; just gather the facts, and the solution will come in time.

If Mercury is adversely affected by aspect or house in your natal chart, or if transiting Mercury is negatively impacted.

It may be best to keep your opinions to yourself and reduce the time you spend with others.

Your spare time is best used to research anything that takes your interest, write poetry, start a book, create content alone, read or anything else that’s communication-related that brings you joy.

Playing the piano or any other instrument, handicrafts, or anything else you can do with your hands is also a good use of this transit.

Mercury Transiting the fourth house

  • Self-reflection- clearing the intellect to allow more positive thought- thinking of ways to reduce anxiety
  • Can be overwhelmed with negative thoughts at this time
  • More focus on personal health, development, hygiene and family issues
  • Thinking of ways to improve your own and your families stability, living conditions or education
  • Heated or positive discussions with friends, family or intimate partners.
More about Mercury transiting your 4th house

This is a good time for introspection, and this may be forced upon you as thoughts from your subconscious keep popping into your consciousness.  

Beliefs from your childhood emotional or psychological conditioning can surface now; events from your past can keep replaying in your mind, and this can cause confusion.

 It is crucial you get to the bottom of these thoughts so you can move past them, or maybe they have a special message for you in your here and now. 

You may contact people from your path to help you answer pressing questions; video or voice notes may help you communicate effectively at this time.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts that come up during this transit can help you find solutions to your problems in general; you will want to spend more time in your inner or outer home at this time.

Mercury transit the fourth house is also a reasonable period for getting your career and personal affairs in order by making plans writing things down on the vision broads.

 So that you can visually see the goals you wish to achieve, which will give you that extra motivation to take daily action to meet this.

Paying bills and other domestic matters take priority, as does spending time with those who you call family, sorting out family problems is a good use of this transit.

 Make sure all individuals are listened to and try to find a healthy compromise between meeting your own needs and those of others.

Deep and meaningful conversations can be had at this time; even if they get heated, the outcome of what is said can bring you closer together

Mercury transiting the fifth house

  • Reconnecting with your inner child and creativity or spending time speaking with actual children that helps them in some way- like teaching them how to ride a bike
  • You can find all types of communication, intellectual and social exploration pleasurable at this time
  • Even facts and figures can turn you on during this time, and if you are single, you may develop a crush for an intellectual type
  • You could meet them through your local travels, be introduced to them by a neighbour, friend, co-worker, or it can be someone who previously turned you off, now they turn you on
  • Love letters, emails, poems, voice notes, or enticing hook up proposals could feature in your life during this time
  • Another good transit for creative types, relax your mind or listen to your favourite music or do anything to get your artistic juices flowing; you can develop innovative ideas or content.
  • This can be a good time for well thought out sports betting, stock market speculation and other good planned gambling, yet don’t bet what you cannot afford to lose.
  • Negative consequences of this aspect are misunderstandings in communication, particularly in romantic, getting in trouble with your boss, co-workers, business partners etc., due to excess partying or self-gratification seeking behaviours.
More about Mercury transiting your 5th house

This is a good transit to spend with children or reconnecting with your inner child, hence your inclination to be more light-hearted at this time.

 You may decide to write love letters, poetry, play tag, or knock door run or any other game that brings back fun memories of childhood. Allow yourself to break from routine a little.

You may feel very playful, jovial and foolhardy at this time, Mercury’s energy can be very conniving, immature, and a practical joker, what we call in England a wind-up merchant; after all.

Hermes in his youth – who is associated with Mercury, Stole Apollo’s sacred cows as a joke and gave Apollo his lyre- a musical instrument to escape punishment. Apollo seeing the funny side, became friends with Hermes.

Although others may not see the funny side of your tricks- japers or tomfoolery at this time, you are also more likely to say your mind and your straight talker can upset others, as yano people tend not to like truth.

Some of you may be self-absorbed during this transit, so although you can talk for England or any country you are from.

 You may not be the best of listeners at this time, which can cause breakdowns in relationships due to your lack of empathy.


Mercury transit the 5th house gives you the ability to explain things more clearly.

You may also feel the urge to overestimate your knowledge at this time and can use the gift of the gab to persuade people to do things they may be unsure about.

Which could get you or them into trouble; on the plus side, your communication skills may help you with any stock market investments.

Or other forms of gambling at this time may bring significant returns, or at least enough for a can of pop (soda) and a bag of chips, but make sure you don’t use them to deceive people in any way.

 You could also use this time to play computer games or anything else stimulating you.

You can meet interesting people that stimulate your mind or other parts of your body during this time, for this is the house of casual hookups and romance, after all.

 If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner may enjoy humorous lovemaking, all in all, this is the time for fun, and even if you are distracted, don’t feel ashamed for it.

Especially if you are an adult, because, at times during adulthood, we can forget to see the brighter and fun side of life, just do your best not to hurt others.

Make sure those you play any jokes on can take it and apologise if your hurt others feelings; there are a lot of lessons to be learned from humour, optimism and being young at heart and pixie-like from time to time.

Mercury transiting the sixth house

  • You may find conversations with others focused on health, human behaviour, personal hygiene and appearance, work-related issues such as how to boost productivity
  • You may be preoccupied mentally with finding  a balance between your work, social and personal life and health care
  • Work-related study, attend seminars in spare time to do with wellbeing
  • Miscommunication or gossiping at work leads to errors
More about Mercury transiting your 6th house

Nervous tension can be high during this transit; taking time to destress and look after your physical and psychological health is a must if you have existing health problems.

 It is crucial you take any medication or exercise that is needed to keep your health in balance, drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and get sleep.

Tension can erupt with co-workers or suppliers during this time, and you or others can become hypercritical.

 This is the house of pedantic Virgo; after all, not all Virgos are like this, but yano, some are, so yes, try to refrain from overly criticising your own or others mistakes at this time.

And know every problem has a solution if you look for it feeling worse or making others feel bad for their errors what fix it, and if you allow yourself to remain calm in any crises you will find that you and others have the practical aptitude to overcome any issue.

It’s better to work together to find solutions than to waste time arguing over who or what was at fault; the truth is someone else may be to blame, but labouring the point will just cause more conflict.

This transit is good for all types of service work, learning and retaining information, particularly boring (dull) work stuff or hard to understand information.

Spending extended amounts of time engaging in analytic thought or problem-solving, such as doing accounts or checking for errors, is also favoured during this transit.

Mercury transiting the seventh house

  • If your are single, you can be attracted to those who appear knowledgeable at this time
  • Increase in conversations with close friends, intimate or business partners about psychological, legal  or emotional issues
  • Can be good for all types of public, marketing, negotiation and conflict resolution work or discussions
  • If negatively aspected this transit can cause confusion and disagreement in all forms of discussions
More about Mercury transiting your 7th house

Having deep and meaningful talks or other forms of communication with your committed romantic or business partner(s) is favoured at this time.

You could even have a significant conversation with someone who is openly your rival – “frenemy” at this time, such as a business competitor.

 This may be beneficial for all parties involved; you are able, on this rare occasion, to look at and speak to each other more objectively and focus on the bigger picture.

Working with others to find solutions to any struggles or just to bounce ideas off each other can reveal interesting information; you can find light-hearted relief in even the most trivial of chats, emails or voice notes during this transit.

If you are going through any legal or other issues, you may be best off looking for a professional in that field to help you rather than try and solve it yourself.

Yes, you can search the internet and read endless advice, but sometimes it’s better to talk to someone who is an expert.

If you and your lover have been going through a hard time or avoiding speaking about your issues.

When Mercury transits the 7th house, you can have rationale and clarity inducing conversations about your problem(s).

Mercury Transiting the eight house

  • You could become more instead in researching or Deeping your knowledge on scientific, psychological, sexual, occult- higher consciousness issues
  • Conversations can centre on joint resources, death,  wills, inheritances, settlements, tax, insurance, accounts of other finance issues during this transit
  • This can be a good time to do in-depth research for writers and creative’s; you can be in the mood to write anything that is mysterious or to do with obsession, crime or the underworld.
  • Excellent for secretive investigations and to explore the deeper meanings behind sex and sexual energy, including the sociological, psychological, occult, biological reasons behind the acts and thoughts
  • All in all, these transits are perfect for digging deep into the taboos of life.
  • The work of getting to the bottom of your personal repressions or trauma to do with sex can be started at this time.
  • Good time to develop and document a strategy to overcome any issues you have at this time
  • Adverse outcomes of these aspects are getting lost in conspiracy or other theories about politics, death, sex or finances.
  • If you are into contacting the ethereal realms and if mercury is aspecting Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, then you may make meaningful contact via active or inactive communication methods. But make sure you are grounded.
More about Mercury transiting your 8th house

Profound intellectual inspiration, and conversation for you, which changes the way you look at others, yourself or life in general in some way, or you could be the one who helps someone change how they perceive themselves and people.

Conversations can revolve around joint finances, inheritances or possessions, and how these should be shared or just general talks about these issues. Death, transformation, sexual desires, and expression can also be themes of discussion.

Like mercury transit the 4th house and the 12th, your focus may be more on inward reflection at this time; as you explore deep into your subconscious,  you may find repressed emotions or desires that now seek expression.

You may seek out occult explanations, i.e. astrological interpretation or therapy for whatever comes up in you at this time.

Some of you will find relief in writing your thoughts down; the brave amongst you may start a book, or online blog, documenting your inner struggles for all humans have them.

And keeping them in alienates you and makes you think that you are the only one that feels specific ways.

In reality, collectively, we all struggle with feeling alienated in one way or another; this is not said to invalidate your feelings but to give you power over them.

Many of us struggle with imposter syndrome, even if we have spent our lives earning our skills.

Still, your demons only have some much power over us as we lock them away and do not try to understand them.

All negative energy can be channelled into positive activities, and safely releasing your “dark desires” with consent is often the best way to get over all that imprisons us.

Mercury transit the 8th house is an excellent time to look at your taboo thoughts, personality traits or anathemas -yano the parts of you, your secret dislike.

You may do this reflection online, or you can meet some in physical or virtual reality that helps you explore your psychological complexes; of course, not all of you will go this deep during this transit.

 Words, emails and even non-verbal communication can have a profound effect on your psyche at this time.

Mercury Transiting the ninth house

  • Increase interest in intellectual, political, legal, philosophical, spiritual, scientific information
  • Travel of all types, physical or mental, can expand your conscious awareness and widen your mental attitude.
  • Exploring philosophies, histories and cultures other than your own
  • Meeting new or spending more time with people from different backgrounds and life experiences and having stimulating debates
  • This time is best used for practical, relaxed deep study thought, meditation and observation; reflective writing is also favoured as well as spiritual- higher consciousness development.
  • Writers may receive positive feedback when contacting agents or publishers
  • Good time to apply for career or educational advancement
  • Negatively this transit can find you wasting time on half baked, spiritual, religious, philosophical or other ideas
More about Mercury transiting your 9th house

Your mind will be more geared towards researching and discussing higher concepts such as religion, spiritual, philosophical, scientific, legal, intellectual, or obscure.

Discussions with others can become animated, and you are more inclined to listen to others points of view without feeling uncomfortable or attacked.

However, others in your environment may not react this way, so it’s important not to act in defence to calm any heated debates.

 You may want to travel mentally and physically to expand your perception at this time, and you will at least mentally question your belief systems and values either out of curiosity or to broaden your knowledge base.

You are searching for more profound meaning than the reality you have been told and have come to believe as true; you could search online for information, talk to people from different cultures or ways of life than the one you live, some of you may travel abroad to explore more.

You may develop a thirst for knowledge, but make sure you do not get overloaded with information as this can cause mental burnout and take time to relax.

 How this transit directly affects you depends on other transit taking place at this time and your natal placements and aspects.

Mercury transiting the tenth house

  • Studying for work or educational reasons
  • Networking to further career opportunities
  • Researching, joining or deepening commitment with professional, political or governmental groups
  • Increase contact or help from those in positions of authority at work, industry or social circle
  • Negatively the way you communicate or the decisions you make at this time can lead to problems in your career
More about Mercury transiting your 10th house

You are more likely to be focused on furthering your career, personal or educational development at this time; if you lack any professional skills, you may take a new course to develop them.

 You are focused on expanding your intellect to advance your career, personal development or education advancement; if you are unemployed, you may start looking for a new job.

If taking on an educational course, you can take it more seriously at this time, spending to studying hard.

 If your do have a job, you may learn new things as you may temporarily have to work in a new department that is heavily involved in internal or external communications.

Your manager may ask you to shadow them to become more aware of the broader scope of the business; you may be involved in or listen in on influential marketing, finance or other vital discussions.

Mercury transiting the eleventh house

  • Coming up with or discussing humanitarian, philosophical, metaphysical, technological, scientific or innovative ideas with friends or groups
  • Meeting new people due to your openness to relate to people from different backgrounds or who have different interests from you
  • Growing closer to co-workers or acquaintances through shared curiosities
  • Negatively, you can fall out with friends, co-workers, and others due to miscommunication, or you can take or give misguided advice at this time that creates problems in your life.
More about Mercury transiting your 11th house

During an encounter with forwarding thinking individuals or groups who open you up to new ways of thinking, these non-conformist types can broaden your perspective.

 Triggering an inner thirst for more autonomy in your thought processes and ambitions.

But know freedom requires discipline, and it’s better to work within the realms of the system than against it, changing it from the inside out.

You may make strategic plans to reach your highest dreams during this time, taking time to write, video log, or voice note a step by step plan to achieve your objectives.

If you feel you have not been living up to your aspirations and values, you with think or reasons why this is the case, if you have been trying to live up to other peoples wishes or ideals, you could decide to stop doing that at this time.

This could cause conflict with any friends, partner, group, or family remember you close to at this time because you may communicate to them that you wish to follow your own aspirations from now on.

Conversations can become intense and a bit bizarre if others try to claim their authority over you, the simple fact is that you can only ever change your own mind, which can be hard to do.

 So it’s best to state your case and walk away if they are unsympathetic for your wishes for more independence in thought; you cannot change how others perceive you; only they can do that.

Mercury transiting the twelfth house

  • Another introspective Mercury transit that’s best used to reflect on the events of your past, spiritual advancement, doing this like mediation, tai chi or anything else to slow you down and quieten your mind
  • You may want to be alone and keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself rather than discuss with others, although you may engage in more self-talk.
  • on the other hand, you may share your deepest thoughts with others and them you this can bring you closer to friends, neighbours, co-workers, family members or acquaintances
  • This can be a highly imaginative transit for writers, musicians and other creative’s; you can tap into the realms of the mystic and ethereal. Producing abstract, dystopian- utopian lyrics, words or other artistic content.
  • Tapping into the unknown areas of your personality can make you feel more connected to your sense of self
  • Ideal to start or continue the work of reprogramming your subconscious mind by repeating positive and empowering mantras, listening to mutational teachers online, falling asleep to this content be good also.
  • Positive aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune while Mercury transits this house will make you more intuitive and open your imagination to new ideas, making you less afraid of the unknown.
  • If you contact the psychic realms intoxicated at this time, you are liable to receive misinformation.
  • Negative aspects can make you prone to mental fatigue, anxiety, and low moods. You may wish to use drugs, porn, toxic relationships, or alcohol to escape, but this will only deepen this mood.
  • The only real way to get over past trauma is to work through it; still, if you find yourself obsessing, write down these repetitive thoughts  and seek out help or support if you are finding it hard at this time
More about Mercury transiting your 12th house

Like the 4th and 8th house, mercury transits can make you seek solitude and self-reflection; lots of your repressed desires and childhood- early adulthood secrets can be sent from your subconscious into your conscious mind right now.

This is an excellent time to spend time alone in serious investigation; this can be intellectual, philosophical, religious, psychological or spiritual research.

 You may also decide to engage in mediation, mindfulness or reading self-help books to relieve the pressure from your troubled mind.

Because this is the 12th house, you may use work or addictive substances to resist facing your problems at this time, but this will just cause more issues in the long run.

Some of you may be forced or be more willing to look into the mental attitudes that stop you from feeling the fullness of life and reaching your highest ambitions.

You may want to spend time online, which can cause problems in your relationships because those close to you, sense you are keeping things from them.

 It may be good to share what’s on your mind with those you can trust or seek out professional support to help you understand any psychological problems you may be experiencing at this time.

It may not be your own secrets that come out at this time; someone else could confide in you, and you can be the listening ear and guiding voice that helps them feel relief from their mental turmoil’s.

But if you are hiding things from others now, it may be best, to be honest with them as not doing so can cause conflict in your relationships.

That may be irreparable, especially if you’re in a committed relationship, as not sharing can cause mistrust.

Pisces influence can make you behave passive-aggressive, so you may withhold communication at this time as a defence strategy, or you may genuinely experience anxiety over speaking your mind, even if you usually do so.

If someone has violated your boundaries, you feel unable to have a face to face conversation.

Because you genuinely don’t want to engage in direct confrontation at this time, an email or voice note may be the best thing, instead of ignoring the issues completely.

This is the same strategy you should use if you have a secret you find hard to say face to face; saying it in written form may help.

The end of what does Mercury transits mean.

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