Mercury Trine Neptune Subtle Flair

Mercury Trine Neptune Natal Subtle Flair

Keyphrases for this placement


    • Daydreaming, Lucid or vivid dreaming and imagination
    • Rich inner life- highly creative
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Persuader of people/ manipulator
    • Trines happen when planets are 120 degrees apart from each other mercury in astrology governs communication, education and immediate environment. And Neptune rules imagination, addiction, compulsions, escapism and spirituality.
    • Psychic abilities- spiritually aware
    • Popularity
    • Socially responsible and intelligent
    • Ability to succeed in many professions
    • High tolerance of other peoples negative temperaments
    • Good at bringing the best out in others- negatively use you can bring the worse out in them too
    • influential speaker
    • avoids superficial – so if you act, you can be one of those actors that do intense and multilayer meaning films such as what dreams may come, eyes wide shut or Mulholland drive
    • Good at reading the room and the people in it
    • Strong intuition or highly perceptive
    • Finely tuned senses-strong perceptions
    • understated flamboyance – je ne sais quoi- captivating
    • creative ability in spirituality, business, photography, acting, religion, law, advertising, writing, spotting talent
    • innate artistic, spiritual, philosophical, technical talent
    • master strategist
    • avoids danger via mental forewarnings
    • Mercury trine Neptune celebrities: Aaron paul, Channing Tatum, Phil Jaques, Amanda Righetti, Rosario Dawson, Tim burners lee, gina Carano,toru iwatani, boy George, morgan freeman, James Corden, Seth Rogen, Micheal j fox,ronde barber, Hugh Laurie, terry crews, Ricky Gervais, dick van dyke and Howard keel.

in tune


When you have natal Mercury trine, Neptune, you can be highly imaginative, inventive, and artistic. When you have mercury trine, Neptune, in your birth chart, you can read between the lines, of all forms of communication, written, spoken or body language.

Naturally, in tune with your environment, this sense is heightened if you have mercury trine Neptune in a water or air sign or involving the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 12th houses. 

You draw more upon your intuition- gut feelings to make decisions than relying on logic.

However, if you have a lot of earth or fire energy in your chart, or most of your planets in the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 10th or 11th houses, you can be more rational in your communication and thought patterns.

In tune with how someone communicates, you can be a good judge of character and reader of any situation; you are very attentive to the language used in conversation and the subtle micro mannerism most other people miss.

You tend to be unique, charismatic, idiosyncratic and known for your expression in some way, regardless of other areas of your chart.

When you have natal Mercury trine, Neptune, you tend to be open to the unseen, the metaphysical, philosophical, the occult and the mystical.

Seeing and feeling the unknown

Typically you believe in things and see things; others do not believe in or discard as poppycock; you can have an innocent and youthfulness about you, which many adults lose as they age.

Be mindful that others do not take advantage of you for this, but more about this later when I talk about the shadow of natal Mercury trine Neptune, use your naivety for your benefit, not to be taken for a ride.

Your sensitivity and compassion make you aware of the psychic realms; when used wisely, your connection to the unknown can help bring balance and stability to the emotional, psychological, physical, financial and spiritual areas of your life.

Mercury trine Neptune gives you the innate expression of mercury’s lower and higher octaves, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Neptune, Venus, moon, Pluto, and Jupiter energy.

Because of these signs’ mundane and esoteric rulerships, know the whole zodiac is a symphony; it is not separate. When we work with the higher vibrations of the zodiac, we can tap into its higher and lower octaves at a whim.

Trine energies have been earned via your early childhood experiences or past life, gain via instruction, trial and error.

Alluring with presence


Natal Mercury trine Neptune gives you a captivating presence; people can literally flock to you, but remember to use to power wisely; you have a gravitational pull that can make you highly popular.

The words you use and mannerisms can help you persuade others to follow you or do your bidding; this can make you a good salesperson, marketer, good at working in promotions and event management, musician- a front person or anything artistic.

You can invent wild schemes and turn your visions into practical reality because of your laid back, charming and open communication style.

If you have strong earth or air placements, you can also do well at technical work, such as teaching, physics, mathematics, chemistry, politics, social enterprise or technology. Mercury trine Neptune can make you an excellent negotiator and mediator because of your warm and understanding nature.


Seeing all sides


You can see all sides of an argument or issue, finding solutions for all parties, as you can see the bigger picture and do not just focus or get lost in the small details; you can be larger than life itself in many ways.

When you have natal Mercury trine, Neptune, you have the ability to simplify higher meanings into lay personas language; you have many ideas and theories in the spheres of spirituality, creativity and religion.

And you basic explanation of complex knowledge can aid others in understanding the deeper meanings of life and uplift others live in many ways.

Something kinda special

As with all aspects, the natal chart needs to be taken into account, but how I read astrology is natal placements, lay out the energies working for and against us. As well as indicating the positive aspects we can tap into, to manage and overcome any adverse placements.

You can have a prophetic ability that can help you be a good speculator and/or strategist, especially in investing, politics, and the military.

You have above-average visualisation ability, which is the highest expression of Neptune. So you can think in minute detail and conceive your goals and ambitions in your mind’s eye, giving you a keymap of the right practical actions to take to make your dreams reality.

Either by pictures or word streams, and mercury’s influence here gives you the ability to understand the forewarnings/ premonitions you receive.

If strong Libra, Taurus, Venus and Uranus energies are in your chart, especially if Venus is involved in the trine via conjunction or is otherwise strongly placed. You can be an excellent artist, poet, actor or musician, one that moves others with their performance and draws people in with your personal expressions. 

Shadow of natal Mercury trine Neptune

Guard against manipulating others simply because you can anticipate their every move, be fair in your dealings, or you may receive backlash.

You are very good at reading people, especially their intentions for you, in close relationships. Still, don’t use this ability to anticipate your lovers every move, as you may drive them away.

Remember, a partnership is about two or more people coming together and sharing ideas; they are not dictatorships.

You can prefer your own company, but make sure you don’t make yourself too much of an island.  Allow others to input ideas into any collaborations you working on; resist taking over because you believe you know the right way.

Avoid becoming lazy due to you thinking you have all the time in the world to achieve your goals; it’s good to have fun, but avoid overindulging in intoxicating substances.

 As this could ruin any promising career, you have the innate ability to live a happy and successful life; do not ruin it.

Heal any emotional heartbreak, psychological or emotional trauma so you can give clear advice and guidance, especially if you decide to do psychic or counselling work, as clear thinking is need when you have this placement.

Allow your vast creative energy to flow and do not stunt it; at your best, you have excellent timing ability, whether that be in speech, acting or attack

Mercury Trine Neptune in Transit
What happens when Mercury trine Neptune transits, and when you have natal Mercury trine, Neptune

  • good results in hands-on healing or psychometry, touching an object to get information
  • high emotions, changing moods and hastiness
  • increase in mental telepathy, creative visualisation and extrasensory perceptions
  • meeting new and exciting people or groups
  • increased empathy- easy communications, especially of complex topics
  • good time to be sensual and tap into the vibrations of role-playing, dance and musical oneness
  • creative expression- higher learning
  • prophecy- foreseeing-ability to bring visions into reality with concentration and practical action
  • long and short distant travel, physically or mentally
  • good time to learn deeper meanings or experience success in the fields of spiritually, occult, astrology, numerology, technology, medicine, fashion, publishing, teaching, science, law or philosophy

Mental and psychic powers can be highly enhanced and off the hook during this transit, imaginations can run wild, or you will find creative and rare solutions to complex problems.

When mercury trine Neptune is in transit, you may find a new way to express yourself by dress, art, photography, speech or written word. Success in advertising, journalism, public relations, social enterprise psychic, astrology or other alternative insight methods can be found during this transit.

Some of you will literally be able to read minds during the mercury trine Neptune transit; you may have chance encounters with people abroad or other types of people you don’t usually encounter during your daily life.

Deception can also be high at this time, so watch out for any manipulations or deceiving people yourself, be careful when seeking or undergoing alter states of consciousness, grounding is crucial, and the Virgo influence can help with this.

When mercury trine Neptune is transiting, there is an increase of sensuality, magnetism, non-verbal communication, intuition and other psychic communication.

Some of you may apply for a new job or receive news about a job already applied for. Mercury trine Neptune transit is excellent for any work involving communication, spiritual healing, and focus on personal development, grooming and cleanliness, motivational speeches.

A good time to give talks that seek to open people’s minds on life, science, technology, culture, religion, philosophy, politics, and mystical or conceptual subjects.

Make sure you check the facts on any contract you sign; this is an excellent time for gathering information, seeing the broader picture and the interrelatedness and connections between all living things.

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