First-quarter moon

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

― Anton Chekhov


  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Increasing commitment
  • Increase impulsivity and creativity
  • Weathering the storms

What does First Quarter Moon mean in astrology?

When the Moon is in the first quarter transiting phase, it is 90 -135 degrees away from the sun; it is called the first quarter moon as the Moon has travelled a quarter way around the earth since the new moon phase. The Moon is perpendicular – vertical to the lines of the sun and earth; during this phase, you will want to overcome any obstacles you face in your life. The first quarter moon transits the meridian at sunset, rises at noon and sets around midnight.

What is the First Quarter Moon good for?

This is the time to increase your courage and willpower; as the moon transitions into its half-moon phase, information not available at the new moon intention setting may become available to you.

 You will see more of the bigger picture, as well as the tools and strategies you will need to manifest your goals and ambitions into physical reality.

This is a time to make decisions on any matter troubling you; also, this is a time to make adjustments, and you may experience conflict within or from external sources.

 You must work towards your goals, yes, and be mindful of how your plans will affect others, but don’t be swayed by any form of manipulation or blackmail; continue to build your visions and ideas.

The late and, in my opinion great, Dane Rudhyar called the first quarter moon transit a crisis point.

 Which happens on the individual, community or global level they may be an increase in violence, protest, threats, fury,  accidents and erratic conduct.

What does First Quarter Moon mean in astrology? , continued

The late and, in my opinion great, Dane Rudhyar called the first quarter moon transit a crisis point.

 Which happens on the individual, community or global level they may be an increase in violence, protest, threats, fury,  accidents and erratic conduct.

What does First Quarter Moon mean in astrology? , continued

I say this not to alarm you, but to the forearm, you, watch out for your own and others tempers, do all you can to protect yourself and those nearest and dearest to you.

Do all you can to resolve any conflict you are involved in, but remember it may be best to walk away and leave heated debates or situations to another day.

To counteract the effects of the first quarter moon, you may find spending time in nature may help, even ifs it’s only in your own backyard- garden.

You can try meditating, dancing, slow rhythmic breathing or dance, tai chi, yoga, or any other gentle exercise that helps you connect to your psyche, body, and soul.

This will help you stay relaxed, unreactive and in control during the transiting first quarter moon phase.

Do all you can to connect to the higher power your believing in and be led by your highest self, look after your human needs, drink water, eat and sleep well; some of you may have divine guided inspirations during this moon phase in the form of waking or sleeping dreams.

You may find yourself with an excess of energy do all you can to burn it off in healthy ways, channel it into any projects or creative works; self-care is vital during this phase; you may see some spouts of your labours manifest during this phase.

Natal first quarter moon

Keywords: accomplishment, determination, organisation, natural leadership

This happens when the Moon is 90- 135 degrees ahead of the sun.

Is it rare to be born on a first-quarter moon?

Being more during a first-quarter moon phase is rarer than being born during the other phase, due to its shorter length.

When you are born under the first quarter moon, you will have the will to push through and adapt to any adverse or beneficial circumstance.


You get personal satisfaction from reaching your goals and getting what you want; you can be highly decisive, you can be a first-class diplomat and conflict resolver.

Very determined, especially in your personal beliefs and opinions, remember just as you have your resolve, others have to; yes, you may have your subjective truth, but remember there is always an objective truth.

Because of your ability to put yourself forward, you can become a great leader if you learn to take into account the skills and strength of others and utilise them correctly.

More about being born on the rate first quarter moon phase

When you are born during the first quarter moon phase do all you can to relieve your inner tension by committing to lifelong self-healing and personality development.

With natal first quarter moon, you only have to prove your worth to yourself, not the world or anyone in it, become better than you were.

It is good to view life as one big challenge; this is an excellent attitude to galvanise – spring into action each time you fall, but don’t just pick a fight just because it innately turns you on.

Pick a challenge because you want to become more prominent than what you are now, and you will succeed, remaining independent, determined, focus and motivated is vital to your advancement.

 When you are born in the first quarter moon phase, personality and soul/consciousness evolution is your key focus. Lay your roots to grow from a seed into an unwavering oak tree

The shadow of natal first quarter moon
What does it mean if you are born on a first-quarter moon?

You may be prone to quick temper outburst, especially when the transiting  Moon is in the quarter moon phase; you may escape from your duties and give into pessimistic thoughts and behaviours.

Guard against impulsive actions, situations and people; self-management is necessary for you this lifetime, do all you can to integrate all aspects of your personality.

Heal and manage your emotional and psychological wounds, yes you can survive a crisis, but this doesn’t mean you have to keep on creating them, do all you can to resolve inner conflict.

Do all you can to reduce any chips – resentments you may carry on your shoulder, learn to live and let live.

The first quarter phase is the 3rd moon phase; intuitive action is a marker of this phase, where you clear your obstacles as much as you can so you can reach your goals, manifesting them into your reality via action.At times people born in this moon phase can be out there, and just when you think you know how they will react, they do a total 180 and change their temperament at times.

You can enter terrain others do not and achieve what others cannot when you set your mind to it; you can be a quick thinker and reactor.

You enjoy can constant mental, physical and emotional movement, yet you must balance your need for drama and excitement; you like nothing more than to sever ties with situations and people to create new ones.

You can be very hands-on as you eradicate your hindrances and move on from your past limitations, which can shock those who find it hard to move forward.

You can be a natural manager and are good at innovation and creating something out of nothing or with limited instructions.

You can be good at restricting traditional conceptions and updating them to modern expectations and needs.

Natal first quarter period summary


·       Balancing  your light and dark traits 

·       Inner wisdom and courage

·       Seek middle ground- learn to see and respect others points of view

·       Don’t just pick disagreements for the sake of it

·       Enjoy the journey of your life, don’t just focus on hitting targets and having things your way

·       Yes, aggression is needed to move forward,  yet do it in a gentle way

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